Sakara Reviews—Plant-based, Healthy Food To Get 2024 Going

Sakara Reviews—Plant-based, Healthy Food To Get 2024 Going
8.6 Total Score

Sakara is a meal delivery service focused on providing the freshest, most nutritious meals for your body and mind. Sakara reviews its produce frequently to offer customers the best on the market. 

If you’re looking to invite more health and happiness into your life, read on. 

All About Sakara

Sakara is a fresh meal delivery service available throughout the continental US. The best monthly boxes show that food subscriptions are among the most popular searches, and it’s easy to see why. 

Overview and Highlights

Sakara Life reviews reveal that the company researches and curates all produce at great length. The meal delivery service is plant-based and committed to bringing you healthy, vegan food made from the best possible ingredients for the body and earth.

Created in 2011 by two friends, Danielle and Whitney, Sakara started when the co-founders lived in New York and struggled with health issues. The everyday pressure to succeed made it challenging to find a balance for a healthy lifestyle. 

The two friends managed to heal from within by eating clean and organic meals. Since discovering the power of natural food, the two have transformed thousands of lives through their meal delivery service. 

As our Sakara review shows, the brand’s organic ingredients support farmers who don’t use harmful pesticides. Each month, the company incorporates over 300 unique ingredients into its menu. 

The subscription is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to lose excess weight, increase focus, boost energy, improve skin clarity, support digestion, and avoid bloating.

What Does Sakara Offer?

Sakara has a range of ready-made meals that come straight to your door. The delivery also includes supplements and tea. 

Sakara meal delivery reviews confirm the subscription saves you time as you won’t be shopping or cooking. Plus, all the food is sustainably sourced.

You can choose your weekly schedule to reduce waste. You can receive orders two, three, or five times a week and pick how many meals you want. 

The menus rotate weekly, so you get a wide variety. Detox teas are a vital part of the Sakara subscription, and you get one for each day. Also, Sakara supplement reviews show its daily probiotics keep your gut in shape. 

Each meal comes with a full description of what’s included and the reasons behind the ingredient choice. 

Unfortunately, currently, you can’t customize anything about your menu.

Signature Meal Program (Level I)

It’s the “standard” plant-based meal subscription where you pick how many meals you want each week. All the food is free from:sakara signature program meal

  • Pesticides
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • GMOs
  • Meat
  • Refined sugar

Sakara reviews suggest it’s a good choice for those trying the service for the first time. 

Level II: Detox

Dr. Aviva Romm, a functional medicine doctor, helped to create the program. The whole point was to incorporate plant-based food into your diet as a form of medicine. The subscription acts as a cleanse, reducing inflammation and increasing nutrients. 

Sakara reviews on weight loss suggest it’s the perfect program to get those pounds off.

The subscription will detox the body, ridding you of years of toxic waste that make you more susceptible to disease. All the food is:

  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Plant-based
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic

For the best Sakara detox results, here’s what to expect: 

Day 1–3

  • Sakara digestive tea
  • Whole food lunch
  • Medicinal broth dinnerdetox program, sakara subscription
  • Whole-food breakfast
  • Sakara beauty and detox water drops
  • Medical-grade detox support supplements
  • Probiotic coconut kefir

Day 4

  • Sakara beauty and detox water drops
  • Soup lunch
  • Soup dinner
  • Medical-grade detox support supplements
  • Sakara digestive tea
  • Probiotic coconut kefir
  • Two detox smoothies

Day 5

  • Probiotic coconut kefir
  • Whole food breakfast
  • Whole food dinner
  • Sakara beauty and detox water drops
  • Whole food lunch
  • Medical-grade detox support supplements
  • Sakara digestive tea

Sakara life reviews for 2022 reveal the program is fantastic for those that have already tried the signature meal subscription and want to up the ante in weight loss and detoxing. You need determination for five days to clean out your system. That means no caffeine or alcohol. 

The Bridal Program

It’s the perfect subscription for a Sakara bride to review her lifestyle and look her absolute best on the big day. It includes four weeks of the Sakara nutritional program and access to Erika Bloom’s transformational movement and meditation practices

It includes:sakara bridal subscription program meal

  • Sakara youth and beauty tea 5-pack
  • Furtuna skin cure collection discovery set
  • Sakara beauty water drops (mini)
  • A box of Sakara beauty bars
  • Verlas keepsake box and $200 gift card

Sakara beauty water reviews suggest the drops are a vital part of all the programs so don’t skip them. 

Sakara Add-ons

You can purchase products individually from the online store or add them to your next subscription order. 

A fantastic option is a 10-Day Reset, which provides the tools to live the Sakara lifestyle from home on your budget. 

The Sakara 10-day Reset reviews everything you need to change your routines, including recipes, teas, supplements, powders, and bars.

Sakara Pricing, Discounts & Options 

The pricing of each program varies significantly based on what’s included. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Signature Meal Program: $70 a day
  • Level II Detox: $400
  • The Bridal Program: $1,395

Compared to other meal delivery kits, Sakara is relatively expensive, and $70 a day is what some spend on an entire week of groceries. While the food is super high quality, you need a solid commitment to the Sakara Life menu, so decide that carefully before you sign up. 

If you do the trial, you pay once-off. For the monthly subscription, Sakura bills you weekly for the meal program. The other two options are directly paid when you order.

Saving Opportunities 

If you subscribe to the meal program, you can save as much as 15%. Plus, if you order multiple programs to the same address, you can get 25% off each additional one. 

For orders over $75, you receive $50 off your first order. Sakara Life reviews its pricing regularly to ensure you get the best for its price. While the service is expensive, the company tries to make it worth your while. 

Website Experience 

sakara website experience

The website is somewhat challenging to navigate. To begin with, we struggled to understand what the subscription was all about at first glance. You have to dig quite a bit to find basic information, which isn’t ideal. 

While the site contains all the necessary details, you need to sift through it. 

Ordering Process

Here’s how to get your subscription up and running: 

  • Go to the Sakara website or download the app. 
  • Select “Sign in” on the top right-hand side.
  • Click “Create an Account.”
  • Enter your email and password.
  • View the week’s Sakara Life menu, scroll down, and select your program length and how many meals you want.
  • Add to cart.

The process is super easy and takes about five minutes, including looking through the menu. 

Managing Your Subscription

You can cancel any time after your initial week without a commitment to stay on. 

Also, you can skip a week or pause your subscription. Just be sure to do so by the Wednesday before your delivery, as the Sakara food team reviews and works with fresh ingredients and needs time to get everything in order.

You can’t return any of the products. But if your order arrives damaged, or you have any other concerns, contact Sakara via

Shipping & Packaging

Sakara is available across the continental US. The company puts a lot of time and effort into its packaging, ensuring it’s good for customers and the environment. Even the liner in the box consists of recycled paper and corn starch

Your order arrives in recyclable plastic containers, packed in a cardboard box.

Sakara reviews mention that all packaging is suitable for curbside recycling, ice packs included. Just cut them open, pour out the gel, and place the outer packaging with everything else. 

Depending on how many weekly orders you receive, the delivery will likely arrive at the start or mid-week to get you the freshest ingredients.

Customer Service

Here’s how you can contact Sakara:

We found some complaints about the customer service, and they were mainly about the company practices and procedures. Sakara reviews user issues often and tries its best to resolve them.

Sakara Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

Customers that like the brand and everything it stands for remain incredibly loyal. Most love that the food is so healthy, fresh, and free from harmful chemicals

Some Sakara negative reviews reveal that the delivery is inconsistent, and the price of the meals is a bit too high. When it comes to food, users say the situation is quite hit-or-miss. There aren’t too many ratings online, and the ones we found hit around the four-star mark. 

Sakara Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

People care increasingly about what they put into their bodies, leading to a massive surge in healthy meal subscriptions. But how do you know which one is right for you? 

Sakara vs Thistle

thistle subscription mealBoth Thistle and Sakara are meal delivery services that focus on health and wellbeing. The most significant difference is that Sakara is purely plant-based, whereas Thistle focuses on plant-based ingredients but gives customers meat or fish options on demand.

The prices differ, too. Thistle starts at around $42 a week, and you can pick your meals. In contrast, Sakara sends you meals on the Signature program, setting you back $70 a day

Both meal plans are curated by chefs and sent straight to your door. 

Sakara vs Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest and Sakara provide organically sourced meals crafted by professionals. Their healthy meals are delicious and thoughtful about your health and the planet. 

With Daily Harvest, you can customize your order to get exactly what you want from 80 options. Your meals will arrive weekly or monthly. In contrast, Sakara sends you the menu based on the program you choose. 

Daily Harvest will cost about $167.76 a week, depending on the food and plan you choose. 

The company started as a smoothie-only delivery service that has now branched out to food. Still, its smoothies remain the most popular. Each drink is around $7.99, whereas a bowl of food is $8.99. 

Sakara vs Provenance

provenance detox meal planBoth companies provide healthy meal delivery services that are gluten-free and non-GMO. Sakara offers a subscription service, while Provenance has programs to help customers reach their goals, whether losing weight or wanting to detox. 

So, Sakara is more of a lifestyle subscription, and Provenance helps you kickstart your body. The six-day Provenance program is $395, whereas Sakara is $70 a day. Based on this, Sakara works out cheaper. 

But these brands aren’t the only options when it comes to eating healthy from home. You can also check out what clients of Green Chef say about the subscription.

Wrap Up — Is Sakara Worth It?

Sakara is a meal delivery service focused on plant-based, organic, and nutritious food. Chefs curate the meals to help feed your body and mind. 

Sakara reviews of those that have lost weight and benefitted health-wise praise the service, but others suggest it’s overpriced. 

While the cost is high, the success stories speak for themselves. The weight loss and lifestyle changes have made a huge difference to thousands of customers’ lives. So, if you’re on a mission to make a full 180, Sakara is an excellent place to start.


  • Curated by chefs 
  • Delivered to your door
  • Excellent for weight loss
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients

  • Expensive
  • No meat or fish options


Is Sakara good for weight loss? 

Absolutely! The programs focus on detoxing the body, so you shed pounds quite quickly. There are so many success stories, and that’s why customers are willing to pay the hefty price tag. 

Where can I find Sakara recipes?

Sakara has its very own cookbook with over 100 recipes — Eat Clean, Play Dirty. Also, the company posts recipes in its online magazine to help you out.

Is Sakara worth the money?

If you’re looking to lose weight, replenish your body, and change your lifestyle, yes, it is. But Sakara reviews say that those looking for an everyday meal program might want to try another service. Sakara is best for people on a mission to better themselves. 

8.6 Total Score

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