Sun Basket Reviews 2024 — Hit or Miss?

Sun Basket Reviews 2024 — Hit or Miss?

Looking into meal subscription boxes, we were tempted to go through the Sun Basket reviews and discover more about this service.

It’s a top-rated food box, perfect for anyone who doesn’t have the time or desire to figure out what to cook. The service provides everything you need to make delicious organic homemade meals

Let’s learn more about Sun Basket — the subscription options, how much it costs, what to expect, and if it’s worth it.


Farm-Fresh Sun Basket

All About Sun Basket

Sun Basket meal delivery isn’t your average food subscription box. In a world full of subscription companies, let’s find what’s different about this one and how it all started.

Overview and Highlights

Sun Basket began in 2014 by Chef Justine Kelly. She already had over 25 years in the restaurant industry when she noticed a gap in the market. There wasn’t a fresh, organic, and tasty service that could help everyone make restaurant-quality food from the comfort of their own homes. 

Reviews for Sun Basket meals are constructive, especially regarding the fresh ingredients. The service aims to deliver quality products and spread its message about respecting nature. 

Sun Basket has a fantastic relationship with all its farmers, fisherman, ranchers, and everyone in between. The company prides itself on knowing exactly where and how its ingredients are sourced. That’s what sets it apart. 

It’s a subscription service that aims for sustainability. The Sun Basket team looks to the future and how the entire brand affects the planet. The company recognizes the increasing food waste worldwide, which is why it opted for pre-measured ingredients delivered straight to your door. 

What’s more, Sun Basket pays forward, providing over 1,000 lbs of food to those in need weekly. That includes food banks, front-line workers, and the sick.

What Does Sun Basket Offer?

The company offers a wide range of subscription options, so it comes as no surprise that Sun Basket reviews remain quite positive. The meal kits come in two or four servings. In contrast, the fresh and ready meals are for one person. 

Each meal has between 400–800 calories per serving. Plus, they’re high in fiber and protein and low in sodium.

The fresh ingredients are organic and sustainably produced, and the meat is antibiotic and hormone-free.

Some menu options include:

  • PaleoSun Basket box with ingreadients
  • Mediterranean
  • Diabetes-friendly
  • Pescatarian
  • Gluten-free
  • lean and clean
  • Vegetarian
  • Carb-conscious
  • Ready to heat (heats up for around six minutes in the oven or microwave)

Sun Basket offers something for everyone. Also, you can add snacks, breakfast, and lunch meals to your order. It’s among the most inclusive food subscription services. 

Lean and clean Sun Basket reviews show that customers love the variety they get. We highly recommend it for those of you on a health kick. If losing weight is on the cards, a Splendid Spoon review might help you compare the services to see which one works better for your needs.

Your entire Sun Basket order is based on what you want. The service will make suggestions, but the ultimate choice remains yours. Also, each delivery comes with descriptive recipe cards that include nutritional information. 

Still, Sun Basket celiac reviews mention that it might not be the best choice for those with severe gluten, shellfish, or nut allergies. It’s due to the factories making everything in the same environment. 

Unfortunately, vegans don’t have much choice either. If you’re on a plant-based diet, take a look at vegan subscription boxes that will take care of your nutritional needs better.

Sun Basket Add-ons

You’re truly spoilt for choice here. We love the variety of snacks like crackers, bars, cheese, crisps, sweet treats, jerky, veggies, and even dips. 

So whether you’re hosting a party or need a quick bite for work, you’ll surely find what you want. 

Sun Basket Cost, Discounts & Options 

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Sun Basket prices vary, but we’ll break it down to give you a better idea of what you’re paying for.

Meal Kits:

  • 2 meals per week — 2 servings ($13.99 per serving) / 4 servings ($11.99 per serving)
  • 3 meals per week — 2 servings ($12.99 per serving) / 4 servings ($10.99 per serving)
  • 4 meals per week — 2 servings ($11.99 per serving) / 4 servings ($10.99 per serving)
  • 5 meals per week — 2 servings ($10.99 per serving) / 4 servings ($10.99 per serving)

Sun Basket oven-ready meals come with one serving per meal:Black Angus rib-eyes with warm kale meal from sun basket

  • 4–5 meals per week at $11.99 per serving
  • 6–7 meals per week at $10.99 per serving
  • 8–9 meals per week at $9.99 per serving
  • 10 meals per week at $8.99 per serving

Prices for snacks and other add-ons vary.

Sun Basket charges you based on your subscription frequency — weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly

Saving Opportunities 

When you sign up for Sun Basket meal delivery, you’ll get an email notification of available deals or coupons. The service often has 50% off or $40 off coupons. And the best thing is that it’ll keep you in the loop.

Also, the delivery of your first order is free. As of August 2021, Sun Basket has a deal for new customers — they receive $90 off and four gifts

Sun Basket likes to pamper new customers, so the first four deliveries come with a gift. The Refer-a-Friend program gives you and your friends a chance to get $40 off your next delivery with every successful sign-up using your code. 

Website Experience 

sun basket website experience

The Sun Basket site is very user-friendly. The homepage helps you easily find out what you’re looking for with options like “Menu” and “How It Works.” Plus, you can always find the Sun Basket meal plans and weekly recipes on the website. 

The official Sun Basket page provides menu examples, and you can also find out how the company has grown over the years. 

Right at the bottom of the page, you’ll find in-depth information on contacting the support team and the service’s social media accounts. Overall, the website is quick and straightforward

Ordering Process

Here’s how to sign up for Sun Basket:

  • Go to the Sun Basket website or download the app.
  • Click on “Get Started”
  • Pick the option you want — Sun Basket prepared meals, meal kits, or both.
  • Select your type of diet. 
  • Mark your preferences, like “Low Carb” or “Avoid Pork.”
  • Choose how many people you are.
  • Select the number of meals you want per week. 
  • Enter your email and zip code.
  • The site will direct you to a “Select Meals” page to choose the recipes you want and pick your first delivery date. 
  • Finally, complete your profile to start your subscription.

All that’s left to do is wait for your delicious box of goodies. 

Managing Your Subscription

Sun Basket reviews report that managing your subscription is as easy as pie. You can easily change your address or billing information from your profile. 

You can skip your delivery as long as you confirm that by 12 pm PST the Wednesday before your order arrives. 

If you’re looking at how to cancel your Sun Basket subscription, you can do so at any time from your profile.

Sun Basket takes customer satisfaction seriously. If you aren’t happy with your delivery, you can get a full money-back guarantee. But you must contact Sun Basket within seven days. 

Shipping & Packaging

Sun Basket delivers to most US zip codes, excluding AK, MT, HI, ND, and parts of NM. Based on where you live, you can choose any day between Sunday and Thursday for your delivery. Some areas have limited days available, so it’s best to check your specific zip code. 

Sun Basket meals are packaged with a sophisticated insulation system that keeps your produce cool and safe. The ice packs, paper packaging, and the box are recyclable, so you get all the freshness without the guilt, which we absolutely love. Plus, the meat comes in a separate area of the box, preventing contamination with other ingredients.

The insulation packaging helps if you aren’t home when your box arrives. You can leave it outside for hours without the food going bad. But remember to put your items in the fridge as soon as you get home. 

Each meal comes in a pre-packaged brown bag with clear labels, so you don’t have to guess what’s inside. You can expect to pay $7.99 for each delivery.

Customer Service

Sun Basket reviews praise the company’s transparency. The website has a thorough FAQ section that answers all the questions you might have. Also, the information is easy to find and sift through.

In the self-service section, you can enter your delivery details, and the bot will track the issue for you. Alternatively, you can also ask Sun Basket customers in the “Ask an Expert” section.

If you want to speak with Sun Basket directly, you can call the company at 866-786-2758 between 6 am–8 pm PT every day. Also, you can send a text to +1 208-960-6505 or email the support team via the online form. 

When researching Sun Basket online, food delivery reviews about its customer service are all super positive. Customers love the multiple options to receive help and the direct phone line. Few subscription services offer this feature.

My First Sun Basket Box!

I’ll regularly start these Sun Basket reviews with shipping details. First off, the shipping for my first order was delayed by a day for some reason. However, the ingredients still arrived fresh and usable. It was a fairly heavy box padded with gel packs to keep everything fresh.

Sun Basket Reviews - Unboxing

Underneath this lining, the ingredients for each meal were packed in three different brown bags with the recipe name labeled on the front.

There was also the recipe notebook that contains nutritional information and directions to prepare each meal. This month’s recipes were Mediterranean themed. 

Sun Basket Reviews - Information Booklet

Not only does this booklet include meals that came in your box, it lists the Sun Basket recipes for all the meals they offered that week. So, you could get the necessary ingredients from a grocery store yourself and re-make the same recipes.

Tofu Pad Thai with Rice Noodles, Bell Pepper, and Cashews

Pad Thai is one of my favorite dishes, and I’m always on the hunt for new spots to find my favorite! For some reason, I’ve never tried to make it myself, so I was excited I got the chance to do so!

 Sun Basket Reviews - Pad Thai Information Sheet

It turns out it’s much more simple than I thought. The instructions were easy to follow and included all necessary details. It was quick to prepare as well; it took me about 25 minutes. It’s important to note that Sun Basket vegan options are numerous, and this meal is one of them.

Sun Basket Reviews - Pad Thai Ingredients

I was concerned that the servings would be too small, but they were perfect. The meals are meant for two, and there was enough for me and my boyfriend. It was just the right amount to satisfy me without overeating (which is very easy to do with pasta). The calories for each serving were 710.

Sun Basket Reviews - Cooking Pad Thai

As for the taste, the food was pretty yummy other than a few minor issues. For one, I would’ve been happy if they included a little more sauce. The others were errors I made on my own! For instance, I forgot to add salt (which adds a lot of the flavor) and I cut the tofu way too big. If I hadn’t messed up with these, I’m sure the meal would have been much more delicious.

Sun Basket Reviews - Pad Thai

Tempeh Burrito Bowls with Basmati Rice, Black Beans, and Avocado

I adore burrito bowls! They’re fun and easy to make, plus they taste delicious. This one from the Sun Basket menu is made with rice, beans, cabbage, and avocado. It says it takes 25-40 minutes to make, but it took me around 20 minutes. There are 690 calories per serving.

Sun Basket Reviews - Tempeh Burrito Bowls Information Card

This type of recipe is super easy to add any extra ingredients to. For example, I added some lettuce and shredded vegan cheese. The cabbage they provided looked a little brown, but it ended up tasting fine. 

Sun Basket Reviews - Tempeh Burrito Bowls Ingredients

As expected, it was very yummy. I didn’t think they included enough beans when I was making it (it was a tiny jar), but it turns out the balance of all the ingredients was perfect. Any more beans would’ve been too much. This meal filled me right up!

Eggplant and Chickpea Ratatouille with Homemade Flatbreads

Sun Basket Reviews - Eggplant and Chickpea Ratatouille

This meal is a member of many Sun Basket reviews. I’m not a fan of eggplant, but otherwise, this meal was pretty good. I simply excluded it since I knew I wouldn’t eat it. The flatbreads were a little hard to make because I’ve never made bread before, but I was able to get the hang of it. I just had to make sure to pay close attention to the instructions. The ratatouille was amazing, it was my favorite part!

This was definitely the most difficult recipe to prepare because of the flatbreads. However, I’m glad there was a variation of difficulty levels with each meal. That made it exciting and showed me where my cooking skills stand!

Sun Basket Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

Most customers love the Sun Basket service. They’re happy about the ingredients’ quality and how thought out the recipes are. Sun Basket offers one of the most detailed menu options to fit different diet requirements. Some are pretty unique in the food subscription industry. 

Looking at Sun Basket food delivery reviews, it’s clear that there’s more to be desired from the service. You can find many complaints about the delivery time and packaging. Still, fixing the issues was convenient and quick for most customers. So, while Sun Basket might not be the greatest, at least it tries to rectify the situation fast. 

Some bad reviews for Sun Basket mention an issue with the product quality, but that seems to correlate with the delivery. So, it’s likely that the issue isn’t with Sun Basket but with its delivery system. 

The overall rating of the food subscription is relatively high, between 3.5–4.2 stars. 

Sun Basket Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

With so many meal kits out there, how do they all stack up against each other?

Sun Basket vs Blue Apron Reviews

The two services are pretty similar, so how do they differ? Sun Basket offers much more variety for people with dietary restrictions. While Blue Apron has some options, too, they’re not nearly as many. 

Sun Basket also provides more flexibility on meal options each week. The service averages around 18 a week, whereas Blue Apron offers around 10. 

Cost isn’t the deciding factor as the prices of both subscriptions are similar.

Sun Basket vs Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh also boasts a large variety of around 23 meals rotating weekly. Plus, servings are an excellent deal, starting at $7.49. In Sun Basket’s defense, its service is particularly focused on organic and sustainable produce, which increases the cost.

Again, it’s hard to beat Sun Basket when it comes to inclusive dietary needs. Hello Fresh offers limited options in this respect.

Sun Basket vs Home Chef

Sun Basket’s organic ingredients really do set the subscription apart. Still, Home Chef offers fresh ingredients from local farms across the US. Also, it has add-ons like bread and baked desserts. But Sun Basket already has a vast selection of snacks, sauces, breakfast, and lunch options. 

Big families and party hosts will appreciate the Home Chef subscription choice to order servings for six people.

Wrap Up — Is Sun Basket Worth It?

Sicilian chicken breasts with salmoriglio sauce sunbasket meal

Sun Basket is a popular meal subscription service for those on special diets or people who simply don’t know what to cook.

One of the biggest perks of the service is that the food is sustainably sourced and organic. Sun Basket food reviews praise the meal simplicity and how quickly you can put everything together. It’s perfect for first-time chefs. Also, the ready-meals are excellent and can be a lifesaver if you have no time during the week. 


  • 100% organic and non-GMO ingredients
  • A wide variety of weekly recipes and diet options
  • Option to skip a week if you don’t like the recipes available
  • Preview the recipes for weeks ahead of time
  • Text and app reminders
  • Sun Basket gift card available


  • You cannot combine two diet selections (although some overlap)
  • More expensive regular pricing than similar meal kits
  • You need to call to cancel
  • Can’t receive more than four meals a week


How do I manage my Sun Basket delivery? 

Sun Basket’s user-friendly website makes everything easy to manage and control via your account. You can change your address, skip a delivery, or redirect an order at the click of a button.

What can I expect in my Sun Basket box?

Based on what you choose, you’ll get meal kits, ready meals, or both. Plus, you can take advantage of the add-on options. Your box will also contain an insert with the recipes and nutritional information.  

Are there different Sun Basket meal kits?

Yes,  they depend on the number of people, your dietary requirements, and your personal preferences. Sun Basket reviews its meals weekly and changes things up to ensure variety.

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