20+ Fantastic Subscription Boxes For Teens [Tips And Reviews]

20+ Fantastic Subscription Boxes For Teens

How often is your teen or tween begging to go shopping? If your answer is a lot and you want to set limits, subscription boxes are the perfect alternative.

We went the extra mile to select the best monthly subscription boxes for teens. We’ve chosen our winners based on prices, box values, product quality, and any other important qualities we found. We also made sure to include several different types of boxes, so there are options for all kinds of teens!

Since there are so many different types, we’ve also included a few paragraphs under this list about the various types of subscription boxes for teens. There, you’ll find a description of each type of box and what you should expect to find in each one. They also make great gifts if you’re lost on what to get your kid for an upcoming special occasion.

Without further adieu, here is our list of the best subscriptions for teens!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Teens 2021–2022

Subscription Box DescriptionPricingReview Score Visit Site
FabFitFun Reviews — Is It Worth It in 2024?

Provides large, seasonal boxes that contain full-size beauty, fashion, fitness, and/or home items worth a total of $200 or more! They also offer a cheaper, smaller trial box for new members to try. 

$49 / season
2 GameFly

One of the only gaming subscription boxes for teens, kids, and adults that allows you to rent video games!

$15.95–$22.95 / month
3 Rocksbox Reviews – Is Renting Jewelry a Smart Choice in 2024?

Jewelry rental subscription box that provides three pieces per box selected by a personal stylist (monthly price can be used to purchase jewelry that you want to keep).

$21 / month
4 Stitch Fix Reviews 2024 — Your Personal Styling Brand

One of the best subscription boxes for women, men, or kids that provides your own personal stylist and picks out clothing/accessories for you.

$20 styling fee*
5 Birchbox Reviews 2023 — Yay Or Nay?

One of the first and most popular subscription boxes — get five personalized beauty and skincare samples every month.

$13 / month
6 Ipsy Reviews in 2024 — Pros and Cons of Subscribing

Ipsy is a personalized makeup and beauty subscription service.

$13 / month
7 Ultimate Loot Crate Review [Everything To Know In 2024]

Offers numerous subscription boxes for fans of pop culture, gaming, TV & movies, sports, and sci-fi & fantasy.

20+ Box Options TRY LOOT CRATE
8 Bootaybag

Inexpensive subscription for women that provides one or two pairs of cute undies every month!

$9–$13 / month (depends on choice of one or two pairs)
9 Discover the Coolest Daily Harvest Reviews of 2024

Provides the ingredients to create healthy smoothies, soups, and bowls in this superfoods monthly food box.

$5.99–$8.99 / item
10 Brick Loot Review 2024 — Is It Worth It?

Delivers various LEGO products each month.

$24.88/month + shipping
11 Universal Yums Reviews [What to Know Before Subscribing in 2024]

Universal Yums is the perfect subscription for an adventurous snacker. The diverse range of options truly brings a monthly sense of excitement.

12 ScentBox Reviews [Must Read Before Signing Up in 2024]

ScentBox is a monthly subscription service that sends you enough fragrance for a month to give you a better idea of whether it’s right for you.

$14.85 – $32.95 / month

*the clothing you keep is charged additionally

Getting the right stuff for your teenager can be hard, especially when they want to follow the latest trends. Luckily, subscription boxes for teens exist, and they’re full of tempting goods. 

We’ve compiled a list of different subscriptions to help you make a good choice. That includes boxes for beauty, self-care, clothing, food, and many others. Let’s dive right in.

Evaluation Criteria — Choosing the Right Box for Your Teen

Here’s what we paid attention to when choosing the perfect teen box:

  • Variety and Quality — The variety of products included makes the box more interesting and exciting. We also look at product quality to ensure the items will last long.
  • Customization — We prefer boxes that allow you to customize the products you get.
  • Price — Like anything else, the price can be a deciding factor. Some boxes include great products, but they don’t suit every pocket.
  • Customer Service — How fast the company responds to you and how pleasant the support team is can significantly impact your customer experience.
  • Customer Reviews — It’s always good to know what other customers think before you decide on a subscription box.

Now that we know what we’re looking for, let’s review the top subscription boxes.

Subscription Boxes for Beauty

Everyone wants to look their best, but teenagers focus on this more than most. Here are some beauty subscription boxes for teens that help with that.

1. Birchbox 

BirchBox products and boxBirchbox is a beauty subscription that’s perfect for a teenager. It delivers samples of must-try products. So, if your teen doesn’t like them, you won’t have to pay for the full size.

If you want to subscribe, you need to create a Beauty Profile for your teen, in which you specify their individual tastes. Then, Birchbox will create a box based on that information. Also, you can personalize the box by selecting a sample or full-size item.

Every month, you’ll receive five products like cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and fragrances. This teen beauty box works with various brands.

Product Specifics: 

  • Five deluxe product samples
  • Customizable
  • Tailored to your beauty preferences
  • A large variety of products


  • Available internationally
  • Reduces waste
  • Shipping included


  • No male subscription
  • Some samples are too small

Why we choose this box: If your teen wants to check out new products before committing long-term, this subscription is ideal. It features various high-quality cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances from well-known brands.

2. IPSY 

Ipsy BoxIf you like personalized beauty items, IPSY can be an excellent subscription option. It works for teenagers and adults.

To begin, you must fill out a Beauty Quiz and answer questions about your teen’s preferences, hair color, and skin tone. Then, the company will create a package for your teen based on their preferences.

Each teenage beauty box includes five luxury or sample-sized goods covering cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and nail care. With the Glam Bag subscription, you can choose one product you like, and the beauty experts will take care of the rest.

IPSY tries to include as many clean, vegan, and cruelty-free items as possible. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Three subscriptions
  • Beauty Quiz
  • Bonus reusable beauty bag
  • Clean, vegan, and cruelty-free


  • Redeem free products with points
  • Personalized
  • Free shipping in the US


  • You may get repeats from previous bags.
  • Some samples can be too small.

Why we choose this box: IPSY is among the monthly boxes for teens and adults that deliver different beauty products each month. The service aims to be cruelty-free, vegan, and clean.

3. FaceTory 

Cheap Subscription Boxes - Facetory

We’ve all been teenagers, and we’ve all dreaded acne and bad skin. FaceTory is a subscription box for teens and adults dedicated solely to skincare. It’s all about giving your skin the best look and feel.

There are two K-Beauty subscriptions. The monthly 7 Lux Subscription includes 7 facemasks and up to 2 more items. In contrast, Lux Plus comes with 5–6 skincare items and 5–6 facemasks every three months.

The products are available worldwide, and US delivery is free. Customers love the facemasks, which are also available at Target and Costco.

Product Specifics: 

  • Skincare subscription
  • Two plans
  • Facemasks and skincare items 
  • Products available at Target and Costco


  • All products are vegan
  • Thoroughly tested
  • Ethically sourced ingredients are a top priority.
  • Ships internationally


  • No telephone number
  • You can’t select your items

Why we choose this box: These are great subscription boxes for teenagers and adults alike. They offer a mix of vegan and ethically sourced skin products and facemasks.

4. Scentbird 

Scentbird packaging


Scentbird is an adult and teen subscription box that delivers a 30-day supply of popular scents to your door. With around 120 sprays, your teen can use it for a whole month. They can also experiment with different scents to see which suit them best.

All fragrances, including brands like Valentino, Michael Kors, and Versace, are genuine. When you subscribe, you’ll also get a complimentary reusable case for each month’s perfume.

The main goal is to check out different scents without purchasing a full-sized bottle.

Product Specifics: 

  • Fragrance subscription box
  • Over 600 fragrances
  • 100% authentic designer scents
  • Men’s and women’s options


  • Free case
  • Select the scents you want
  • Free shipping


  • Canceling may be a struggle.
  • You can’t return items you don’t like.

Why we choose this box: Scentbird is among the most affordable beauty box subscriptions for teens that deliver perfumes to your door. You’ll receive a fragrance that will last your teen for the whole month.

5. Allure Beauty Box

allure beauty boxAllure is one of the subscription boxes for teens that include makeup, skincare, hair care, and fragrance. Every monthly package contains at least six products, three of which are full-size. You may also receive a nice gift from time to time.

Allure editors select the box’s contents, including a mix of luxury and indie labels. You can get your first box for only $15 with a special discount. Also, you can skip or postpone a month or two if you feel the boxes are too frequent.

Product Specifics: 

  • Six beauty products in every box
  • Three out of six items are full-size
  • A mix of luxury and indie brands
  • Gifts in some boxes


  • Free gift with your first box
  • Discount on your first box
  • Free shipping in the contiguous US


  • No returns or refunds
  • You can’t choose the products in your box.

Why we choose this box: It’s a fantastic beauty box for teens who are Allure magazine fans. Each box contains 6 products, 3 of which are full-size. Your final purchase will include gifts and a $15 discount.

Self-Care Subscription Boxes

Self-care is crucial, especially during the teenage years when hormones push us out of balance. Luckily, there are a few monthly subscription boxes for teens that specialize in this area.

6. FabFitFun 

FabFitFun boxesFabFitFun is a beauty box for wellness, fashion, and fitness products. Every box contains 6–8 full-size items valued at more than $200. The products are great for both teenagers and adults.

There are two subscriptions: Seasonal and Annual. Both provide four boxes per year, according to the season.

Seasonal members can choose only a few items, whereas annual members can customize the entire box. Also, you’ll get access to the FFTV library of workouts and cooking ideas as part of the subscription. Besides the monthly subscriptions for teens, you’ll receive super-discounted products as add-ons.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about Fabfitfun before you subscribe.

Product Specifics: 

  • Quarterly beauty box
  • Two subscriptions
  • 6–8 full-size products
  • Extra goodies


  • $200+ value of full-size products
  • Good customization features
  • Available internationally


  • No monthly option
  • No returns

Why we choose this box:If you want high-quality beauty goods every season, this is a terrific box. You’ll get 6–8 full-size products valued at more than $200. Also, the customization is good, and you’ll receive many extra goodies.

7. TheraBox 

Therabox with productsTheraBox is a monthly subscription that focuses on self-love and relaxation. You’ll get 6–8 full-sized products picked by therapists each month to keep your teen’s body and mind in good shape. All the items come up to a $195+ retail value.

The box includes skincare, bath, cosmetics, and body care goods, making it one of the best subscription boxes for teens. Also, it contains one happiness-boosting activity to help your teen unwind. Plus, each box has a unique theme and fascinating products.

The products are sourced from vendors that use natural and organic ingredients. You can also cancel or skip any time you like.

Product Specifics: 

  • Self-care subscription
  • 6–8 full-sized products
  • One happiness-boosting activity
  • $195+ retail value


  • Cancel or skip a box anytime
  • Therapists pick the products
  • Natural and organic


  • Shipping isn’t included
  • No customization

Why we choose this box: This is a great teenager subscription box focusing on self-care and happiness. Therapists curate each box with natural and organic products.

Clothing Subscription Boxes

Picking out the right clothes for your teenager can be a challenge. After all, they constantly want to experiment with their style and identity. To make that process easier, here are some clothing subscription boxes for teens.

8. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix Review - Stitch Fix Exclusive LabelsStitch Fix is a clothing subscription that caters to younger kids and teenagers. The sizes range from 2T to 14.

You can create an account for your teen by specifying a price range and sizing preferences. Then, you’ll get 10 pieces of clothes, each worth roughly $10. Your teen can try them out at home and choose what to keep. After that, you can send back the rest. Returns are free, and the box includes a return envelope.

Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription for teens that uses experienced stylists to select the best outfits. The service is environmentally and socially conscientious, focusing on equality and sustainability.

Product Specifics: 

  • Sizes 2T–14
  • 10 clothing pieces in every box
  • Try and return clothes
  • Works with professional stylists


  • Shipping and returns are free
  • 25% off if you keep everything
  • Ecologically and socially conscious


  • A $20 styling fee is credited to whatever you buy.
  • Only available in the US and UK

Why we choose this box: Stitch Fix Kids is a teen clothing subscription box that sends 10 monthly items to try on. Professional stylists select the clothes. You can keep what you like and return the rest.

9. Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida Jewelry Club

Pura Vida is a fantastic teenage girl subscription box. It comes with three bracelets worth up to $45 per month to enjoy and mix with your clothing. You’ll also get an exclusive sticker and early access to major sales.

Pura Vida ships all over the world, assisting millions of artists. Every month, you can choose between two bracelet packs or leave it a surprise. The bracelets and their packaging are environmentally friendly. Also, they come in many colors.

You might also enjoy the jewelry subscription for $19.95, which includes two pieces valued at up to $65 each.

Product Specifics: 

  • Bracelet subscription
  • 3 bracelets per month
  • Two packs to choose from
  • Up to $45 retail value


  • Eco-friendly packaging and materials
  • Millions of artisan creations
  • Free delivery in the US


  • You don’t select the bracelets in each pack.
  • You must contact the company to cancel.

Why we choose this box: These bracelet subscription boxes for teen girls are perfect for the teen who likes to accessorize. Dedicated artisans from around the world handcraft each bracelet.

10. Penny + Grace

penny + grace jewelry and pursePenny + Grace offers monthly jewelry subscription boxes for your teenage girl. You’ll receive three of the newest, trendiest jewelry options tailored to your color/metal choice. Every order has a guaranteed retail value of $100.

The service designs and manufactures all of its jewelry in-house. For verified authenticity, look for the Penny + Grace logo tag on the items, which features premium 18k plating that lasts. You can choose between a 3,6, or 12-month subscription.

If you order some gift boxes for your teens, you don’t need to worry about wrapping. They’ll be neatly wrapped in a signature faux leather clutch.

Product Specifics: 

  • Jewelry subscription
  • 3 pieces in every box
  • Retail value of $100
  • Designed and manufactured in-house


  • For teens with metal sensitivities or allergies
  • 100% lead- and nickel-free
  • Fast shipping


  • Limited ring sizes
  • Some customer reviews weren’t impressed with the quality.

Why we choose this box: This box is perfect for a teen obsessed with jewelry. It’s also excellent for those with metal sensitivity or allergies as all products are 100% lead- and nickel-free.

Subscription Boxes for Food And Snacks

If your teenager loves exploring their taste buds, check these services that deliver food and snacks.

11. Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest box with productsDaily Harvest is a subscription that sends you plant-based meals to help you live a healthier lifestyle and lose some weight. The service makes a great high school subscription box if you don’t have time to prepare lunches for your teen.

Most of the food is organic, and cooks create the meals based on the season. The company guarantees freshness even if the meals are frozen.

You can choose from over 80 selections, with weekly or monthly options of 9, 14, or 24 items. Among the main meal groups you’ll find snacks, smoothies, breakfast, lunch, supper, and desserts.

The packaging is recyclable. This includes the cardboard box, item cups, and insulation surrounding the dry ice.

Product Specifics: 

  • A healthy food subscription
  • 80 selections to choose from
  • Seasonal plant-based meals
  • Recyclable packaging


  • Extensive choice
  • Chef-curated recipes
  • Perfect for weight loss


  • Might get pricy
  • Customer service could improve

Why we choose this box: These teenage monthly subscription boxes send healthy food right to your door. The meal preparation doesn’t take much, and the food is perfect for weight loss.

12. Universal Yums Snack Box

Universal Yums boxThis is a great subscription box for tweens. Every month, the service delivers you snacks and candy from a different country.

You can choose between three box sizes: 

  • Yum Box (5–7 snacks)
  • Yum Yum Box (10–12 snacks)
  • Super Yum Box (18–20 snacks)

Every box comes with sweet and savory foods that are nearly impossible to buy in the US. Also, you’ll get an interactive guidebook with trivia, games, recipes, and cultural information.

The company behind the tween subscription box buys its products directly from the manufacturers and provides transparent information about the ingredients. The food safety and compliance team investigate each supplier thoroughly to guarantee they comply with FDA regulations.

Product Specifics: 

  • A box of snacks from different countries
  • Three box size options
  • Bonus goodies
  • Ensures product safety


  • Unique snacks that are impossible to find in the US
  • Interactive guidebook included
  • Complies with FDA regulations


  • Unsuitable for people with allergies
  • Doesn’t cater to specific diets

Why we choose this box: Universal Yums is among those subscription boxes for tweens that will make you want one for yourself. It’s full of delectable delicacies from around the world that are difficult to come by in the US. Plus, all items adhere to FDA regulations.

13. Candy Club

Candy Club Reviews - 2018 CandiesCandy Club sends gift subscription boxes for teens that bring the fun of an old-fashioned candy store directly to your home. The service finds, curates, and delivers the world’s best candy so members can enjoy an amazing variety of exceptional tastes every month.

Everything comes in cute jars with world-best hard-to-find candies in playful shapes and delicious premium flavors. They’re whimsical for kids and teens and bring a touch of nostalgia for adults.

The service has something for everyone — from single cups, gift sets, and monthly subscriptions to everyday joy, seasonal, and holiday collections. Members can choose between a teen monthly Fun Box and a quarterly Fun Box (6-ounce candy cups). Gift subscriptions are available for 1, 3, or 6 months.

Product Specifics: 

  • A candy subscription box
  • Various candies from around the world
  • Curated candies in playful shapes and premium flavors
  • Two plans to choose from


  • Memberships require no commitment
  • Unique variety of candy every month
  • For all ages and tastes


  • Customers cannot select the candy.
  • Shipping only in the US

Why we choose this box: These are the perfect subscription boxes for teens with an insatiable sugar craving.

14. Try The World

Try the world boxTry The World provides one-of-a-kind subscription boxes for teens filled with delicious treats from across the world. Each month, you’ll receive six goods from six locations, exposing you to new and delicious flavors.

You’ll get various sweet and savory snacks that are ideal on the go. Plus, artisans make all goods. Each box includes a description, so you’ll know where the snacks originate from and how they’re created. While you can’t choose the nations, you can rest assured you’ll be exposed to various flavors.

You can also send one box as a present. Also, delivery is free for the US.

Product Specifics: 

  • Sweet and savory snacks from around the world
  • Six goods from six locations
  • Artisans make all goods
  • Variety of flavors


  • Extensive snack range
  • Shipping is free in the US
  • International products you won’t find anywhere else


  • No personalization
  • Can’t select which countries to try

Why we choose this box: This teen subscription box is a great way to sample international candies. Also, all ingredients are 100% natural.

Subscription Boxes For Geeks

If you have a geeky child, here are some cool subscription boxes for teens that they might enjoy.

15. Loot Crate 

loot crate kingdom boxLoot Crate boxes cover many themes, including video games, comic books, movies, anime, and more. You simply choose the one you’re into and subscribe to it. Each month, you’ll get a different number of products, depending on the chosen box and theme.

The service works with the companies the themes belongs to, be that Marvel, Fallout, or something else, and all the items in the boxes are official and licensed. So, you won’t have to worry about the quality as it’s always top-notch.

Loot Crate ships in the US and many other countries worldwide. These are the perfect subscription boxes for teen boys and girls who love geek culture. If you want to know more, read our in-depth review of Loot Crate.

Product Specifics: 

  • Subscription for geeks
  • Various fandoms covered
  • Wide range of crates to choose from
  • International shipping


  • Licensed, exclusive goods
  • Pick your size and taste
  • High-quality products


  • Risk of getting items you won’t like
  • Shipping may take longer

Why we choose this box: Loot Crate is perfect for your teen if they’re into geeky culture. You can choose the box they like — from comic themes to movies and video games.

16. My Geek Box 

my geek boxThe My Geek Box is another subscription box for teen boys and girls who love geek culture. 

The box consists of 4–7 geeky collectibles. It includes products from many themes like video games, movies, and comic superheroes. Inside, you can expect to find figures, collectibles, and other gifts. 

Each box also includes an exclusive or official t-shirt. The products come up to a $40+ price retail value. You’ll also get access to the VIP Hub and other exclusive subscriber offers. Another great option is being able to get a previous month’s box. Also, these teen boxes come cheaper.

Product Specifics: 

  • A subscription box for geeky items
  • 4–7 collectibles
  • Themes like video games, movies, and comics
  • Access to the VIP Hub and other offers


  • $40 price retail value
  • One official t-shirt in every box
  • Option to get a previous box for cheaper


  • US delivery isn’t free
  • Some customers aren’t happy about the quality.

Why we choose this box: This geeky box consists of 4–7 products with a $40+ retail value. Every box includes an exclusive or official t-shirt.


Breo Box productsThe BREO BOX is among the seasonal subscription boxes for young adults. It includes products like the latest tech, gadgets, and home goods. You can choose from two plans:

  • Lite — 2–4 products with up to $200 in value
  • Pro — 4–8 products with up to $300+ in value

You can also choose them as an Annual or a Seasonal Plan, depending on when you want to pay for the teen box. Another option is the Mystery Box with 1–5 past BREO BOX items valued at $100 or more.

Product Specifics: 

  • A subscription box for young adults
  • Delivers once every 3 months
  • Two subscriptions
  • Two payment options


  • Free shipping
  • Value is $200 and up
  • Mystery box option with past items


  • You’ll only know about some items before delivery.
  • Products may not be of long-term use to you.

Why we choose this box: This is one of the top subscription boxes for teens if you want to try out new tech products. It delivers 2–8 items, depending on the plan and box, and it comes to a $200+ retail value.

Subscription Boxes for Activities

Teens are full of spirit and always want to try out new stuff. If you want to keep them happy, here are some fun subscription boxes for teens you should consider.

18. The Adventure Challenge Box

the adventure boxThe Adventure Challenge offers monthly subscriptions that come with directions and supplies to start a new adventure. It’s a date in a box. This box is perfect if your teen is in a relationship and you want to give them a great gift.

The boxes are compatible with the Couples Edition Book from the same company. This book is filled with fun dates, and each box will contain the right supplies to play them out to their full potential.

Some dates include baking an apple pie blindfolded, painting something together on a canvas, or building a couple’s memory box with items.

Product Specifics:

  • A subscription box for older kids
  • Date in a box
  • Contains supplies for a full date
  • Compatible with the Couples Edition Book


  • Fun subscription box
  • Kid-friendly challenges
  • Can be enjoyed in a non-romantic setting


  • The book and the subscription box are sold separately.
  • Some challenges might not be fun for you.

Why we choose this box: As one of the subscription boxes for young adults, this is a perfect gift for your teen in love. But they can also enjoy it in a non-romantic setting as all the dates are kid-friendly.

19. Maker Crate by KiwiCo

maker crate by kiwicoKiwiCo is behind the Maker Crate art and craft subscription boxes for teens. They develop teens’ creative confidence and help them learn new skills for art and crafts. The boxes are suitable for teens aged 14+, and adults can also join in on the fun.

Every box contains materials and tools needed to create a themed project. It could be paper marbling, metal sculpture, dip-dye painting, or macrame. The projects can fill up hours of fun, and you also get a functioning homemade product when you’re done.

A team of in-house experts designs each box and tests it rigorously to ensure the projects are engaging and fun.

Product Specifics: 

  • An art and craft subscription box
  • For teens aged 14+
  • Projects like dip-dye painting and macrame
  • Hours of fun


  • Very educational
  • Rigorously tested
  • Boxes don’t repeat


  • Can get a bit messy
  • You can’t choose which box you get.

Why we choose this box: This box is perfect for a teen who loves arts and crafts. Every box comes with a new project they can make, and you get a new homemade product out of it.

20. Book of the Month

someone holding book of the month boxBook of the Month is among the best book subscription boxes for teens. The club picks a few volumes from up-and-coming authors in various categories. Each month, they choose 5–7 popular titles. Then, you go through the list and choose the book you want to receive.

You can also add up to two more books to your cart. If you fall behind on your reading, your credits will simply carry over to the next month.

The Book of the Month for teens is only available in the US, but you can connect digitally with others who have read the same book.

Product Specifics: 

  • A book subscription box
  • 5–7 books to choose from each month
  • Virtual book club
  • Option to add two extra books


  • Great hand-selected books
  • Cheaper than buying books in store
  • Free shipping


  • Book options aren’t very extensive.
  • No international shipping

Why we choose this box: The Book of the Month Club is an excellent way to help your teen discover the wonderful world of books. Also, it lets them connect digitally with others who have read the same book.

21. Finders Seekers

finders seekers boxFinders Seekers delivers boxes for teens that are full of mysteries. It’s a great way to spend time with your teenager while having fun.

Every box contains a new mysterious adventure that takes place in a different town. There are many puzzles and cases for you to crack and discover while you progress in the games. Usually, the games take 1.5 to 3+ hours, but you can stop and continue whenever you want.

The games are suitable for 1–8 players and anyone over 10 years old. All the challenges are family-friendly, so there are no murders or violence.

You’ll need internet access to play. Also, all the boxes are replayable, and you can share them with others.

Product Specifics: 

  • A mystery-solving subscription box
  • 23 mysteries and 3 new ones each year
  • The games take 1.5 to 3+ hours
  • For 1–8 players
  • For ages 10+


  • After winning the game, you can enter a raffle to win a prize.
  • Active online community
  • Replayability


  • $3 shipping for the monthly and 3-month payment option
  • Most of the boxes require internet access.

Why we choose this box: This box is perfect for teens who like cracking mysteries. They offer hours of fun, and we love that they’re replayable.

Spiritual & Eco-Friendly Subscription Boxes

If you still haven’t found the right box, here are a few more subscriptions to consider.

22. Goddess Provisions

goddess provisions boxGoddess Provisions is among the teen girl subscription boxes that are perfect for those into spiritualism.

Each box contains 5–7 products and includes items like crystals, ritual tools, natural beauty products, teas, and books. All items come up to $80–$100 retail value.

The service is eco-friendly and only uses cruelty-free & vegan products. The items are usually full-sized and rarely include samples. Many of them are made exclusively for subscribers and aren’t available anywhere else.

The products are packaged in kraft paper boxes made from 100% recycled materials and printed with plant-based inks. Also, the service plants a tree for each box you buy.

Product Specifics: 

  • A subscription for spiritual teens
  • 5–7 products per box
  • $80–$100 retail value
  • Eco-friendly 


  • Cruelty-free & vegan
  • Free US shipping
  • The company plants a tree for each sold box.


  • Mostly aimed at girls
  • The shipping cost for other countries is pricy.

Why we choose this box: These are perfect gift boxes for any teenage girl who loves spiritualism. Each box comes up to $80–$100 retail value. Also, the company is eco-friendly and plants a tree for every box you buy.

23. Alltrue 

alltrue boxAlltrue is a socially-conscious and eco-friendly quarterly subscription. Industry experts curate each box that contains 6–8 full-sized goods.

You can choose between a yearly and seasonal subscription. The most significant distinction is that annual members can select some items. These teen boxes can contain homeware, skincare, clothes, and kitchen utensils.

Finding a service for sustainably sourced everyday items that last longer is fantastic. While they may appear costly at first, they’ll save you a lot of money in the long run. Also, all orders within the contiguous US have free shipping.

Product Specifics: 

  • 6–8 full-sized goods
  • Curated by industry experts
  • Yearly and seasonal subscriptions
  • Contains homeware, skincare, and clothes


  • Sustainably sourced products
  • Free US shipping
  • Yearly members can choose products.


  • Seasonal members can’t pick products.
  • Seasonal members don’t receive a sneak peek.

Why we choose this box: Alltrue sends subscription boxes for teens that contain seasonal goods. All items are good for you and the environment, which we adore. Also, they’re eco-friendly and sustainable.

Buyer’s Guide to Subscription Boxes for Teens

You need to consider a few things to choose the right subscription for your teen.

What to Look For

Here are some aspects you should keep an eye on before subscribing:

  • Talk To Your Teenager — The only way to select the right box is to ask your teen what they like.
  • Age Range — Consider how old your teen is before buying a box. Some boxes are meant for kids and might be boring for a teenager.
  • Quality — Like everything, you should always consider product quality. Find companies with sustainable and well-sourced items.
  • Value — You can measure the box value by calculating the price of individual items. A good subscription offers more than you paid for it.
  • Budget — Some boxes are amazing but quite expensive. Determine how much you can spend before deciding on a subscription, but you can find many cheap subscription boxes for teens.
  • Amount of Products — Do you want more products or just a few high-quality items? Answer this question before committing to a service.

Benefits of Getting a Subscription Box

Here are a few benefits of subscribing:

  • Novelty — Your teen will get new things every month. Be it clothes, books, or makeup; they’ll surely get excited about every delivery.
  • Convenience — Going to the store and buying the right gift for your teen can be time-consuming. Luckily, teen box subscriptions deliver everything straight to your door.
  • Potential Savings — You can save quite a lot with subscription boxes. Look for subscriptions with many products and a higher retail value.
  • Keeping up With the Trends — All boxes try to include the newest products on the market. This way, your teen will get all the latest books and clothes.

Drawbacks of Getting a Subscription Box

Be careful of these aspects when signing up for a box:

  • Overbuying — There are many great boxes, but that doesn’t mean you have to get all of them. Try to choose one or two that interest your teen the most.
  • Unclear Value — If you’re after cheap subscription boxes for teens, know that they often come with hidden fees.
  • Return Problems — Not all boxes accept returns of products you don’t like, so always check the FAQ page for information.
  • Subscription Renewals — Most of these boxes will renew automatically. If you’re unaware of this, you might get charged for a box you don’t want.

At a Glance — Summary of the Top Picks

Birchbox — Best economical beauty subscription

IPSY — Cheapest makeup box

FaceTory — Top low-cost skincare box

Scentbird — Best fragrance subscription

Allure Beauty Box — Best beauty box overall

FabFitFun — Top fitness subscription

TheraBox — Best lifestyle subscription

Stitch Fix — Best clothing subscription

Pura Vida Bracelets — Best subscription for bracelets

Penny + Grace — Best jewelry subscription box

Daily Harvest — Best food subscription

Universal Yums Snack Box — Best box for snacks

Candy Club — Top subscription for candy

Try The World — Best international snack subscription

Loot Crate — Best fandom subscription box

My Geek Box — Best subscription box for geeks

BREO BOX — Top subscription box for tech products

The Adventure Challenge Box — Top subscription box for adventures

Maker Crate by KiwiCo — Top subscription box for arts and crafts

Book of the Month — Best book subscription 

Finders Seekers — Best subscription box for mystery-solving

Goddess Provisions — Best subscription box for spiritual teens

Alltrue — Best eco-conscious gift box

Types of Monthly Subscription Boxes For Teens

Beauty Subscription Boxes

Since the teenage years are typically when girls start to experiment with makeup, this is the perfect time for a subscription box! This allows them to try all kinds of different brands and products. These are one of the most popular subscription boxes for girls.

Depending on the box, you’ll either receive sample products, full-size products, or a mixture of both! The subscription prices are pretty low for the most part—even a full-size subscription such as Boxycharm only costs $21 per month. Plus, the products’ value is very high. These are some of the best gift boxes for girls! We have a list of beauty subscription boxes that shares more options teens might love. 

Clothing + Accessories Subscription Boxes

Although some teens love to go clothing shopping, there are also many out there who dread going shopping for clothes (especially with their parents). This usually applies to boys more than girls. This is where a teenage clothing subscription box might come in handy! There are a couple types of boxes for clothes that we’ll be explaining.

A cheaper option is a subscription box for accessories. A popular type is for jewelry! Rocksbox is one of our favorites because it allows you to rent and purchase jewelry. Their monthly fee is simply applied towards any jewelry from your shipment that you want to keep. Because of this, it’s one of the best subscription boxes for teen girls. You get to wear a variety of beautiful jewelry and keep the ones you absolutely fall in love with!

There are also stylist services such as Stitch Fix, which ship clothes right to your home for kids to try on and decide if they like them. You simply ship the items you don’t want back in their free return bag. A stylist service like would make a great back to school subscription box for clothes. If you have younger kids, you’ll easily be able to find a kid or tween clothing subscription, as well.

This way, you don’t have to drag unwilling kids to the mall—just do the shopping from your own home!

Book Clubs

We love book club subscription boxes for teens (and any other age)! They’re a great way to motivate your kid (or yourself) to read. Plus, there are options for any age! If your teen already loves to read, then this is a fantastic gift for them. These subscriptions typically come with one monthly book with the ability to add on extra books if desired.

There are a few popular book club subscription boxes for young adults that we’d recommend. One of these are boxes like Book of the Month, which simply provides one book each month. They’re tailored more towards adults, but the books they offer aren’t too inappropriate for mature teens. You can also add on extra books for a discounted price.

The other type of book subscription we’re sharing is a more popular choice when it comes to tween subscription boxes. These come with a monthly book, as well as additional items relating to the book, such as collectibles or merchandise. These tend to be pricier because of all the extras. OwlCrate is one that’s tailored specifically towards young adults. This type of book box might seem too childish for some teens, so that’s why we shared both.

Art Subscription Boxes

If your kid is an artist, you know how spendy art supplies can become. Luckily, there are art subscription boxes for teens! As with most other subscription boxes, these give you a higher value of products than what you pay.

There are various art box options to choose from depending on what type of art your kid likes to do. For example, Paletteful Packs provides boxes for all kinds of art supplies (pens, canvases, paints, brushes, paper, and so on), and Inky Box is for lettering supplies such as markers or paper.

Subscription Boxes for Gamers + Geeks

Video games are expensive. Plus, a lot of the time, kids will get sick of a particular game and stop playing it. This is where a video game rental subscription box like GameFly comes in handy! For a small monthly fee, you can rent either one or two video games at a time and keep them for as long as you’d like. They offer a free trial. As you might be able to guess, this is one of the top subscription boxes for teen boys.

Another type of gaming subscription box provides collectibles and merchandise for superfans of a particular game. Loot Crate is one example that offers plenty of geek boxes to choose from—plus, they have plenty more options than just boxes themed around games!

School Supplies Subscription Boxes

Shopping for school supplies isn’t fun, so a school supplies subscription box is a great way to get everything you need for a great value, as well as avoid a trip to the store. We wouldn’t recommend these for younger children who don’t need anything fancy, but they’re perfect for tweens, teens, or even young adults going to college.

Cloth + Paper is a great option. It’s the perfect high school subscription box for girls who love cute stationary, planners, and other products to start the school year off strong. You probably won’t need new school products each month, so we’d recommend subscribing for a couple months to collect a few nice items for the school year.

Sports Subscription Boxes

Any sports fan will love a subscription box! A couple examples are Sports Crate, which just provides gear for an MLB or NFL team of your choice, as well as Sports Box Co. The latter has plenty more options. Not only are these cool subscription boxes for teens, but adults love them too. Both of the options we listed are fairly inexpensive.

Food Subscription Boxes

If your teen has a favorite type of food, candy, or snack, they’ll probably love a subscription box for it! Chococurb, for example, provides monthly shipments of full-size, gourmet chocolate. This would make a great gift. We also have an entire list dedicated to the best food subscription boxes that anyone would love!

Why Boxes for Teens?

Purchasing products for your kids can get expensive. To avoid getting carried away, many parents purchase a teen subscription box instead. Not only do kids of all ages love them, but it’s a great way to budget the amount you spend on your teen each month. They’ll be excited about it because it’s like getting a gift every month!

For example, if your teen girl wants to go makeup shopping all the time, one of the popular makeup subscription boxes might turn out to be a great alternative. Odds are, she’ll be stoked about regularly receiving new makeup. Plus, you’ll spend less than you would have at a makeup store, and she’ll get a few fantastically valued products to look forward to every month!

Gifting Teen Subscription Boxes

Not only do subscription boxes have the benefit of providing an excellent value in every box and quality products that are curated towards subscribers’ interests, but they make fantastic gifts! This is especially true for parents or other family members who feel lost when it comes to gift shopping.

For example, Dad probably has no idea what the best teenage girl gifts are. This is where a subscription box comes in handy! He just needs to figure out one hobby or type of product she likes and, odds are, he can find a box for it. This would also feel more personal and memorable compared to a gift card.

For the most part, beauty subscriptions are $35 or less, which is still cheap compared to what you’d spend for the same products at a beauty store like Sephora. There are even plenty of options that are $15 and under! That’s why these boxes are some of the best gifts for teenage girls.

This doesn’t just apply to beauty subscription boxes—there are great subscription box gifts for whatever type of product your teen or tween is interested in! A few of the endless options of subscription boxes for teens include video games, books, jewelry, skincare products, art, clothes, sports, snacks, collectibles, and so on. There’s bound to be one or two that would make fantastic gifts.

Check out our 2022 gift guide for more gift ideas! 


What particular age ranges is this list for?

We tailored this list more towards tweens and teens (ages 13–19) since we already have a list of the best subscription boxes for kids. However, there are some choices that older or younger people can subscribe to as well. Many beauty boxes, for example, are top choices for adults as well. This goes for book and clothing subscriptions too!

Do I need to pick one of these teen monthly boxes?

Of course not! We just wanted to give you a few ideas of subscription boxes that teens enjoy, but the options definitely aren’t limited to this list. 

Are there any free subscription boxes for teens to try out?

There are free gifts and even free trials available for many boxes! Kidpik, for example, is a stylist service that doesn’t charge any styling fees. This way, you can try out their service risk-free. Julep also often offers your first box for free! If this offer is unavailable, they have free gift sets for new subscribers as well.

What are the best subscription boxes for tweens?

Tweens are a little harder to shop for—especially if you’re not their parent! Some good examples of subscription boxes for them are book clubs, clothing stylist services, sampler beauty boxes, and sports boxes. If you know a particular hobby they enjoy, it’s a good idea to get them a box related to that.

What are the best cheap subscription boxes for teens or tweens?

This depends on what type of box you’re looking for! There are inexpensive options in every category. Since there is a pretty wide variety of categories, we’re not going to name the best from each because that would take too long. However, we included fairly inexpensive boxes on our list—if you’re looking for cheaper, check out our other list dedicated to the best cheap subscription boxes! Many of these are great for teens as well.

Which subscriptions make the best gift boxes for girls or boys?

As we mentioned above, it’s hard to go wrong with a subscription box gift. To determine the best box to get a teen or tween, you must first determine what type of product they would like the most (such as makeup, skincare, art supplies, and so on). It also depends a bit on their age and maturity. For example, younger teens who are just starting out with makeup might prefer a tween beauty box or a sample beauty box (like Ipsy). That said, some tween girls might already be quite skilled with makeup and put full-size boxes to great use.

Whatever their favorite hobby is, you just need to know what kind of level your child is at! We also have more specific lists if you already have a particular type of subscription boxes for teens in mind—such as the best clothing boxes! In addition, if you’re shopping for the holidays, check out our holiday gift guide to find the best gifts for everybody on your list.

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