Stitch Fix September 2018 Review + Unboxing

Stitch Fix September 2018 Review + Unboxing
8.7 Total Score

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If you dread shopping for new clothes, Stitch Fix promises to do the shopping for you! With this clothing subscription, you’ll receive five hand-picked apparel and accessory items for each shipment. You just try them on at home, keep what you want, and send back what you don’t. The best part of this subscription is avoiding the time spent searching for clothes! In my case, this saves hours of valuable time.

Stitch Fix Review - Unboxing

One aspect about Stitch Fix I was hesitant about is that you can’t preview the items you’ll be receiving. Not only that, but the $20 styling fee isn’t refundable if you decide not to purchase anything (except for the first shipment). This scared me a little, but I still took the plunge since they would refund the first fee if I didn’t like anything. I’m glad I took the risk! My first Stitch Fix box matched my style pretty well—I was impressed since I’m very picky about clothes.

Shipping + Packaging

I ordered my second shipment about a month after my first. I couldn’t resist! I’m impressed with the speed of their deliveries, especially since they have actual stylists selecting your clothes. You can order a Stitch Fix shipment whenever you’d like, and it will be shipped soon after. If you prefer recurring shipments, they have this option as well. They offer shipments monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly.

Stitch Fix Review - 2018 UnboxingSince last time I got a couple spendy items that I loved but couldn’t justify purchasing, I specified in the note to my stylist that I’d prefer clothes $35 or under. Thankfully, they provided exactly that! I also requested crop tops, other tops, shorts, bodysuits, or other workout clothing. While they obviously couldn’t fulfill all of these requests, almost everything I got was from my requested list.

My second box came with everything the first did—information sheets for each item and an invoice.

Stitch Fix Review - Information

Once again, I received four apparel items and one accessory.

Stitch Fix Review - Clothing Unboxing

Clothing Reviews

Stitch Fix Review - Crop Top

LUSH Tamara Cropped Knot Front Knit Top

I was glad to get a couple crop tops since I mentioned them in the note to my stylist. This one was a striped top and knotted at the bottom. Although I loved how it looked on me, I decided not to keep it because I needed to choose between this or the other shirt that I show next. Self-control! I figured the other one would go with more outfits, so I decided on that.

Retail price: $34

Dee Elly Bess ¾ Sleeve Crop Top

This crop top is black with a ¾ sleeve. Since it’s black, it goes well with nearly any outfit! The bottom has an interesting cutout design that I loved. Although it’s almost a long-sleeve shirt, it’s still pretty thin and airy and nice for summertime; I was comfortable wearing it in hundred-degree heat.

Stitch Fix Review - Crop Top and Shorts

Retail Price: $34

Sadie & Sage Patti Printed Short

I liked the color and design of these shorts, but they fit a little strangely and made me look boxy. They fit at the waistband, but they still looked huge on me for some reason. The material felt strange as well. Had this not been the case, I would’ve kept them! They looked great with the Dee Elly crop top.  

Retail price: $35

Stitch Fix Review - Leggings

Mono B Saamiya Cropped Legging

I loved these cropped leggings! The design is so cute. They’re black with a red and white design at the bottom. They were a little thick, so I don’t think I’d use them for working out. I decided not to keep them since I’m looking for the perfect workout leggings.

Retail price: $34

Urban Expressions Missa Crossbody

I’m assuming they’re required to provide an accessory in each box since I didn’t request any accessories and I’ve received. I don’t mind receiving one or two items I dislike, though—it makes it easier to choose things since I don’t intend to buy everything in the box.

Stitch Fix Review - Crossbody Bag

I liked the color and the style of the bag, but all of the pockets and zippers made it pretty bulky. Generally, I prefer thin and sleek crossbody bags.

Retail price: $32

Savings Opportunities

As for Stitch Fix coupons and deals, there aren’t many options. As I mentioned earlier, one great thing they offer is the option to refund the $20 styling fee for your first shipment if you don’t like any of your items! This means you can try out a trial box for no cost if you’re unsatisfied.

In addition, they offer a 25% discount if you purchase every item in your Stitch Fix.

Similar Subscriptions

There are a couple alternative clothing subscriptions that I’d recommend if Stitch Fix doesn’t fulfill your exact needs. Le Tote is a clothing rental service where you pay a flat monthly fee to rent clothes. Although you don’t get to keep the items unless you pay extra, you’ll always have new clothes to wear! I thought this was a great idea since clothes don’t always last. Who wants to pay full price for nice items that are going to get ruined or boring after a month or two? If you’re clumsy like me, they even offer an additional $5 insurance for spills or other accidents.

Another subscription I recently tried is JustFab. They offer exclusive pricing when you sign up for their VIP membership. When you sign up for the membership with your first order, you receive amazing deals (like $10 for your first item or 50% off your entire order). The only catch is that they charge you $39.95 per month (or you can skip a month with no penalties). That fee is then applied to anything you’d like to purchase in their store, so you’re not paying anything for the membership itself. I was hesitant about this subscription at first, but their member sales are worth the hassle – for example, my first pair of JustFab shoes cost less than $15!

Stitch Fix Review - Justfab Coupons

If you’re looking for more, we have a detailed list of our favorite clothing subscription boxes, so you can compare all the best options.

Bottom Line
Overall, I’ve had a fantastic experience with Stitch Fix so far. The only reason I haven’t ordered recurring boxes is that I’ll spend all of my money on their adorable clothes! Their ability to capture my style was impressive. They also have options for men and kids, so you can shop for the entire family!
8.7 Total Score

Styling Ability
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