The Ultimate 2024 Yumble Review — Is It Healthy?

Our Yumble review can confirm that this ready-made meal delivery service for kids is fantastic for busy parents. If you don’t like cooking for hours but still want your children to eat healthily, you should definitely consider this option.

So, let’s see if Yumble meets your expectations of a great kid meal service. 

Bottom Line

Yumble is a weekly ready-made meal subscription for kids. It offers healthy and nutritious food made specifically for growing bodies.

What Is Yumble?

As one of the best monthly boxes for kids, you can’t ignore Yumble. The service is all about children’s nutrition, bringing ready-made meals to hungry little tummies across the US. 

Where Did It All Start?

girl eating yumble foodJoanna, a mom of three, started Yumble in 2017. The idea came to her out of a serious need for parents to get ready-made nutritious food for their kids.

The pressure of being a super-parent often means choosing between feeding your family and spending time with them. Yumble solves this problem by giving kids yummy and healthy food that takes just two minutes to reheat. 

Yumble Is Best For

The service is brilliant for busy parents who want to spend more time with their kids and feed them a healthy diet.

Yumble May Not Be Good For

Our Yumble meals review should mention that kids with allergies may not enjoy Yumble since the kitchen uses ingredients like milk and nuts. 

How Does Yumble Work?

Yumble is a weekly ready-made meal subscription specifically for children between 1 and 13 years old. 

The menu keeps things interesting with rotating options. Also, nutritionists curate each meal to provide your child with the best food. Children test the meals, too. What’s more, you’ll find many dietary restriction options, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and milk-free

Our Yumble for kids review shows that all you need to do is select a plan with 4, 6, 8, or 16 meals per week and choose the ones you wish to receive.

If you don’t have time to look through the menu, Yumble will send you a curated box of favorites. 

Nutrition and Ingredients

yumble meal cheesy rotiniKiddies and veggies don’t usually go together. Luckily, Yumble can save the day with a lot of hidden veggies inside the meals. So, the struggle will be over, and your kiddo will never know. 

All meals are nutritionally balanced with the right portions to keep kids full and healthy while providing enough energy. 

More than one Yumble review points out that the ingredients are seasonally sourced. Also, the meat is hormone and antibiotic-free, the grains are fiber-filled, and a child nutritionist oversees each component.

Yumble Menu Options

Here are a few tasty meals on offer:

  • Sunshine Scramble Toddler Breakfast Sandwich
  • Cheesy beef and noodles with diced sweet potato
  • Burger Mac & Cheese with Sweet Potatoes Learning Pod Lunch
  • Cheesy Eggs & Cornbread Breakfast
  • Veggie Pot Pie Pocket

The menu changes weekly, so check the official website to see the latest meals. The options are available up to four weeks in advance, which is super helpful for meal planning. 

But that’s not all. Our Yumble ingredients review finds you can also select filters, including:

  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Veggie
  • No eggs
  • No milk
  • No added sugar

The menu has different categories by age groups to help you select appropriate meals for your kid. Here’s how they’re divided:

  • 1–3 years
  • 4–8 years
  • 9–13 years

Favorite Picks

yumble classic chicken nuggetsHere are some returning favorites that kids absolutely love:

  • Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets With Mac N’ Cheese
  • Chick N Casserole With Organic Broccoli and Organic Chicken Meatballs
  • Pizza Pocket & Broccoli Parm With Organic Broccoli

Sounds pretty delicious if you ask us. But what about getting the meals ready?


Our Yumble food review must mention that all menu items are entirely cooked. You simply have to reheat them in the microwave for one and a half minutes, and all the instructions are on the packaging. 

Some options don’t even need reheating, and you can serve them as is.

Supporting Material

To help keep kids interested in mealtime, each Yumble box comes with activities to enjoy while waiting for that delicious meal.

Growing bodies have growing minds. And if activities are important in your child’s life, check our Little Passports unboxing. 

What You Should Know About Your Yumble Subscription

Now that you know what the service offers, let’s dig a little deeper into our Yumble review to find all the subscription details. 

Getting Your Subscription Up and Running

If you want to get started, simply do the following:

  • Go to the Yumble website.
  • Select “Sign Up” and enter your email and zip code.
  • Choose your meal plan.
  • Select your meals (you can also add a filter here).
  • Enter your shipping and payment details.
  • Checkout.

The sign-up process is very quick and easy to navigate. Plus, with all the fun colors and pictures on the website, kids can even choose their own meals.

If your kids love being online, we also recommend checking the Bitsbox subscription overview. 

Making Changes to Your Account

Life with kids is unpredictable, and the service understands this. Our Yumble review for 2022 finds that the subscription is flexible, so you can pause or cancel at any time. 

How to Get in Touch With Yumble

Yumble has an FAQ section on its website. But if you need further assistance, you can:

Alternatively, you can use the chat function on the website. 

What Customers Think

boy with yumble foodLooking at the over 100 Yumble meal reviews, it’s clear that most consumers are super satisfied with the service. 

There are a lot of compliments from parents of picky eaters sharing that Yumble is the only food their kids enjoy that contains actual veggies. Plus, most kids adore the menu and agree the food is simply delicious. Here’s what subscribers say:

“Great meals for even the pickiest eaters. Meals take very little time to prepare. Company has friendly customer service, and products are delivered in a timely manner and in great packaging to keep food fresh.” — JA

“This has made meal time seamless. They are healthy meals that my son wants to eat. It is easy to use the website and scheduling the deliveries.” — Elizabeth Failing

But there are some negative comments about Yumble customer service and consumers struggling to cancel their account. Despite this, Yumble ratings are fantastic, with four stars on Trustpilot out of over 100 reviews. 

How Much Does Yumble Cost?

The service offers four Yumble price plans:

Number of Meals

Price per Meal









In terms of price, Yumble is on par with children’s food subscriptions, especially if you consider the thought and curations behind the weekly meals. 

Shipping and Delivery

Yumble is available to parts of the West Coast and Midwest and throughout the East Coast and Texas. 

Your order will arrive on a weekday between 8 AM–9 PM, depending on your location. Shipping costs are included for all plans over six meals per week. If you opt for four meals, Yumble calculates shipping at checkout. 

Yumble Packaging: Planet Health Is Vital

Yumble dedicates itself to being a planet warrior. Most of the packaging is recyclable, including meal trays, paper sleeves, and boxes. 

The only part that isn’t recyclable is the inside of the ice packs, which need to go in the bin if you don’t reuse them. 

How Does Yumble Compare?

Looking through subscription box offers, it’s a good idea to check other popular subscriptions in the same market. So, let’s do it.

Yumble vs Little Spoon

little spoon baby foodBoth services offer ready-to-eat meals. The most significant difference is that Yumble ingredients are regionally and seasonally sourced compared to Little Spoon, which is organic. 

Yumble also offers meals made with meat, while Little Spoon doesn’t use animal products. Yumble has meals for $5.99 each, and Little Spoon is $2.50–$4.99 per meal. Unlike Yumble, Little Spoon also offers baby food. If you want to learn more, check our Little Spoon breakdown.

Yumble vs Nurture Life

brother and sister receiving nurture life boxNurture Life provides finger foods for toddlers who are getting used to solid foods. But the service also offers ready-made meals for older kids. The difference is that they’re all handmade and organic.

The price is pretty similar for both subscriptions, starting at $6.99 per meal

Yumble vs Yumi

These two are quite different. Yumi offers ready-made organic food for kids up to 2 years old, while Yumble is for children up to 13 years old.

Price-wise, Yumi starts at $3.75 per meal, while Yumble begins at $6.99. 



Kids Snack Box

Nurture Life

Little Spoon


Serving Starting Price






Minimum Order






Serving Sizes Available






Types of Meal Plans






Number of Weekly Meals


5–8 snacks




Delivery Area

West Coast, Midwest, East Coast, and Texas





Final Thoughts: Is Yumble Worth It?

Yumble is brilliant and an absolute must-try for any busy parent. You can save time cooking while still feeding your little ones healthy and nutritious meals. 

The weekly rotating menu keeps kids interested and offers plenty of variety. So, even if your kid has a restricted diet, you’ll find good options for it. 


  • Quick reheat time
  • Rotating menu
  • Curated by kid nutritionists
  • Fresh, seasonal ingredients

  • Can’t freeze unused meals
  • Not suitable for allergy-prone kids


Is Yumble healthy?

Yes! Yumble is nutritionally sound and curated specifically with kids’ health in mind. The meals may be quick, but they’re much healthier than fast food. 

Can you freeze Yumble meals?

It’s not recommended. While you can technically freeze anything you wish, Yumble meals contain super fresh ingredients that simply aren’t the same after freezing.

Is Yumble a good option for school lunches?

Absolutely! Some meals don’t even require reheating. Our Yumble review confirms that your kid can enjoy the food as is.

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