Sun Basket October 2018 Review + Recipes

Sun Basket October 2018 Review + Recipes
8.4 Total Score

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I love food subscription boxes. In the past couple of months, I’ve tried a few of the popular ones on a search for the best. Sun Basket has been one of my favorites so far! They provide a variety of different meal plans and plenty of recipes to pick from. Not only that, but all of the ingredients they use are organic.

This Sun Basket review shares the meals I got in this shipment, coupons to save half off your first box, similar meal kits to check out, and my overall opinions about this subscription!

Sun Basket Review - Unboxing

Shipping + Unboxing

Just like my previous Sun Basket shipments, my meals arrived in one of their special “refrigerated” boxes. These are filled with ice packs and special lining to make sure everything stays cold. All of the components are recyclable as well.

When I unboxed my meals, I was disappointed to see that my shipment didn’t come with a recipe booklet again as it did with my first box. I thought this was a mistake with my second shipment, but now it seems like it’s a regular occurrence. That’s unfortunate—it’s much easier to follow recipes from a paper rather than pulling them up on my phone. However, I made it work again.

I received three meals from the vegan plan that I’ll be sharing in this review.

Meal Reviews

Sweet Potato Taquitos

To start off, there was one issue with my shipment—the container holding the black beans in this meal cracked during shipping somehow and the juice got all over all the other ingredients. The bag was drenched and dripping everywhere. I was able to wash off all the ingredients, but it was an inconvenience.

Sun Basket Reviews - Sweet Potato Taquitos Ingredients

As for this meal, it was very yummy! It was simple to mash up and season the sweet potatoes on the stovetop. After this, the onions were stirred into the filling (I cut them a little too big, but I love onions so it was fine).

Sun Basket Reviews - Sweet Potato Taquitos

The black bean salad was easy to make as well. However, it was difficult to tightly fold the taquitos together because a lot of them kept breaking, so a few of them were more like tostadas. I was able to make a few nice looking ones though, and they were all delicious.

Sun Basket Reviews - Taquitos

There was plenty of food to feed two people! It made eight taquitos. Each serving (four taquitos) contained 540 calories!

Tempeh Sloppy Joes

Once again, this recipe was easy to make. First, I had to cook the tempeh on the stovetop for a few minutes. The coleslaw was extremely easy to make as well—the cabbage, carrots, and sauce were already prepared; I just had to mix it all together.

Sun Basket Reviews - Coleslaw

Finally, I just had to mix the onions, tempeh, and sloppy joe sauce together over the stovetop to thicken the sauce and create the sloppy joe mixture.

Sun Basket Reviews - Tempeh Sloppy Joes

This only took me about 20 minutes to cook. I stuck the buns in the oven to heat up somewhere along the line. Everything was delicious! There are 820 calories in each serving of this meal.

Sun Basket Review - Fried Rice

Biryani-style Tofu Fried Rice with Ginger Chutney

This recipe somehow got pushed to the back of my fridge, and I forgot about it for a little over a week. Even so, most of the ingredients were still good! This was impressive. Other than the scallions and red pepper, everything was fine, and I was still able to make the recipe.

It was easy to make and delicious. First, I boiled the rice for about 20 minutes. While this was cooking, I had to prep and cook the tofu and vegetables. I excluded the peas because I don’t like them. After this, the ginger chutney was easy to prepare since the base was already mixed together.

Sun Basket Reviews - VeganI just had to add in some oil, cilantro, and scallions. Finally, I stirred the tofu and ginger chutney into the pan and finished up the recipe. It was fantastic! There was plenty of food for two people—there was even some left over. This meal had 690 calories per serving. 

Savings Opportunities

Food subscription boxes typically offer great deals for first-time subscribers. Sun Basket is no exception! They offer a generous 50% off your first box.

Sun Basket Reviews - 50% Off

This brings the pricing down to around $35 for your first box—that’s not bad for three healthy, organic meals with two servings each.

Similar Subscriptions

Since there are numerous different meal kit subscriptions, there’s bound to be an option for you if Sun Basket doesn’t fit all your desires.

Sun Basket Reviews - Home Chef

For example, our Home Chef reviews will show you that their subscription is cheaper. The only downfalls are that they don’t guarantee organic ingredients or have a variety of dietary plans like Sun Basket does. HelloFresh is another option as well.

Sun Basket Review - Green Chef

On the other hand, Green Chef offers vegan, paleo, gluten-free, keto, vegetarian, and more options. They also provide a generous $40 off your order, which makes it similar in price to Sun Basket!

Review Summary
To sum up this Sun Basket review, I was pleased with my meals again. It’s a very convenient subscription and saves me lots of time. As you can see, food subscription boxes like this are perfect for busy people! Although the prices can be steep compared to cooking on your own, I definitely think it’s worth it if you have the money to spend.
8.4 Total Score

Meal Quality + Taste
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