Urthbox October 2018 Review + Unboxing

Urthbox October 2018 Review + Unboxing
8.7 Total Score

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You can never have too many snacks—that’s why snack subscription boxes are awesome! Urthbox, for example, is one of my favorites because they provide a variety of snacks from different brands. They offer an impressive variety of snack box choices: vegan, gluten-free, low-calorie, or classic. Additionally, there are four different box sizes that range from $19.99 to $39.99.

As with my previous boxes, I opted for the medium vegan box this month. This comes with a ton of snacks (18 or more), so after this review, I’ll probably be switching to the small box that costs $29.99 per month. This one is still pretty large with 12+ snacks every month! However, the large one is definitely the best value.

In this Urthbox review, I share the snacks I got in my October box, how to save money as well as get a bonus box, similar snack subscription boxes, and more!

Shipping + Unboxing

My October box arrived on the very last day of the month—Halloween! This is later than normal, but I don’t mind. It came in a medium-sized box with Urthbox branding all over it. Inside, I found my snacks, as well as a small card with a $10 off coupon. I wish they provided an information sheet about each product they include, but it’s not a big deal since I can look it up online.

In total, I received 15 different snacks to try. There were a few multiples, so in total it actually came to over 18 snacks. I’ll be sharing each one below!

October Urthbox Snack Reviews

Living Raw Power Mint Patty

I got this last month in a different flavor (double chocolate), and I absolutely loved it. This one was delicious as well! However, I liked the double chocolate flavor better because I’m a chocolate addict.

Urthbox Reviews - Living Raw Power Mint Patty

I actually found these in a grocery store the other day, so I’ll definitely be purchasing them on the regular.

Bohana Popped Water Lily Seeds

I love unique snacks like this. Last month, I got some popped lotus seeds. They were delicious and have great health benefits! These popped water lily seeds are very similar. They’re lightweight and taste great.

Urthbox Reviews - Bohana Popped Water Lily SeedsThe texture is very similar to a puffed chip snack. I got the Himalayan sea salt flavor, which I really enjoyed. It added great flavor without being too salty. The whole bag only has 120 calories.

Nanga by Nature Dark Chocolate Bark

This chocolate bark has no sugar, but it’s still delicious!

Urthbox Reviews - Nanga By Nature Chocolate Bark

It’s made of dark chocolate, pecans, cherries, sesame seeds, turmeric, and sea salt. People who aren’t a fan of dark chocolate wouldn’t like this, but I loved it.

Spokes Sea Salt & Vinegar Puffed Potatoes

I thought these were pretzels at first, but they’re actually popped potatoes! They’re air-puffed, which makes them a lot healthier than oil-fried chips or puffs. The oil in chips always makes me feel sick, so these were a delicious alternative. This entire bag has only 100 calories. Overall, I really liked them, and the two bags I got went quickly.

Urthbox Reviews - Spokes Popped Potatoes

They also included a coupon for $1.50 off a full-size bag! 

Gaea Gourmet Olives

I’ve never been too big of a fan of olives. That said, I had never tried fancy olives like these, so I decided to give them a shot.

Urthbox Reviews - Gaea Gourmet Olives

I was surprised because they were much better than any other olives I’ve tried before! Plus, they don’t have any preservatives or other questionable ingredients.

Urthbox Reviews - Pop Art PopcornMy box came with two small bags.

Pop Art Thai Coconut Curry Gourmet Popcorn

Thai coconut curry seemed like a strange flavor for popcorn, but it turned out to be pretty tasty! Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks, so I think I’d love any flavor.

Navitas Wellness Daily Superfood Boost

I make myself a smoothie almost every morning. I’ve been wanting to add in a supplement or powder of some sort to give it a boost, but I had no clue where to start. That’s why I was glad to get this superfood boost powder to try out!

Urthbox Reviews - Navitas Superfoods Boost

It adds lots of fantastic superfoods with just a small scoop (such as maca, Camu Camu, spirulina, goji berry, and more). It even comes with the scoop so you can easily measure out a serving. The monk fruit in it added a little sweetness to my smoothie. I love receiving products like this in my Urthbox because they last much longer than snacks! Also, products like this are usually more pricey than the typical snack (like a bag of chips), so it’s hard to try different kinds unless you get samples.

Urthbox Reviews - Ocean's Halo Seaweed Snacks

This superfood boost regularly costs $14.99–$19.99!

Ocean’s Halo Wasabi Seaweed Snacks

I’ve only ever had seaweed on sushi, so I wasn’t sure how I’d like these seaweed snacks. I was also concerned about the wasabi flavor since I hate wasabi. However, I still tried them, and I actually liked them! The wasabi flavor was very subtle. I kept wanting more of these after I thought I was finished.

Yes Cacao Botanical Chocolate Bar & Coins

You can never have too much chocolate! Like the previous chocolate bark, this was amazing. They provided a few chocolate coins and even two entire chocolate bars.

Urthbox Reviews - Yes Cacao

Even with all this chocolate, it was gone quickly. It also had a minimal amount of sugar—the whole bar only had 4 grams! The sweetness was perfect since I don’t like super sweet chocolate. Plus, it’s packed with foods that have great health benefits (such as turmeric, blue lotus, and GABA.

Urthbox Reviews - Nuvital Spinach Supplement

I especially liked that the package was resealable because I always want to save my chocolate for later.

Nuvital Super Spinach Extract Lemon Iced Tea

This product is interesting. It’s a spinach extract powder, but it’s supposed to have a lemon iced tea flavor. It’s great for people who hate the taste of spinach and greens but still want the health benefits. This is advertised as fuel for workouts. I put it in a smoothie, and it definitely gave me extra energy. The flavor tasted good too!

GoMacro Macrobar Mini Protein Pleasure Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

I usually love GoMacro bars, but this flavor wasn’t my favorite. It tasted too chalky from the protein. I’m glad I got to try it out, though!

Urthbox Reviews - GoMacro

Raisels Golden Raisin Sours Orange Burst

Urthbox Reviews - Go Girl Energy DrinkI didn’t really like these. They tasted like sour gummy candies, which I’m not a very big fan of. I love regular raisins, so that might be part of why I didn’t like them.

Go Girl Energy Drink Peach Tea

I used to love energy drinks, but I cut back since they’re not very healthy. This one, however, had pretty healthy ingredients (other than the caffeine), so I figured it’d be fine. It’s sweetened with agave rather than sugar. The peach flavor was delicious, and it has only 35 calories per can!

Iso Ocena Hydration Booster

This product looks fancy and advertises a bunch of its added nutrients. However, I wouldn’t purchase it again. It’s supposed to hydrate you, but in my opinion, it’s much easier to just drink water. It doesn’t add any flavor to your drink. I also can’t imagine that this small packet gives enough hydration to provide the health benefits it advertises—you’d have to use it a lot.

Urthbox Reviews - IsoOcean

Iso Ocean Seaweed Hydration Energy Gel Fresh Lemon and Orange Slice

I liked these much better than the previous product. It’s similar to the hydration booster, but it actually adds flavor to your drink! My box came with two flavors, fresh lemon, and orange slice. The flavor is made from natural flavoring and grape sugar. It contains electrolytes, essential minerals, and nutrients to help fuel you.

Teecino Hazelnut Roasted Herbal Tea

Urthbox Reviews - Teeccino Hazelnut Tea

I got another flavor of this tea to try last month and it was delicious. I liked this one even better. Hazelnut is one of my favorite flavors. The flavor in this tea was subtle but still delicious. There’s also no caffeine, plus it came with a coupon for a box of them!

Urthbox Review - Free Bonus Box

Savings Opportunities

Urthbox has some great introductory deals for new subscribers! For one, you’ll get a free bonus box with any subscription. This means double the snacks! In addition, you can add any coupon code to this, including the $10 off that they commonly offer. The code for this is FATHERSDAY (this has been working for months).

Similar Snack Subscription Boxes

If one of your biggest desires is a subscription box with healthy snacks, there are a few more options you should check out! Three others that I’ve tried so far are Naturebox, Graze, and Degustabox.

Naturebox Reviews - Kung Pao Pretzels


This membership-based subscription has hundreds of healthy snacks to choose from. Their membership costs $30 per year, but you receive a $5 snack credit each month to choose all of your own snacks. It’s very flexible—you determine how often you’ll purchase snacks, or you can sign up for a recurring monthly subscription if you want. Their snack prices are usually a great deal, and they often have additional coupons or sales. My Naturebox reviews share how new subscribers can receive a $20 snack credit and a free membership trial!

Graze Review - Graze Snacks


This is another snack box for healthy snacks that I love. Their boxes are fairly inexpensive at $13.99 a month, and I love that their snacks come in small, perfectly portioned packs. They’re portable and perfect for busy people who are always on the go! They have hundreds of snacks and options for any diet.

Plus, my Graze reviews share how you can try your first box for free!


This is the final snack subscription box that I’ve tried out so far. Although it’s not great for people with specific dietary preferences, it’s a fun box for people who like all kinds of food.

Urthbox Reviews - Degustabox

They have a variety of different snacks and treats for just $19.99 per month. As you can see in my Degustabox reviews, all of their products come from various brands. You can also get $10 off your first box!  

Bottom Line
Although I’ve had a few bumps along the road with Urthbox, I’d still say this subscription has been worth it. I’ve been able to try out hundreds of delicious new food and snack products to fit my dietary preferences—and some of these products I’ve fallen in love with! It’s great that they include more than just snacks, such as sauces, supplements, and various other types of products. Plus, the box value is always higher than what you pay.

They’re also the only snack box I’ve found that offers so many different box options and sizes. There are options for everybody, and it’d make a great gift!

8.7 Total Score

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