The Best Pet Subscription Boxes for Your Fluffy Friends

The Best Pet Subscription Boxes for Your Fluffy Friends

Nowadays, there are subscription boxes for everybody—even your pets! With a subscription box for your pet, you’ll get monthly shipments of toys, treats, and other fun items to keep them entertained. These are convenient, and the products are a great value.

You might not think there would be too many choices when it comes to this kind of subscription box, but there are more than most people imagine. We created this list of a few of the best pet subscription boxes to make things easy for you! These subscriptions have been carefully evaluated based on box value, quality of products, customer reviews, our own experiences with them, and other important elements.

You’ll find boxes for treats, toys, meals, and apparel and some that contain all of the above. Below the table, we also share information about each particular category of pet box.

Best Pet Subscription Boxes 2020-2021

Subscription Box DescriptionPricingReview Score Visit Site
Ollie Dog Food Reviews — Healthy Meals for Your Pup in 2024

Ollie dog food is a subscription service that delivers fresh and human-grade meals for your pet.

$8 on average
2 PetPlate

Provides healthy and fresh pre-portioned pet meals (currently offering meals for dogs only).

$2.50–$19 / day (price depends on dog’s size)
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3 KitNipBox Reviews — Everything to Know in 2024

Cat subscription box: cheap box options that include toys, all-natural treats, and other fun, healthy products.

$19.99–$29.99 / month
4 NomNomNow

High-quality, natural pet food subscription with box options for both cats and dogs.

Price varies based on pet type and size
20% Off First Box + Jerky Treats GET IT NOW
5 PupBox

Puppy box that offers treats, toys, chews, accessories, and training assistance. Plus, the box will grow with your dog! 

$39 / month
Toys, Treats + Training for Puppies GET IT NOW
6 Ollie

Ships dog food made with healthy ingredients and offers customized portions for your dog.

$40–$100 per two weeks (depends on dog’s size)
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7 The Latest Barkbox Reviews – Is It Worth It in 2024?

BarkBox is a popular monthly subscription service that offers themed boxes for your four-legged bestie.


Types of Monthly Pet Subscription Boxes

Cat Subscription Boxes

For some strange reason, cats love empty boxes. They’ll crawl inside and never come out. That being said, imagine how much they’ll love a subscription box with fun stuff inside of the box too!

In these cat subscription boxes, you could receive a variety of exciting and useful products (depending on which price point and box type you choose). A monthly subscription box for cats might include treats, new foods to try, fun toys, hygiene/grooming products, cute accessories, and maybe even some type of scratching post or larger toy for them to play with! There are also cat subscription boxes for one type of product, like toys or practically any of the other items we just listed.

In addition, the company providing your cat subscription box might offer the option to customize the box to fit your cat’s preferences. You can select which particular products you’d like to receive, your cat’s dietary preferences for treats (such as grain-free or all-natural), and much more! Of course, not all of these subscription services can do this kind of customization, but there are some that offer fantastic customization features.

Dog Subscription Boxes

As you might expect, another popular type of pet subscription is for dogs! Although these are created for dogs, you should expect to receive most of the same types of products as the cat subscription boxes. These might include toys, treats, grooming supplies, accessories, and so on.

Most dog boxes can be customized toward a dog’s size, age, how much they chew their toys up, or even their breed! For example, you can find a puppy subscription box if you have recently added a new member to the family. And Pug Box is just for pugs. Some boxes are specialized for certain products and don’t offer anything else. In addition, some of these are even created to grow with your dog—how cute!

Dog boxes are great because of how quickly most dogs go through toys, treats, and pretty much everything else. A dog toy box will be a great investment if your dog tends to destroy toys within a matter of days, and you’ll have new options for them each month. Plus, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth because these box values are always higher than the price you pay.

Subscription Boxes for Other Animals

It might be surprising to hear that there are subscription boxes for more types of pets, not just cats and dogs. But as with a cat or dog subscription box, food and treats are likely to be included in nearly any of them. These boxes provide options for horses, hamsters, bunnies, birds, and many more! Unless you have some unique, exotic animal as a pet, there is probably a subscription box for them. Other than the standard items, you can also find other products customized to your particular type of pet (like cage supplies for hamsters and grooming supplies for horses).

Product-Specific Pet Subscription Boxes  

Although we’ve mentioned the subscription boxes for particular types of pets, some boxes provide certain types of products as well. For example, there are plenty of subscriptions for dog or cat food delivered right to your door. These are great because they’re healthy and already portioned out for you. You can also find particular boxes for just treats or even just toys!

Why Get a Monthly Pet Box?

You might still be wondering why in the world you would get a subscription box for your pet when you can just buy the products they need in pet stores. For starters, more likely than not, these boxes contain a high value of items and provide more compared to shopping at a regular pet store.

You might spend $15 at a pet store for a bag or two of treats, but a pet subscription box can provide more items for the same price. The Pet Treater treat subscription, for example, costs $15 per month for a generous 3–4 bags of high-quality treats! Plus, the subscription might even save you a trip to the store.

In the end, you get more for your money, plus your pet gets more fun toys to play with and treats to eat in their pet gift box! It’s a win-win. Not only are they better deals, but it’s way easier to get everything you need for your pet shipped right to your door rather than shopping at pet stores. It’s also pretty fun to open these boxes, even if the products aren’t for you. As you can see, these boxes don’t just provide treats for your pets—they’re beneficial to you as well!


What are some of the cheapest pet subscription boxes?

Many of the subscription boxes on our list for pets are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of subscription boxes. However, the price will also depend on what types of items the subscription provides and which option you choose. But keep in mind, many of them offer coupons for first timers! For example, with the Barkbox coupon that’s usually offered, you can get your first box for pretty cheap. 

What is the best subscription box for cats?

Since there isn’t a substantial number of subscription boxes for cats, it’s pretty simple to narrow down your choices. For example, Pet Treater offers a few different subscription boxes for dogs as well as cats. KitNipBox is great as well because of their inexpensive pricing (the box for one cat is $19.99 per month and the multi-cat box is $29.99 per month).

What if my pet doesn’t like all the products or gets sick from food/treats?

If your pet is sensitive about what they eat, it might be better to get them a cat or dog gift box dedicated toward toys and other non-edible products. Many also offer the option to leave out edible products or customize them based on allergies or specific preferences (such as grain-free). Many pet subscriptions also offer great policies when it comes to the food or treats—such as a refund or a replacement product in your next box.

Which are the best dog subscription boxes for heavy chewers?

There are options specifically tailored toward heavy chewers as well as boxes that have a heavy chewers option. Both of these are great! Bullymake is an example of a box that’s just for the rough chewers. However, if your dog destroys every toy they get in a matter of days, it might be better to try out a dog monthly box that’s dedicated toward heavy chewers.  

Is there any box for just one type of pet product (such as toys)?

As we mentioned above, there are a few pet boxes that offer one type of product. These commonly include food, treats, or toys. Other than these, many popular pet boxes offer the ability to customize what type of products you receive.

Is there any cat or dog subscription box $10 or under?

This is a bit more difficult to find. Binky + Oliver (which provides treats) has an option for $12.95 per month. However, a quick search online should find you a few coupons that will make your first box $10 or less. We have yet to find a regular pet box for this cheap.

Is there a dog or cat subscription box free trial?

There are plenty of coupons for other boxes that make them pretty cheap to try out. However, the only free trial we were able to find was for Ya Doggie, which is a dog food subscription box. They advertise the ability to try out a bag of each food flavor for just $1! If it’s not the right choice for you, they’ll even refund the dollar—making these dog boxes completely free.

Bottom Line
With all of these various boxes to learn about, we hope you were able to find the perfect gift for your furry friend. The majority of these boxes include coupons and savings opportunities, so make sure you don’t miss out on those! We share them in the right column of the table above, as well as in our monthly review updates. And that about sums up our list of pet subscription boxes!

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