The 20+ Top Subscription Boxes for Men

It’s hard to resist the appeal of monthly curated subscription boxes delivered right to your doorstep. With these, you can avoid the time it takes to shop for yourself and get a fantastic value of products each month. If you’re looking for subscription boxes for men but are unsure which type of box to subscribe to, this article can help you decide.

After extensive research and hands-on experience, we’ve compiled this list of our 20 favorite men’s subscription boxes. We made our judgments based on the quality of the items, pricing, coupons and special offers, and our own experiences with the boxes. Below this table, we also explain the different categories of men’s subscription boxes and why they might be appealing.

Best Men's Subscription Boxes 2020–2021

Subscription Box DescriptionPricingReview Score Visit Site
The Best Bespoke Post Review of 2021
[show_info_men]$45 / month
$20 Off First Box GET IT NOW
2 Watch Gang
[show_info_men]$29, $99, or $299 / month
50% Off Luxury Subscription GET IT NOW
3 MeUndies
[show_info_men]$8 socks or $16 underwear
30% Off First Box GET IT NOW
4 ScentBox Reviews — The Best Perfume Subscription
[show_info_men]$13.95 / month
35% Off Your First Box $13.95 / month GET IT NOW
5 Dollar Shave Club Reviews 2021 — Pros and Cons
[show_info_men]Starting at $3 / month for replacement razors
6 Menlo Club
[show_info_men]$60 / month
Half Off First Package + Free Sunglasses GET IT NOW
7 Gentleman’s Box
[show_info_men]$12, $15, or $25 / month
$10 Off First Box GET IT NOW

Types of Subscription Boxes For Men


It can be difficult and even spendy to try out new grooming products. Not only that, but certain grooming products (for example, razors) can be annoying to purchase over and over again. With subscription boxes, you don’t need to worry about either of these problems.

For one, you could subscribe to a service such as Birchbox for men to get monthly samples. They allow you to test out new products for a reasonable fee and find your new favorite items. This way, you won’t have to purchase full-size products you’ve never tried and waste money if you don’t like them. There’s also Dollar Shave Club – another budget-friendly subscription that provides monthly shipments of razors so you’ll never accidentally run out!

Clothing + Accessories

There are a few different types of men’s clothing subscription boxes on the market. For one, there are personal styling services that ship you clothing items right to your doorstep. Then, you try all of them, keep what you want to purchase and send back what you don’t want. This is a convenient way to shop from the comfort of your home. There are a variety of styling services like this for men, but our favorite is Stitch Fix. We listed this subscription in our women’s subscription boxes article because they have options for women as well!

Another option is a subscription box that sends clothing that you get to keep every month. This might sound like it’d be spendy and risky because you might not like the clothes, but a box like Menlo is fairly inexpensive, and you get great value from it. There are also monthly accessories boxes (such as Gentleman’s Box) to always keep your outfits looking fresh!


Fragrance subscription boxes are a hit or miss for some people. With a box like this, you’ll get a 30-day sample of cologne of your choice. There is quite a bit of controversy with fragrance subscription boxes because you can get samples for free in department stores. However, nobody wants to deal with the inconvenience of going to the store and dealing with salespeople, so it might be worth it to order a fragrance box to try them out instead. One of our favorites is Scentbox!

Lifestyle + Hobbies

Many of the boxes on our list of best subscription boxes for men can be placed into this category. For example, there are boxes for people who love golfing and fishing. Since there are so many different hobbies and lifestyle choices, there are hundreds of subscription boxes that can fit into this category. The good news is – no matter what your favorite hobby is (unless it’s something very strange) there will be a subscription box to fit it.


If you love getting in shape, a fitness subscription box can help you progress further towards your dream results. For example, Gainzbox is one of the best monthly subscription boxes for men since it provides healthy supplements, nutrition bars, and other products to help subscribers who want to gain muscle. There will be a box option for you no matter what type of workout you prefer (cardio, weightlifting, yoga, or even boxes dedicated to protein/nutrition bars).


Underwear and socks are some of the most annoying items to buy. How convenient would it be if you didn’t need to worry about shopping for them? Instead, you would get them automatically sent to your doorstep every month. With a subscription like MeUndies or Say it with a Sock, this can happen. Most of these boxes allow you to customize which prints and underwear style you’d like to receive, so you should never get anything you don’t like.


There are some subscription boxes, such as Bespoke Post, that don’t necessarily fit into one category because they offer a large variety of items. Boxes like these are a great option for guys who have a range of interests and want different box types each month.

Men vs. Women

While many of the best subscription boxes are pretty versatile and can be subscribed to by both men or women, those designed particularly (or mostly) for men are bound to be a better fit for guys. There are certain boxes, such as clothing and accessories for men, that wouldn’t be a good fit for women. However, many hobby boxes can be subscribed to by women who are interested in them (like fishing, sports, fitness, and so on).

Final Thoughts

That sums up this best subscription boxes for men article! Whether you were looking for clothing, accessories, a box to supplement your favorite hobby, or were just wondering what type of box you might want to subscribe to, we hope we were able to give you a better idea of which subscription service might appeal to you. All of these boxes include savings opportunities and coupons, so make sure to check out our reviews to find exclusive deals we share! Before we wrap up, see our FAQs!


Why would a man need subscription boxes?

Men can enjoy subscription boxes just as much as anybody else! With monthly subscription boxes for men, you’ll avoid the hassle of shopping for yourself, get personalized products, and save money by getting a better value than what you spend on the box. Most men have different interests than women or kids, so we created this article to point out the different types of boxes men might enjoy. With such a large selection, there’s an option for whichever hobby or interest you have.

Which subscription box provides the greatest value for men?

We believe the most remarkable subscription boxes are ones that provide the best value while still being affordable. As you might imagine, the more expensive the box, the better the value. For example, Battlbox (one of the survival subscription boxes) has a $150 per month box with an amazing value of items. However, this is an unrealistic price for most people. That being said, we’d say Sprezzabox (a box for accessories) provides the greatest value while still being affordable. It costs $28 a month, but the total value of their boxes is always over $100! Plus, they have a deal for half off your first month.

What are the best cheap subscription boxes for men?

As mentioned above, the cheapest boxes don’t always provide the greatest value. If you’re looking for a subscription box solely based on price, the most inexpensive box on the list is Dollar Shave Club. Not only do you get your first month for just a dollar, but the replacement razors after that are fairly cheap as well. Birchbox, a box for grooming product samples, is also very cheap at just $10 per month. We also have a cheap subscription boxes article! 

When will I get billed each month?

Your billing date will vary with each subscription box. You’ll be able to find the answer to this in the FAQ of whichever box you’re interested.

Can I send a subscription box as a gift?

Of course! If you want to surprise your man, subscription box gift might do the trick. The majority of subscription boxes that we have seen offer gifting options. Plus, a subscription box is a great gift for anybody – not just men! If you’re looking for a gift for other people, such as subscription boxes for kids, we have various other pages that share the best types of boxes for anyone you’re shopping for (women, kids, pets, teens, etc.). We also have a holiday gift guide! However, since you’re here, you’ve probably looked for top subscription boxes for men. We hope you’ve found what you were looking for!

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