The Latest Plated Reviews — 2021 Edition

The Latest Plated Reviews — 2021 Edition
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Interested in Plated? The following reviews detail the unboxing and cooking process of meals we received, how to save money with your subscription, plan options and pricing, similar subscriptions, and anything else you’ll need to know.

Meal delivery services liked Plated are everywhere. Our list of food subscription boxes shares a variety of other options you might be interested in – plus boxes for snacks and other edible items (like chocolate bars or smoothies)!

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I recently decided to give “Plated” meal delivery a try because of their subscription flexibility and quality ingredients. I knew I wanted to try out meal subscription boxes because I have found that my family and I get stuck in food roundabouts where we eat the same things over and over. Also, I don’t have much time for meal planning because I am a busy, working mom of two. I looked up several food subscription boxes online and found that Plated reviews looked better than most so I thought I’d give them a go. I was not disappointed!

Website Experience

I found the Plated website to be well organized and simple to use since I didn’t have any trouble finding the information I wanted. They have a “how it works” tab that breaks down the entire process.

Plated Reviews - How It Works

Also, the website has easy to find tabs with corresponding information making it easy for the customer to navigate the site and find all the necessary information. That’s why I wanted to start my Plated review by giving a thumbs up to everyone on their team who made that happen. The tabs made it very easy to track down answers to all the questions I had. I found everything I needed within seconds.

What Can You Find in a Plated Menu?

When it comes to plans, there are options according to family size. You can get meals for two three, or 4 people. Then you choose whether you want meals two days a week, three days a week or 4 days a week. Some meals contain meat, seafood, vegetarian options, and desserts. There are also plans that cater to gluten free or low carb diet restrictions. Another option is to get “encore meals,” which are meals that have been favorited by customers in the previous months.

Plated Reviews - Menus

When it comes to the menu itself, they ask you to choose which types of protein you want in your meals: beef, fish, lamb, pork, poultry, shellfish, or vegetarian options. You can also view all the Plated recipes being sent to you and swap them for others if you don’t like what you are getting. I didn’t change any of my meals because everything in my subscription box looked outstanding.

Plated Prices & Discounts

Most people think that prices for subscription boxes are too much for their household budget. I was also curious whether or not it was something that my family could afford. However, it turned out that meals can be quite affordable, depending on how many servings you will subscribe to, how often would you like to receive them, etc.

The prices for meals are as follows:

$36.85 / month = two servings, two nights a week 

$53.77 / month = two servings, three nights a week 

$71.70 / month= two servings, four nights a week 

$44.77 / month= three servings two nights a week 

$67.16 / month= three servings, three nights a week 

$89.55 / month = three servings, four nights a week 

$59.70 / month = four servings, two nights a week 

$89.55 / month = four servings, three nights a week 

$119.40 / month – four servings, four nights a week 

In case your primary concern was “how much is Plated per month?”, I’m glad we sorted that out. However, there’s more to it than just the price. Feel free to read on because I’ll give my final verdict before moving on to the first subscription box review.  The cost per meal comes out to a little less than $10 a meal which I thought was reasonable. Also, you get 25% off of your first month’s total and free shipping if your monthly total is $60 or more.

Plated Coupon Offers

We all like free food! However, since there’s no free trial at the moment, I had to look for coupon offers to get at least a discount on my first subscription box from Plated. Luckily, I’ve found one! By merely typing in PLATEDDEAL during checkout, you’ll get 25% off your first four weeks as a Plated subscriber. This offer is valid until the end of the year so make the most of it!

Plated Reviews - Plated Coupon

Plated vs. Blue Apron

If you want to review Plated vs Blue Apron, you’ll have to get to know both of them equally. Unfortunately, I’ve only recently got my first Plated subscription box so I may be a little biased when I say that I’m still yet to be delighted by Plated the way I’m thrilled with Blue Apron. However, there’s time to review both, and, as you’ll see, my first subscription box from Plated had nothing but positive reviews from both my family and me.

First Subscription Box Review

Shipping + Packaging

My first Plated box came on Wednesday evening which was precisely when it was supposed to arrive. It was a large box with proper insulation and lots of freezer packs that kept the food nice and cold.

Plated Reviews - Unboxing

It had two meals, and the ingredients were separated into packages with labels. The ingredients were well organized, and there were the two recipes on top of them.

Plated Reviews - Unboxing Plated

Just like I expected since I’ve seen a lot of Plated reviews on Yelp, the instructions for the meals were straightforward, and I loved that they had pictures for each step of the cooking process.

Meal Reviews

Steak Fajitas

Plated Reviews - Steak Fajitas

I decided to make the steak fajitas first to ensure that the meat was as fresh as possible. The instructions were easy to follow, and I didn’t run into any trouble while preparing the food – although I rarely cook since I am an amateur chef. However, there are also so many Plated reviews in which you can find this meal and even a recipe on their website. I was nervous about cooking the steak because I have never made one before, but it was straightforward, and it turned out perfect thanks to Plated’s straightforward directions.

Plated Reviews - Cooking Steak

The guacamole that I made for the fajitas was exceptional and flavorful. I ate some of it plain with a spoon while I was cooking because it was so good! The ingredients were all very fresh, and my only complaint was that the avocado provided wasn’t ripe enough. It was a little too firm, but the guacamole was still great. The fajita recipe didn’t come with sour cream, but I bought some separately and added it in mine because I thought it would be better with it. The fajitas turned out good, and it seemed to be the perfect amount for a family of four.

Plated Reviews - Cooking Steak Fajitas

We finished every last bit of the food and had no leftovers. Plated recipes are living up to their reputation! My kids enjoyed dipping the warm flour tortillas into sour cream, and they both tried the steak at least once. It’s a rule in our household that you have to try at least one bite of new food and then if you don’t like it, you can say “no thank you.” We call it the, “no thank you bite.” I was content with the fact that each of them just took one bit of new food.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Next on my menu were the grilled cheese sandwiches with greek salad.

Plated Reviews - Spanakopita Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Greek Salad

I made this meal and ate it with my friend Josh. We both noticed that it seemed like enough food for two people. I checked the servings on the recipe and saw that the first Plated meals I received came with only two servings although I signed up for four serving meals. I can’t help feeling that they gave me two servings meals by accident which was a bummer and I’d have to give them a thumb down for that.

Plated Reviews - Greek Spanakopita Grilled Cheese

Final Summation

The grilled cheese sandwiches with greek salad were delicious, and both my friend and I loved them. I did feel like I wasn’t given quite enough cucumber in the salad – it was mostly just tomatoes. However, I don’t think anyone reading Plated reviews will care too much about such neglectable details. There was one part in the directions that was slightly confusing, but it still turned out great. The pricing on the meals came out to about $10 per serving. I think that $40 to feed four people is pretty pricey, so you end up overpaying the convenience and quality of meals. Still, the meals tasted much better than I expected and they were fun to make.

Bottom Line
All in all, my experience on Plated’s website was smooth and positive while Plated cost was less than I expected. They had a good variety in the types of plans they offered and, by the looks of it, they provide quality, healthy ingredients. I think Plated would mainly be a good fit for anyone who has diet restrictions and cares deeply about the quality of the food they are putting in their bodies. Plated would also be great for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to prepare meals or go grocery shopping. Hope you found my review as useful as other Plated reviews online and here’s a list of Plated pros and cons to wrap it up!
  • Good variety of recipes each week
  • Quality ingredients
  • Vegetarian options
  • Mix & match your recipes
  • Skip a week or cancel anytime
  • Intro deals

  • No Plated free trial offer at the moment
  • Might be too spendy for some

8.4 Total Score

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