What Are the Greatest Subscription Boxes for Women?

Subscription boxes are our favorite way to get a great value of products, save money, and receive fun surprises every month! If you’re shopping for a woman in your life or just for yourself, you might be overwhelmed by the endless options of subscription boxes for women. It can be difficult to choose which one, or even which type, to subscribe to.

To help narrow down your choices, we’ve created this table below that outlines a few of our favorite boxes for women. We’ve chosen these based on our own experiences with the boxes as well as extensive research about each. We also took into account the value of products, pricing, and coupons or special offers.

Women's Best Subscription Boxes 2020–2021

Company DescriptionPricingReview Score Visit Site
Ipsy Reviews in 2022 — Pros and Cons of Subscribing
[show_info_men]$12 / month
2 FabFitFun Reviews 2021 — Is It Worth It?
[show_info_men]$49.99 / season
$19.99 Starter Box $49.99 GET IT NOW
3 BoxyCharm Reviews — Expectations vs. Reality
[show_info_men]$21 / month
$100+ Box Value GET IT NOW
4 The Greatest Rocksbox Reviews on the Net
[show_info_men]$21 / month
Free 1-Month Trial GET IT NOW
5 Nadine West
[show_info_men]Price of clothing
$10–$30 Average Item Price GET IT NOW
6 Ritual Vitamins Review — Good Habits, Health, and Fun Times
[show_info_men]$30 / month
7 Birchbox Reviews 2022 — Yay Or Nay?
[show_info_men]$15 / month
50% off your first box with 3 months subscription Try Now
8 Stitch Fix Reviews 2022 — Your Personal Styling Brand
[show_info_men]$20 styling fee*
Try First Fix Risk-Free Try Now
9 Adore Me
[show_info_men]$20 styling fee*
Members Only: Every 6th Set Free! GET IT NOW
10 ThredUp Goody Boxes
[show_info_men]$10 deposit*
$20+ Per Item (Free Shipping + Returns) GET IT NOW
11 Justfab Reviews 2021 — Is This the Best Shoes Subscription?
[show_info_men]$39.95 - $49.95 / month
First Style at $10 GET IT NOW
12 Glossybox Review — Everything for Your Skin and Hair
[show_info_men]$21 / month
20% Off Annual Subscription GET IT NOW
13 Bootaybag
[show_info_men]$9–$13 / month (depends on choice of one or two pairs)
50% Off First Month GET IT NOW
14 The Best Le Tote Reviews of 2021
[show_info_men]Starting at $59 / month
Free 14-Day Trial GET IT NOW
15 GlobeIn Reviews — Pros and Cons of Subscribing
[show_info_men]$10 / month for essential or $40 / month for premium
$20 Off First Premium Box GET IT NOW
16 ScentBox Reviews [Must Read Before Signing Up in 2022]
[show_info_men]$14.85 - $32.95 / month
17 Fabletics Reviews — Everything To Know Before Signing Up
[show_info_men]$50 a month

*items you keep are charged additionally

Types of Monthly Subscription Boxes For Women

Although the above boxes are our favorites, it’s difficult to share all the different types of subscription boxes in this short list. The next section provides descriptions of each type of women’s subscription box you might encounter and what you should expect to receive in each.


There are plenty of fashion subscription boxes for women. You’ll find boxes that allow you to rent clothing, boxes where you get to keep all the items, personal styling services, and websites that offer fantastic sales and deals if you sign up for a membership. Since there are so many options, we also have a separate clothing subscription boxes article that outlines more of our favorites, shows the differences between subscriptions, and compares prices, as well as sharing coupons or introductory deals!

These following paragraphs explain the different types of clothing boxes, how each one works, and what you might find in them. We also have a list of the top clothing subscription boxes with plenty to choose from!

Rental Clothing

Rental clothing boxes are perfect for women who always want to have fresh, new outfits to wear but can’t afford to keep buying new clothes and accessories. They’re also a great option for clothing subscription boxes for moms or soon-to-be-moms!

For example, one of our favorites is Le Tote. For a monthly fee starting at $59, all the way up to $99, you can receive unlimited totes! The only catch is that you can’t have more than one tote out. This fee is far less than you’d spend purchasing clothes, but you don’t get to keep any of the clothes unless you want to pay the extra item’s price. They also offer maternity and plus-size options.

Stylist Services

One of the top types of subscription boxes for women are stylist services, such as Stitch Fix. With this type of service, you’re paired with a personal stylist who selects items for you based on your style profile. Clothing items are conveniently shipped to your home, where you can try them on and decide if you like them. You can keep the items you like (they’ll charge you the full price of each) and send back the ones you’re not fond of. The only downfall is that the clothes can be a little pricey. Also, you may be charged a styling fee if you don’t choose to purchase any of the items, but this depends on which stylist subscription you choose.

Membership Services

Membership services are the next type of clothing-based monthly subscription boxes for women. These subscription companies charge a monthly fee (which is credited toward any purchases) in return for exclusive sales and deals. For example, JustFab and Fabletics (which are run by the same company) are set up this way. As a VIP member, you’ll get access to exclusive sales and most likely will receive a fantastic intro deal if you sign up at the right time. For example, we got a brand new pair of shoes from JustFab for under $15 when we signed up for the membership.

Regular Clothing Subscription Boxes

Finally, there are regular clothing subscription boxes that allow you to keep everything you receive. These might be a bit more risky, especially for women who are picky with their styles. Since they’re more spendy than most other subscriptions, it’s easy to lose money if you don’t like what you receive. One example of a box where you get to keep all the clothes is Loot Crate, which has the best geek or gamer woman crate gifts (or treat yourself, why not). A few others that we liked are Urbane Box, Golden Tote, and Ellie Fit Fashionista.

Jewelry + Accessories

No outfit is complete without cute accessories. Luckily, there are plenty of subscription boxes that provide these. To start, there’s a fairly large number of jewelry subscription boxes. A lot of these tend to either be rental or stylist services. Since these tend to be a bit pricey, we’d say the boxes where you get to keep everything you receive are some of the best monthly subscription boxes for women.

One of our favorites for jewelry is Rocksbox, which has beautiful pieces and is budget-friendly! In addition, some boxes combine jewelry and other accessories. You can even find subscription boxes that have clothing combined with accessories, such as the quarterly Rachel Zoe Box of Style!

Lingerie and Socks

Who doesn’t love getting cute, new undies? Socks aren’t too exciting, but they’re a necessity and always seem to get lost somehow. That said, underwear and socks are one of our favorite types of subscription boxes for women. Subscription services like BootayBag send you a new pair (or more) of adorable underwear each month! With most subscriptions, you’re able to choose what type of underwear you’d like (such as thong, bikini, etc.) and prints. Sock subscriptions, such as Say It With a Sock, usually allow you choose your preferred type of prints as well.

Beauty + Fragrances

Some of the most popular subscription boxes are focused on beauty, skincare, and even fragrances. There are boxes with samples, full-size products, natural beauty or skincare products, fragrance samples, Korean beauty, acne-focused skincare, nail polish, and even more. With all the options available, it can be difficult to choose which box to subscribe to in this category.

Another important choice to make with your box is whether you want to receive sample products, full-size products, or a mixture of both. Beauty boxes also make great subscription gift boxes for women! If this is the only type of subscription box you’re interested in and you’re looking for a larger list of options to choose from, we have another article that shares our favorite beauty subscription boxes!


There are plenty of women’s fitness subscription boxes. Whether you’re into cardio, weightlifting, or yoga, or you want some nutritional snacks that are the perfect supplement to your workouts, there’s an option for you. Depending on which box you decide on, you could receive workout apparel, gear, supplements, vitamins, snacks, and so on. There are options for every price range! 

Maternity and Pregnancy

Moms can get subscription boxes with the products they need too! If you’re a soon-to-be mom, there are a variety of maternity subscription boxes for pregnant women. For example, Le Tote (a clothing rental service) provides clothing for regular sizes, maternity, or plus sizes. This way, you can pay a monthly fee to rent as many clothes as you’d like instead of purchasing maternity clothes that you’re only going to wear for a couple of months.

Not only do they have pregnancy and maternity subscription boxes, but there are subscription boxes for moms as well! You can find boxes for kids’ toys, learning activities, baby supplies, relaxational boxes for moms, and more.

Food + Drink

While this next category isn’t targeted particularly toward women, there’s bound to be an option that any woman would love! Whether you want indulgent snacks, healthy snacks, a specific type of snack (for example, there’s a subscription box for Oreos), meal delivery kits, wine, coffee, tea, or something else, there will be an option. Monthly subscription boxes for food and drinks are popping up everywhere, and we have a more detailed list of our favorite food subscription boxes if this sounds like the type of subscription box for you.  


There are plenty of other useful women’s subscription boxes that don’t fit in any particular category above. These include time-of-the-month boxes, women’s vitamins, sexual wellness, subscription boxes for women in their 50s, and so on. For example, Ritual from our list provides subscribers with a monthly supply of multivitamins that contain essential nutrients that most women don’t get.

Samples vs. Full-Size Products

As you may have noticed, some boxes provide sample items, and some have full-size products or deluxe samples. In case you’re wondering which you might prefer, this section compares the differences between the two and who would prefer each.

We noticed that the main difference between full-size products and sample boxes is pricing (sample boxes tend to be cheaper). The benefit of receiving samples is that you’re able to try more products and see what works best for you. Boxes that provide full-size items tend to be more spendy and even risky because you might not like the products—unless you know beforehand what you’re getting. However, these boxes tend to have a much better value, and there are a few that are fairly inexpensive (such as BoxyCharm).  

When comparing women’s boxes with our favorite monthly subscription boxes for men, we noticed that men’s boxes tend to provide full-size items and only a few provide samples. This is because, generally, women tend to differ from men in their preferences for samples vs. full-size products. Many women are picky and prefer to try a ton of products to discover the perfect ones for their skin type, while men don’t need to try too many. You can find more boxes on our homepage, which shares our overall favorite subscription boxes. Here, you can compare all the boxes if you’re not looking for a gender-specific box. Many food boxes, for example, have both sample and full-size options.

Bottom Line

That just about sums up this article! We hope we were able to help you decide what types of subscription boxes for women are the most appealing to you. Every box we’ve listed (and most others) include savings opportunities and coupons, so make sure to check out our reviews to find more of the exclusive deals we share! We’ve also included an FAQ below to answer any questions you may have. 


Which subscription box provides the highest value for women?

Every box on our list of top subscription boxes for women provides a good value of products compared to the price you pay. However, some are much better than others. One of the boxes we believe is the best value is FabFitFun. For $49.99 each season, you receive a large box full of various full-size beauty, fashion, and fitness products that are worth $200 or more. Boxycharm is a little cheaper but still provides a great value and sends out only full-size products.

Can you customize the contents of your box?

This depends on the box! We’ve found many subscription boxes that allow customization and even some that allow you to customize what you receive completely. However, there are a few boxes that don’t allow customization at all.

Are there any age limitations?

The only age limitations you might incur would be for boxes that include adult items. For example, boxes with any alcohol, smoking supplies, or sexual products will have a minimum age. Many subscription boxes for kids have age recommendations, but these aren’t strict. None of the boxes on this list have age restrictions.

Is it possible to return the box if you don’t like the items you got?

Once again, this depends on the box. Some subscription box companies are very generous about returns, and some are not. You will be able to find information like this in their FAQ sections.

Can I gift a subscription box?

Of course! You can always find a gift subscription box, no matter who you’re shopping for. Not only are there great gifts for women, but there are great options for men, kids, and even teens.

What are the most significant benefits of women’s subscription boxes?

One of the most significant benefits of subscription boxes for women is saving money! No matter which subscription box you subscribe to, you’ll be getting a better value than what you pay. Additional benefits include trying out new products, having items conveniently shipped to you each month, saving time that you would have spent shopping in stores or online, getting an exciting surprise every month, and so on.

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