Ritual Vitamins Review — Good Habits, Health, and Fun Times

Ritual Vitamins Review — Good Habits, Health, and Fun Times
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Ritual Vitamins Reviews 2021

Curious about women’s multivitamins? Check out our Ritual Vitamins review to learn all about their unique vitamins subscription!

Discover lovely subscription boxes for women to pair with Ritual Vitamins – including beauty, skincare, jewelry, clothing, and even more!

30-Day Supply of Essential Vitamins

It can be hard to keep up with all the nutrients and vitamins you need if you’re devoted to a healthy lifestyle. There are so many! If you struggle with this too, vitamin supplements might come in handy. When I heard about Ritual Vitamins—a subscription-based multivitamin provider—I had to check them out. They’re pretty different from most of the subscription boxes I subscribe to, so I was intrigued.

They provide monthly supplies of women’s multivitamins, which you’ll learn more about in this Ritual Vitamins review. There are currently two types: regular vitamins and prenatal vitamins.

Ritual Vitamins Review 2019

This article shares everything you’ll need to know about the subscription—cost, supplement facts, ingredients, how to save money on your first bottle, and more. In addition, I unbox my first shipment of Ritual multivitamins and share my experiences with it so far! Since I’ve seen various undetailed and often sponsored posts about their products, I decided to create this Ritual Vitamins honest review.

First Impressions

To start off, the Ritual Vitamins website is simplistic and looks nice. They include everything you need to know—what the pills look like, what nutrients they provide, how much it all costs, why they created their vitamins, and so on. They even share where they source each of the nutrients in their multivitamin!

Ritual Vitamins Review 2019

In addition, there are a few customer reviews on their website. These are from health experts all the way to regular customers. Reviews aren’t limited to their website—there are Ritual Vitamins Amazon reviews, blog reviews, and more. You’ll find plenty of information and customer impressions all over the web. They also have a blog that has a variety of interesting, health-related articles. If you’re unsure why certain nutrients are good for you, they’ll definitely have an article about it.

Ritual Vitamins Review - PillsAs I mentioned earlier, I noticed a few sponsored posts, so I wasn’t sure how legit the reviews on their website are either. I searched up a Ritual Vitamins review on Reddit because of this, hoping to find some reviews that I knew would be honest. There were a few critics, as expected, but the overall reviews were pretty good! In fact, many people said they saw improvements such as more energy, clearer skin, and so on.  

The only thing I couldn’t find on their website is a Ritual Vitamins free trial or coupon code, something that many subscriptions typically offer (and which I discovered after further research—you can find details a few paragraphs below).

How It Works

Like their website design, the subscription is very simple as well. For $30 a month, you’ll receive a 30-day supply of the essential multivitamin. The prenatal costs $35 (although we’re focusing on the regular vitamins right now, we may have a Ritual prenatal vitamins review in the future). The regular multivitamin has nine nutrients and the prenatal has twelve.

Ritual Vitamins Review - OrderThe subscription automatically renews and ships around the same time each month to ensure you don’t run out. It’s also easy to change the date your pills ship, skip a month, or cancel your subscription whenever needed.

Coupons + Pricing

Nearly every subscription offers coupons, so I searched intently to find one for these vitamins. Thankfully, I found a Ritual Vitamins promo code for $5 off your first bottle! You can only get this by using someone’s referral code or signing up through their link, which is why it was difficult to find. I wasn’t sure how to find the code, but signing up through my Ritual link will get you $5 off!

As for pricing, it might seem a bit pricey at first, but the $30 per month price is actually a pretty good deal considering what you get. If you purchased a monthly supply of each ingredient separately, it would cost $200! The Omega-3s would cost $25 for a month’s supply alone. Not only that, but the ingredients they use are high-quality, and they’re very cautious about sourcing them.

Ritual Vitamins Supplement Facts

One thing I loved about Ritual Vitamins is their devotion to healthy ingredients. There are no colorants, synthetic fillers, or extra ingredients—only the necessities. Each batch of their vitamins is tested by a third-party lab for any contaminants. Plus, their vitamin recipes were guided by scientists and nutritionists.

Ritual Vitamins Review - Ingredients

The Ritual vitamin ingredients include nine different nutrients for the essential vitamin: Boron, Folate, Iron, Magnesium, Omega-3, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K2. A few of these are especially beneficial for diets that don’t allow you to get enough of certain nutrients. For example, it’s very difficult for plant-based diets to get vitamin B12, so a supplement or fortified food is necessary.

In addition, the Ritual Vitamins prenatal includes 12 ingredients rather than 9! However, it’s $35 per month rather than $30. In addition to the previous nutrients, it includes Choline, Iodine, and Biotin.

Health Improvements

If you’re lacking any nutrients that these vitamins include, you’re very likely to see improvements. These commonly include energy boosts, clearer skin, and happier moods. This won’t happen for everybody though. However, many Ritual Vitamins customer reviews share that they encountered some, or all, of these positive effects. I know I’ve been slacking on vitamin B12, and possibly more, so I’m hoping to see similar improvements.

Ritual Vitamins Review - Side Effects

Side Effects

If you’re someone who tends to experience side effects when taking pills (the most common one being nausea), Ritual might prove to be different for you! I looked for any Ritual Vitamins side effects on their website and in customer reviews, but I didn’t find any. Their pill is designed to be gentle on an empty stomach because the release of nutrients is delayed, which is great for people who regularly experience nausea when they take pills on an empty stomach. This way, you’ll never have to worry about remembering to take your vitamins with a meal.

Negative Ritual Vitamin Reviews

With any popular company like Ritual, there will be a few complaints—and this is especially true when it comes to the vitamin industry. For one, vitamins aren’t regulated well as other edible products are, which worries many people. That being said, the only complaints I’ve discovered are from critics who don’t believe in vitamins or supplements altogether.

For example, one Ritual multivitamin review stated that there are no benefits to these vitamins and it’s just a marketing scam. This extends much further than Ritual, though, because some believe there’s no real benefit to multivitamins at all. However, there is evidence that certain vitamin supplements work. For example, people with a vitamin B12 deficiency drastically improve when they start taking supplements.

Ritual Vitamins Review - Science


If you’re still uncertain and would like to find validation beyond this Ritual women’s vitamins review, there have been a few research studies performed about multivitamins. Some of these do show that they have no positive or negative effect on cancer, memory loss, and so on. However, it’s fair to consider that there are plenty of factors that aren’t taken into account with these studies (such as the type of vitamins, the vitamin brand, additives, where the vitamins were sourced, and so on).

Ritual Vitamins Review – UnboxingI’d be remiss in this Ritual Vitamins review if I didn’t mention that multivitamins aren’t magic pills that cure everything and prevent horrible diseases. If someone smokes for years but starts taking a multivitamin, they shouldn’t be surprised if they still suffer from health problems. Vitamins are just a supplement for your diet and help fill in any gaps or deficiencies you may have. You’ll really just see short-term results such as happier moods, more energy, clearer skin, and similar benefits. Even so, these are great benefits and definitely worth it for me!

Unboxing My Order

Now for the best part—unboxing my first order! To start off, placing my order was very easy. With the Rituals Vitamin coupon code that gave me $5 off, it came to $25 for my first bottle. My pills arrived just a few days later. They came in a small white and yellow box, with the bottle placed elegantly inside. There was also a handout about the nutrients in their vitamins and the benefits of each. To top it off, they threw in some cute calendar stickers with a sheet to keep track of them.

Ritual Vitamins Review - HonestRitual Essentials Vitamins

As I mentioned earlier, I chose the regular women’s Ritual Essentials Vitamins for my reviews. The jar contained 60 capsules, and the pills looked exactly as they did on the website. They look pretty cool—they’re medium sized and oil-filled with little white beads moving around inside. You’re supposed to take two per day, and they can either be taken together or separately.

Although the pills are a bit large for my liking, they’re easier to swallow than I figured. They don’t have a terrible aftertaste either because of the mint-flavored capsule. I’ve only taken about a weeks worth of pills so far, so I haven’t noticed any substantial difference in energy levels or anything else yet. My next Ritual Vitamins review will detail how I feel after taking the pills for about a month.


I also love that they can be taken on an empty stomach without any nausea or similar side effects. I tested this and I had no nausea, even when I took both pills at the same time! Now, I’ll never have to worry about taking the pills with food. I don’t ever plan out my eating schedule, so it’s way easier to be able to take the vitamins whenever I’m able to.

Ritual Vitamins Review – Pills

As I mentioned earlier in this Ritual Vitamin review, I hate taking a bunch of different pills for different vitamins. This multivitamin is perfect because it has a bunch of nutrients. I’m very aware that there are certain vitamins that are difficult to get on a plant-based diet. A few of these are vitamin B12, vitamin D3, Iron, Omega-3s, and more—all of which are included in this pill!

These vitamins are great for any diet, though. It’s unlikely that someone gets every nutrient they need unless they follow a strict, nutrient-focused diet. This obviously doesn’t mean you should eat unhealthily because you take vitamins—they’re just a helper.

Ritual Vitamins Review Summary
To sum up, I’m glad I decided to try out Ritual Vitamins and can’t wait to see how they affect me. They include many essential vitamins and are great for people on a plant-based diet like mine (or any other diet). While I don’t think they’ll be the life-changing miracle pill that they seem to be advertised as, I still think they’re a great multivitamin choice.

My next Ritual Vitamins review will share how the multivitamin affects me after a month and if I see any benefits or side effects. Overall, with the possibilities of nicer skin, improved energy, immune support, and better moods, I definitely think it’s worth trying out!

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