The Most Honest Nadine West Reviews for 2024

The Most Honest Nadine West Reviews for 2024
7.3 Total Score

Are you wondering whether this subscription is right for you? We looked at all the Nadine West reviews to help you find out.

The monthly styling box sends you two to four items, including a shirt or dress and matching jewelry. You can keep what you want and return the rest. This subscription box only charges shipping for delivery, and then the clients pay for what they keep. The service credits the shipping cost toward the selected items. 

With so many monthly clothing boxes, it can get hard to determine which one is right for you. But we’ve made things easier for you. Let’s check the company overview, along with the cost, pricing, ordering process, and ratings. 

All About Nadine West 

Here’s everything you need to know about Nadine West.

Overview and Highlightsnadine west outfit with jeans and t-shirt

Are you wondering who owns Nadine West? The subscription box is the brainchild of co-founders Sidney Williams and Ben Munoz. It was founded in 2013 with a mission to deliver affordable, stylish outfits to its clients.

The unique aspect of the service is that it doesn’t charge a subscription fee. Instead, you’ll only pay for the delivery costs. Then, you can select what you like, pay only for it, and return the rest.

Nadine West Is Best For

Nadine West is best for budget-conscious women who want to look their best without spending much on high-end branded outfits.  

Nadine West Is Not Good For

Reviews for Nadine West suggest it’s not suitable for customers looking for high-quality and branded outfits.

What Does Nadine West Offer?Nadine West clothing items

Nadine West is a subscription box that delivers clothing and accessories every two or four weeks. The box is customized based on the size and style you select during the initial quiz. 

Every package includes four to six new items from various brands that match your style. Our Nadine West unboxing contained a combination of tops, bottoms, dresses, seasonal accessories, and jewelry.

The size range is S–3X. However, Nadine West points out that medium and extra-large are the most popular sizes and go out faster. When you sign up, you’ll do a style quiz that helps the service curate your items.

You can change your preferences and style, but your personal stylist will ultimately make the item selection. Nadine West reviews mention that you might come across both known and unknown brands. Also, you can choose between a bi-monthly or monthly box.  

The Box

Each box includes:

  • Tops — cardigans, blouses, shirts, dresses
  • Bottoms — skirts, leggings, shorts
  • Accessories

Nadine West clothing reviews confirm that every package includes four to six items. Their size will depend on your initial selection. You can get items in S–3X.How Nadine West works

How Does Nadine West Work?

Nadine West is at the top of the monthly subscription boxes list for many customers, particularly due to its affordability. Let’s see how it works.

Website Experience

The website is fast, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. The content is to the point and neatly placed in its respective sections, making it a breeze for customers to learn what they want to know. 

Ordering Process

The ordering process is as follows:

  1. You start by completing the style quiz on the Nadine West website. It’s short and quick, saving your preferences and sizes to your profile. 
  2. Next, select your subscription frequency — four weeks or two weeks. 
  3. In the third step, you’ll make a payment of $9.78 for shipping. Nadine West subscription reviews confirm there’s no styling fee, and the shipping cost gets credited to the items you keep. 
  4. Then, you’ll receive your subscription box of four to six items. You get three days to try them out and decide what to keep. You have to return the rest. 
  5. Lastly, you make the checkout online. The service will ask for feedback on every item to curate the box better for you in the future. Also, you’ll have to return the items with the prepaid shipping label. The charges that are over the shipping cost will be charged on your card. 

Managing Your SubscriptionNadine West clothing items

You can manage your subscription through your online profile. Also, Nadine West style reviews note that customers can use the same packaging with a prepaid shipping label to send back the items they don’t want. 

If you don’t wish to keep anything from the box, you can return it all. But you’ll lose the $9.78 payment you made. Still, the company offers a one-time courtesy rollover. So the first time you return the whole box, the credit will be allotted to the next one.

Customers get three days to pick the items they want and send the rest back. If you miss the due date, the company assumes you’ve bought the entire box and charges you for it. Once the due date has passed, Nadine West doesn’t accept returns. 

You can pause, change, or skip a delivery easily through your profile. And if you’re wondering how to cancel Nadine West, the procedure is the same.

Nadine West Pricing, Discounts & Options

Nadine West clothing items

Nadine West reviews like that the company doesn’t charge a styling fee. Plus, everything you receive is based on your preferences and feedback on past items.

You’ll only have to pay a $9.78 shipping cost, which gets credited towards whatever clothing or accessories you pick. So the subscription doesn’t cost much unless you return the whole box. Nadine West states each item is between $10 and $30. 

The total price of a box ranges from $130 to $150. But you’ll only pay for the items you keep, and your order comes with a full price list.


Shipping & PackagingNadine West shipping warehouse

The beautiful pink package arrives within three weeks of ordering. The service mails the parcel after 30–40 days of the last box for the monthly option and within 14–20 days for the bi-monthly one. 

When you receive your package, you have three days to try the items, pick the ones you want, and return the package.

Saving Opportunities

Nadine West reviews for 2021 mention that you can enjoy $10 if you refer a friend who makes a purchase.  They’ll also get $10 and free shipping on their first order.

Customer Service

The website lacks a live chat, phone number, or support ticket system. But the service encourages its customers to email their queries, questions, or suggestions. Still, you can first make use of the FAQ section that contains plenty of information. But Nadine West customer reviews have been mixed as some complain about the lack of contact options. 

Nadine West Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

Ratings and reviews for the company vary. It gets 1.8 on Trustpilot and 1.32 on BBB.

Most Nadine West bad reviews talk about the quality of the clothes received and the slow customer service. However, the subscription states that it’s a budget-friendly box, indicating that customers shouldn’t expect high-end items for its low price. 

At the same time, subscribers love that they can get new items without breaking the bank. The element of surprise also makes it an exciting experience for many.

Nadine West Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

To help you further decide whether Nadine West is the right option for you, let’s check some alternatives:

Nadine West vs Stitch FixStitchFix boxes

Nadine West has a monthly or bi-monthly subscription box, while Stitch Fix offers a personalized styling service for women, men, and kids. The former is more affordable. Plus, it sends you both clothing and accessories, while Stitch Fix has only clothing.

If you also enjoy home workouts, check the Ellie fitness clothing options.


Nadine West vs WantableWantable clothing and box

Nadine West offers a subscription box for women, while Wantable also caters to men. Also, the latter has four categories, including Style Edit, Active Edit, Sleep and Body Edit, and Men’s Active Edit. In contrast, Nadine West has a monthly or bi-monthly box. 


Nadine West vs Dia and CoDia & Co Box

The most significant difference is that Nadine West carries sizes S–3XL, while Dia and Co only caters to plus sizes. Also, Nadine West includes accessories, whereas Dia and Co is only a clothing subscription.


Comparison Table


Nadine West

Stitch Fix


Dia and Co


Starting Price






Sizes Available






Types of Boxes






Number of Items Included




2, 3, or 5

Delivery Area (N of States) and other countries


US and UK




Wrap Up — Is Nadine West Worth It?

Do you have budget constraints but want a personal stylist? Our Nadine West review confirms this is one of the most affordable clothing subscription boxes. Plus, it will also send you accessories, which few services offer.

The box is ideal for those looking for stylish but inexpensive outfits. The company also lets you change the subscription frequency or skip a delivery. Getting four to six items at such an affordable price shows Nadine West is definitely worth it. 

Pros and Cons


  • Budget-friendly box
  • Good size range
  • Skip or change shipping frequency
  • Includes accessories


  • Nadine West customer service could improve
  • No mobile app
  • Doesn’t carry maternity sizes, XS, or XXS

Bottom Line

Nadine West reviews praise its affordability, shipping flexibility, and accessories that complete any look. It’s one of the most affordable subscriptions that help you stay in style.

7.3 Total Score

Products Quality
Originality & Variety
Box Value for Money
Packaging & Delivery
Customer Service
User Rating: 3.05 (84 votes)

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