Naturebox Snack Reviews 2021 — Pros and Cons

Naturebox Snack Reviews 2021 — Pros and Cons
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Snacks are the best. Check out these NatureBox reviews to see our opinions on their snacks, exclusive member costs and snack prices, and find out how to save $20 on your first shipment! 

Plus, check out our list of food subscription boxes to see plenty more of the top choices! There are options that feature more than just snacks (including meal kits, candy, smoothies, and other treats). 

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Need a midnight snack? NatureBox has you covered with their affordable subscription that gives you exclusive pricing on all of their yummy, healthy snacks. In thisNature Box review, I’ll be sharing information from their website, how it works, their snack details, pricing, coupons, and similar subscriptions.

Website Experience

NatureBox Reviews 2018

The Nature Box website is similar to most other online storefronts. You can shop through all the NatureBox snack options before you subscribe. This is convenient as some subscription services don’t show what products they offer until after you’ve paid for the subscription (or they make it very difficult to find). You can also find Nature Box reviews for specific snacks when you click on them to get more details.

They have various links at the bottom of the website which navigate to sites that outline information about the company and the ingredients they use, FAQs, blog, and more. They even share a list of ingredients in some of their snacks that you might be unsure about. This chart explains exactly what it is and what they use it for. If you need to reach out to their customer service team, their contact information is located on the FAQ page

How Does NatureBox Work?

Rather than shipping monthly subscription boxes like I write most of my reviews about, Nature Box offers a yearly membership that gives you access to their snacks at discounted prices (up to 40% off retail price). To purchase, you’ll just shop for the snacks you want to receive and proceed to checkout when you’re done.

At checkout, you will be prompted to create an account and asked if you want to sign up for the membership to get the discounted prices. You can purchase snacks without a membership for full-price. Luckily, they offer a 30-day trial so you can check out the service before committing for a year.

Although they don’t advertise the monthly NatureBox subscription heavily, they do have an option to subscribe to monthly boxes. You simply choose which snacks you’d like to receive (or have them pick for you) and click subscribe to receive recurring boxes. This usually gives you a 5% discount as well! 

NatureBox Snacks

NatureBox Reviews 2018 - OfferNatureBox offers an exciting selection of over 100 wholesome snacks with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. Even without the unhealthy additives, they manage to create delicious snacks. An example of one they offer is a white cheddar caramel popcorn. Sounds delicious, right?

Most snacks are from their own brand, but they sell some by a couple of other brands as well. They provide a bunch of different filters to help you find the exact type of snacks you want, such as vegan, gluten-free, no sugar added, low sodium, low fat, high-in-protein, and so on. Plus, they provide all nutritional information and ingredients for their products.

It’s not easy to find a negative Nature Box review; Reddit ones are flooded with good words of the subscription service. The community shares information about the snacks they’ve tried and how they liked them. I’ll do this in my reviews as well, but I won’t be able to try every single snack. The snack reviews on their website are great as well.

Nature Box Pricing

I’d say the pricing policy at NatureBox is pretty reasonable, especially with the member discount they offer. The prices are comparable to a health food store, such as Whole Foods. They offer full-size snacks as well as a selection of cheap, sample-sized ones so you can try them out.

There’s also a selection of a few featured snacks each week that are on sale from the regular price. Moreover, shipping is free for orders over $25 and costs $4.95 otherwise. The membership can only be purchased yearly for $30; however, they credit you $5 for each month of that year. This makes a total of $60 per year, so they give you an extra $30 to spend on snacks!

Saving Opportunities

The NatureBox coupon policy is rather generous, and they release new promotions all the time! If you have a friend who uses NatureBox, you can use their referral link to get $20 in credit towards snacks. There’s also a promo code ‘SAVE50’ that promises to grant 50% off. However, it took far less than 50% off when I tried to use it, so the referral sign up would be a better deal.

I also found a $5 off coupon which you can use if you’re not a new member or the other coupons aren’t working. The promo code to redeem this deal is ‘STELLA5’. Note, however, that they only allow one of these promotions per order, so your best bet would be the referral link.

Based on a NatureBox free box review I found, the subscription service has offered free boxes in the past. While I couldn’t find any free boxes they’re currently offering, they could easily offer this again in the future. Plus, $20 off is pretty close to a free box, but you’ll still need to spend $5 to get it delivered for free.

My next Nature Box review (where I’ll unbox and try out the snacks) will also include any new coupons I will come across. If you’d like to try a subscription that gives you a free first box, I would recommend trying out Graze, which I’ll be talking about below!

NatureBox vs. Graze & Similar Subscription Services

Naturebox Review - Graze Box

There are a few other snack and food subscription boxes I subscribed to, but I’d say that Graze is the most similar to NatureBox. They provide eight wholesome snacks from their brand in their monthly boxes. They also offer a free first box (with four snacks instead of eight) so you can try out the subscription. I also posted a detailed Graze box review where I described their offer and whether they deliver what they promise. So make sure to check that out as well!

I also subscribed to Degustabox and Urthbox, but the snacks that come in these boxes are all from random brands, so they’re not as comparable to NatureBox. These are both great snack boxes though! You can check out what they offer in my Urthbox reviews as well as Degustabox reviews

Unboxing My First Naturebox

Placing my first Naturebox order was simple. I was glad they offered plenty of vegan and gluten-free snack options. At checkout, they automatically applied the $20 discount to my order. As usual, this Nature box review will start with shipping information. Namely, I got free shipping since my order was over $25. My first shipment arrived quickly after it was shipped. It came in a nicely designed, sturdy box.

Naturebox Review Unboxing

The eight snacks I picked out (plus one bonus) were packed neatly inside, along with a handout about their corporate subscription.

Naturebox Review - Unboxing

I’ll be reviewing each snack I received below!

Snack Reviews

Almond Butter

I’ll start off this section of the Naturebox review with the most expensive item: a jar of almond butter. I love almond butter and buy it regularly. That said, I think this was a bit spendy. I didn’t realize how small of a container it was when I first chose it (it’s a 12 oz). I purchase a 27 oz container from Costco for around $13! You can see the size difference in the photo below. Even typical grocery stores sell almond butter for cheaper than Naturebox does. 

Naturebox Review - Naturebox Almond Butter Review

There’s nothing special about it either, so there’s no reason it should be so spendy – it’s just made of almonds like all almond butter is. This is disappointing because Naturebox advertises discounted prices with their membership, but this doesn’t seem discounted at all. They state the regular price is $14.99 without the membership, which is insane! I wondered how does Naturebox work, and if this is the answer to my inquiry, I won’t be prolonging my subscription.

Naturebox Review - Almond Butter Nutritional Information

Price: $9.99 for a 12 oz. container

Crunchy BBQ Twists

These vegan, gluten-free crunchy BBQ twists are delicious! They’re made with lentil flour rather than typical flour. These are much healthier than typical potato chips – for one, they’re made with half the fat! They also taste much less heavy than typical salty and oily potato chips. The taste is more flavorful than I expected and I love the airy texture.

Price: $3.49 for  3 oz. bag 

Nutty Power Clusters

I got three different bags of nut cluster snacks because they had a bunch of different kinds and according to many Nature Box reviews, they were delicious.

 Naturebox Review - Nut Cluster Snacks

These particular ones are made with almonds, walnuts, and cashews. They’re chewy and delicious. I found that they’re perfect, bite-sized snacks to take on-the-go. These are made with more sugar than I’d like, but they’re a yummy treat.

Price: $3.99 for a 3.5 oz bag

Cashew Power Clusters

I liked these a little better than the previous nutty power clusters, probably because cashews are one of my favorite nuts. As with the previous snack, I wish they were made with less sugar. However, it does add a delicious sweetness.

Price: $7.99 for a 7 oz bag

Vanilla Almond Clusters

Out of all of the nut cluster snacks I got, these vanilla almond ones were my favorite. I loved the sweetness. I wish they would sweeten it without cane sugar though, and many Naturebox users from Reddit agree with me. However, it’s still a nice treat that’s still pretty healthy. I’m glad I got the big bag of these! It does seem a little spendy since it’s still not that large of a bag, but they’re so delicious that I don’t mind.

Price: $7.99 for an 8 oz bag

Spicy Sriracha Popcorn

I love sriracha and I love popcorn. As you can imagine, I really enjoyed this snack! It had the perfect amount of spice. Unfortunately, the bag wasn’t too big so it was gone within a day.

Naturebox Review - Spicy Sriracha Popcorn

Had it been bigger, it would have been my favorite item in this month’s Nature Box subscription.

Price: $2.69 for a 3 oz bag

Sweet & Smoky BBQ Twists

I thought these were a different flavor than the BBQ twists above, but it turns out they’re the same snack. This was a little confusing because they’re advertised under different names on the website. The single-serving bag is pretty tiny.

 Naturebox Review - Crunchy BBQ Twists Review

They were just as delicious as the first bag!

Price: $0.99 for the single-serving pack

Vigilant Eats Coconut Maple Vanilla Superfood Cereal

This is the only item I got that’s not made by Naturebox, but still deserved its place in the Nature Box review. It’s gluten-free and is made with completely natural ingredients. I loved that it’s made with maple syrup and coconut sugar rather than cane sugar.

Naturebox Review - Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal Coconut Maple Vanilla Review

It’s easy-to-make and delicious! It has the perfect amount of sweetness and I love that it’s made with superfoods to boost your health.

Price: $3.99 each

Chocolate Animal Cookies

These animal cookies were a fun surprise! Naturebox added three single-serving packages into my box for free. They’re pretty sugary so I just tried a couple and gave the rest away, but they were very yummy. I’m glad they don’t taste overly sweet. 

Naturebox Review - Chocolate Animal Cookies Review

Plus, there are only 110 calories per bag! Small bags like this are great for portion control. They’re made with wheat flour, so these aren’t for those who don’t eat gluten.

Price: $0.99 for the single-serving package

Nature Box Review Summary
To sum up this subscription review, I was pretty satisfied. However, I do prefer monthly boxes because it’s much harder to overspend. Although their subscribe option is just as good as monthly box, it’s still so temping to add snacks to my cart! Also, I thought Naturebox overpriced some of their snacks (like the almond butter). They did have plenty of snack options though, even for people with particular dietary restrictions!

That said, I still enjoyed all my snacks and will be continuing my membership. Naturebox would make the perfect gift for someone since they’ll be able to pick whichever snacks they like. Stay tuned for the next Nature Box review to see more of my thoughts on snacks they offer. I’ll also include pictures, any coupons I come across, and much more!  

  • Healthy snacks with no artificial ingredients
  • A wide variety of options
  • Generous coupon policy
  • 40% off member discount on all snacks
  • Affordable yearly membership and free $5 credit each month
  • Order as many or as little snacks as you’d like each month
  • Can choose to subscribe for monthly boxes + 5% off
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Positive NatureBox Reddit reviews by customers

  • Some snacks are overpriced even with the member discount
  • Need to subscribe yearly

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