The 25+ Top Subscription Boxes for Men

The 25+ Top Subscription Boxes for Men

It’s hard to resist the appeal of monthly curated subscription boxes delivered right to your doorstep. With these, you can avoid the time it takes to shop for yourself and get a fantastic value of products each month. If you’re looking for subscription boxes for men but are unsure which type of box to subscribe to, this article can help you decide.

After extensive research and hands-on experience, we’ve compiled this list of our 25+ favorite men’s subscription boxes. We made our judgments based on the quality of the items, pricing, coupons and special offers, and our own experiences with the boxes. Below this table, we also explain the different categories of men’s subscription boxes and why they might be appealing.

The Best Men's Subscription Boxes 2021–2022

Subscription Box DescriptionPricingReview Score Visit Site
Must Read 2023 Watch Gang Review — Is It Worth Your Time?

Watch Gang is a unique monthly subscription that sends high-quality watches straight to your door.

2 The Best Bespoke Post Review of 2024

Bespoke Post is a subscription service that provides a range of items for different situations, like going away, hunting, and grooming.

$49 / month
3 Stitch Fix Reviews 2024 — Your Personal Styling Brand

One of the best subscription boxes for women, men, or kids that provides your own personal stylist and picks out clothing/accessories for you.

$20 styling fee*
4 Winc Reviews 2024 — The Best Wine Subscription

Winc is a subscription that recommends and sends wines based on your personal preferences. 

$13 per bottle
5 Nutrisystem for Men Review [What You Should Know in 2024]

Nutrisystem for men is a fantastic choice for those that want to lose weight. The menu options are specifically for weight loss while still tasting fantastic.

$11.64–$14.29 per day
6 Bean Box Review [Info, Pricing, & More]

Bean Box is a subscription service providing artisan coffees straight to your door.

$16.50—$24 per month
7 Watch Gang

Another fantastic option for subscription boxes for men — this one provides you with a high-quality watch each month and offers three different plans!

$49–$299 / month
8 Ultimate Loot Crate Review [Everything To Know In 2024]

Offers numerous subscription boxes for fans of pop culture, gaming, TV & movies, sports, and sci-fi & fantasy.

20+ Box Options TRY LOOT CRATE
9 Menlo Club Reviews — What to Expect in 2024?

Menlo Club is an ecommerce site that sells casual clothes and accessories for men.

10 Gentleman’s Box

A typical box includes 4–6 hand-picked accessories from lifestyle essentials to grooming items (they also have single-item boxes: sock of the month or tie of the month).

$26 / month
11 Flaviar Reviews — How It Works, Prices & More

Flaviar is a quarterly subscription that brings you an extensive range of spirits samples from across the globe.

$36.99 a month
12 Dollar Shave Club Reviews 2024 — Pros and Cons

This subscription offers a range of skincare items to help you along your shaving journey, no matter your skin type.

Starting at $3 / month for replacement razors
13 Honest Stately Men Review for 2024 — Is It Really Worth It?

Stately Men is a monthly subscription for grooming and lifestyle products that helps men look and feel their best.

Starts from $129 per month

There are so many subscription boxes for men that it would make your head spin. So, we’ve taken out the hard parts and prepared all the information you need to compare them.

Let’s look at the most popular subscriptions and see which ones are the best choice for you. We’ve broken down the pricing, what’s on offer, and everything in-between. 

Let’s get going.

Evaluation Criteria

Here’s a breakdown of the factors we consider when choosing the best monthly subscription boxes for men

Value for Money

One of the most important aspects is whether subscribers get a bang for their buck. If the boxes are worth less than what you pay, it’s a no go from us. We want you to have the best products at an affordable price. 

Product Quality

You should receive items that you feel good about, whether you’re using them on your skin or wearing them. They should help you look your best. 

In terms of skincare, we look for ingredients that work. And as for clothing, good quality materials are a must, so you can wear them longer and reduce clothing pollution. 

High-quality products are a must for us to decide on our favorite monthly subscription boxes for men


Add-ons are a great way to sweeten the deal. That could include gifts, discounts, community participation, and exclusive access.


It’s always good to have the option of personalizing your subscription. 

Generally, this happens in two ways. Firstly, via a quiz, where you input information about yourself. Secondly, with personalized selections, you pick options that fit you. That could be your size or any dietary references.

A subscription can meet your needs better if it uses such custom details.

Customer Service

We highly value a great customer experience. If you have questions or an issue, the support team should be able to help you in no time.

Reputation and User Reviews

How customers feel about the subscription gives us a clear picture of what to expect. After all, they leave honest reviews you can trust. 

Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Men

Whether you’re super into fashion or just want help finding good clothing items that fit your lifestyle, you might benefit from the following subscriptions: 

1. Stitch FixStitchFix boxes

Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription service that features many brands and designers. It’s an ideal solution if you want to try something new and get a personal stylist. 

The company has over 5,000 stylists across the US, offering personalized service to everyone. Plus, it has more than 1,000 brands. You can find relatively well-priced items at $20 to more expensive ones at over $200. The sizes range from XS to 3XL

These clothes subscription boxes for men come with five items for you to try. You’ll only pay for those you choose to keep. If there are specific items you wish to try, you can request them via your stylist. What’s more, the styling fee goes towards that cost if you keep anything. When you order all items, you’ll get a 25% discount.


  • Try clothes on before purchasing
  • Free returns within three days of receiving the items
  • Hundreds of clothing brands
  • 25% off each item if you keep all five


  • Can’t view the items and prices you’ll receive
  • Not many deals or coupons
  • Takes a while to get the right style

Why we choose this box: We like that this men’s monthly box allows you to try before buying. Plus, you’ll enjoy numerous brands and save money with the discounted prices for keeping everything.

User review: “Surprised at the negative reviews. Have tried this 4–5 times and have always found something I decided to keep. One time I kept the entire box and so received a 20% discount. Great deals, great stylists, awesome program.” — David

2. Menlo ClubMenlo Club package and clothing

Menlo Club offers its customers monthly and quarterly subscriptions. It’s an ecommerce site for casual clothes and accessories for men, offering you packages of 2–3 items with free shipping. 

After you fill in a short quiz, the Menlo Club stylists will better understand your taste and put together a box based on your size and preferences. Every month, you’ll receive products from the brand’s clothing and shoe lines. 

Researching monthly boxes for men, you’ll get 24 items each year to keep your wardrobe and style fresh. Some brands include Five Four Club, New Republic, and Grand AC. Plus, you get free shipping within the continental US.


  • Shipping included
  • Quick quiz
  • Curated by a stylist


  • Customer service could improve
  • You have to contact Menlo Club to cancel

Why we choose this box: A stylist selects all items based on a quiz with your personalized answers. Plus, you’ll get around 24 new items each year. 

User review: “The customer service team is superb and always goes above & beyond when I need them. I’ve been a Menlo Club member for a few years now, and enjoy purchasing product on the Menlo House with their great selection of in-house brands.” — Pablo C

3. Trunk ClubNordstrom Trunk Club boxes

Nordstrom Trunk Club is a personalized styling service. To sign up, you’ll have to complete a quiz with details like your size and budget. Then, your personal stylist will send you items they think you’ll enjoy. You’ll also see a preview of the clothes, and you can make edits up to 48 hours before delivery. After receiving and trying the items, you can decide what to keep and return the rest within five days. 

This box for men carries XS–4XL, waists 28–58”, and inseams 28–36.”  Brands you’ll find inside include Patagonia, Nike, 1901, and Adidas. Your Trunk Club can include everyday style, workout wear, business casual, and office attire. Plus, you can select three items in addition to your stylist’s options. 

The Trunk Club cost includes a $25 styling fee, which the service deducts from any items you keep. The clothes range in value from $50–$300. 


  • Preview before receiving
  • Flexible delivery and frequency
  • Lots of brands
  • Personalized style quiz


  • Returns can be a hassle
  • Too many quiz questions

Why we choose this box: The biggest plus here is that you can preview the items before they arrive. Also, the subscription offers many brands with flexible delivery dates.   

User review: “Trunk Club has some really high-quality stuff. I don’t have a lot of time for shopping, and frankly, I don’t know what I want to buy anyhow. Real-life personal shoppers and stylists seem excessive, expensive, and a lot of trouble. So Trunk Club offers something in between. My friends all think I look awesome — or at least a lot more awesome than before. And I haven’t had any complaints yet from the ladies. Men, it’s worth a try.” — Jameson D

4. Good CounselGood Counsel Box

Good Counsel is among the most inclusive subscription clothes boxes for men. The service offers tops from medium to 7XL and a waist size up to 68”. Plus, the stylish clothing items are entirely personalized to your wants and needs. All you need to do is fill in the quiz and leave the rest to your stylists. 

You’ll receive between four and six items, including pants, tops, scarves, and jackets. Once you’ve tried them on, pick which ones to keep and send the rest back with the prepaid return shipping label. 

This men’s box subscription service is truly unique. Also, the quiz is super in-depth to bring you a personalized box at a frequency that works for you.


  • Good style variety
  • Highly personalized
  • Affordable
  • Included return label


  • Not many online user reviews
  • Some items require a signature upon delivery

Why we choose this box: This subscription offers a wide range of clothing brands and styles at an affordable price. The service values your needs and wants, providing plenty of personalization. 

User review: “Good range of fashionable and fitting clothes. They also do really well at creating a personal experience with their customers, which is much appreciated. Respond pretty quickly.” — Vincent T Copeland

Men’s Subscription Boxes — Lifestyle & Accessories

If you’re all about boxes that make your life easier and a little more stylish, this section is for you.

5. Bespoke PostBespoke Post products

Bespoke Post is a subscription service that brings you top-quality items. If you sign up and fill in the quiz, the company will send you boxes based on your answers. Among the monthly themes, you’ll find everything from going away and hunting to drinking and cooking.

Bespoke Post gives you a preview, so you can choose whether to order or not. The service often partners with smaller brands to spread the news about them and help people discover new products. Also, this men’s accessories box has a store where you can purchase items separately or add them to your monthly order. 

All deliveries to the lower 48 states cost $3.95, and they’re free for orders over $75. But shipping to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii is $10.


  • Numerous box themes
  • High-quality items
  • Skip a month or cancel anytime, charge-free
  • Add more products from the shop
  • Full control over the box you’ll receive


  • Only one price option
  • Cancelling requires contacting the company

Why we choose this box: Bespoke Post is a super-inclusive and fun monthly box that sends interesting products directly to your door.

User review: “This is a great company, and the customer service is friendly. Great products, and you get to view before they ship!” — Gary Hamilton

6. Breo BoxBreo Box products

Breo Box is a subscription that offers you 5–8 awesome gadgets, tech, and home items each quarter. You’ll get amazing must-haves for any tech guru. Some previous items include the CleverMade Quick Fill Air Chair, SPREADTHAT! II Self-Warming Butter Knife, and PhoneSoap PRO.

Each box offers something new and exciting at an affordable cost. It’s far cheaper than the retail pricing for each item. Also, you can get a mystery box for men with your favorite items from previous boxes. Alternatively, you can purchase items outright from the store. Shipping is included. 


  • Unique and varied items
  • Shipping included
  • Online store
  • Skip a month


  • Returns aren’t available
  • Products may differ for some subscribers

Why we choose this box: We love a good subscription specifically for tech junkies. Plus, it offers a wide variety of products to suit your needs. 

User review: “I look forward to every box of excitement! Keep the awesomeness coming!” — Michael Niemczura

7. SprezzaBoxSubscription Boxes for Men - Sprezzabox

SprezzaBox is a monthly subscription offering clothing, grooming, and lifestyle packages curated by industry professionals. The service is flexible to fit your needs, and each box contains 5–6 products. Also, you can select the type of box you want.

With these monthly men subscription boxes, the value for money is the biggest plus, with items retailing at over $100. Previous boxes included tie clips, grooming accessories, watches, ties, playing cards, and pocket squares. Subscribers are also delighted with the customer service. 


  • You can select your themes
  • Large range of brands
  • Affordable


  • You can’t choose specific items
  • No return policy

Why we choose this box: It’s a lifestyle subscription with a wide variety of clothing and grooming products for men of all ages. This is one of the more inclusive boxes, giving it an A+ in our book. 

User review: “I would be lost without them. My girlfriend likes to see a dapper man. Sprezzabox keeps me up on it.” — Liam Scanlan

8. Gentleman’s BoxGentleman's box

Gentleman’s Box is a monthly men’s subscription service. Each box comes with four or five products, including grooming and fashion items. 

The subscription works with smaller brands to offer various items like socks, ties, pocket squares, wallets, and hats. Plus, you’ll find The Gentleman’s Post in each box — a guide to your products. US subscribers get free shipping, and international users pay only $4. If you need a break, you can pause your subscription at any time. 


  • Curated by experts
  • Large range of items
  • Free US shipping


  • You can’t select your items
  • You need to email the service to cancel

Why we choose this box: This is one of the top monthly subscription boxes for men because of its super flexible options and expertly curated items at fair prices. 

User review: “Always love the quality and variety of what is in my box each month! Have both the monthly and premium subscriptions and recommend to all!” — Luke Monroe

9. Watch GangWatch Gang box

Watch Gang is a unique monthly subscription that sends you high-quality watches. It’s the perfect service if you’re looking to expand your collection without breaking the bank. 

During the sign-up process, you’ll have to share a bit about yourself with the company, so it can send you better items for your lifestyle. Some brands in this men’s monthly box include Breed Ranger, Cortebert, Invicta Pro Diver, and Axwell. 

All pieces are authentic, with Seiko or Japanese Miyota movements, leather bands, and stainless steel. The watches come in 40 mm and above. And if you want to add a personal touch, you can change the straps. Each box is worth between $50 and $1,000, depending on the selected tier.

Shipping ranges between $9.82 and $34.82 depending on whether you’re in the US or international. Also, active members get an automatic entry to win a Rolex weekly. Plus, on a Tuesday, you could win an original TAG Heuer.


  • Lots of styles
  • Large range of brands
  • Excellent quality
  • Affordable


  • You can’t pick the pieces
  • Value can vary quite a lot

Why we choose this box: This unique men subscription box sends some seriously fashionable and noteworthy watches for a fraction of the retail price. That earns this service a good place on our list of must-haves. 

User review: “Great way to explore new watches and become addicted to the wheel. I’ve purchased 30 watches in the last 2 months and can’t wait for the next. Maybe I’m worth the Centum Tier?”—Pavel Karima

Shaving and Grooming Subscriptions for Men

If you need help in this department, here are a few of our top subscription picks. 

10. Dollar Shave Clubdollar shave club products

Dollar Shave Club is a monthly subscription aiming to make shaving easier. No more overly expensive products or remembering to pick up blades from the store every month. This man box subscription delivers everything you might need for a shave or a shower. 

Based on your quiz answers, the team behind the service will recommend starter kits. If you enjoy that, you can purchase full-size items and blades. Whether you get a box monthly or every few months is entirely up to you. 

Shipping is free if you get blades, but there may be a $4 fee for orders under $18.


  • Great introductory deals
  • Budget-friendly
  • Monthly or bi-monthly shipment
  • Easy to manage subscription


  • Shipping may take longer than usual
  • Support team response might be slow

Why we choose this box: Looking through all the cool subscription boxes for men, this one offers great personalized items for your skin’s needs. Plus, it arrives at a frequency that works for you. We also love that it offers shaving, shower, and skincare products. 

User review: “I don’t know why Dollar shave club has lots of negative reviews. I’ve been a long-time customer and never disappoint Very much satisfied with the service! Customer support is okay” — Boy

11. The Beard ClubBeard Club products

The Beard Club is a monthly subscription for men who need some assistance in the beard department. It works a little bit differently. You buy products you wish to try and receive them monthly.

Looking at cheap subscription boxes for men, The Beard Club has the advantage of no monthly fees or commitments. You can cancel or skip your orders whenever you want. Plus, the kits come with a free shaving tool to help you get used to the new products. 

There are three subscriptions to choose from — grooming, trimming, and growth. Each comes with multiple options from starter to advanced kits and anything else your beard needs. Products you can enjoy include vitamins, oils, derma rollers, razors, and beard shampoo.


  • Easy to manage subscription
  • Natural ingredients
  • High-quality products
  • Personalization


  • Shipping is included only for orders over $30
  • You have to subscribe to get products

Why we choose this box: It’s an easy-to-set-up subscription that helps you with beard maintenance, making it among the top subscription gift boxes for men. It offers everything from skincare to razors at a good price. 

User review: “Three thumbs up or 5 stars…..I am very please with the Growth Kit. The images are from my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd month of beard growth using the growth kit products. I am very please so far.” — Antwan A

12. ScentbirdScentbox Reviews - Scentbird

Scentbird is a fantastic monthly subscription for a 30-day supply of popular scents. The 120 sprays are enough to last for the whole month. So you can try a range of fragrances to find what works best for you. 

At the start of your subscription, you’ll get a free reusable case for each month’s scent. Some of the 100% authentic fragrances include brands like DKNY, Prada, Tom Ford, Valentino, Versace, Michael Kors, and Clinique. 

These are fantastic monthly gift boxes for men. Plus, you get to select the fragrances you want to try. Simply add them to the queue in the order you want them to come. The whole point is trying options without committing to a full-sized bottle. After all, scents change whether it’s a hot day or you’re hanging around the office. So, why not test them all out with Scentbird?


  • 100% authentic fragrances
  • Complimentary case
  • Select the scents you want
  • If you can’t select a fragrance, the team chooses for you
  • Shipping is included


  • You need to contact Scentbird to cancel
  • No returns if you don’t enjoy a fragrance

Why we choose this box: This men box is an easy way to try different scents without buying a full-size product. That means less waste and ample opportunities to find what works for you. 

User review: “Saved me so much money from just going and buying cologne after cologne. Plus, when you invite a friend you get a free scent. The bottles are small but still large enough to hold me over a month spraying it everyday.” — Fred

13. Lumin SkincareLumin Skincare

Lumin Skincare is a subscription made specifically for men who want to up their skincare game. 

You start by filling in a questionnaire to get better suggestions on suitable products. Once you review and select your items, you can sign up for a subscription and find your new skincare favorites. And if you have to make changes to your best men’s box, you can make them at any time. 

The best thing about this service is that all ingredients are super high-quality and great for healthy and illuminated skin. The products can help with acne and prevent further damage. They include facial cleansers, moisturizers, and masks. 

Customers love their items, with many saying they can’t live without them anymore. And even if you don’t want to subscribe, you can still buy the products from the site. 


  • Wide range of ingredients
  • High-quality skincare
  • Good option for acne
  • Personalized options
  • Trial available


  • Expensive compared to drugstore products
  • Items are quite small

Why we choose this box: This luxurious skincare of the month club for him contains only the best ingredients. It has options for all skin types or issues and a trial to get you going. That’s a winning set of pros in our book.

User review: “Great products and outstanding customer care.” — P White

Best Hobby Subscription Boxes for Guys

Are you a DIY genius or looking for a new hobby? These are the boxes for you. 

14. Grill Masters ClubGrill Masters Club box

Grill Masters Club is a fantastic monthly subscription for anyone who enjoys a good old grill session. You’ll receive items for grilling, barbeque, and smoking from amazing brands that have won multiple awards. 

Each month, you get 4–5 products, including dry rubs, sauces, and marinades, making this the ultimate guy subscription box. Grill Masters Club tests and tastes every item to ensure you’re getting the best the grilling world has to offer. 

The service also enjoys a big online community that shares recipes, tips, tricks, and everything else about grilling. And if you need some help with the meat, check out the Butcher Box subscription options.


  • Award-winning products
  • Large online community
  • Great way to try different products


  • You can’t select products
  • Shipping isn’t included

Why we choose this box: This men monthly box is the ultimate grill subscription. It offers various products to make your next grill session a lot more enjoyable. What sets it apart is the online community for innovative and exciting ideas. 

User review: “To be a Grillmaster you must have the best. This box is the best” — Mike Simpson

15. Loot CrateLoot Crate Box

Loot Crate is a subscription box for pop culture fans, geeks, and gamers. It sends out collectibles and gear each month. The service has a large selection of crates in categories like anime, comics, TV, movies, and gaming. Plus, there’s a different theme each month. 

The April 2022 theme of this geek-inspired man’s crate was all about the Mean & Green. It features Frankenstein, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and Swamp Thing items. Each box contains super fun products like figurines, wearables, and accessories.


  • Diverse monthly themes
  • International shipping
  • Great value
  • Large variety of boxes


  • Risk of getting items you won’t like
  • Shipping may take longer

Why we choose this box: Loot Crate has a lot to offer fans and geeks alike. Who doesn’t want a monthly box for their passions and interests? Unlike other men’s subscriptions, here, the low price tag is another nice bonus.

User review: “Really good value for money” — Tristan

16. Short Par 4Short Par 4 box and products

Short Par 4 is a monthly style subscription for golf apparel. The selection of clothes from your Style Caddie (stylist) is based on the initial quiz upon signing up. Items you may receive include shoes, tops, accessories, and bottoms. Plus, all the apparel is branded and super high quality

You can accumulate points by following Short Par 4 on social media, reading the magazine, and creating an account. Some brands this men’s subscription box carries include Adidas, Oakley, Puma, Callaway, and Under Armour.


  • Personalized item colors
  • Curated by a stylist
  • High-quality brands


  • You need to contact Short Par 4 to cancel
  • You can’t select items

Why we choose this box: It’s a high-quality brand name for golfing apparel that’s personally selected for you. The options are excellent, with colors and styles for just about anyone. 

User review: “Before Short Par 4, I was paying full price for my gold clothes. Now I’m paying half price and getting more value with the products I receive. I even wear them to the office” — Tyler I

17. Mystery Tackle BoxMystery Tackle Box

Mystery Tackle Box is the perfect subscription for fishing enthusiasts. Each month, you get products for new and experienced fishers. Plus, expert product specialists review each item, ensuring subscribers get the best from small and large manufacturers. 

When you sign up, you can select the species you fish for. Some of the options include Trout, Bass, and Catfish. There are three plans — regular, pro, and elite. In the elite box, you’ll find more than $40 worth of products. 

You get free shipping with your order, and you can pause your subscription at any time.


  • Large variety of brands
  • Fishing experts review each product
  • Free shipping
  • You can select the species


  • You can’t choose your products
  • You can’t buy products outright

Why we choose this box: We like that these unique subscription boxes for men give you the option to add the species of fish you’re after. It makes things more personal and ensures you’ll receive items you can actually use.

User review: “I enjoy getting my mystery tackle boxes, I’ve used most everything at least once! Great value!!” — Fred McKinney

18. Hunt a KillerHunt A Killer box and items

Hunt a Killer is the perfect subscription for a problem solver. Each box is an episode in a murder case where you act as the detective, making this one of the more fun subscription boxes for men. Your job is to find the killer with all the clues. The further you get into it, the more the plot thickens.

Each case consists of six boxes (episodes) with items like witness statements and autopsy reports. And you don’t have to play alone. You can play with up to six people. One box takes between 90 minutes and three hours, and it’s usually quicker with more participants. Plus, each case has a difficulty level between 1 and 5. 

If you don’t want to wait, you can also order an entire box set from the online store. What’s more, Hunt a Killer donates a portion of each box’s earnings to the Cold Case Foundation. 


  • Enticing storyline
  • Different difficulty levels
  • Affordable fun
  • Donation for each box 


  • You can’t order a box on its own
  • Some episodes are quick to figure out

Why we choose this box: It’s a fun and entertaining subscription for a seriously good price. It’s well worth the invested time. 

User review: “Our mystery box set was an absolute blast. We always eagerly awaited our next chapter in the mail! Hunt a Killer is a wonderful activity to do with friends or loved ones I just got my next one and can’t wait to crack into it!” — Garrett Noel

19. MasterClassMasterClass banner

MasterClass is among the top subscription gifts for men because it helps you learn various skills, including cooking, acting, writing, sport, music, photography, and more. The options are endless. 

This subscription is unique because an industry expert runs the course, giving you valuable insider information. For example, Ringo Starr runs a drumming course, Hilary Clinton presents lessons on the power of resilience, and Lewis Hamilton teaches you how to have a winning mindset. So when we say experts, we truly mean it. These famous faces give you some much-needed inspiration to get involved and learn as much as possible. 

Your membership grants you access to over 150 lessons. Each lesson is around 10 minutes with 20 episodes. The shorter snippets ensure you’re taking in the information and truly learning. The service encourages active participation in the community and teaching assistance to help you along the way.


  • Varied classes
  • Sessions run by industry experts
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Well thought out and easy to follow


  • No free trial
  • Lessons are quite short

Why we choose this subscription: MasterClass is a fantastic way to learn a wide range of skills without paying an arm and a leg. It’s one of the best men’s gifts for 2022. The online classes are simple and easy to follow, making the service a must-try. 

User review: “The content is very professional and well edited. Been a subscriber for 2+ years with no issues whatsoever.” — Adam J

20. Cigar of the Month ClubCigar of the Month Club cigars

Cigar of the Month Club is a monthly subscription offering cigars from across the globe. There are two options — the original premium club and the rare cigar club. With them, you can get four or five specifically selected cigars. 

An expert panel selects all cigars to ensure you’re trying the smoothest and tastiest options from multiple brands. Plus, these make great gift boxes for a boyfriend

Each order comes with a newsletter that explains all the cigar notes and types. You can also purchase straight from the online store, but the membership lets you try different blends before buying them at full price. Plus, your membership costs include shipping.


  • Rare cigars
  • Tried and tested by experts
  • Affordable
  • Shipping included


  • No selection available
  • Not personalized

Why we choose this box: This monthly box for men gives you access to rare and popular cigars for an affordable price. Specialty subscriptions can set you back a lot, and that’s why this well-priced service gets a place on our hobby list.  

User review: “I have always tried new cigars whenever possible, but this has been the best.” — Richard Carver

Subscription Boxes for Drinks

Are you the life of the party? Why not spice things up with a drinks subscription?

21. Bean BoxBean Box box and products

This box subscription for men is a leader in the direct-to-consumer coffee industry, building sustainable relationships with customers and partners. Bean Box wants to be part of your everyday journey, starting with that first cup of liquid joy. Its mix of coffee and technology brings you the best brews worldwide — from small artisan brews to massive coffee chains. 

Bean Box experts specially curate all the beans. Plus, they’re freshly roasted for your enjoyment. This is among the best box subscriptions for men. You can select between dark, decaf, light, medium, espresso, and other roasts. Based on your choice, you’ll get a curated box of beans.

Bean Box coffee includes only the best brews. The products contain no added flavoring or allergens. Also, the service sometimes adds a treat to go along with your coffee, like bite-sized chocolate or caramel. Plus, your subscription is guilt-free since the company is passionate about creating a direct trade relationship that benefits everyone involved. 

Bean Box has free shipping for subscriptions and orders over $30. It’s available in all 50 states, so everyone can enjoy a fresh cup.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Large range of options
  • Supports small businesses
  • Curates options based on your taste
  • Easy-to-manage subscription


  • More expensive than competitors
  • Doesn’t sell coffee equipment

Why we choose this box: We all need a pick-me-up sometimes, which usually involves caffeine. So, these subscription boxes for men that let us try different blends and strengths are just what we’re looking for. 

User review: “Their coffee is great. The quality, variety, packaging, shipping, everything excellent.” — Chris Dickerson

22. Beer DropBeer Drop box

Are you an enthusiast who wants to taste a range of beers from across the US? If yes, this is the subscription for you. Each month, you’ll get five beers with two cans of each. They all come from award-winning microbreweries so you’re getting delicious options, voted as some of the best in the industry, for a fraction of the price. 

The whole point of monthly box subscriptions for men like Beer Drop is to open you up to new and exciting tastes, helping you find new favorite brews. If you enjoy a certain brand, you can check if it’s still available the next time you order. 

You set up your taste profile and get beers based on that when signing up. Also, you can preview and make changes until the Monday before delivery. There’s a flat rate of $7.99 for shipping. 

Note that US regulations state that someone over the age of 21 needs to sign for the delivery. Also, check whether the service is available in your state as some prohibit alcohol delivery. 

One thing that goes with beer is snacks, so if you want another awesome addition to men’s monthly boxes, check our Universal Yums unboxing.


  • You get the final say
  • Beers based on your taste
  • Easy-to-manage subscription


  • Shipping not included
  • Someone over 21 needs to sign for the delivery

Why we choose this box: It’s a great way to try a selected range of beers from across the US. You’ll find trending and local options from microbreweries, introducing different brands to the list of your favorite beers.

User review: “I recieved my first ten assorted cans of beer, and they were all great, and made for an excellent virtual happy hour!” — Robert B

23. WincWinc Reviews - Wine Club

Winc is among the finest wine monthly clubs for men. The company is based in California, but that’s not where all the magic happens. Winc brings in grapes from all over the world, including South Africa, Argentina, Chile, and Australia. It provides monthly personalized wine selections based on a simple quiz about your taste. 

You can choose from over 730 wines in 62 varieties. Winc is also committed to its sustainably sourced ingredients. The customers’ health is another top priority, with 55% of the wine selection containing low sulfur.

After receiving your first Winc box, you must rate the wines to personalize future orders better. Your monthly charge is credited to your account every month by Winc. If your overall costs exceed your credits, Winc deducts money from your account. If the sum is less, though, the credits will accumulate. 

Your wine arrives in a well-packaged cardboard box with a solid handle, making it easy to transport. Shipping is free if you order four or more bottles ($50+). It costs $9 for anything less.


  • Fits anyone’s budget
  • Shop the entire wine collection
  • Detailed information about each wine
  • Personalization
  • Free shipping over $50


  • Winc-branded wines only
  • Need to sign and show ID for the package

Why we choose this box: Winc sends wines you select, so there are no hidden surprises. Getting a mystery box isn’t for everyone, and if that’s you, Winc is a good choice.

User review: “Winc is the best decision I ever made! The international wines are my favorite.” — Tanjesca

24. FlaviarFlaviar box and bottles

Flaviar offers quarterly subscription boxes for men with an extensive range of worldwide spirit samples. You can find over 15,000 spirits in this subscription, with hundreds of niche products popping up annually. 

Every three months, you receive a tasting box of your choice, including three samples (1.5 oz each) and one full-size product (750 ml). You’ll learn a lot about spirits, their history, and how they’re made. You’ll also find out what to look for when tasting and how to choose wisely. Plus, all the spirits are authentic and selected with precision. 

Some of the spirits available with these subscription boxes for older men include gin, brandy, scotch, vodka, rum, and tequila. Also, you can buy merchandise like glassware, barware, clothing, and accessories. The best news? Flaviar is available in the US, Europe, and the UK.


  • You can choose your full-size bottle
  • Taste before you buy
  • Extensive range of spirits
  • Reading materials


  • Shipping can take a bit long
  • The online shop might be more expensive than in-store

Why we choose this box: Flaviar helps you try a huge range of spirits without committing to a full-size bottle. Also, there are unique bottles you might not find anywhere else, making it a pretty exclusive service.

User review: “Excellent service and selection. This service makes me feel exclusive. I like sharing my selections with my friends, who rave at my choices. Glad I signed up.” — Michael C

25. SaloonBoxSaloonbox products and box

SaloonBox is another unique alcohol subscription service that sends you everything you need to make craft cocktails. Each monthly box comes with enough ingredients for two people

The subscription helps you try a bunch of cocktails without buying full-size bottles. You’ll get the instructions and all the ingredients to make them in the comfort of your own home. 

Some previous examples of SaloonBox’s gift subscriptions for him include Orange Blossom Martini, Fig Old Fashioned, and Chai Daiquiri. Customers love the cocktail variety and find the drinks interesting and exciting. But before you make cocktails, line your stomach with monthly food delivery


  • Small bottles with little waste
  • Easy-to-follow instructions 
  • Interesting takes on classic cocktails


  • Someone over 21 needs to be there for delivery
  • Three-month minimal subscription

Why we choose this box: SaloonBox isn’t your typical subscription. We love that it sparks your creativity by helping you make beautiful cocktails at home. It’s fun and engaging, making it one of the best monthly boxes for men. 

User review: “Great craft cocktails that are thoughtfully curated, with all the details around where the drink originates and the source of the various ingredients. Never been disappointed in what lands on my doorstep!” — Paul Heckroodt

Subscription Boxes for Adventures

Are you all about outdoor experiences with fun and exciting activities? If yes, we have some subscription boxes for men you should consider.

26. BattlBoxBattlBox products and box

BattlBox is an outdoor product subscription that offers fantastic gear for various activities. All the items are super high-quality name brands that anyone who enjoys the outdoors will recognize. There are four subscription options ranging in price and products.

Previous items in the box include Harlow Road Candle, WOOX Thunderbird Axe Signature Edition, and Storm Safety Whistle. It’s one of the best subscriptions for men who love outdoor activities like camping or hiking.


  • High-quality items
  • Big brand names
  • Handy products for different activities


  • Upgraded plans are expensive
  • Some customers say the products aren’t useful

Why we choose this box: We like that BattlBox focuses on all outdoor products. The service knows how to select quality and durable items that last in the open. 

User review: “Great company! Always professional, respectful and have an all-around record of providing good solid products with a fresh variety every month. Never been tempted to leave because of the way I am treated. Thanks Battlebox staff!” — Dennis Castello

27. CairnSubscription Boxes for Men - Cairn

Cairn offers cool subscription boxes for guys with an outdoor theme. It provides quality items every man needs when venturing into the open air. Inside, you might find lighting, snacks, skincare, wearables, and navigation tools. 

Customers love the various brands and products. Plus, experts curate each box, ensuring you get useful items that are must-haves for any outdoor activity. Also, you can earn points for following Cairn on social media and use them towards apparel on the website.


  • Shipping included
  • High-quality products
  • Tried and tested by industry experts


  • You can’t select your items
  • Expensive

Why we choose this box: We love that Cairn manly subscription boxes focus on high-quality items for all outdoor activities.

User review: “LOVE THIS COMPANY! The food that comes with these boxes is always fun, and products I go looking for after. A while back I got one of those hammocks, love that thing anytime year. Overall it’s just nice getting gifts from a company that seems to put actual thought into what they send, rather than just a hand full of cheap crap. Looking forward to summer and cairn boxes that keep me outdoors!” — Jesse A

Buyer’s Guide

Let’s look at what you should consider before signing up for a subscription. 

How to Choose

We have a few shopping tips to help you decide on the top subscription boxes for men.

Budget: You want a service that fits your needs and your wallet. Paying more than your budget allows leaves a bad taste.

Commitment and Frequency: Getting a box that fits your schedule is essential. You don’t want to sign up for a subscription that comes weekly when you only want it once a month. Look for a service that offers multiple delivery options. 

Check Your Location: Before you get all excited about a subscription, ensure that it’s available in your area.

Check Past Boxes: Previous boxes can give you a good idea about what to expect. Most subscriptions have a section on their website for that. 

Test Different Boxes: Finding a monthly man box may take time. You’ve got to crack a few eggs to make an omelet.

Look for Honest Reviews: Online user reviews will give you a better understanding of the subscription and any issues you may experience.

Types of Products: You’ll want a subscription with products you’ll actually use. Choose wisely based on your needs and hobbies. 

Types of Subscription Boxes For Men


It can be difficult and even spendy to try out new grooming products. Not only that, but certain grooming products (for example, razors) can be annoying to purchase over and over again. With subscription boxes, you don’t need to worry about either of these problems.

For one, you could subscribe to a service such as Birchbox for men to get monthly samples. They allow you to test out new products for a reasonable fee and find your new favorite items. This way, you won’t have to purchase full-size products you’ve never tried and waste money if you don’t like them. There’s also Dollar Shave Club — another budget-friendly subscription that provides monthly shipments of razors so you’ll never accidentally run out!

Clothing + Accessories

There are a few different types of men’s clothing subscription boxes on the market. For one, there are personal styling services that ship you clothing items right to your doorstep. Then, you try all of them, keep what you want to purchase and send back what you don’t want. This is a convenient way to shop from the comfort of your home. There are a variety of styling services like this for men, but our favorite is Stitch Fix. We listed this subscription in our women’s subscription boxes article because they have options for women as well!

Another option is a subscription box that sends clothing that you get to keep every month. This might sound like it’d be spendy and risky because you might not like the clothes, but a box like Menlo is fairly inexpensive, and you get great value from it. There are also monthly accessories boxes (such as Gentleman’s Box) to always keep your outfits looking fresh!


Fragrance subscription boxes are a hit or miss for some people. With a box like this, you’ll get a 30-day sample of cologne of your choice. There is quite a bit of controversy with fragrance subscription boxes because you can get samples for free in department stores. However, nobody wants to deal with the inconvenience of going to the store and dealing with salespeople, so it might be worth it to order a fragrance box to try them out instead. One of our favorites is Scentbox!

Lifestyle + Hobbies

Many of the boxes on our list of best subscription boxes for men can be placed into this category. For example, there are boxes for people who love golfing and fishing. Since there are so many different hobbies and lifestyle choices, there are hundreds of subscription boxes that can fit into this category. The good news is — no matter what your favorite hobby is (unless it’s something very strange) there will be a subscription box to fit it.


If you love getting in shape, a fitness subscription box can help you progress further toward your dream results. For example, Gainzbox is one of the best monthly subscription boxes for men since it provides healthy supplements, nutrition bars, and other products to help subscribers who want to gain muscle. There will be a box option for you no matter what type of workout you prefer (cardio, weightlifting, yoga, or even boxes dedicated to protein/nutrition bars).


Underwear and socks are some of the most annoying items to buy. How convenient would it be if you didn’t need to worry about shopping for them? Instead, you would get them automatically sent to your doorstep every month. With a subscription like MeUndies or Say it with a Sock, this can happen. Most of these boxes allow you to customize which prints and underwear styles you’d like to receive, so you should never get anything you don’t like.


There are some subscription boxes, such as Bespoke Post, that don’t necessarily fit into one category because they offer a large variety of items. Boxes like these are a great option for guys who have a range of interests and want different box types each month.

Men vs. Women

While many of the best subscription boxes are pretty versatile and can be subscribed to by both men and women, those designed particularly (or mostly) for men are bound to be a better fit for guys. There are certain boxes, such as clothing and accessories for men, that wouldn’t be a good fit for women. However, many hobby boxes can be subscribed to by women who are interested in them (like fishing, sports, fitness, and so on).

Benefits of Getting a Subscription

Let’s explore the pros of signing up for good subscription boxes for men:

  • Fun and exciting items: Items are usually trendy and selected by experts.
  • Affordable: These services typically get products in bulk, so the price is usually much less than buying outright.
  • No need to order constantly: The items simply arrive at your chosen frequency.
  • Personal preferences: Most subscriptions are customizable, so you can leave some information about what you want.

Drawbacks of Getting a Subscription

As great as gift subscriptions for men are, they also have a few cons: 

  • Not personalized: Some subscriptions don’t offer any personalization. 
  • No previews: Many subscriptions don’t show you the contents before shipping the box. 
  • Difficult account management: You might struggle to change your subscription like canceling or skipping your order. 
  • Auto-renewals: Always read the terms and conditions carefully to understand what you’re signing up for.

At a Glance — Summary of the Top Picks

SprezzaBox — Best subscription gift boxes for men

Breo Box — Best subscription boxes for men who love gadgets

Loot Crate — Best geek subscription for men

Hunt a Killer — Best men’s mystery box

Trunk Club — Best clothing subscription for men

BattlBox — Best men’s outdoor subscription

Flaviar — Best alcohol subscription

WatchGang — Best men’s accessory subscription

Lumin Skincare — Best skincare subscription for men

Dollar Shave Club — Best men’s shave club

The Beard Club — Best grooming box

Grill Masters Club — Best subscription boxes for a dad

Bespoke Post — Best lifestyle box for men

Winc — Best wine club

Bean Box — Best coffee subscription

Cigar of the Month Club — Best cigar subscription

Beer Drop — Best drinks subscription

Masterclass — Best learning club

Mystery Tackle Box — Best sports subscription

Stitch Fix — Best personal stylist subscription

Gentleman’s Box — Best subscription for smaller brands

Menlo Club — Best quarterly men’s clothing subscription

Short Par 4 — Best golf subscription box

Scentbird — Best cologne subscription

Good Councel — Most inclusive men’s clothing subscription

Cairn — Best camping subscription

SaloonBox — Best men’s cocktail subscription

Final Thoughts

That sums up this best subscription boxes for men article! Whether you were looking for clothing, accessories, a box to supplement your favorite hobby, or were just wondering what type of box you might want to subscribe to, we hope we were able to give you a better idea of which subscription service might appeal to you. All of these boxes include savings opportunities and coupons, so make sure to check out our reviews to find exclusive deals we share! Before we wrap up, see our FAQ!


Why would a man need subscription boxes?

Men can enjoy subscription boxes just as much as anybody else! With monthly subscription boxes for men, you’ll avoid the hassle of shopping for yourself, get personalized products, and save money by getting a better value than what you spend on the box. Most men have different interests than women or kids, so we created this article to point out the different types of boxes men might enjoy. With such a large selection, there’s an option for whichever hobby or interest you have.

Which subscription box provides the greatest value for men?

We believe the most remarkable subscription boxes are ones that provide the best value while still being affordable. As you might imagine, the more expensive the box, the better the value. For example, Battlbox (one of the survival subscription boxes) has a $150 per month box with an amazing value of items. However, this is an unrealistic price for most people. That being said, we’d say Sprezzabox (a box for accessories) provides the greatest value while still being affordable. It costs $28 a month, but the total value of their boxes is always over $100! Plus, they have a deal for half off your first month.

What are the best cheap subscription boxes for men?

As mentioned above, the cheapest boxes don’t always provide the greatest value. If you’re looking for a subscription box solely based on price, the most inexpensive box on the list is Dollar Shave Club. Not only do you get your first month for just a dollar, but the replacement razors after that are fairly cheap as well. Birchbox, a box for grooming product samples, is also very cheap at just $10 per month. We also have a cheap subscription boxes article! 

When will I get billed each month?

Your billing date will vary with each subscription box. You’ll be able to find the answer to this in the FAQ of whichever box you’re interested.

Can I send a subscription box as a gift?

Of course! If you want to surprise your man, subscription box gift might do the trick. The majority of subscription boxes that we have seen offer gifting options. Plus, a subscription box is a great gift for anybody – not just men! If you’re looking for a gift for other people, such as subscription boxes for kids, we have various other pages that share the best types of boxes for anyone you’re shopping for (women, kids, pets, teens, etc.). We also have a holiday gift guide! However, since you’re here, you’ve probably looked for top subscription boxes for men. We hope you’ve found what you were looking for!

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