MeUndies Review — Are the Instagram Underpants Worth It?

Welcome to our MeUndies review, where we break down everything you need to know about the service and how it works. 

We’ve looked into the pricing, pros, cons, and what customers think to give you an honest overview. So, let’s jump right in and explore what this popular service has to offer. 

All About MeUndies

If you’re looking for the best subscription box websites, you have a long journey ahead of you. But we’ve compiled detailed reviews with the must-know information. 

So, let’s look at MeUndies and find out how the Instagram-famous brand started. 

Where It All Began

meundies latest printsJonathan Shokrian founded MeUndies in 2011 when he had a rather uncomfortable encounter while shopping for undies at a department store. 

The brand has grown a lot since then, and more than one MeUndies review loves this funky and fun way to shop for underwear from the comfort of your own home. 

MeUndies is all about keeping you comfortable with some seriously soft materials, but we’ll tell you more about that shortly. 

MeUndies Is Best For

The membership is a great option if you’re looking for comfortable underwear. It’s perfect for lazing around or being active. 

MeUndies Is Not Good For

Based on our Meundies size review, this subscription might not be a good choice if you don’t want to spend much on quality undergarments. Although it’s well-priced, some still think it’s too much. 

What to Expect From Your MeUndies Order

There are a few subscription options. For starters, you have to select between men and women and choose your style and fit

Let’s check some of the available products.


meundies spiderman underwear for couplesThis is the most popular membership item. Here are some of the available fits:

  • Hipster
  • High Waisted
  • Bikini
  • Boyshort
  • Boxer Brief
  • Trunk
  • Boxer
  • Cheeky Brief
  • Thong

There is a serious amount on offer, which is no surprise. The membership has been coming out with new underwear shapes, colors, and prints each week since 2011.


Our MeUndies women’s review finds that the service has done its research on and knows how to make the most comfortable bras for all sizes and needs

Some of the shapes include:

  • T-Back 
  • Racerback 
  • U-Back 
  • Triangle 
  • Longline

Our MeUndies bralette review finds that women are super impressed with the bras. They say they’re super comfortable and easy to wear throughout the day.


meundies catwoman batman socksMeUndies socks are colorful, and subscribers love them. Some of the available shapes include:

  • Ankle
  • Cozy
  • Crew
  • Quarter
  • No Show

Researching our MeUndies socks review, we can see that they’re cozy, enjoyable, and a favorite among customers

How Does the Membership Work?

The whole point of MeUndies is to provide undergarments fit for all lifestyles. Also, members get exclusive pricing on other items and early access to new styles and prints.

Each month, you can choose which items you wish to receive. Over time, you’ll build a collection that suits your style and needs.

MeUndies comes up with new prints, styles, and colors each week, so there are lots of options to keep things interesting. More than one MeUndies review appreciates the variety.

Once you find an item you want to try, you just have to click “Reserve a Pair.”


woman wearing meundies onesieYou can only get underwear and socks on the membership, but you can order a few other items at a discount. 

The MeUndies Loungewear is seriously comfortable. Researching our MeUndies lounge pants review, we found that customers love the materials and prints. But bottoms aren’t the only loungewear on offer. You can also grab:

  • Onesies
  • Tops
  • PJ Sets
  • Dresses & Rompers
  • Robes

The materials are all snug and homely. Relaxing at home has never been more enjoyable. 

MeUndies Sizing Guide

More than one MeUndies sizing review mentions that the service has an aptitude for an accurate fit. Each item comes with a size chart that can help you along and ease your orders. 

If you are in-between sizes, MeUndies recommends sizing up to ensure comfort. The service carries bigger sizes, but it’s best to check what’s available. 

The Softest Materials Make MeUndies So Popular

MeUndies researches its fabrics to find the absolute best there is. And that’s what made the subscription so popular among men and women. 

All materials are ethically sourced, so you can rest assured your undergarments haven’t impacted human lives or the planet. Instead of getting hard and stale after each wash, the MeUndies material simply gets softer and more comfortable, making you feel that you’re getting a serious bang for your buck.

The service also considers body temperature as the materials are breathable. Clothing items, particularly loungewear, are stretchy. So, no more uncomfortable movie nights; you can lounge around in comfort.

Caring for Your New MeUndies

To keep your new undies in tip-top shape, follow the washing instructions on the label.

Generally, our Meundies boyshort review finds that a cold wash is the most appropriate. Hand washing is great, but it isn’t super practical, so a cold cycle is the next best thing. 

What You Should Know About Your Membership

Now that you have a good idea of what to expect from MeUndies, let’s dive deeper into the membership. 

How to Sign Up — Quick and Easy

meundies selection choicesIf you want to sign up, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the MeUndies website.
  • Select “Get Started.”
  • Pick a category for your subscription.
  • Select your style, cut, size, and colors, but remember to look at the MeUndies sizing chart for each fit.
  • Review your order and create your account.
  • Enter your shipping and payment details.
  • Checkout.

How Much Does MeUndies Cost?

The pricing depends on the cut you want. Here’s how that looks:

  • Men’s Undies — Original ($18) or Breathe ($26)
  • Women’s Undies — FeelFree and Original ($16), Breathe ($18)
  • Bralettes — FeelFree ($24–$28), Original ($24), Breathe ($26)
  • Socks — Supima Cotton ($10) or Breathe ($14)

The Original cut is super soft, while the Breathe is more stretchy and dries quickly. In contrast, the FeelFree cut is feather-light and ensures a relaxed fit.

If you’re not used to paying higher prices for undergarments, the prices may seem a bit much. But the product quality makes up for it. Plus, the items last very long compared to cheaper options.

Our MeUndies trunk review finds that if you’re looking for a deal, you can take advantage of the excellent referral program. If friends or family sign up with your link, you get a $20 store credit, and they get 20% off their first order. 

Managing Your Subscription — Efficiency All the Way

Once you have your subscription up and running, you can manage your account straight from your profile. You can skip a month or cancel with ease, and there’s no pressure. 

Our Meundies bra review confirms that if you’re not happy with your items, you have 45 days to return them. But they must be unworn and unwashed. 

How MeUndies’ Shipping Works

MeUndies is available internationally. Shipping in the US usually takes between 1 and 2 business days, and it’s included in the membership price. Orders over $50 also include the delivery fee. If you’re in Canada, prepare to pay an additional $3 for members and $6 for non-members.

International shipping is $12, which is quite a good price compared to other subscriptions. 

You should also know the packaging isn’t discreet, so be careful which address you select for delivery. 

How to Get Hold of MeUndies Customer Service

The service has a large FAQ section where you can ask specific questions or search by category. But if you have other issues, you can also:

The team is also available on social media, which is super convenient. 

MeUndies Reviews — What Do Customers Think?

meundies panda party collectionMore than one MeUndies subscription review shows that customer satisfaction can be hit or miss. Some have had a fantastic experience. Many customers love the soft material, customer service, and product availability.

Here’s what one of them says:

“I love my monthly MeUndies deliveries! It keeps with a fresh and updated selection of undies spread out over time. Not to mention they are super comfortable. So light, silky, and soft. I get my monthly deliveries on the first of the month, and it’s usually here by the 3rd–5th, depending on when the 1st falls. Great company!”— Sara Michales

But there are some MeUndies complaints about the sizing. Check the guide carefully as each item differs. Some subscribers also feel the customer service could improve because they’re only informed of missing items after the shipping date. 

Ratings online are between 2.4 and 3.2 stars, so there’s room for improvement. 

How Does MeUndies Compare?

With so many top-rated subscription boxes for men, where does one even begin? 

We’re here to help. Here are the top MeUndies competitors and how they measure up.

MeUndies vs Tommy John

The biggest difference is that MeUndies is an underwear subscription service. In contrast, Tommy John is a store where you can order directly. 

The pricing for both starts at about $16 per item. 

MeUndies vs Mack Weldon

mack weldon underwearBoth companies make incredibly soft undergarments and clothing. Unlike MeUndies, Mack Weldon has more clothing options, including T-shirts. Also, MeUndies is a subscription and a clothing store, while Mack Weldon is only a store. 

Mack Weldon only offers men options, while MeUndies is for everyone. And if you want a women’s-only subscription check out the customer feedback on BootayBag. 

MeUndies vs TomboyX

TomboyX is an online store for underwear, activewear, and swimming apparel. You buy directly from the shop, with one pair of underwear starting at about $36.

MeUndies lets you pick what you want, but it also has a subscription that saves you time and money. 



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US, Alaska, and Hawaii

Wrap Up — Is MeUndies Worth It?

MeUndies is a wonderful subscription with some of the softest and comfiest underwear and clothing items on the market. The monthly plan lets you try the full range of items without breaking the bank. Plus, the funky prints and patterns keep things interesting. 

If you want comfy and long-lasting undergarments, this is the perfect subscription for you. 


  • Incredibly soft material
  • Large range of items
  • Affordable
  • Men and women’s options
  • Returns available


  • The sizing guide may be off.
  • Customer service could improve.


Is MeUndies tracking available?

Absolutely! You’ll get all the information you need to track your order and keep an eye on delivery. 

Is the subscription easy to manage?

Yes, you can make changes and review your subscription straight from your online profile. 

Does MeUndies have quality items?

Based on our MeUndies review, all the fabrics and materials are super soft. Plus, everything’s ethically sourced, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best of the best.

9.6 Total Score

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Product Quality
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Customer Service
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