Stitch Fix October 2018 Review + Unboxing

Stitch Fix October 2018 Review + Unboxing
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Shopping for new clothes can be difficult, annoying, and time consuming. Stitch Fix is a simple clothing subscription that can solve all of these issues! They do your shopping for you based on a style profile that you fill out when joining. It’s a very flexible subscription—you can get recurring shipments or order shipments on demand. Plus, the only fee they charge is a $20 styling fee for each box, which is simply credited towards the items you purchase.

Stitch Fix Reviews - Unboxing

Overall, I’ve been pleased with this personal stylist service ever since I subscribed a couple months ago. This Stitch Fix review shares the clothes and accessories I got in my third shipment, how you can try your first box risk-free, similar apparel subscriptions, and so on!

Shipping + Unboxing

My package arrived within a couple days of being shipped. It came in a larger box than normal, so I was excited to see what might be inside. Upon unboxing, I discovered four clothing items and one accessory. They also include the invoice with the price of each item as well as a few small cards that describe each piece and show outfit possibilities.

Stitch Fix Reviews - October

That said, let’s jump into my thoughts on each item I received!

Product Reviews

T-Shirt & Jeans Eldie Backpack

This backpack was my favorite item! It’s a mini backpack that’s a pretty brown shade. There’s one small pocket on the front and then the main compartment. Inside the main part, there are a few more pockets. I always love this because I can organize and keep track of everything I’m carrying around. I was glad this bag was within my budget so I could keep it! This little backpack is perfect for a short trip, and I love that it’s much easier to carry around than a shoulder bag.

Retail price: $38

Stitch Fix Reviews - Nike Tank

Nike Tank

One thing I requested was athletic wear, so I was glad that they included this tank top in my shipment. This white Nike tank would be absolutely perfect for the gym! It’s super thin and light—you can barely feel it’s there. The back has a cute cutout and black straps.

Although I really liked this top, it was too spendy for a small little tank, and I had to send it back.

Retail price: $44

Project Social T Coen Graphic Embroidered “Feeling Lovely” Knit Pullover

I was excited to see a sweater in my box! The first thing I noticed was the adorable lettering on the front of it. It also felt very thick and high quality when I tried it on. It would be perfect for the cold winter weather to come!

Stitch Fix Reviews - Feeling Lovely Sweater

Unfortunately, I didn’t like the light purple color of it too much. It was also a bit spendy for a sweater. I probably would’ve kept it if it had been a different shade and a little bit cheaper!

Stitch Fix Reviews - Crop Sweater

Retail price: $54

Andrew Marc Performance Aurah Hooded Crop Knit Top

At first, this looked like something I’d love to wear, but I ended up not liking it when I tried it on. It just didn’t look right, and it fit weird. Plus, it was too spendy for me. It definitely fit my style though!

Stitch Fix Reviews - Leggings

Retail price: $48

Andrew Marc Performance Davina Slounge Legging

Although I’m glad they fulfilled my request for leggings, I didn’t really like the design or navy blue color of these. The striped design might have looked better if they were black, but it didn’t mesh well with blue. They were also pretty thick, which is nice for winter, but didn’t work for me because I’m looking for some that I can work out in without overheating.  

Retail price: $44

As you can see, I didn’t like many of the items I got. This was unlike my previous couple Stitch Fix shipments where nearly everything fit both my style and budget. That’s fine with me, though, because I still got one item that I loved. I limit myself to purchasing one item per shipment, so I’m actually glad I only had one to choose from. That makes it easy!

I was, however, disappointed by the cost of nearly every item because I requested prices of $35 or under per item. They were able to do this in my previous shipments, so I’m not sure why they didn’t with this one. There’s no way I would purchase these, so there’s no reason to include them. Even so, I’m sure this was a simple mistake.

Savings Opportunities

It’s hard to come across coupons and deals with a stylist service like Stitch Fix. The only deal they offer is 25% off when you purchase every item in your shipment. This is actually a pretty good offer—it would’ve taken over $50 off all the items I got. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll love every item you get, so this discount might not always be a good option. You can also request your items be under a certain price as I do. 

One great perk they do offer, however, is the guarantee that they’ll refund your first styling fee if you don’t like anything you got! This means you can try out your first box completely risk-free, and you won’t waste any money if you don’t like it.

Similar Subscriptions

Since clothing subscriptions are pretty popular, it’s easy to guess that I subscribe to a couple more. So if a stylist service like Stitch Fix doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there are plenty more options!

Stitch Fix Reviews Reviews - JustFab Shoes

For one, JustFab is a great option that’s based around a membership service. Their monthly fee gives you access to exclusive sales (which can actually be pretty good). In my JustFab reviews, you can see some of the inexpensive items I’ve received. Their monthly fee is simply applied as a store credit to purchase anything you’d like, so you’re not really paying anything to be a member. Unlike Stitch Fix, you’ll need to shop for products yourself from their large collection. This might be preferred, however, since you’ll get complete control over what items you get! They also offer free returns and exchanges for members.

In addition, Le Tote is another clothing subscription that I love. This one is more of a clothing rental service! It’s a great option for people who always like to have new clothes and accessories to wear. Plus, the monthly fees aren’t too pricey considering you receive access to unlimited clothing rentals! You can see all of their plans and some of their clothing options in my Le Tote reviews.

Le Tote Reviews

These are only two other options out of many. If you want to see more, our list of the top clothing subscription boxes shares twenty more that we believe are the best! There are even options for men and kids, so you can shop for the entire family.

Review Summary
To sum up, I’m loving Stitch Fix despite the small differences in this month’s shipment compared to the last two. It’s such an easy way to buy new clothes, and they have options to fit anybody’s budget! Overall, they’ve been extremely successful in capturing my style and picking items that I love. This subscription is great for anybody who’s busy and doesn’t have the time to go shopping for clothes.
8.7 Total Score

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