Stitch Fix Reviews 2024 — Your Personal Styling Brand

Stitch Fix Reviews 2024 — Your Personal Styling Brand

This subscription service promises to do the shopping for you! Read our Stitch Fix review to learn whether subscribing is worth it!

Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription service offering a wide range of brands and designers. Stitch Fix reviews show it’s an ideal solution for those wanting to try something new and have a personal stylist.
If that sounds like you, read on to learn more about the service prices, ratings, and how it stacks up against others in the industry.

Stitch Fix Review - Website Experience

All About Stitch Fix

With so many different types of subscription boxes, it can be difficult to choose only one. So let’s learn more about Stitch Fix, which is among the leaders of the clothing subscription market, and see if it’s worth the money.

Overview and Highlights

Established in 2011 by Katrina Lake, Stitch Fix was initially managed from the founder’s apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts, while she attended Harvard. The company’s first name was Rack Habit and catered only to women. Since 2017, it has expanded dramatically, offering men, maternity, plus-size, and kids clothes

The company has over 5,000 stylists from across the US. A Stitch fix stylist review explains that it offers a personalized style service to the everyday person. It focuses on combining a tailored experience with technology to give customers a unique experience. 

Stitch Fix is straightforward to use. You simply need to log on and complete a style questionnaire. Based on this information, a stylist will pick out outfits that you’ll get delivered to your door. You can try them on, send back whatever you don’t like, and rate each item so that your next order can fit your style better. 

Stitch Fix Review Featured

What Does Stitch Fix Offer?

Stitch fix outfits reviews report that the items are entirely personalized to the customer’s needs. The company carries over 1,000 brands — from relatively well-priced items of $20 to more expensive ones over $200. 

The in-depth Stitch Fix questionnaire helps to tailor everything to your style. The sizes range from 0–24W & XS–3X for women and XS–3XL for men. Stitch Fix reviews for plus size options are positive, though some wish there were larger sizes. Kids clothing comes in 2T–14. 

For each delivery, your stylist will send you five items in each box. 

It’s all based on the questionnaire info plus any additional notes or your Pinterest pins. The more you order, the more personalized the items become as the algorithm sorts through the information and your stylists pick up your favorites. 

If there are any specific items you want, you can request them or buy them outright. That’s one of the more popular Stitch Fix extras that its competitors usually don’t offer

Your box comes with a note from your stylist and cards with suggestions. There are two outfit recommendations with the box items. Also, you’ll receive a bag with a pre-paid mailing label for anything you wish to return.

Stitch Fix Pricing, Discounts & Options

Stitch Fix isn’t a typical subscription service. There are no monthly or subscription fees, and the automatic deliveries are quite flexible. But you don’t have to pick the scheduled delivery. You can simply order whenever you want to.

So, is Stitch Fix worth it? 

You’ll pay $20 for the styling services and additionally for whatever clothes you choose to keep. It’s challenging to come up with average Stitch Fix prices as they depend on what you order. Still, you can set your ideal cost for each type of clothing. 

What’s more, if you keep any items, the $20 goes towards it. If you order straight from your curated store, you won’t pay the styling fee. Also, when you order all the items selected for you, you’ll get a 25% discount.

A gift card might be a good idea if you know a friend who might like Stitch Fix. They come in by email, print-at-home, or standard mail with free shipping.

Stitch Fix customer reviews complement the company’s referral program. When you sign up, you get a code for friends and family. Then, you earn $25 for every successful referral and up to $599 in referral credit every year.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a Stitch Fix coupon, and there are no sales throughout the year. You may come across online coupons through other businesses but not directly through Stitch Fix. 

Website Experience 

The Stitch Fix website is incredibly user-friendly. It’s fast, convenient, and helpful. The questionnaire is inclusive and thorough but straightforward enough not to overwhelm those who don’t usually enjoy shopping. 

The first Stitch Fix box review we read mentioned the multiple website options that help you navigate and find what you’re looking for. These include fashion tips, style ideas, and different outfits, so if you’re ever stuck, you can always check the stylist’s recommendations. 

Ordering Process

First things first, go to the Stitch Fix website or download the app.

Then, take the personal style quiz; it’s a standout according to Stitch Fix reviews. For instance, you’ll provide information about your body dimensions and foot size. At this stage, women can select the maternity option. 

The quiz also asks how you feel about shopping and how much effort you put into your outfits. Then, you’ll get outfit options to select what suits your style. Some questions are about where you usually shop from or the brands you like. 

What’s more, you can state how much you generally spend on an item of clothing.

Lastly, the quiz will ask if you have kids. If you do, the service can provide some playtime-friendly options. 

Schedule your box based on what works best for you. If you see any Stitch Fix extras you might want to try, don’t hesitate to add them, too. 

Once you receive your package, try on the carefully selected pieces. If you’re unsure about some, simply put the items in the return envelope at a USPS mailbox or pickup location. Always checkout your order from your profile to let Stitch Fix know what to charge you for.

After that, all you can do is wait in anticipation for your next Fix. 

Gwynnie Bee Reviews - Unboxing

In addition, if you keep all five items from your shipment, they’ll give you a 25% discount on all of them. You can also get 25% off if you refer a friend to subscribe to Stitch Fix! While these are the only offers I found so far, I’ll make sure to include any deals I can find in my monthly Stitch Fix reviews!

Managing Your Subscription

You have control over the items you wish to keep. You won’t pay for those you send back, apart from the $20 stylist fee (unless you buy at least one item). Please note that there’s no such thing as a Stitch Fix rental. You usually have three days to try and return items, but you can request up to 20 days at checkout. 

If at any point you’re not happy with the service, feel free to cancel it. But you can also choose to pause it or take a break. If you have automatic delivery, you can change it to a manual option to order whenever you want. If you only want to skip the next delivery, that’s an option, too. The service will resume after that. 

Stitch Fix reviews mention that if you see “Your Fix is in progress.”, you need to contact the company directly through the website form or email it directly at

Shipping & Packaging

The shipping cost and return packaging are included in the $20 styling fee. Stitch Fix delivers to all US states and the UK

You have the following delivery rate options:

  • Every two or three weeks
  • Monthly 
  • Every other month
  • Every three months
  • Manually

Stitch Fix boxes examples show all items are neatly packed and wrapped in brown paper for protection. The box is also super sturdy, and we love that everything’s recyclable. 

Customer Service

According to Stitch Fix customer reviews, you can contact the service via their live chat or email form. Also, you can write directly to But you might find the answers you’re looking for in the comprehensive FAQ section or the search bar. 

The live chat is the most convenient and quickest option. Customer service got back to us within a minute and provided in-depth answers and information.

Some Stitch fix complaints are about the company not having a direct phone number, which is understandable, but it’s still easy to reach a representative. 

Unboxing My First Fix

As mentioned previously in this Stitch Fix review, I chose to receive fixes whenever I want. Since there are no monthly fees, I prefer ordering on-demand rather than set shipments (monthly, bi-weekly, etc.). After I ordered my first Stitch Fix, I was able to input some recommendations to my stylist about what kind of clothing I’d like to receive. I let them know that I’d like to receive shorts, leggings, or dresses the most. There’s also a questionnaire that shows photos of different clothing and accessories, then asks if you’d wear them. This is optional – they just ask to get a better idea of your style.

Beneath this section, they offered a new feature to add extras on! These included bralettes, underwear, and socks.

Stitch Fix Review - Extras

There are no extra fees for this feature, so I chose to add a bralette. What I didn’t know, however, is that these aren’t returnable like the regular clothes. However, this is fine because I really liked the bralette.

I was reading various Stitch Fix reviews and all said that shipping is one of the main traits of this company. My box was shipped right away and I received it a few days later. It came in a brown box sealed with Stitch Fix tape.

Stitch Fix Review - Unboxing

Inside, there was an envelope with a sheet detailing each item, information about their subscription for kids, and the invoice for all the products I got.  

Stitch Fix Review - 2018

There was an information sheet for each item.

Stitch Fix Review - Information Sheets

Surprisingly, I got one each of the items I requested! In total, I received five clothing items (one was the add-on) and one accessory. I’ll be reviewing each one below.   

Item Reviews

Free People Bralette

I’ve been in dire need of new bras and bralettes, so I was glad when I saw the option to add extras like this onto my Stitch Fix shipment. This one is adorable! It’s black lace with a racerback design. The medium fits me perfectly. I’m glad I liked it because, as I mentioned before, it’s not returnable like the other clothes I got.

Price: $20

Fortune + Ivy Denitza Floral Embroidery Mesh Scuba Dress

Stitch Fix Review - Fortune + Ivy Dress

This was the most expensive item in the box. I can see why though – it’s beautiful. It’s black with floral designs on the sleeves and the edges of the dress by the waist. This gives it a slimming look. It’s a tight bodycon dress, which I tend to have to size up for. However, this size was just right.

 Stitch Fix Review - Necklace

It was fun to try on such a nice dress, but I wasn’t able to keep it because of the price. It would be perfect for a night out. I hope for a Stitch Fix clearance to be able to purchase this item!

Price: $64

Jill Michael Kelis Lariat Necklace

I’m surprised that I liked this because I’m very picky about jewelry, especially necklaces. Stitch Fix got it right on the first try! It’s a gold, double necklace with one chain close to the neck and another hanging down. 

Price: $34

Dee Elly Falisha Smocked Off The Shoulder Crop Top

I love the off the shoulder style of crop tops like this one is. It fit me perfectly! I’m glad I got it in black – it’d pair well with most shorts or pants. 

 Stitch Fix Review - Crop Top and Shorts Outfit

Price: $34

LA Class Audrina Scallop Hem Shorts

These shorts might just be my favorite item from this Stitch Fix review. They’re red with a cute scallop design at the bottom edges. Since they’re high-waisted, they paired perfectly with the crop top I got! Plus, they completely cover my butt, which I’ve realized is a little hard to find with cute shorts. However, the only negative thing was that they were a bit too big for my liking. In the checkout section that you fill out before returning your Stitch Fix, they offer an exchange option to get a different size.

Price: $38

Threads 4 Thought Monica Legging

Although I decided against keeping them and they were not one of my favorite Stitch Fix outfits, I really liked these leggings. They’re insulating and would do a great job at keeping me warm in the winter. Plus, they made my butt look nice! They’re a dark gray shade. I didn’t purchase them because it’s extremely hot right now. I didn’t want to hide them away in my closet for another few months. I’m looking for leggings that are more breezy and good for working out.

Price: $38

 Stitch Fix Review - Checkout

That’s all I received in my first Stitch Fix and logically, everything I had to say in this Stitch Fix review! After deciding which items I wanted to keep, I checked out online. This is done on their website and is required before returning your shipment. Here, you just select which items you’re going to keep and return. They also ask how you liked it, if the sizing was right, if it matched your style, and so on.

Stitch Fix Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

Overall, many customers love Stitch Fix. Users compliment the simple website layout and on-point style options. The price is also a big plus since some items are cheaper than in-store. Plus, users love the variety of items and brands available.

Some Stitch Fix bad reviews mention that the quality of specific items, like tops, isn’t priced reasonably. Users might be better off looking for that in bigger brand stores. 

We also found a few complaints about billing issues, coupled with the lack of a phone number that frustrated the users. What’s more, some question whether there’s a stylist involved at all as they received items they specifically disliked as a suggestion. 

If you’re on the lookout for specific items like activewear, you might be better off trying a different service. Fabletics reviews praise the brand’s massive range that’s available online or in-store.

A Stitch Fix maternity review from 2021 reports that expecting moms were a little disappointed. They wanted more opportunities for their specific preferences and needs and often received unnecessary items. 

All in all, Stitch Fix is a good choice for those wanting to save time on shopping. But if you’re after the basic closet fillers, you might be better off grabbing them yourself. We recommend the service for specific and trendy items. 

Stitch Fix ratings sound a bit low — 2.4 stars on Facebook, 3.3 stars on Consumer Affairs, and 2.82 stars on Site Jabber. But if you read the constructive reviews online, you’ll see a different picture. That’s why we recommend you give it a try first. 

Stitch Fix Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

Let’s see how Stitch Fix measures up to other clothing subscription boxes.

Stitch Fix vs Trunk Club

The biggest difference between the two is the price. Stitch Fix has a range from $28–$50 up to over $200. Meanwhile, Trunk Club starts at $50–$100 and goes up over $200.

Returning Stitch Fix items is incredibly easy. You simply put them in the provided bag and drop that at any USPS mailbox or pickup location. With Trunk Club, you have to use UPS or go to a Nordstrom store. 

Stitch Fix vs Wantable

Both companies charge a $20 styling fee, credited to anything you choose to keep from your order. But Wantable is more on the pricey side, with items starting at about $50. Still, you can specify how much you feel comfortable spending on each item. 

Reviews suggest that Wantable offers more quality than quantity. In contrast, Stitch Fix is an excellent option for users wanting to try trending items at a lower price. 

Stitch Fix vs Gwynnie Bee

Stitch Fix sends you clothes to try on and purchase if you like them. 

Gwynnie Bee is predominantly a rental service for plus-size women. But if you fall in love with a piece, you can purchase it at a reduced retail price. You pay a single monthly rate for unlimited rentals, and the clothes come professionally washed and pre-packed. 

Prices for Gwynnie Bee range from $49 a month for one rental item at a time to $199 a month for 10 items. Here, you pick what you want to rent, unlike Stitch Fix, where stylists select your clothing. 

Stitch Fix customers have three days to try on the clothes and send back what they don’t want, whereas Gwynnie Bee lets you keep the clothes for as long as you want and send them back when you’re ready. 

Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

Stitch Fix is an excellent option for trying different styles and trends or for people who don’t enjoy shopping much. 

In terms of having a stylist, this service is the cheapest option you’ll find. Stitch Fix is very personalized and offers items from over 1,000 brands and designers. 

All in all, one of the 5,000 stylists will surely help you find what you’re looking for at a reasonable price.  


  • Try clothes on and decide if you want to purchase them
  • Free returns within three days of receiving items
  • Hundreds of different clothing brands
  • 25% off each item if you decide to keep all five


  • Unable to view the possible items and prices you’ll receive
  • Not many deals or coupons
  • Takes a while to get the right style options
  • Items are a little spendy


How many items are in a Stitch Fix box? 

For all adult boxes (male, female, or maternity), you get five pieces in each. For kids, it ranges between 8–12 pieces. While five doesn’t seem like much, it’s just enough to give your wardrobe a pick-me-up or a whole new outfit. 

How much does Stitch Fix cost?

You pay a set $20 styling fee, covering your stylist and shipping costs. But that’s deducted from whatever items you choose to keep. The item prices range dramatically, but you can adjust them to the amount you’d usually spend. 

Where does Stitch Fix get their clothes?

Stitch Fix reviews report that the business boasts over 1,000 brands and designers, giving it one of the biggest selections on the market. Some well-known brands you can expect to see include 41 Hawthorn, Pixley, Market & Spruce, Brixon Ivy, Hawker Rye, 01. Algo, Alesbury, and Even Tide.

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