The 20+ Coolest Subscription Boxes for Kids

The 20+ Coolest Subscription Boxes for Kids

Ever feel like you’re buying endless amounts of useless trinkets for your kids that they get bored of after just a few weeks? A great option for keeping your kids entertained and engaged in beneficial play is to enlist the help of subscription boxes for kids.

In the article below, we will introduce you to the best kids’ subscription boxes in the United States. We have worked hard to seek out the subscription boxes with the best value out there. We’ve also made sure to find the subscription boxes with the healthiest, safest, and most fun products because our kids deserve the best products out there.  

Best Kid Subscription Boxes 2021–2022

Subscription Box DescriptionAge RangeReview ScorePricing Visit Site
The Ultimate 2024 Yumble Review — Is It Healthy?
Yumble is a weekly ready-made meal subscription for kids. It offers healthy and nutritious food made specifically for growing bodies. $6.99–$9.99
2 Little Spoon Reviews — Organic and Healthy Food for Kids
Little Spoon is a ready-made food delivery service for babies, toddlers, and kids. It offers fantastic organic meals made with the absolute best ingredients. $2.99–$5.99
3 Reliable Bitsbox Review [ Things You Must Know ]
Bitsbox subscription boxes are an excellent way to keep your child interested in coding and technology.Starts from $16.95
4 Kiwico Reviews in 2024 — Is It Worth It or Not So Much?
Each box comes with hands-on science and art projects - there is also a toddler subscription box offered for younger kids and a box for babies!0–16$19.95– $29.95/month
5 Bitsbox
One of the best computer science subscription boxes for kids who take an interest in apps and coding.6–12$16.95–$37.95/month
6 GameFly
One of the only gaming subscription boxes for teens, kids, and adults that allows you to rent video games!All Ages$15.95–$22.95 / month
7 Stitch Fix Reviews 2024 — Your Personal Styling Brand
One of the best subscription boxes for women, men, or kids that provides your own personal stylist and picks out clothing/accessories for you.All Ages$20 styling fee*
8 Ultimate Loot Crate Review [Everything To Know In 2024]
Offers numerous subscription boxes for fans of pop culture, gaming, TV & movies, sports, and sci-fi & fantasy.All Ages$24.99–$34.99
20+ Box Options TRY LOOT CRATE
9 Little Passports Reviews in 2024 — Great Fun for 0 to 16+
Little Passports is a monthly subscription perfect for kids to start learning about the world, its people, and natural wonders.3–13From $20/month to $28/month
10 Brick Loot Review 2024 — Is It Worth It?
Delivers various LEGO products each month.All Ages$24.88/month + shipping

*The clothes you decide to keep will be charged additionally.

If you’re trying to find a good activity that will keep your kids busy and entertained, subscription boxes are the way to go. They’re full of surprises and make every month feel like Christmas.

But there is one problem. With so many great boxes, it’s hard to find the right one. So, we’ve compiled a list of the finest subscription boxes for kids to help you out. 

We divided the boxes into several categories, including activities, cooking, clothes, ьха education. We hope you find exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s dive in.

Evaluation Criteria for Choosing the Right Box for Your Kid

Here are the criteria we followed to compare the subscription boxes:

  • Variety and Quality
  • Price — The cost can be a deciding factor when choosing any product.
  • Customer Reviews — It helps to know what other customers think so that you can make the right choice.
  • Engagement — We checked if kids are happy with the boxes to ensure they bring them fun and joy.
  • Safety — The most important aspect of our lives is protecting our kids. That’s why finding the safest products is always a priority.

Subscription Boxes for Activities

Let’s explore some fun subscription boxes for kids to keep them occupied and fill their spare time with joy.

KiwiCo kiwico atlas box

Kiwi Crates by KiwiCo offer various boxes that cover different ages and interests. The service has hands-on STEAM projects with all needed materials and an instruction manual. So, its main goal is to teach your kids about science and art while having fun. 

The amount of projects varies in each crate, but they usually include 1–2 larger or 2–3 smaller ones. All follow the same theme and interconnect.

They’ll keep your child engaged for a few hours. The boxes also include bonus magazines or other content on the theme.

It’s a very safe kids’ craft subscription, with former educators and child development professionals testing each crate. Also, real kids review the boxes to ensure they’re engaging, fun, and appealing.

Product Specifics:

  • Hands-on STEAM projects
  • Various boxes for all ages and interests
  • Hours of fun
  • Bonus magazines or extra content
  • Tested by experts


  • Very educational
  • Numerous choices
  • Rigorously tested


  • Can get a bit messy
  • Requires supervision

Why we choose this box: There’s a reason why this is one of the most popular subscriptions. These carefully tested boxes include projects that will keep your kids busy while improving their knowledge of science and art. Plus, you have a choice of numerous boxes. If you’re interested in learning more, read our in-depth review of KiwiCo.

Sago Mini BoxSago Mini Box

The Sago Mini Box is a popular make-and-play subscription box for preschoolers. The target age range is around 3–5 years

The box theme changes monthly, and each provides numerous activities. Recent themes included “fairy tales,” “forest,” and “planes.”

The service promises hours of fun for every child. It stimulates creativity while teaching them new information in a fun way.

What makes this one of the finest subscription boxes for preschoolers is that the box is part of the fun. It transforms into a landscape that follows the monthly theme. Also, it comes with a collectible figure that’s part of the story.

The products adhere to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) Safety Requirements, so you can rest assured they’re suitable for your child.

Product Specifics:

  • Geared towards preschoolers (ages 3–5)
  • New theme each month
  • Hours of fun and activities
  • Includes a collectible figure
  • Follows the CPSC Safety Requirements


  • Engaging and creative
  • The box is part of the fun
  • Ensures safety


  • Options only for preschoolers (ages 3–5)
  • US delivery only

Why we choose this box: It’s an excellent activity box for preschoolers that promotes creativity while teaching your kids along the way. It provides hours of fun and comes with a collectible toy figure. The box also transforms into part of the theme.

We Craft Box We Craft Box 

Here’s a kids’ craft subscription dedicated to providing a fun activity. It’s best for kids between three and nine years.

The box comes with crafting materials to create a story following the monthly theme. Also, there’s a list with photo instructions that will guide your child through the crafting process.

There are usually 2–3 crafts within a story that follow the same theme. Your kids will have fun for hours on end. The great thing is that the box contains enough materials for you to join in and get some quality family time.

These kids’ craft boxes are excellent for entertainment and creativity. Plus, they follow the safety guidelines.

Product Specifics:

  • Geared towards kids aged 3–9
  • Contains crafting materials
  • Completes a story
  • Activities for many hours
  • You can join in on the fun


  • Fun for the entire family
  • Arts and crafts for hours
  • Follows a theme


  • Younger kids might need help
  • It can get a bit messy

Why we choose this box: This is among the most popular craft subscription boxes for kids, and it’s an excellent addition to your kids’ life. It can entertain them with a themed story that includes 2–3 crafts to fill their days with fun and creativity. Also, it comes with enough materials for the whole family to join in on the fun.

Little Bookish WardrobeLittle Bookish Wardrobe box, book, and costume

Little Bookish Wardrobe is a subscription box for kids that sends a book and a costume that follows its theme. Your kids can enjoy reenacting the story as the main character. 

These boxes are suitable for wThe sizes are 3T–7T (43–51 inches), but some months come with a one-size-fits-all costume. 

The service offers a Girl and a Unisex Box. There’s also a Twinning Box if you have twins or a Sibling Box for boys and girls.

The box contains a hardcover book, costume, and accessories. Also, it comes with an arts & crafts pack, an interactive play card and game, a monthly challenge, and a summary card. 

It’s a beautiful kids’ subscription box that guarantees hours and days of fun while following all safety guidelines.

Product Specifics:

  • For ages 3–7
  • Features a hardcover book with a story
  • Includes a themed costume and accessories
  • Has extra arts & crafts pack and more


  • Comes with a themed costume
  • For girls, boys, and siblings
  • Includes extras for days of fun


  • Only for ages 3–7 
  • No refunds or returns

Why we choose this box: The Little Bookish Wardrobe box is a creative idea that your kids will surely love. This child subscription box includes a hardcover book and a costume with accessories that follow the same theme. You can choose from a Girl, Unisex, Twins, or Siblings box.

BookrooBookroo box and book

Bookroo is among the top book subscription boxes for kids, geared towards ages 0–12. It covers four groups: 

  • Board (ages 0–3)
  • Picture (ages 3–6)
  • Junior Chapter (ages 7–10)
  • Middle Grade (ages 9–12)

The service sends books that focus on high-quality illustrations, stories, messages, and re-readability. Plus, it sends hidden gems” — amazing books that aren’t very well known.

Bookroo stands out from other monthly clubs for kids with its Collection Editions. Designers create these books with their spines and heights to fit perfectly on your shelf. 

In-house experts, librarians, parents, and kids check the books to ensure they’re kid-friendly and suitable for the corresponding age.

Product Specifics:

  • Geared towards ages 0–12
  • High-quality illustrations
  • Bookroo Collection Editions


  • Hours and days of engagement
  • Specially designed books
  • Hidden gems


  • Only for kids under 12 years
  • The Middle Grade lacks Collection Editions

Why we choose this box: Bookroo is a great children’s monthly subscription that sends hidden literary gems right to your doorstep. The books are for kids aged 0–12. They’re part of the service’s Collection Editions that fit perfectly on your shelf.

Green Kids Crafts Green Kids Crafts box and products

Green Kids Crafts is a STEAM subscription box that utilizes kids’ creativity and improves their science knowledge.

What makes it stand out from other craft boxes for kids is its focus on ecology. The subscription is eco-friendly, using recycled and natural materials for its contents. Also, the company partners with One Tree Planted and plants a tree for each order.

There are two boxes to choose from based on your child’s age — the Junior (ages 3–5), which focuses on crafts, and the Discovery (ages 5–10+), which focuses on science.

Each box contains 4–6 STEAM projects and a 12-page magazine to guide learning. Also, the kids can share the activities.

Product Specifics:

  • STEAM learning
  • Ages 3–10+
  • Eco-friendly
  • Can be shared between kids


  • One tree for every placed order
  • Variety of STEAM projects
  • 12-page magazine included


  • Returning costs a fee
  • Only for kids over three years

Why we choose this box: This kid box subscription is a STEAM learning experience that teaches science and art. Each box comes with a few projects kids can share and a 12-page magazine. The biggest plus is the eco-friendly approach as the company plants one tree for every order.

Pipsticks Kid’s ClubPipsticks Kid’s Club products

Pipsticks Kid’s Club sends monthly packages for kids who like stickers. They’re suitable for children over three years old. Also, there’s a Pro Sticker Pack that caters to kids between 10 and 13 years or older.

You can order the Classic pack with 15 sticker sheets or the Petite pack with seven. The Kids Club also features:

  • Collectible puffy Pipsticker
  • Scratch ‘n Sniff Pipstickers
  • Activity book
  • Coloring postcard
  • Reusable holographic pouch

The three special monthly tickets make this kids’ surprise box unique. One is a shiny pink ticket for a VIP prize, and the other two are shiny silver tickets for three months of free Pipsticks.

In-house designers create most stickers, and some are collaborations with other companies.

Product Specifics:

  • Sticker subscription
  • For kids over the age of three
  • 15 sheet or 7 stick pack
  • Made by in-house designers


  • Great refund policy
  • You get a sneak peek in your email
  • Lots of goodies inside


  • No holiday-themed stickers
  • A bit expensive

Why we choose this box: Pipsticks is among the leading sticker subscription boxes for kids. It includes packs with 15 or 7 sticker sheets and many other goodies. Some boxes also contain special prize tickets. The service has outstanding customer service and a refund policy.

Brick LootBrick Loot box and products

Brick Loot is a toy subscription box for LEGO enthusiasts. It was created by a 9-year-old boy (now 17), and it’s suitable for anyone over six years old.

The box contains:

  • Custom kits with LEGO bricks by famous LEGO designers
  • Brick Loot exclusives
  • LEGO accessories
  • Custom LEGO mini-figures
  • LEGO-compatible products

Not all boxes contain the same products. They usually follow a theme, and the content remains a mystery before delivery.

Every box contains 4–8 unique and custom items. Most products are handmade, and some are crafted with original LEGOs.

You should know that this kids’ toy subscription has no association with The LEGO Group, but it uses some of its products in the boxes.

Product Specifics:

  • Box for LEGO enthusiasts
  • For kids over six years
  • 4–8 items
  • Handmade products


  • Custom lego sets and figures
  • Kits created by famous LEGO designers
  • Custom LED Light Kits


  • You can’t return the box
  • Most items aren’t official LEGO products

Why we choose this box: Brick Loot is a treasure for any LEGO enthusiast. It sends 4–8 custom items that are LEGO-compatible or made of LEGO products. The box also includes custom LEGO mini-figures. Plus, famous LEGO designers create some of the products, and every box follows a theme.

Subscription Boxes for Cooking

If your child enjoys helping you in the kitchen, consider getting one of these cooking boxes:

Kidstir Cooking KitKidstir box and recipe books

The Kidstir Cooking Kit is perfect for any aspiring young chef between 4 and 14 years.

Every box contains three tasty recipes and the Foodie Fun magazine with tips and activities. It also comes with:

  • Achievement stickers
  • Wordstir game cards
  • Quality kid-friendly cooking tool

You can buy a separate cookbook for a year-worth of recipes.

Besides the monthly kid boxes, this service includes many digital extras. Examples include bonus recipes, cooking videos, family games, and activities.

There’s a special monthly theme, with some past boxes focusing on Beach Days or Mexican Fiesta. The boxes don’t contain ingredients. You’ll receive an email with the shopping list, which you’ll also find in a printed version inside the box.

The subscription offers dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, and vegetarian dietary modifications for all kit recipes.

Product Specifics:

  • For ages 4–14
  • Three recipes per box
  • Cooking tool and other goodies included
  • Many digital extras


  • Helps your kid try different foods
  • Allergen-free options
  • You can see the box contents on the site


  • The boxes don’t contain ingredients
  • The kitchen can get messy

Why we choose this box: The Kidstir Cooking Kit is among the top cooking subscription boxes for kids. It contains three tasty recipes, a kid-friendly cooking tool, and other goodies. You’ll find even more surprises and extras that follow the monthly theme on the site. Also, you can modify the box for specific allergens.

Raddish KidsRaddish Kids products

Raddish Kids offers one of the greatest cooking subscription boxes for children between 4 and 14 years.

Every box includes three illustrated recipe guides and three culinary skill cards. Inside, you’ll also find a creative kitchen project, a kid-friendly tool, and some collectibles. If you purchase a six or 12-month membership, you’ll also receive a free Raddish apron.

The boxes follow a monthly theme, which usually involves Seasonal Spotlights, Global Cuisine, Creative Cookery, or Holiday Celebrations.

Raddish Kids offers many digital goodies, including recipes, activities, dietary substitutions, and digital lesson plans. The great thing about this children’s box is that you can modify your food. The service provides dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and egg-free options.

The food doesn’t come with the box. You’ll receive the ingredient list via email and a printed version with your delivery.

Product Specifics:

  • For ages 4–14
  • Includes three illustrated recipe guides
  • Comes with a kid-friendly tool and other goodies
  • Digital extras


  • You can modify the diet options
  • A free Raddish apron for a 6 or 12-month subscription
  • The themes don’t repeat


  • Needs supervision
  • The food doesn’t come with the box

Why we choose this box: Raddish Kids offers one of the finest monthly subscriptions for kids who enjoy cooking. Each box includes three tasty recipes, a safe kitchen tool, and other goodies. You’ll also find more digital extras on the site. Depending on your plan, you can even get a free Raddish apron.

FoodstirsFoodstirs box

Foodstirs is among the top cooking subscription services for kids. It was co-founded by the actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, and it’s suitable for kids over six years old. Also, these boxes provide kids with options to cook healthy, non-GMO, low-sugar treats.

The service sells baking mixes and kits. Its baking kit contains all the necessary ingredients to make a treat. Inside, you’ll also find a step-by-step recipe card and an activity sheet.

All the baking kits are certified organic and non-GMO, except for the natural dyes. The service also offers vegan and kosher options, and the shelf life of the baking kits is six months.

These monthly kits for kids stand out for their proprietary organic sweetener blend. It’s made of 100% natural ingredients, including Stevia leaf, Erythritol, and a little cane sugar. That makes the products delicious and low in sugar.

Product Specifics:

  • For kids over 6 years
  • Includes a recipe card and activity sheet
  • Health-oriented foods
  • 100% organic sweetener blend


  • The ingredients come in the kit
  • Non-GMO, low-sugar components
  • Vegar and kosher options


  • Might leave you with a messy kitchen
  • Some recipes take time

Why we choose this box: Foodstirs’ baking kits are excellent activity boxes for kids. You can pick one of the recipes and make it with your kid. The ingredients are non-GMO and made with an organic sweetener blend that keeps the food sweet but low in sugar.

Universal Yums Snack BoxUniversal Yums box

This is one of the top food subscription boxes for kids. The service sends you a box of snacks and candies from a different country every month for you and your kids to enjoy.

You can choose between three box sizes: 

  • Yum Box (5–7 snacks)
  • Yum Yum Box (10–12 snacks)
  • Super Yum Box (18–20 snacks)

All boxes include sweet and savory snacks that are almost impossible to find in the US. This kids’ mystery box also has an interactive guidebook full of trivia, games, recipes, and culture.

The service purchases directly from the production companies and offers full transparency of the used ingredients. It also has a food safety and compliance team that does deep research into every supplier to ensure they follow the FDA regulations.

Product Specifics:

  • A box of snacks from different countries
  • Three box size options
  • Bonus goodies
  • Ensures product safety


  • Unique snacks that are impossible to find in the US
  • Interactive guidebook
  • Complies with FDA regulations


  • Unsuitable for people with allergies
  • Doesn’t cater to special diets

Why we choose this box: The Universal Yums Box is one of those box subscriptions for kids that will make you want to get one for yourself. It’s full of delicious snacks from all over the world that are very hard to find in the US. Also, all products follow FDA regulations.

Educational Subscription Boxes

If you want to encourage your child’s thirst for knowledge, here are some of the best educational subscription boxes for kids.

Little PassportsLittle Passports bag and products

Little Passports is perfect for kids who want to know more about the world. The service offers a few boxes with different themes by age.

The box lines include:

  • Early Explorers (3–5)
  • World Edition (6–10)
  • USA Edition (7–12)
  • Science Junior (5–8)
  • Science Expeditions (8+)
  • Animals Wild (3–5)

The first month starts with an introductory package. If you’re interested, you can check its contents by visiting the site. After that, you’ll get random boxes following a theme.

These kids’ delivery boxes include various items depending on their type. For example, the first World Edition box starts with learning about Brazil. It contains a blue suitcase, a personal passport, a wall-sized world map, and a souvenir.

Aside from the boxed goodies, you’ll also get special online activities, photos, fun facts, music, and videos.

Product Specifics:

  • Various boxes for all ages
  • Teaches STEM, culture, and geography 
  • Includes many boxed and digital goodies
  • The introductory box is the same for all subscribers


  • Very educational
  • Numerous goodies inside the box
  • You can share a subscription between kids


  • Somewhat pricy
  • The introductory box may outshine the others

Why we choose this box: Little Passports offers excellent subscription gifts for kids who are curious and love learning. It includes STEM, culture, and geography subjects. Also, you can choose from various boxes, depending on your kids’ age. If you’re interested, you can learn more about Little Passports in our detailed review.

Little Global CitizensLittle Global Citizens

The Little Global Citizens box is among the supreme children’s subscription boxes for learning about geography and culture. It’s best for kids between 4 and 10 years old.

The box includes authentic guides and 2–3 educator-developed crafts. It also contains 2–3 activities like games, puzzles, quizzes, recipes, and a high-quality storybook.

Your child will explore a different country each month, and you can preview the theme four weeks before delivery. Examples from previous boxes include Egypt, China, and Jamaica. 

You can order a Single Box to test the service before subscribing. Also, you can get the Sibling Box, which includes two sets of craft and activity supplies.

Educators, travelers, and parents design these monthly boxes for kids. Also, kids test them to ensure they’re fun and engaging.

Product Specifics:

  • For ages 4–10
  • Different country every month
  • Single and Sibling Box options
  • Designed by educators, travelers, and parents
  • Tested by children


  • Free shipping
  • Early theme preview 
  • Children can share the Sibling Box


  • Doesn’t contain recipe ingredients
  • Somewhat costly

Why we choose this box: Little Global Citizens helps your child learn about other countries and cultures. These boxes include games, crafts, and recipes for a specific country. Plus, educators, travelers, and parents design every box.

MEL Science MEL Science box and products

Mel Science is among the greatest STEM subscription boxes for kids. It offers hands-on experiments and promotes studying all sciences.

You can choose from a few boxes, including:

  • Coding (4–7+)
  • STEM (5–9+)
  • Professions (5–9+)
  • Physics (8–14+)
  • Chemistry (10–16+)
  • Medicine (14–99+)

Each monthly box provides hands-on experiments on the chosen topic. Besides the box, you’ll also enjoy the MEL Science app. It focuses on augmented and virtual reality lessons, a virtual assistant to help your child, and a lot of science content.

All boxes are rigorously tested in labs and follow US and EU safety regulations. The materials are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Product Specifics:

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Many boxes to choose from
  • STEM hands-on projects
  • More digital content
  • Rigorously tested for safety


  • MEL Science App
  • Focused on safety
  • Environmentally friendly


  • You can’t buy individual kits
  • May require some supervision

Why we choose this box: MEL Science is the best subscription for kids who are curious about science, medicine, coding, and more. The service has numerous boxes that fit all ages. Also, you get access to the MEL Science app, where your kids can find more content. All products are safe and environmentally friendly.

Groovy Lab in a Box Groovy Lab in a Box products and packaging

Groovy Lab in a Box is another great choice if you’re looking into science subscription boxes for kids. It offers STEM boxes for ages 4–7 (Young Creator Series) and ages 8+ (STEMist Series).

You can get the Single Box option to test it out and see if it fits your child. The boxes include everything you need to complete all activities, inquiry experiments, tests, and engineering design challenges. They also come with a 20+ page custom-designed notebook.

These boxes have a digital side, too. The Beyond in a Box works in tandem with the Groovy Lab in a Box. It offers more knowledge about the science and engineering behind every experiment.

The challenges are suitable for more than one child and can entertain them for a month. 

Product Specifics:

  • For ages 4–8+
  • STEM hands-on experiments
  • Variety of boxes with experiments
  • Digital extras


  • Single Box option
  • Kids can share a box
  • Beyond in a Box option


  • Might require supervision
  • The experiments can be challenging

Why we choose this box: The Groovy Lab in a Box offers excellent monthly subscription boxes for kids that come with all the materials needed to do the STEM experiments. They help your kid learn more about science and technology. Also, the boxes come with an extra notebook and a Beyond in a Box option.

Womple Box Womple Box packaging and products

The Womple Box is among the finest learning subscription boxes for kids who enjoy learning about countries and cultures. It’s best for ages 6–11.

The mascot is Womple — a yeti-like creature from Antarctica that likes to travel. Every box is described as an experience from the mascot’s perspective. 

Inside, you’ll find Illustrated books, interactive fold-out maps, and country guides. The boxes also include two hands-on STEAM projects with easy-to-follow instructions. Finally, there’s a Pen Pal bundle with a postcard, stationery, stickers, envelope, and memorable collectibles.

You can get a Single Box and choose a country you like, or buy a plush Womple for your kid. Storytellers, educators, and designers make this mystery box for kids, and kids test it to ensure a safe and fun experience.

Product Specifics:

  • For ages 6–11
  • Illustrated book, maps, and guides included
  • Two STEAM projects
  • Pen Pal bundle


  • Free shipping
  • Kids can share boxes
  • You can try out a Single Box


  • No returns, exchanges, or refunds
  • Available only in the US

Why we choose this box: The Womple Box is excellent for kids who want to explore other countries and cultures. The stories follow Womple — a yeti that likes to travel. Every month, the boxes cover a different country and include an illustrated book, map, and Pen Pal bundle. Kids can also share the boxes.

Bitsbox Bitsbox products

Bitsbox is a coding subscription box for kids of 6–12 years, but older kids can benefit from it too.

There are three subscription options. The PDF subscription sends a monthly email with links to files you can print out yourself. The Basic subscription is a box with 10–12 coding projects printed on durable cards. The Deluxe subscription comes with coding projects, trading cards, a small toy, stickers, and temporary tattoos.

Kids code their projects on the Bitsbox website, and their apps work on any device with a web browser. The programming language is Javascript/HTML5.

These activity boxes can be shared with a separate coding account. Even if you end the subscription, your kids can still access the website and any apps they’ve built.

Product Specifics:

  • For ages 6–12
  • Three subscription options
  • 10–12 monthly coding projects
  • Uses Javascript language


  • Siblings can share the subscription
  • Access to the site remains after unsubscribing
  • Your kid can choose the project they like


  • Might require some supervision
  • Some projects can be challenging

Why we choose this box: Bitsbox is a boys and girls subscription box that teaches coding with Javascript. You kid can test all projects on the Bitsbox site and tinker with them as much as they like. They can try every change in real-time.

Spangler Science ClubSpangler Science Club products being used by kid and adult

The Spangler Science Club is one of the monthly subscription boxes for girls and boys that teaches STEM. It’s best for kids of 5–12 years.

Steve Spangler found this club. He’s the inventor behind the mentos and diet coke geyser experiment, but he’s also a science teacher and a science toy inventor.

Every box contains materials and instructions to perform 3–5 experiments based on a theme. Some examples include Bubblology, Electricity, and Water Science. For example, the Electricity box consists of an Energy Stick Conductor Blister Card, two latex balloons, a clear cylinder with a cap, colored beads, six clear PET cups, an aluminum foil sheet, and instruction cards.

These monthly subscription boxes give kids enough experiments for one month, so siblings can share.

Product Specifics:

  • For kids of 5–12 years
  • Invented by Steve Spangler
  • 3–5 experiments per box
  • All needed materials plus instructions included


  • Free shipping
  • Boxes can be shared
  • Wide variety of experiments


  • You can’t skip a month
  • Will require supervision

Why we choose this box: The Spangler Science Club is a STEM subscription box that teaches your kids about the wonders of science. Every box contains 3–5 experiments and all needed materials and instructions. There are enough experiments to keep your child occupied for the whole month.

Creation CrateCreation Crate box and experiment items

Creation Crate is a subscription that covers STEM subjects, and it offers a few crates:

  • Electronics crate (ages 12+)
  • Electronics Challenger crate (ages 12+)
  • Chemistry crate (ages 10+)
  • Engineering crate (ages 10+)

These are wonderful monthly subscription boxes for older kids, and adults can also enjoy them. 

Let’s take the Electronics crates as an example. Every box includes three main items: A UNO R3 microcontroller (a pocket-sized computer), various electronic components, and access to online courses. 

The online courses teach you step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the hardware. They also have video tutorials for the components and programming of your project.

The language used is the Arduino (C/C++).

Product Specifics:

  • For ages 10+ and 12+
  • STEM subjects
  • Contains everything needed for the projects
  • Uses the Arduino language (C/C++) for the electronics


  • Great customer service
  • Step-by-step online instructions
  • Adults can also use it


  • Experiments can be challenging
  • Some help might be needed

Why we choose this box: The Creation Crate is one of the best monthly kid subscription boxes covering STEM subjects. There are a few boxes to choose from with a project that your kid can work on and learn through creating. There are also online step-by-step instructions to make the process easier.

Clothing Subscription Boxes

If you’re looking for trendy new clothes for your child but don’t want to go shopping, check these clothes subscription boxes for kids.

Stitch FixStitchFix boxes

Stitch Fix is a subscription service that offers clothes for kids and adults. The kid sizes are 2T–14.

You set up your kid’s account by adding the price range and sizing preferences. Then, you’ll receive 10 pieces of clothing (around $10 each). Your kid can try them out at home and decide which ones they like.

Once you know what you want to keep, you send back the rest. Returns are free, and a return envelope is included in the box.

Stitch Fix is a kids’ subscription box that employs professional stylists to pick the best clothes. The service is ecologically and socially conscious, focusing on sustainability and equity.

Product Specifics:

  • Sizes 2T–14
  • 10 pieces of clothing in every box
  • An option to try and return clothes
  • Works with professional stylists


  • Shipping and returning are free
  • 25% off if you keep everything
  • Ecologically and socially conscious


  • Only available in the US and UK
  • A $20 styling fee credited to whatever you buy

Why we choose this box: Stich Fix Kids offers great clothing subscription boxes for boys and girls. The company focuses on sustainability and equity. You get 10 pieces of clothing that your child can try out and return. Also, professional stylists pick the perfect items.

Rockets of AwesomeRockets of Awesome boxes

Rockets of Awesome is a subscription that offers clothing for kids and babies. It carries sizes 2–14 and special sizes for babies.

The subscription boxes are seasonal, so you’ll get them four times a year. They can include a selection of 5, 8, or 12 clothes. In-house designers create the clothes and pick them based on the quiz answers you provide upon signing up.

Two days before delivery, you’ll get a box preview in an email with a link to the selections. After you get the kids’ mystery box, your kid can try out the clothes. Then, you can use the box and the prepaid return label to mail back what you don’t like.

Product Specifics:

  • Sizes 2–14
  • New box every season
  • 5, 8, or 12 unique clothes in each box
  • Clothes to try out and return


  • Keep-All discount
  • Free shipping for orders over $50
  • Box preview


  • Small styling fee per subscription box
  • Deliveries are only once a season

Why we choose this box: The Rockets of Awesome bring your child new apparel every season. Your kid can try the clothes, and you can return what they don’t like. The company stands by its guarantees that the colors don’t fade and the clothes don’t rip or tear easily.

KidPikKidpik box and clothing

KidPik is among the cool subscription boxes for kids that deliver clothes every month or season. The sizes are 2–16.

Every box contains high-quality, personally styled outfits. It includes three head-to-toe outfits (including shoes). They all come up to seven pieces of clothing.

When you subscribe, you’ll answer a short quiz and input your child’s style, color, print, and fit preferences.

The in-house stylists choose the clothes and send them to you in a kid’s surprise box. Then, your kid has a week to try them on and decide if they like them. If they don’t, you can return the box for free. Keeping all the outfits gets you a 30% discount on the full price.

The service also runs a donation program in association with Baby2Baby.

Product Specifics:

  • Sizes 2–16
  • Three head-to-toe outfits per box
  • In-house stylists choose the clothes
  • You can return unwanted pieces
  • Donation and rewards program


  • Shipping and returns are free
  • 30% discount if you keep all outfits
  • Win rewards with the Pik Kindness program


  • $20 temporary authorization upon sign-up
  • Doesn’t ship to Alaska or Hawaii

Why we choose this box: The KidPik girls and boys subscription box contains three full outfits for trying out. If your child doesn’t like one or any, you can return the clothes for free. There’s also a program where you donate some clothes, and KidPik donates the same amount.

Sock PandaSock Panda products

Sock Panda offers subscription boxes for kids, and it’s the perfect way to get them fresh trendy. 

There are two types of boxes — the Tweens box (ages 8–11) and the Panda Pals box (ages 3–7). Both come with two pairs of socks with different designs every month. Also, the box usually has a theme. The Panda Pals subscription includes stickers, crayons, and toys.

The socks have colorful designs and high-quality materials, usually 85% Peruvian cotton.

If you find anything wrong with the socks, you can contact customer service. They’ll send you a replacement pair, and you can keep both pairs.

The service also has a great GiveBack program. For every children’s box you order, the company donates socks to those in need.

Product Specifics:

  • For ages 3–11
  • Two pairs of socks per box
  • 85% Peruvian cotton
  • Good customer service


  • Additional goodies in the Panda Pals box
  • Request a replacement without additional cost
  • GiveBack program


  • You can’t choose the socks you get
  • No refunds

Why we choose this box: The Sock Panda boxes are great for kids who want colorful new socks every month. Also, the socks are made from 85% Peruvian cotton, and you can replace a pair if you don’t like them. Plus, the service has an excellent GiveBack program.

Buyer’s Guide to the Perfect Subscription Boxes for Kids

Before deciding which subscription to get, you should consider the following aspects.2025086  606043

What to Look For

Here are a few things to look out for before you subscribe.

  • Age Range — You should look for a subscription box that fits your kid’s age. Some craft boxes can be challenging for younger kids, and unsuitable clothing won’t fit at all.
  • Ease of Use — Some boxes that involve experiments and learning might need supervision. The same goes for the cooking subscriptions.
  • Practicality — It’s crucial to know exactly what your kid likes. There might be a problem if you get art subscription boxes for kids, but they prefer cooking or science. Ask your kid what they’re interested in before deciding.
  • Quality — The quality of components in each box is essential. Try to find out where the company gets its products and look for sustainable and well-sourced options.
  • Value — Everyone wants high-value products that cost less. Try to determine the price of each item in the box if bought separately at retail value. But you’d be surprised how many boxes give you more than you pay for.

Benefits of Getting a Subscription Box

So, what are the positive sides of committing to a subscription?

  • Potential Savings — The included products can be more expensive when bought separately. Also, there are many cheap subscription boxes for kids.
  • Novelty — Your kid gets to have new things every month. Trying out clothes or playing with exciting toys will make them happy about the next delivery.
  • Convenience — You can order monthly clothing deliveries online, and you won’t bother going to the store.
  • Saves You Time — The time you’ll save by just clicking a few buttons is significant. That gives you more hours to relax or spend quality time with your child.

Drawbacks of Getting a Subscription Box

What are the negative sides that you should know before choosing a subscription?

  • Overbuying — You might enjoy monthly kids boxes a bit too much and end up subscribing to a bunch of them. That can leave you with too much stuff and an empty wallet.
  • Unclear Value — Some subscriptions might include hidden fees or show partial prices. Be sure to read the FAQ pages and Terms before subscribing carefully.
  • Return Problems — Not every company gives you the option to return a box you don’t like. The good thing is that they usually state this on the main page.
  • Subscription Renewals — Most subscription services for kids renew automatically. If you want to quit, be sure to do it manually.

At a Glance — Summary of the Top Picks

KiwiCo — Best subscription box overall

Sago Mini Box — Best make-and-play box

We Craft Box — Top pick for a crafting subscription box

Little Bookish Wardrobe — Top book and costume subscription

Bookroo — Top book subscription for “hidden gems”

Green Kids Crafts — Most eco-friendly crafting subscription box

Pipsticks Kid’s Club — Top sticker subscription box

Brick Loot — Best subscription box for LEGO lovers

Kidstir Cooking Kit — Top cooking subscription box

Raddish Kids — Best subscription for extra goodies

Foodstirs — Most healthy baking kits

Universal Yums Snack Box — Best box for snacks

Little Passports — Top subscription box for future travelers

Little Global Citizens — Best subscription for learning geography

MEL Science — Best science subscription box

Groovy Lab in a Box — Best approach to teaching STEM

Womple Box — Best box for sharing

Bitsbox — Top subscription box for coding

Spangler Science Club — Top STEM subscription box for beginners

Creation Crate — Best for STEM online learning

Stitch Fix — Most socially involved clothing subscription box

Rockets of Awesome — Best kid’s clothing subscription box overall

KidPik — Best subscription for a discount

Sock Panda — Top box for trendy socks

Types of Fun Subscription Boxes For Kids

There’s a variety of options when choosing kids’ subscription boxes. If you’re already familiar with the best subscription boxes and their categories, you’ll be happy to know that the ones dedicated to children have various types as well. This next section focuses on descriptions of each type of kids subscription box you might find on the US market and what you should expect to receive in each.

Fashion and Apparel

These tend to be some of the most popular monthly subscription boxes for older kids. Kids fashion subscription boxes provide full outfits along with accessories that are appropriate for all seasons and go along with the latest trends. We would recommend either Kidpik or Stitch Fix, since they have great offers and you only pay for the clothes you decide to keep. This way, you’ll never have to pay for anything you or your kids dislike.

For more options, you might want to check our separate clothing subscription boxes article. It outlines all of our favorite clothing subscription boxes, differences between subscription services, pricing, and more!

Educational Subscription Boxes for Kids

These subscription services provide projects that encourage fun learning in areas like science, mathematics, technology, culture, and art. There are many of them on our list, and whichever you pick will be a perfectly good choice. However, make sure you see the age range since not all subscription boxes are for toddlers, newborns, or older kids. Kiwi Crate is one of the rare subscription service companies that deliver products for kids of all ages and even offers monthly subscription boxes for babies.

Food and Snacks

Food and snack subscription boxes for kids come with snacks, food, or even entire meal kits that kids will love. These also encourage healthy eating and cooking habits. For instance, Kidstir and Chef Club Co. deliver fun, healthy cooking kits and provide you with terrific meals and snacks for the young ones.

If you get hungry seeing these great offerings, don’t steal food from your kids. Order your own box by picking one of the food subscription boxes from our list.

Toy Subscription Boxes

Getting a toy box monthly is a huge thrill for children! These boxes come with a wide variety of toys and building kits that kids love to open up. Never underestimate the excitement of opening surprise toys! Furthermore, Brick Loot subscription boxes are one great way to make your child happy. Their boxes contain 48 items each month, including items such as custom LEGO kits and minifigures, for just $24.88 per month.

While it’s not a toy subscription box per se, Loot Crate is one of the best subscription boxes for teens. This box offers collectibles, apparel, toys, and all kinds of gimmicks your kids will love to collect. They often partner with popular brands such as Marvel, Nickelodeon, Minecraft, and more that many kids are a fan of.


Lastly, there are kids’ subscription boxes that come with more essential items, such as new shoes and socks. This can be great to save you time shopping as well as exciting for your child to get boxes to open in the mail. Call me poshy, but I like Easy Kicks, which gets my kids branded, high-quality shoes at a reasonable price. Plus, I get to send the shoes back if I don’t like them and wait for the next month’s batch.

Why Get Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids?

As I scoured the internet for the best subscription boxes for children, I took notice of all the benefits that these kids’ subscription boxes offered. For one, they save a great deal of time (which every parent needs). Most times, they also save money because of the great value. Plus, you won’t need to deal with the painful heartache of taking your child to a store to pick something out (which can be nearly impossible).

Kids love to receive packages and boxes in the mail. They’re also a fun experience for you and your child! They give you a great excuse to sit down and spend intentional time with your child (if it’s an activity). This might be my favorite subscription box benefit.

Boys vs. Girls?

While some subscription boxes may be more geared toward girls over boys or vice versa, most subscription boxes appeal to both genders. For example, LEGOs and sports kits may be more popular with boys, but many girls enjoy and love them as well!


Which subscription boxes provide the highest value for kids?

Cheap subscription boxes for kids can be tricky to weed out. Some can save you money, while others can encourage needless extra spending. For example, Say It with a Sock charges $13.99 a month for two pairs of socks. This is more than most of us would typically pay for socks. Little Passports, on the other hand, is a great value! They offer educational kits for just $12.95 a month (definitely less than the average person would spend each month).

Is it possible to return the boxes if you don’t like the items you got?

Most of the clothing boxes allow full returns while other boxes (like food subscription boxes for kids) cannot be sent back.

Can you customize the content of your boxes?

Some boxes can be customized (like clothing boxes), while others are a complete question mark. For example, art subscription boxes for kids are completely chosen by the company and cannot be altered too much.

Are there any age limitations, and are there special boxes for different age groups?

Many subscription boxes for kids come specifically curated for different age groups (especially educational boxes). Other boxes (like food kits) are the same across the board.

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