Discover the 25 Best Subscription Boxes for Teens

Discover the 25 Best Subscription Boxes for Teens

How often is your teen or tween begging to go shopping? If your answer is a lot and you want to set limits, subscription boxes are the perfect alternative.

We went the extra mile to select the best monthly subscription boxes for teens. We’ve chosen our winners based on prices, box values, product quality, and any other important qualities we found. We also made sure to include several different types of boxes, so there are options for all kinds of teens!

Since there are so many different types, we’ve also included a few paragraphs under this list about the various types of subscription boxes for teens. There, you’ll find a description of each type of box and what you should expect to find in each one. They also make great gifts if you’re lost on what to get your kid for an upcoming special occasion.

Without further adieu, here is our list of the best subscriptions for teens!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Teens 2020–2021

Subscription Box DescriptionPricingReview Score Visit Site

One of the only gaming subscription boxes for teens, kids, and adults that allows you to rent video games!

$15.95–$22.95 / month
Free Month Trial! GET IT NOW
2 Rocksbox Reviews – Is Renting Jewelry a Smart Choice in 2022?

Jewelry rental subscription box that provides three pieces per box selected by a personal stylist (monthly price can be used to purchase jewelry that you want to keep).

$21 / month
3 Stitch Fix Reviews 2022 — Your Personal Styling Brand

One of the best subscription boxes for women, men, or kids that provides your own personal stylist and picks out clothing/accessories for you.

$20 styling fee*
4 Birchbox Reviews 2022 — Yay Or Nay?

One of the first and most popular subscription boxes—get five personalized beauty and skincare samples every month.

$15 / month
5 The Best Loot Crate Review of 2021

Offers numerous subscription boxes for fans of pop culture, gaming, TV & movies, sports, and sci-fi & fantasy.

From $9.99 / month
20+ Box Options TRY LOOT CRATE
6 Bootaybag

Inexpensive subscription for women that provides one or two pairs of cute undies every month!

$9–$13 / month (depends on choice of one or two pairs)
50% Off First Month TRY BOOTAYBAG
7 Ipsy Reviews in 2022 — Pros and Cons of Subscribing

Ipsy is a personalized makeup and beauty subscription service.

$13 / month
8 Brick Loot Review 2021 — Is It Worth It?

Delivers various LEGO products each month.

$24.88/month + shipping
$5 Off First Box GET IT NOW
9 ScentBox Reviews [Must Read Before Signing Up in 2022]

ScentBox is a monthly subscription service that sends you enough fragrance for a month to give you a better idea of whether it’s right for you.

$14.85 - $32.95 / month

*the clothing you keep is charged additionally

Types of Monthly Subscription Boxes For Teens

Beauty Subscription Boxes

Since the teenage years are typically when girls start to experiment with makeup, this is the perfect time for a subscription box! This allows them to try all kinds of different brands and products. These are one of the most popular subscription boxes for girls.

Depending on the box, you’ll either receive sample products, full-size products, or a mixture of both! The subscription prices are pretty low for the most part—even a full-size subscription such as Boxycharm only costs $21 per month. Plus, the products’ value is very high. These are some of the best gift boxes for girls! We have a list of beauty subscription boxes that shares more options teens might love. 

Clothing + Accessories Subscription Boxes

Although some teens love to go clothing shopping, there are also many out there who dread going shopping for clothes (especially with their parents). This usually applies to boys more than girls. This is where a teenage clothing subscription box might come in handy! There are a couple types of boxes for clothes that we’ll be explaining.

A cheaper option is a subscription box for accessories. A popular type is for jewelry! Rocksbox is one of our favorites because it allows you to rent and purchase jewelry. Their monthly fee is simply applied towards any jewelry from your shipment that you want to keep. Because of this, it’s one of the best subscription boxes for teen girls. You get to wear a variety of beautiful jewelry and keep the ones you absolutely fall in love with!

There are also stylist services such as Stitch Fix, which ship clothes right to your home for kids to try on and decide if they like them. You simply ship the items you don’t want back in their free return bag. A stylist service like would make a great back to school subscription box for clothes. If you have younger kids, you’ll easily be able to find a kid or tween clothing subscription, as well.

This way, you don’t have to drag unwilling kids to the mall—just do the shopping from your own home!

Book Clubs

We love book club subscription boxes for teens (and any other age)! They’re a great way to motivate your kid (or yourself) to read. Plus, there are options for any age! If your teen already loves to read, then this is a fantastic gift for them. These subscriptions typically come with one monthly book with the ability to add on extra books if desired.

There are a few popular book club subscription boxes for young adults that we’d recommend. One of these are boxes like Book of the Month, which simply provides one book each month. They’re tailored more towards adults, but the books they offer aren’t too inappropriate for mature teens. You can also add on extra books for a discounted price.

The other type of book subscription we’re sharing is a more popular choice when it comes to tween subscription boxes. These come with a monthly book, as well as additional items relating to the book, such as collectibles or merchandise. These tend to be pricier because of all the extras. OwlCrate is one that’s tailored specifically towards young adults. This type of book box might seem too childish for some teens, so that’s why we shared both.

Art Subscription Boxes

If your kid is an artist, you know how spendy art supplies can become. Luckily, there are art subscription boxes for teens! As with most other subscription boxes, these give you a higher value of products than what you pay.

There are various art box options to choose from depending on what type of art your kid likes to do. For example, Paletteful Packs provides boxes for all kinds of art supplies (pens, canvases, paints, brushes, paper, and so on), and Inky Box is for lettering supplies such as markers or paper.

Subscription Boxes for Gamers + Geeks

Video games are expensive. Plus, a lot of the time, kids will get sick of a particular game and stop playing it. This is where a video game rental subscription box like GameFly comes in handy! For a small monthly fee, you can rent either one or two video games at a time and keep them for as long as you’d like. They offer a free trial. As you might be able to guess, this is one of the top subscription boxes for teen boys.

Another type of gaming subscription box provides collectibles and merchandise for superfans of a particular game. Loot Crate is one example that offers plenty of geek boxes to choose from—plus, they have plenty more options than just boxes themed around games!

School Supplies Subscription Boxes

Shopping for school supplies isn’t fun, so a school supplies subscription box is a great way to get everything you need for a great value, as well as avoid a trip to the store. We wouldn’t recommend these for younger children who don’t need anything fancy, but they’re perfect for tweens, teens, or even young adults going to college.

Cloth + Paper is a great option. It’s the perfect high school subscription box for girls who love cute stationary, planners, and other products to start the school year off strong. You probably won’t need new school products each month, so we’d recommend subscribing for a couple months to collect a few nice items for the school year.

Sports Subscription Boxes

Any sports fan will love a subscription box! A couple examples are Sports Crate, which just provides gear for an MLB or NFL team of your choice, as well as Sports Box Co. The latter has plenty more options. Not only are these cool subscription boxes for teens, but adults love them too. Both of the options we listed are fairly inexpensive.

Food Subscription Boxes

If your teen has a favorite type of food, candy, or snack, they’ll probably love a subscription box for it! Chococurb, for example, provides monthly shipments of full-size, gourmet chocolate. This would make a great gift. We also have an entire list dedicated to the best food subscription boxes that anyone would love!

Why Boxes for Teens?

Purchasing products for your kids can get expensive. To avoid getting carried away, many parents purchase a teen subscription box instead. Not only do kids of all ages love them, but it’s a great way to budget the amount you spend on your teen each month. They’ll be excited about it because it’s like getting a gift every month!

For example, if your teen girl wants to go makeup shopping all the time, one of the popular makeup subscription boxes might turn out to be a great alternative. Odds are, she’ll be stoked about regularly receiving new makeup. Plus, you’ll spend less than you would have at a makeup store, and she’ll get a few fantastically valued products to look forward to every month!

Gifting Teen Subscription Boxes

Not only do subscription boxes have the benefit of providing an excellent value in every box and quality products that are curated towards subscribers’ interests, but they make fantastic gifts! This is especially true for parents or other family members who feel lost when it comes to gift shopping.

For example, Dad probably has no idea what the best teenage girl gifts are. This is where a subscription box comes in handy! He just needs to figure out one hobby or type of product she likes and, odds are, he can find a box for it. This would also feel more personal and memorable compared to a gift card.

For the most part, beauty subscriptions are $35 or less, which is still cheap compared to what you’d spend for the same products at a beauty store like Sephora. There are even plenty of options that are $15 and under! That’s why these boxes are some of the best gifts for teenage girls.

This doesn’t just apply to beauty subscription boxes—there are great subscription box gifts for whatever type of product your teen or tween is interested in! A few of the endless options of subscription boxes for teens include video games, books, jewelry, skincare products, art, clothes, sports, snacks, collectibles, and so on. There’s bound to be one or two that would make fantastic gifts.

Check out our 2021 gift guide for more gift ideas! 


What particular age ranges is this list for?

We tailored this list more towards tweens and teens (ages 13–19) since we already have a list of the best subscription boxes for kids. However, there are some choices that older or younger people can subscribe to as well. Many beauty boxes, for example, are top choices for adults as well. This goes for book and clothing subscriptions too!

Do I need to pick one of these teen monthly boxes?

Of course not! We just wanted to give you a few ideas of subscription boxes that teens enjoy, but the options definitely aren’t limited to this list. 

Are there any free subscription boxes for teens to try out?

There are free gifts and even free trials available for many boxes! Kidpik, for example, is a stylist service that doesn’t charge any styling fees. This way, you can try out their service risk-free. Julep also often offers your first box for free! If this offer is unavailable, they have free gift sets for new subscribers as well.

What are the best subscription boxes for tweens?

Tweens are a little harder to shop for—especially if you’re not their parent! Some good examples of subscription boxes for them are book clubs, clothing stylist services, sampler beauty boxes, and sports boxes. If you know a particular hobby they enjoy, it’s a good idea to get them a box related to that.

What are the best cheap subscription boxes for teens or tweens?

This depends on what type of box you’re looking for! There are inexpensive options in every category. Since there is a pretty wide variety of categories, we’re not going to name the best from each because that would take too long. However, we included fairly inexpensive boxes on our list—if you’re looking for cheaper, check out our other list dedicated to the best cheap subscription boxes! Many of these are great for teens as well.

Which subscriptions make the best gift boxes for girls or boys?

As we mentioned above, it’s hard to go wrong with a subscription box gift. To determine the best box to get a teen or tween, you must first determine what type of product they would like the most (such as makeup, skincare, art supplies, and so on). It also depends a bit on their age and maturity. For example, younger teens who are just starting out with makeup might prefer a tween beauty box or a sample beauty box (like Ipsy). That said, some tween girls might already be quite skilled with makeup and put full-size boxes to great use.

Whatever their favorite hobby is, you just need to know what kind of level your child is at! We also have more specific lists if you already have a particular type of subscription boxes for teens in mind—such as the best clothing boxes! In addition, if you’re shopping for the holidays, check out our holiday gift guide to find the best gifts for everybody on your list.

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