NatureBox October 2018 Review + Unboxing

NatureBox October 2018 Review + Unboxing
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It’s always exciting to try new snacks. What better way to do so than with a snack subscription box? NatureBox is a unique snack box that I recently signed up for. As a member, you get access to exclusive prices and great introductory deals. Their subscription is flexible, and they have a huge selection of snacks!

Naturebox Review - Unboxing

In this NatureBox review, I’ll be sharing how it works, snack unboxing, savings opportunities (such as how to get free snacks and a free trial), and my overall thoughts on the subscription!

How It Works

Since NatureBox has a slightly different setup than the other monthly boxes I subscribe to, I figured I should include this brief paragraph explaining how it works before I get into the review.

Rather than a monthly subscription, they charge subscribers by the year. This might sound scary, but it’s only $30 per year (that’s $2.50 a month). In addition, they credit your account with $5 in snack credits every month. So over the course of a year, you’ll get $30 for free by signing up for NatureBox. This monthly credit can roll over as well if you don’t want to purchase something every month.

Naturebox Review - How It Works

As a member, you just get access to their exclusive prices and sales. You can order a box whenever you’d like! They don’t regularly send monthly boxes as most other subscription boxes do, but they do have the option to sign up for recurring shipments.  

Shipping + Unboxing

As with all my previous NatureBox shipments, this one arrived a couple of days after I placed my order. It was easy to open and everything was placed neatly inside. Upon unboxing, I discovered the snacks I chose, as well as an extra full-size bag of animal cookies! They gave me a few extra samples in my first box as well, but they were extra generous this time. 

Naturebox Reviews - October 2018

I’ll be reviewing each of these snacks below.  

Snack Reviews

Crunchy BBQ Twists

These are my favorite NatureBox snack, so it goes without saying that I had to get a couple more bags. They’re vegan and gluten-free, with lentil flour as the main ingredient. Not only are they delicious, but they’re healthier than regular potato chips.

Naturebox Reviews - Crunchy BBQ Twists

A large part of why I like them so much is because they taste lighter than the typical oily, salty chips. Regular potato chips often make me feel sick due to all the oil—that isn’t the case with these!

Member price: $3.49 for a 3 oz bag

Naked Trail Mix

I love trail mixes, so I was excited to see this as a snack option! It’s a very healthy snack because there are no added sugars or anything else (just a little bit of salt). It contains almonds, roasted pumpkin seeds, dried apples, and cashews. These are some of my favorite nuts!

The dried apples made a delicious addition. I got a pack of two, and they lasted me a couple weeks.

Member price: $7.49 for a 2-pack of 4.5 oz bags

Salt & Vinegar Veggie Chips

I decided to get a bag of these since I hadn’t tried them yet. Although I’m not usually a fan of salt and vinegar chips, these were actually pretty yummy! Although they were fairly salty, they weren’t as oily as I imagined they’d be. Since they’re made from various vegetables, they’re also healthier than typical potato chips. 

Naturebox Reviews - Salt and Vinegar Veggie Chips

Member price: $3.99 for a 3 oz bag

Naturebox Review - $20 Free Snacks

Savings Opportunities

NatureBox offers some of the best deals for new members! For one, they offer a free trial for your first order for an entire month before charging the yearly fee. As I mentioned earlier, the yearly fee is a great deal as well—you get an extra $30 in snack credit over the course of a year.

In addition, you can get a $20 credit for your first snack box with a referral code or link! This means you can get your first few snacks completely free (or pay an extra $5 to get free shipping and more snacks).

Urthbox Review - Large Box SnacksSimilar Subscriptions

Since I subscribe to a few different snack subscription boxes, I figured I’d share options that are similar to NatureBox in case it isn’t what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a monthly snack subscription box, there are plenty of types out there. Degustabox and Urthbox, for example, both allow you to try out various new snacks every month. As you can see in my Urthbox reviews, I prefer this subscription because they offer various box sizes plus a few different dietary options (like vegan, gluten-free, and more). Degustabox doesn’t personalize their boxes at all—every subscriber gets the same things. Urthbox is also tailored more towards healthy snacks.

Graze is another subscription you might like if you’re looking for boxes like NatureBox. They provide pre-portioned snack packs in their boxes that are all from their own brand and are perfect to bring on the go. Their snacks are always delicious! It’s also one of the cheapest boxes for snacks, plus they offer a free trial box, which you can see in my Graze reviews.

Graze Review - July 2018 Snacks

If you want to discover more snack boxes, we share more on our list of the best food subscription boxes! Not only does this include snacks, but there are subscriptions for meals, candy, chocolate, and any of the other food boxes we fell in love with. 

Bottom Line
To sum up, NatureBox is a great subscription if you’re content with the yearly commitment. I wasn’t sure about this at first, but it’s fairly inexpensive so I figured I’d try it out anyways. I’m glad I did! The snacks are delicious and healthy. So far, I’ve loved every snack I’ve tried from NatureBox, and I can’t wait to try more. They’re one of the few subscriptions that allow you to try it out completely free, so make sure to take advantage of this deal while you can!
9.2 Total Score

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