Stitch Fix vs Wantable — Which Subscription Is Worth It in 2024?

We’re comparing Stitch Fix vs Wantable — two popular clothing subscriptions that offer a lot of personalization and customization. They bring you new and exciting wardrobe options. 

We’ve covered everything you should know, including how the subscriptions work, pricing, style options, delivery, and managing your account.

Let’s get into it. 

What Is Wantable?

wantable box

The Wantable clothes subscription allows you to try the items before buying them. It’s all about combining technology with personal styling. 

The service accommodates most sizes and styles. Also, the organization employs a sophisticated algorithm that learns about you with every order.

All you do is try the items, return what you don’t want, keep what you love, and enjoy.


What Is Stitch Fix?

stitch fix opened box

Comparing Wantable vs Stitch Fix, the latter has over 5,000 stylists from all over the US. Also, the service provides a customized experience.

Stitch Fix is a simple subscription. All you have to do is log in and fill out a style questionnaire. Then, a stylist will select clothing based on your information and have everything delivered to your door. 

You can try the clothes on, return anything you don’t like, and rate each item to tailor your future boxes.


Wantable Box Subscriptions

Wantable works a little differently from Stitch Fix. It offers four subscriptions:

  • Active (Men and Women) — Perfect for gym lovers (leggings and tops)
  • Sleep & Body — For those who like to relax in comfort (lounging pants and tops)
  • Style — Everyday items to mix and match (jerseys, pants, and tops)

A stylist will put together all items based on your style options and a personalized quiz. 

You can also replace your usual subscription or get some themed boxes as an extra. If you need more information, learn more about Wantable. 

Stitch Fix Subscription Boxes

Stitch Fix doesn’t have style categories. It starts with a style quiz that gets to know your preferences. Based on your answers, your stylist will put together items they think you’ll enjoy. 

Looking for more information? Our comprehensive guide to Stich Fix will help. 

Stitch Fix vs Wantable Clothing Selections

Both subscriptions use a personalized quiz where you enter and select answers about your preferences to help stylists get to know you better. 

The more boxes you get, the more personalized items you’ll have. 

What Sizing Is Available?

Let’s explore the different sizing for both subscriptions.


  • Active, Style, and Sleep & Body women’s sizes — XS–3X (0–24W)
  • Men’s Active — S–XXL

Stitch Fix

  • Women’s — XS-3X (maternity, plus, and petite)
  • Men’s — XS-3XL
  • Kids — 2T-18

Comparing the subscriptions based on sizing, Stitch Fix is a bit more inclusive. 

Wantable Brands

Wantable works with hundreds of premium brands, including:

  • Free People
  • Beyond Yoga
  • Z Supply
  • Democracy
  • Liverpool

Based on reviews, customers love the available options and believe the service recommends items they can use. 

What Brands Does Stitch Fix Carry?

Stitch Fix offers over 1,000 brands. Some popular ones include:

  • Kate Spade
  • Paige
  • Dolce Vita
  • Mavi
  • Theory

All the brands recommended to you are based on your personal style quiz.

What’s Better, Wantable vs Stitch Fix? — Styles Available

Both subscriptions carry varying styles to fit a range of fashion needs. For example, Wantable has the following style categories:

  • Loungewear
  • Gym wear
  • Everyday wear

In contrast, Stitch Fix doesn’t have designated categories. Instead, the service employs a stylist who customizes your clothing based on your preferences. 

Aside from categories and the quiz, Wantable also has stylists who select the items. So Wantable nudges Stitch Fix out of the top spot because it offers more personalization to narrow down your needs. 

Wantable Prices vs Stitch Fix

Both subscriptions charge $20 per box, which goes towards any items you keep. 

Stitch Fix items cost between $25 and $500. In contrast, Wantable usually falls within the $50–$100 range.

Managing Your Account

wantable longewearWith Stitch Fix, you choose which items to keep. Except for the $20 stylist fee, you won’t be charged for items you return.

Keep in mind that Stitch Fix doesn’t offer rentals. In most cases, you have three days to return products, but you can request up to 20 days at checkout. You can skip or cancel whenever you wish, so it’s super flexible and convenient.

Your Wantable box includes a return bag, and you have five days to return any unwanted clothing. You can exchange a damaged item or ask for a different size. But you can’t switch to another color.

Once you have a profile, you can customize your subscription and put your edit on hold for a month. Canceling your account is also incredibly simple.

Stitch Fix vs Wantable Shipping and Delivery

Wantable is available to all US territories, including military addresses. The good news? You won’t have to pay for shipping as that’s included in your subscription. You can expect your package in the US within 3–5 business days. It’ll arrive in a neat box, keeping your items clean and in their best condition.

Stitch Fix is available throughout the US and the UK, making it a little more inclusive than Wantable. Also, we love that all the packaging is recyclable. 

Wantable vs Stitch Fix Reviews

Both subscriptions have a big following of loyal subscribers. Fans compliment the styles available and the convenience of these services.

Here is a Stitch Fix review we enjoyed:

“I really enjoyed my first order! I received things that I wouldn’t normally look for and they fit me so well. I’m looking forward to the next order. Its helping me consider brands and fits I wouldn’t normally go for and it’s exactly what I wanted. I’d say go for it, give it a try.” — Laurie Mousset

We also looked through Wantable reviews. Here’s a good one:

“I am really impressed and happy with Wantable. No fuss, no muss. Easy ordering, you can guide the choices if you like or just take a chance with their stylists. Returns could not be easier. I also love that I can change how often my style edit arrives. You can choose your price range, how cool is that? Great pieces that I can add to my quirky wardrobe. Highly recommend giving them a try.” — Amy Kauzlaric Wainscott

Both services also have negative reviews that mostly mention the quality. We see this quite a bit with Wantable, along with complaints about the Wantable cost.

In contrast, Stitch Fix receives more complaints about account-related issues and customers struggling to contact the company. 

Despite this, the overall reviews are mostly positive for both services. 

How to Get Hold of Each

Stitch Fix provides an email form, live chat, and direct email

Wantable has a phone line: 855-926-8225 (Monday–Saturday 9 AM–5 PM CT), but you can also use the email address

Both services have super in-depth FAQ sections that answered all our questions.

Wantable & Stitch Fix Competitors

Let’s see how these services compare to other subscription boxes for clothes.

Stitch Fix vs Wantable vs Dailylook

dailylook clothes

Dailylook is a little different from the other two subscriptions. The service sends you an email each morning where you can see the latest trends and looks. Each month, you’ll receive up to 12 items for a $40 styling fee that goes towards any items you keep. 

Wantable and Stitch Fix only charge a $20 styling fee, so they have the leg up in terms of price. But Dailylook is more personalized and customizable. 



Stitch Fix vs Wantable vs Trunk Club

trunk club box

The pricing is the most significant difference between the three. Stitch Fix ranges from $28–$50 to over $200. On the other hand, Trunk Club starts at $50 and goes up to $200. In contrast, Wantable items usually fall within the $50–$100 range. 

Returning Stitch Fix clothing is simple. Just place everything in the supplied bag and drop it off at any USPS mailbox or pick-up site. Meanwhile, you must use UPS or visit a Nordstrom store to return a Trunk Club shipment. Wantable is the easiest as it offers free drop-offs and pick-ups at your door. 

Final Thoughts: Which Is Better, Stitch Fix vs Wantable?

Both subscriptions are quite similar in what they offer. The pricing is the same, but Wantable has more variety in item value. 

If we have to pick, we’re going with Wantable. The service offers more and allows you to select a clothing category that best suits your needs rather than only focusing on your quiz answers. 


How to delete a Stitch Fix account?

Stitch Fix keeps things simple with the option to cancel or pause your subscription at any time directly from your online account. 

How to cancel a Wantable account?

If you wish to cancel your subscription, it’s all pretty simple. You just log into your account and skip your next delivery or cancel your account entirely. 

Stitch Fix vs Wantable pricing — is one cheaper?

Both subscriptions have a $20 styling fee that goes towards any items you keep. But there are many similar services out there, and you can check out other subscription boxes we love. 

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