Winc Reviews 2021 — The Best Wine Subscription

Winc Reviews 2021 — The Best Wine Subscription
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Are you considering to join the wine club that promises to make exploring wines fun and easy? Our Winc reviews will surely help you make the right decision!

We cover everything from ordering experience and pricing plans to exclusive saving opportunities and thorough reviews of the products they ship!

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If you’re a wine connoisseur, the idea of recurring shipments of new wines every month might appeal to you. Winc is a subscription service that makes this possible! While I wouldn’t consider myself a wine expert, I do enjoy the occasional glass of wine, so I decided to add Winc to my list of monthly subscription boxes. To bring you closer to their offer, I’ll be posting monthly Winc reviews once I start receiving my shipments. In this one, however, I’ll share my experience ordering my first box, finding deals, similar subscriptions, and so on.

What Is

Winc reviews - Website Impressions

The company was founded in 2012 with the intent of making wine more accessible for people. They focus on quality over quantity and partner with independent winemakers all over the world to create their products. Some of the countries where their wines are made include California, Italy, France, South Africa, and much more!  

The Winc company official website is informal and simple to navigate through. Their FAQ section answers a wide variety of questions about their products and service, and they provide their contact information so you can reach out to them for further inquiries.

They also have a page listing customer reviews as well as snippets from what the press has said about them. A few of these include Huffington Post, Daily Beast, Business Insider, and more. You can also check out Instagram posts from Winc subscribers.

Finally, they also offer a dedicated recipes page with a bunch of different food recommendations from appetizers to desserts. I have to admit, that is one of my favorite features of Winc’s website, as a glass of good wine should always be paired with an equally good meal.

How Much Does Winc Cost Per Month?

The cost of Winc depends on how many bottles of wine you opt for and how often you choose to receive shipments. Shipping will be free if you choose four or more bottles per month and bottle prices start at $13 each and can go all the way up to $46 a bottle. If you get three bottles, shipping costs $9, so you might as well get four.

The great part of this subscription is that you can pick which wines you receive, so you’ll get the best Winc wines for your taste only. In addition to their regular membership, they offer a Winc Select service that provides recommendations of their most exclusive wines. You can also buy gift cards for a fellow wine-lover.

Where Does Winc Get Their Wine?

Winc reviews - Winc offer

They offer hundreds of bottles of wine, all made by Winc themselves. Their options are on the website, and you can see the complete details when you click on each bottle. These details include main tasting notes, body, sweetness, and alcohol percentage. You can find suggestions about what food it pairs best with, similar wines, and so on. They also list details about how to serve the wine, the country it was made in, and the winemaking.

Speaking of, when exploring Winc reviews, Reddit ones had negative comments about their wine production methods. Although there is a handful of those, there are mostly from years ago. The recent ones, on the other hand, are overall positive. However, I can only make an assessment myself as soon as I receive my first bottles.

Winc Coupon & Payment Options

You can pay for your subscription with any major credit or debit card. They also offer payment through PayPal or Apple Pay. As for coupons, I’ll make sure to include all the deals I come across both online and in my email every time I post a new Winc review.

First off, I found that their Instagram and Twitter bio both provide a through which customers can get $20 off their first order. After you register as a member, you can refer the service to a friend and get $13 off. Obviously, these two offers cannot be combined.

Winc Review - How Winc Works

How to Cancel Winc?

Winc offers the ability to skip any month. However, if you’d rather permanently cancel your subscription instead of skipping, you can do so by calling them or chatting with their customer service team. There are no cancellation fees, and you can reach customer support Mondays through Fridays between 6 am and 5 pm PT. There are also available on weekends, between 7 am and 4 pm PT. These are the business hours of the Winc Wines Los Angeles headquarters, where their customer support team is based.

Similar Subscription Services

A similar subscription I found comparable to Winc is Bright Cellars. I was also looking through Club W Wine reviews, but I realized that this is the same subscription as Winc – they just changed their name. A few others are California Wine Club, Vinebox, Cellars Wine Club, and so on. It would take too long to detail all of these, so I’ll just be talking about Bright Cellars for now. However, I will compare more wine subscriptions in my upcoming Winc review.

Winc Review - Bright Cellars

Like Winc, Bright Cellars starts with a quiz to match the best wines to your taste preferences. They show which wines you’re matched with after the quiz. However, the negative thing about Bright Cellars is that they don’t allow you to browse through all their wine options and customize your order as Winc does. You can ask them for a different match, but that’s pretty much it. They also only offer the ability to receive four wines each month.

So, how much is a Bright Cellars subscription? Their prices are pretty straightforward. Each wine costs $15, so a typical month will cost $60. They offer a generous 50% off your first order while shipping costs $8 for each delivery. I found that if you don’t like a wine you receive, they’ll guarantee a free replacement bottle in next month’s shipment, which is fantastic customer service.

My First Winc Review

Winc Review - Unboxing

It was pretty simple to choose my wines and place my first order. My $20 off was applied to my order automatically. I chose to ship to a nearby FedEx office because I wasn’t sure if I’d be home to sign for it. Once it arrived, they gave me five days to pick it up (which was more than enough time). I’m glad they offer this pickup option – it’s perfect for busy people. The closest FedEx office to me was located inside a nearby grocery store, so I was able to pick it up after doing some shopping. They also offer the option to text you when the box arrives so you don’t have to keep checking the tracking number. Since it’s alcohol, they obviously required ID when I went to pick it up.

I chose three bottles of red wine and one white wine. When reading this Winc Review, bear in mind that I decided to try some of their cheaper wines first so I didn’t spend too much money. Since I had the coupon for $20 off, my order total came to a bit less than $40! This is a fantastic deal for four bottles of wine. My only complaint with the ordering process is that they should make it so you can get free shipping with a certain amount spent rather than with four bottles.

Winc Review - Booklet

My four bottles were packaged in a brown rectangular box with a carrying handle at the top. Inside, there was a thick booklet on top that described each wine. To hold the wine bottles in place, there were some specially-designed cardboard holders on each end of the boxes. This prevented them from clashing into each other and breaking. It was very simple to unbox and I stored my wines in the fridge right away.   

The booklet was so thick because it was filled with a bunch of pages about the “A-Z of wine” that shared a page about wine for each alphabet letter. This was a great opportunity to learn more about wine! For example, “A” was for acidity and they gave a paragraph describing acidity.

Winc Review - A-Z of Wine

As for the wines, I’ll be sharing each one I got and how I liked them below.

Winc Reviews of Selected Wines

2017 Summer Water Rosé

Rosé is probably my favorite type of alcohol. This Summer Water Rosé was one of my first recommended wines. It looked wonderful – I had to try it out. There was a page in the Winc booklet about this wine since it’s one of their most popular. 

Winc Review - Summer Water

The cute design of the bottle is one of the main things that attracted me (even though the inside is what counts). It’s made in Central Coast, California. The description advertised subtle tasting notes of grapefruit, strawberry, and white peach. It has an alcohol percentage of 12.5%. It’s more of a dry wine with a light body. Overall, I really liked it. I loved the fruity notes.

This wine is dangerous – it’s so easy to drink. Before I knew it, I was on my third glass! It’s the most expensive bottle I got, but definitely worth it. 

Price: $18

2016 Rosa Obscura Red Blend

Winc Review - Wines

Although this Rosa Obscura Red Blend wine didn’t have as nice of a design as the other bottles, it tasted delicious. It has a 14.9% alcohol percentage, which is a bit more than all the other wines I got. It’s slightly sweet with a full body. The description advertised tasting notes of cherry, cocoa, and strawberry. Yummy! If you’re wondering “where does Winc get their wine”, this particular one is made in California (it doesn’t say what particular part though). It has the perfect amount of sweetness for me.

Price: $13

2017 Loves Me Not Malvasia Bianca

This is the only white wine I got. Even though I don’t usually like white wines as much as red, this one was pretty good. It’s sweet with a medium body. There’s an 11.3% alcohol percentage in this one. The description stated it has tasting notes of nectarine, peach ring, and white flowers. Although it’s from 2017, it’s still both regular and favorite in many Winc reviews. I really like the difference of this compared to the red, fruity wines. The sweetness was delicious. This is definitely my favorite white wine that I’ve tried! I’ll be getting more of these kinds in my next box.

Price: $13

Winc Review - Rosé

2017 Cocomero Rosé

When I wasn’t able to decide on my last bottle of wine, I just added a second bottle of rosé. However, it turned out that it was one of the best Winc wines for this month. The name of this first made me think it would have notes of coconut. However, it’s named Cocomero because this means watermelon in Italian. This one is also made with 12.5% alcohol. It’s a light body and is dry rather than sweet. It has tasting notes of watermelon, honeysuckle, and rhubarb. This one is also made in California (which is vague like the Rosa Obscura blend). The Cocomero wine smelled just like watermelon – my favorite fruit! I also noticed the tasting notes. I liked this even better than the Summer Water rosé!

Price: $15

Is Winc worth it?
To sum up, I’d say my first box of wines from Winc was worth the price (especially with the coupon). It’s a great way to try out new wines tailored to your tastes with the convenience of having them delivered right to your door. This subscription would be great for people who already purchase wine pretty often. It would make a great gift as well. Winc works for any budget since you can choose how many bottles you’d like to receive and also select bottles to fit your price preferences. My upcoming Winc reviews will share my thoughts on more wines they offer!
  • Choose the number of wines you’d like (minimum of three)
  • Different prices that fit anyone’s budget
  • Free shipping on 4+ wines
  • Shop through their entire wine collection
  • Up to three deliveries if you’re not at home + FedEx location pickup
  • Detailed information about each wine they offer

  • Winc-branded wines only
  • Need to sign and show ID for the package
  • Free shipping is based on how many bottles rather than how much money you spend

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