Must Read 2023 Watch Gang Review — Is It Worth Your Time?

Must Read 2023 Watch Gang Review — Is It Worth Your Time?
9.3 Total Score

Our Watch Gang review is the most in-depth and comprehensive one you’ll find. We searched far and wide to bring you all the information you might need. 

We’ll delve into the company’s pricing and subscriptions, compare it to others in the industry and discover its pros and cons.

So, let’s not waste more time and dive right in. 

All About Watch Gang

With so many monthly subscription boxes for men, it’s hard to know which one is best. But we’re going with Watch Gang — a must-have delivery for a stylish man. 

Overview and HighlightsWatch Gang Box

Our Watch Gang review confirms it’s a unique monthly subscription that sends high-quality watches straight to your door. Plus, the service picks out the watches, so it does all the work for you. 

Matthew Gallagher started the company in 2016. It’s the perfect service for men looking to expand their watch collection without breaking the bank. Plus, the subscription started from more than a love of watches. 

The idea came after a pivotal moment in Gallagher’s life — his father passed away, and the founder received his original 1953 vintage Rolex. He had something so special to remember his dad. Watch Gang watches strive to bring that emotion to the public. While it’s a fantastic style accessory, it can also be so much more.  

Watch Gang Is Best For

The service is a fantastic choice for those starting their watch collection or looking to grow their existing one. Plus, you can change up your style with ease. 

Watch Gang Is Not Good For

Men who don’t want to try different styles and trends in the watch industry won’t make the most out of this subscription. So, if you love what you know, better stick to that.

What Does Watch Gang Offer?

Watch Gang product

While researching our Watch Gang Original tier review, we found a few available subscription options, and we’ll get into that shortly.

For starters, the service will ask you to share a little bit about yourself — Are you sporty or a businessman? Whatever your style is, rest assured the team will pick something appropriate for you. 

Based on your preferences and necessity, Watch Gang sends you suitable pieces — from Swiss quartz to luxury automatics, the service has it all.

Amazingly, you can save up to five times your new pieces’ retail value. The company guarantees a higher value than the Watch Gang subscription cost for a month.

Some previously delivered watch brands include:

  • Three Leagues Baden 
  • William L 
  • Invicta Pro Diver 
  • Breed Ranger 
  • Cortebert
  • Axwell

No matter what plan you pick, you’ll receive high-quality pieces from some lesser-known brands and classic favorites. 

Size-wise, The watches come in 40 mm and above. And if you want to add a personal touch, you can change the straps.

Watch Gang Original Tier Watches

It’s the perfect plan for first-time watch collectors. You’ll receive pieces in styles like everyday, sports, and dress watches.

Our Watch Gang Original review shows each box is worth between $50–$150. Plus, all pieces are authentic with Seiko or Japanese Miyota movements with leather bands and stainless steel. 

A few past Original watch brands include: 

  • Maestrale and Lerici 
  • Invicta Pro Diver
  • Axwell’s Marauder

You can choose between lots of brands and styles, but it’s all a fantastic surprise.

Watch Gang Black Tier Watches

The next tier offers luxury at affordable prices. The pieces are a great way to pull any look together with various casual, sports, and dress watches for any occasion. 

Generally, the watches in this subscription are a mix of Swiss quartz or Japanese movement, with some automatic movements occasionally making an appearance. Watch Gang product

Some brands include:

  • Grayton
  • Reign
  • Aquinus
  • William L
  • Spinnaker
  • Archon

The quality is one step above the Original tier, meaning the value goes up to $500.

Watch Gang Platinum Tier Watches

Moving onto our Watch Gang Platinum review, this subscription is a brilliant choice for premium watch wearers. But don’t let the name deceive you. The watches work well for special occasions or every day. 

The Platinum Tier is a favorite of avid watch collectors who enjoy quality pieces. Plus, the collection boasts new and classic well-known brands. 

The pieces’ value is between $300-$1500, which is way more than your subscription cost.

Here are a few featured brands for this tier: 

  • West End Watch Co
  • Melbourne
  • Wolbrook
  • Chronofixe

Heading out to an event with your new Watch Gang mystery box piece is exciting and confidence-building. And the biggest mistake you’ll make is going with a messy shave. That will drag down your look fast, so check our Dollar Shave review to look good all the time. 

Watch Gang Centum Tier Watches

Now, let’s check the most exclusive subscription. The Centrum Tier is an invite-only subscription that sends a monthly luxury watch worth thousands of dollars. The tier is a good option for watch lovers who want to grow their collection or those who simply crave a surprise high-end watch every month. 

Our Watch Gang subscription review finds this tier has featured: 

  • NOMOS Glashutte Tangente 38
  • Terra Cielo Mare Orienteering BP 
  • Maurice LaCroix Ponto S Diver Watch

Watches can hold a value of up to $5,000. And while an expensive watch is the best accessory, you should also look your best wearing it. If you need to upgrade your wardrobe, check out our Stitch Fix review

Supporting Materials

Each order comes with reading material about the service and the different subscriptions you can try out.

But you won’t find information on other premium services for men. Luckily, we have you covered. Check our thoughts on Bespoke Post.

Watch Gang Add-ons

If a mystery subscription isn’t really your thing, check out the Watch Gang wheel spin. It’s an innovative and exciting way for you to filter and pick pieces you want. Just enter some details, and spin the wheel to see what Watch Gang recommends for you. 

Watch Gang box and logo

How Watch Gang Works

Now that we know what the service offers, how does it all work?

Website Experience 

The website has a simple layout, and the homepage covers all the essential information. We also like that it displays Watch Gang reviews for 2022

Unfortunately, the FAQ section isn’t very helpful. You might struggle to find what you’re looking for since it’s not organized into sections or categories.

Ordering Process

Want to sign up? Here’s how:Seiko watch

  • Go to the Watch Gang homepage.
  • Click on “Get Started.”
  • Enter your details.
  • Answer the questionnaire.
  • Select your plan.
  • Enter your information.
  • Checkout.

Based on our selections for this Watch Gang Black tier review, here are the questions you might have to answer:

  • What’s your watch collection like?
  • Select what best describes you from a few pictures.
  • What types of watches are you looking for?
  • How do you prefer to spend your time off?
  • How fast are you looking to grow your collection?

After you fill out the details, the service will recommend a Watch Gang mystery box for you.  

Managing Your Subscription

Watch Gang doesn’t offer refunds for items you don’t enjoy. But you can cancel your subscription before 11:59 PM PST on the 8th of the month by emailing

Watch Gang Prices, Discounts & Options 

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing plans:



3 months

6 months

12 months
















Note that the Centum tier will set you back between $1,000–$1,500 per month, but you’ll need an invite. 

The Watch Gang Centum program is an exclusive, invite-only program where members can get a watch valued up to $5,000.

You can turn any tier into a quarterly option. That way, you’ll pay the monthly cost every three months, receiving four packages per year instead of 12. The subscription renews on the first of each month.

Shipping & Packaging

Watch Gang box

Our Watch Gang review can confirm that each watch comes in its very own box. That keeps your piece safe and gives you a stylish way to preserve it.

So, when can you expect your watch?

After you sign up, your order ships within three days. All monthly orders ship by the 16th of each month in the US. If you’re shipping internationally, expect the order to arrive in at least 3–4 weeks. 

Watch Gang is available in 57 countries worldwide. No matter what Watch Gang tiers you’re on, the monthly shipment costs are as follows:

  • US: $9.82 
  • Canada: $14.82
  • UK: $19.82
  • AU and worldwide: $34.82.

That doesn’t include custom costs, so it’s best to check them out for your specific location. 

Saving Opportunities

Watch Gang wants to thank US heroes for their service and offers 20% off all membership plans for Active Duty Service Members and Veterans. All you need to do is verify yourself with on the Watch Gang site

You can also gain referral points and use the Watch Gang exchange for credit. Once you sign up, share your referral link with your friends. For a successful subscription, you and your friend can earn 50 points each once they signup with a purchase of $25 or higher and begin a new subscription. Then, you can use the points towards the Wheel of Watches or for further subscriptions. 

GiveawaysWatch Gang wheel giveaway

There are some major perks for signing up. No matter your subscription with Watch Gang, a Rolex is within reach. 

Active members get an automatic entry to win a Rolex weekly on Fridays. Plus, on a Tuesday, you could win an original TAG Heuer. 

And that’s not all. On a Saturday, you could get a Seiko. The opportunities are endless. 

Customer Service

There’s an in-depth FAQ section to answer your questions. Still, if you need to contact customer service, you can:

  • Email:
  • Call: 1 (844) 413 – 7017 (Available: Monday–Thursday 9AM–5PM, Friday 9AM– 3PM PST)
  • Chat: On-site 

Consumers love the customer service, saying it’s quick and effortless. 

Watch Gang Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

In thousands of online reviews, customers praise the product quality, delivery, and customer service. 

Here’s what one Watch Gang Wheel review said:

“Great service and great people at watch gang. Was hesitant at first when I first joined and am really satisfied with the watches I have received.”

Let’s also check a few positive reviews that show customer satisfaction:

“The watches are great quality and worth double the membership price. Much better than buying a fake or replica watch. It’s easy to not have to decide and I have received different styles of watches. There is Great customer support and prompt response. Recommend for someone who loves to wear different watches.”

“After expressing some concerns, I must say that the team at watchgang went above and beyond to address them. I can once again say that I recommend the business model and their customer care.”

But we need to give you a fair review here. We found some Watch Gang complaints about the customer service, saying it wasn’t quick to resolve customers’ issues.

Overall, the service has a rating between 3.6 and 4.7 stars.

Watch Gang Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

Let’s see how Watch Gang stacks up against its competitors. 

Watch Gang vs Wrist Mafia

While Watch Gang has different tiers, Wrist Mafia has only one subscription for $33 per month. While the latter has high-quality pieces, it can’t compare to the higher black and platinum Watch Gang tiers.

Watch Gang vs Watch of the Month Club

Watch of the month

Watch of the Month Club works pretty much the same as Watch Gang with four plans. Prices range between $25 and $1,145.70 per month, which changes the watch value, too. 

One difference is that Watch of the Month Club sends more high-value watches, explaining why the price is much higher than Watch Gang which price ranges, between $49.99–$399.99.



Watch Gang

Watch of the Month Club

Clockwork Club

Wrist Mafia

Starting Price










Types of Subscription Options





Number of Items Included





Delivery Area (N of States) and other countries

57 countries



20 countries

Wrap Up — Is Watch Gang Worth It?

Watch Gang is a monthly subscription ideal for people starting their watch collection or looking to expand it. We give the company a thumbs up, and we highly recommend it. 

The service is good value for watch lovers, measuring up to an A+ in our book.

  • Large range of brands
  • Affordable
  • Excellent quality
  • Lots of styles

  • You can’t pick the pieces
  • Value can vary quite a lot

Bottom Line

Watch Gang is a wonderful service for stylish men who want to start a watch collection or extend their pieces.


Is Watch Gang legit?

Yes! This question comes up a lot as many customers don’t believe they can get such quality for the price. The truth is the company builds partnerships with brands, which brings the price down, making it affordable for everyone. Also, we’d never recommend a service that doesn’t offer trustworthy products.

How do Watch Gang tiers work?

There are four tiers. Firstly, the Original comes with quality pieces for every day. Then, the Black tier offers higher quality but at a great price. The Platinum tier is the epitome of style, with fantastic brands and quality pieces. Finally, the Centum tier offers premium brands for the sophisticated man. Pick what works best for your wallet and lifestyle. 

Is Watch Gang worth it?

Our Watch Gang review gives the service a big thumbs up. Plus, the brand boasts loyal customers and thousands of online reviews.

9.3 Total Score

Products Quality
Originality & Variety
Box Value for Money
Packaging & Delivery
Customer Service
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