Rent the Runway Reviews — What’s the Hype All About?

Rent the Runway Reviews — What’s the Hype All About?
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Rent the Runway reviews show the subscription service enjoys growing popularity. But is it worth the hype?

Rent the Runway helps you maintain your closet and try new trends without breaking the bank. Depending on the package you sign up for, you can rent as many clothes or accessories as you want. But unless you buy them, you’ll have to return them at some point.

We read thousands of Rent the Runway reviews to help you understand how the service works, how much it costs, and the company’s pros and cons.

All About Rent the RunwayRent the Runway clothing rack

Using the official website, you create a wishlist of clothes you’d like to try. It makes the shopping experience a lot easier than searching for clothes in-store. 

Check the available items and add them to your cart. After a couple of days, Rent the Runway will ship them to you in a reusable cloth bag. Plus, the order comes with a packing slip if you want to return the items.

Overview and Highlights

Rent the Runway clothing Unlike other services, Rent the Runway will ship your order in just two to three days. When the time comes to return the items, customers must use the pre-printed shipping label.

But before that, you can wear the clothes and flaunt them in public as many times as you want. Also, you don’t even have to worry about washing them or sanitizing the jewelry before sending it back. Rent the Runway customer reviews confirm that the team handles dry cleaning and all related costs.

The clothes come with RTR branded hangers. So if you choose to hang the pieces in your closet, you can easily tell them apart from other garments. That reduces the risk of forgetting the items.

What Does Rent the Runway Offer?

You can find Rent the Runway online reviews for the three subscriptions and the Casual Refresh option. Once you choose a package, you can pause it at any time you want. Let’s take a closer look at the options.

Benefits of Rent the RunwayHere’s what the four packages include:

Up to Eight Pieces

User reviews for Rent the Runway show that this package was initially famous as Rent the Runway Reserve. You can get up to eight pieces. As soon as you return some of the items, you can swap them for new ones.

You don’t have to worry if an item doesn’t look good or you just don’t like it anymore. You can easily swap it. But you can’t do that the minute it arrives. You have to keep your items for a specific time frame. Still, you won’t be stuck with an item you dislike.

If you choose this plan, you’ll have to go to UPS once or twice a month to return your parcel. If you want to purchase an item permanently, you can do so at a discounted cost. In case you love an item but can’t afford to buy it right now, you can return it and rent it again in the future.

Up to 12 Pieces

Rent the Runway plans and reviews show that this is the newest package offer. In short, you can get even more new clothes for a lot less. It’s the Most Lovedsubscription among users.

You can get 12 items at most, which you can choose from the whole online closet of the company. You’ll have a right to three shipments so that you can get new clothes almost every week of the month.

RTR Unlimited PlanRent the Runway clothing

Everyone’s looking for Rent the Runway Unlimited reviews, and it’s easy to see why. Even though this is the most expensive plan, it’s also the most versatile.

Unfortunately, in 2021 Rent the Runway put an end to its Unlimited plan. Instead, you can make use of the 16-item subscription for $199 a month. It’s ranked as the “Best Value” option for subscribers. If you want new clothes every week, that’s the plan for you.

But many subscribers miss the freedom of the Unlimited plan. If you’re among them, you can go through the best value subscription boxes and find a replacement. 

Casual Refresh

The Casual Refresh option is the best for those that don’t need a new wardrobe every week but would still like a new piece now and then. You’ll get a single shipment with four items and access to the basic closet. It’s also an excellent option if you just want to try Rent the Runway subscription before committing to a plan.

Pricing, Discounts, Options

All plans except for the trial have a promo price for the first two months. Here’s the full breakdown:

  • Up to 8 Items per Month — $99 for two months, $135 after
  • Up to 12 Items per Month — $129 for two months, $174 after
  • Up to 16 Items per Month — $149 for two months, $199 after
  • Casual Refresh (four items) — $69 for the first month, $89 after

The most preferred plans are the 12 and 16 items as they come with high value for the price.

The subscription is popular and covers many high-end brands, like See by Chloe, Proenza Schouler, Derek Lam, and Self-Portrait. Rent the Runway reviews state that customers have worn $33,000 worth of designer brands in a single year for only $149 per month. So you can look stylish and save more than the price of a Birkin bag.

Why you should get a Rent the Runway subscription Rent the Runway Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

Rent the Runway reviews for 2021 say it’s an uncomplicated service with easy-to-follow instructions that customers love. The toughest part is choosing what you want to rent. The website is loaded with thousands of chic dresses, accessories, and designer pieces, so picking just a few is a struggle.

Those who like to experiment with styles before investing can make excellent use of Rent the Runway. It’s a perfect way to experience seasonal trends. You no longer have to feel guilty about indulging in fast fashion.

But before you commit to a piece of clothing, look at customer reviews of each product. That will help you understand what size would suit you best and help you determine how to style the product with accessories or clothes you already have at home.Why you should get a Rent the Runway clothing

If you have an invitation to a special event and limited time to decide what to wear, you can easily read up Rent the Runway store reviews and pick a stunning outfit. Say you have to go to a bridal shower or a formal dinner and have nothing to wear. What do you do? You can try out a package from Rent the Runway.

While members can keep the clothes for as long as they want, most customers end up changing them within weeks. It’s hard to resist new outfits.

Rent the Runway Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

Before you commit to Rent the Runway, it’s always a good idea to check how it measures up to others in the industry.

Rent the Runway vs Le Tote

Le Tote is a popular service, especially among customers renting maternity clothes. But compared to Rent thele tote boxes Runway, the service has underwhelming options. Apart from the maternity dresses, you can’t find many styles or accessories with Le Tote.

Le Tote member plans start at $59, significantly lower than the Rent the Runway monthly cost. But unlike RTR, you’ll need to ship all items together. The service needed to establish this rule as loads of subscribers would buy the clothes instead of renting them out, making it challenging to continuously stock more pieces.

Stitch fix outfits reviews are also helpful if you’re looking for another service to transform your wardrobe.

Is Rent the Runway Worth It?

Rent the Runway has worked for millions of customers. It’s among the popular subscription box offers for women due to the numerous options and deals. Plus, the cost is similar to buying one or two brand-new items. Why not rent out four for a lower price? 

Rent the Runway lets you constantly change your style based on the latest trends. And you don’t have to feel bad about wasting money.

Rent the Runway reviews say that you’ll never get bored of your wardrobe as long as you’re subscripted to the company. Plus, the subscription saves you time going out shopping and wasting energy trying outlets till you find the perfect fit. 

Based on your budget, needs, and lifestyle, Rent the Runway can be a high-value solution for your needs. If you want to try new styles without investing in new products, change up your look, or revamp your wardrobe, Rent the Runway is the place for you.

  • Try new trends without committing to them. 
  • Discover new high-end brands
  • Deliveries usually arrive within two days
  • Excellent reviews
  • Helpful customer service 
  • Order different categories

  • Clothes you want might not be available 
  • Might be challenging to find items in your size
  • Returning could be annoying if you don’t have a close UPS location
  • High price on new items


Is Rent the Runway Unlimited still available?

RTR put an end to its Unlimited subscription in early 2021. A Rent the Runway membership review reveals that the closest plan of the service you can sign up for is up to 16 items a month, which ensures that you’ll still get new clothes every week.

Can you buy stuff from Rent the Runway?

Yes, you can! You can keep whatever you like, and you’ll even get it at a nice discount. Plus, you don’t have to be a member to take advantage of that.

How can you cancel your membership?

Simply email if you want to end your membership permanently. But you can simply pause your subscription, too. All you have to do is go on the account settings and select the option. But Rent the Runway reviews warn that you must do it before the subscription charges for next month.

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