Revive Superfoods Review — Is It Worth the Hype?

Revive Superfoods Review — Is It Worth the Hype?
6.4 Total Score

Revive Superfoods is a service that brings pre-portioned ultra-healthy superfoods right to your doorstep. If you’re looking to lose or gain weight or start a healthy lifestyle, that’s the subscription for you. Our Revive Superfoods review will guide you through the company products, promotions, and customer ratings, so you can decide whether it’s worth it.

Over the years, the brand has managed to keep press attention and got reviews from renowned pages like PopSugar, iHeartRadio, Healthline, and Breakfast Television. Its Instagram following continues to rise daily.

If you just hear about this brand, we’ll share everything you should know in detail below. Once you understand the specifics, you can make an informed decision about getting a subscription.

All About Revive SuperfoodsRevive smoothies

The company was launched in 2016 in Toronto. It’s run by people who want to make healthy meals more accessible.

Revive Superfoods aims to show customers that healthy food doesn’t need to be boring. The primary aim is to change the way people perceive food.

Overview and Highlights

Revive Superfoods was established by Yousuf Soliman, a man with a background in entrepreneurship and investment banking. He had a hectic schedule that could hardly be balanced with a healthy lifestyle. One day, he realized that the secret to powering through each day is a well-balanced diet.

His interest in healthy eating soon became a business plan. Soliman launched a company catered to providing affordable, quick, and nutritious meals to the masses. His goal was to help people cut out unhealthy habits and junk food. Slowly, Revive Superfoods weight loss plans gained popularity.

The brand had been established for people on the go. Its food comes conveniently packed so anyone can eat healthy wherever they are. The best part is that the handy meals guarantee freshness and deliciousness. Soliman aims to show the masses how fantastic healthy food can taste, hoping to change how we view food. Better meals support a strong population with fewer health concerns, and that’s Soliman’s goal.

What Does Revive Superfoods Offer?

Healthy food often costs more and isn’t as readily available as junk food. A well-balanced diet requires meal prep and thinking in advance. And both can take a lot of time and energy if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Revive Superfoods  products and meal on a plate If you’re looking to switch to a healthy diet within budget, Revive Superfoods reviews report that the brand has got you covered. Based on your cravings and preferences, the service can offer you many options to ensure you have a wholesome meal.

Customers like the variety of Revive Superfoods smoothie types, soups, falafel pops, oat bowls, and supermeals. If you cannot decide what to order, don’t worry. The subscription can give you a preselected box of company and customer-recommended meals. You’ll only have to choose the number of cups you want. It ranges from 9 to 24.

Based on your preferences, you can pick whether you want the meals weekly or monthly. But keep in mind that the nine cup option is only open to users with a weekly subscription. Still, you can pick as many cups from different categories as you want without restriction.

Subscribers can also make their own Revive box by mixing and matching cups. After you fill your box with loads of Revive goodies, including oat bowls and shakes, all you have to do is choose a day for delivery. But you can’t make a one-time trial purchase.

Customers can always pause, change, skip, or cancel cups through their accounts. You have to do that before the bill date so that the company can process your order in time.

Revive Boxes

These meals are healthy but never bland. When you sign up for a plan, you get access to meals that are delicious and calorie-counted. Once you decide how many cups you want, you can choose the dishes.Revive Superfoods fruit smoothie in a glass

Switching diets can be tedious, especially if you’ve been binge-eating junk food for a long time. But when the healthy food you eat is delicious, you’ll feel more likely to bring about such lifestyle changes. For example, if you usually get a venti Frappuccino, you can switch to Revive Morning Mocha as a healthy alternative. A smoothie bowl is also an excellent option for people who don’t have time for breakfast. It’s a tasty concoction of avocado, pea protein, cacao, banana, cauliflower, and coffee.

More than one Revive Superfoods oats review has gotten everyone super excited with the available options. If you’re not a chocolate person but still want something sweet, the Berry Patch bowl is a fantastic alternative. It contains gluten-free oats, blueberries, dates, raspberries, maple syrup, watermelon seeds, and more. Trust us when we say that the more Revive reviews you read, the more tempted you’ll be to try this extraordinary bowl.

Revive Foods Review of the Super Meal Boxes

If you’re looking for savory options, Revive Superfood offers calorie-counted and healthy lunch or dinner options.

Figuring out what to eat at work is frustrating. The pasta store down the street or hot dog cart near your office seems like a convenient option. But you’ll regret your decision when you come home with a bloated stomach and acid reflux.

Revive Superfoods box and smoothies Why not choose a plate of Revive Superfoods Puttanesca instead? It’s a meal that switches out regular paste for butternut squash noodles. It’s a tribute to the traditional Puttanesca, an Italian dish with a creamy tomato sauce, loaded with Kalamata olives, kale, and capers. The best part is that this dish is high in fiber and will keep you full till dinner time. We found more than one Revive Superfoods recipes review that was so positive that you can’t help but choose it for lunch.

Are you looking for a side meal to compliment the Puttanesca? Throw in some Tahini Infused Falafel Pops! They’re made from a mixture of spices, chickpeas, onions, and cilantro, making them super crunchy on the outside and ridiculously soft on the inside. The best thing is that you’ll get Revive Superfoods nutrition facts with each meal. For example, these falafel pops are an excellent source of fiber, good fats, and nutrients.

If you’re not that hungry and want a lighter meal, you can go for a soup. Guajillo Tortilla is on the tangy, spicy side with a mix of bell peppers, pink beans, fried tortilla chips, sweet corn, tomato paste, and poblano peppers. It’s a great hearty meal for winter afternoons and evenings. Plus, it’s full of fiber, so you won’t feel hungry any time soon.

Other super meal boxes include whole grains mixed with vegetables and fruits like:

  • Buddhacado, paired with quinoa, avocado, and edamame.
  • Bean to Baja, paired with rice, cheese, and jalapeno.
  • Caul It Couscous, paired with carrot, couscous, and lemon.

As you can see, there’s no end to the options you have with this subscription.

Additional Boxes

More than one Revive Superfoods review for 2022 confirms that you get a range of menus and dishes to choose from, including:

SmoothiesRevive Superfoods green smoothies on ice

Usually, customers like to mix the smoothies with water and throw the mixture in a blender. You can choose between:

  • Gingerbread Jungle, paired with flaxseed, gingerbread cookies, banana, and cauliflower.
  • Morning Mocha, paired with chocolate, pea protein, and cauliflower.
  • Pumpkin and Chili, paired with carrots, dates, and pumpkin.

The oat bowls taste heavenly and are challenging to recreate at home. They include:Revive Superfoods oats

  • Banana Nut, paired with dates and bananas.
  • Berry Patch, paired with strawberries and blueberries.
  • Cheery Cherry, paired with strawberries and cherries.
Smoothie Bowls

If you want your breakfast or lunch on the go and don’t have time to blend, you can opt for the smoothie bowl, which has a thick yogurt-like consistency.

You can choose between Sweet Acai, with raspberry and kiwi, or Viva la Vita, paired with antioxidants of strawberries and blueberries.

Revive Pricing, Discounts, and Options

There’s only one standard price for all of the subscription plans. You can choose the 9, 12, or 24-cup option and pay $6 for each cup.

The best part is that the brand covers the shipping. You could be anywhere in the US or Canada and get free delivery.

Saving Opportunities

You can enter the promo code HELLO30 at the checkout to save $30 from your first order at Revive Superfoods. You can also make use of the reward program that allows customers to save points in return for exclusive deals and news.

There’s also a Refer-a-Friend program. You can get as much as $28 back each time one of your friends signs up for Revive Superfoods.

Ordering Process

How Revive Superfoods WorksHere is the step-by-step process that you have to follow when ordering:

1.Pick Your Plan 

Customers start their journey by choosing a plan that fits their needs. You can cancel, pause, and skip whenever you want.

2. Fill the Box 

You’ll have to choose from a massive selection of delicious and wholesome meals that are loaded with superfoods. It can be challenging.

3. Receive the Delivery 

Receive free delivery on your desired date and time, and sit back to enjoy the pre-portioned meals you choose.

Managing Your Subscription

Customers can pause or cancel their accounts whenever they need without any hassle. You won’t receive any deliveries until you restart your subscription.

To pause your account, here’s what you need to do:

  • Log into the website.
  • Go on Account.
  • Click Manage Plan.
  • Go to Plan Status.
  • Follow the instructions to pause your account.

Keep in mind that you won’t get a refund once the order has been processed, nor can you cancel the order.

Shipping and PackagingRevive Superfoods box and smoothies

Based on your location, you can get your meal box between Tuesday and Friday. You don’t have to sign for it.

Regardless of what time you order or how busy your day is, you’ll receive the box on your doorstep. Don’t worry. It’ll remain frozen until you come home. Every order comes with dry ice to ensure its freshness.

Revive Superfoods Customer Service Review

If you have any questions, you can contact the company directly on the customer service email: You can also fill the contact form on the website.

Reviews on the customer service seem to be mixed. Some customers are delighted with the help they got, while others complain about unresolved issues. 

Revive Superfoods Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

The brand has an excellent reputation as a company that delivers fresh and healthy food right to your doorstep. Its rating on Trustpilot stands at 78% and the great rating at 17%.

Revive Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

Let’s compare Revive Superfoods to some of its top competitors to give you a full picture of the meal kit delivery options

Daily Harvest vs Revive SuperfoodsDaily Harvest Box

Daily Harvest is a similar subscription that provides many organic food choices, including soups, harvest bowls, smoothies, and flatbreads.

Like Revive Superfoods, Daily Harvest’s meals are plant-based and super convenient. But we have to say that the dishes are pricier, ranging from $6 to $9. Still, Daily Harvest has a larger selection to choose from.

Revive Superfoods vs SmoothieBox

SmoothieBox boxSmoothie Box is an excellent choice for customers who want more affordable and healthy food choices. After all, healthy food is a lifestyle. With this subscription, you can build your weekly meal box of six items. The smoothie variety includes greens, berries, cacao, collagen, and clementine.

Smoothie Box only provides smoothies that are shipped in pouches. You can mix them with any liquid for a filling snack. The company takes care of the shipment costs, so delivery is free for customers. Compared to Revive, you only have to pay $3.97 per serving, making Smoothie Box the cheaper option.

But before you make a hasty decision, check our Splendid Spoon overview, too.

Is Revive Superfoods Worth It?

The company is as legit as it gets. It has countless positive reviews from customers who have managed the switch to a healthier lifestyle. Plus, you no longer have to waste money on junk food as these meals are healthy, clean, and affordable.

Making food at home takes lots of time, meal prep, and multiple runs to the grocery store. Revive Superfoods removes this barrier by making nutritious, affordable, and yummy meals accessible to everyone. Even though the company started only with smoothies, it has expanded to a whole menu. The best part is that the meals and boxes are cheap, making them easy on your pocket.

You can get the Revive Superfoods smoothie bowls and filling grain dishes to your doorstep in easy, pre-portioned servings. If you’re looking to switch to a healthier diet and cut out junk food, this is an excellent, hassle-free option. We hope this Revive Superfoods review helps you make a good choice for your future self.

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  • Shipping is limited to Canada and the US
  • Challenging to cancel the subscription


Who owns Revive Superfoods?

Anis Barakat and Yousuf Soliman own and founded the company from scratch in 2016.

Where is Revive Superfoods located?

The headquarters are located in Toronto, Ontario.

How can the food from Revive Superfoods be stored?

The packaging is designed so that the items stay frozen at the time of delivery. When you get your parcel, you should store it in the freezer.

How much does Revive Superfoods cost?

For every subscription plan, you’ll have to pay $6. But the final price depends on the number of cups you choose.

What is Revive Superfoods’ return policy?

Based on the Food Health and Safety regulations, it doesn’t accept any returns of orders that have left its facilities.

How to cancel the Revive Superfoods subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, it’s best to get in touch with the customer service so the Revive team can review your request. If you fail to contact the company on time, you’ll have to pay additional fees.


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