Lovevery Reviews — Is It the Best Play Kit Subscription?

Lovevery Reviews — Is It the Best Play Kit Subscription?
9.7 Total Score

Do you know a kid that doesn’t like gifts? Neither do we. So why not get your child a gift every month? Let’s check out Lovevery reviews to learn more about the unique service that sends custom play kits and offers wholesome monthly entertainment.

We’ll check everything about the company — its reviews, ratings, delivery, pros, and cons. If you want to know whether Lovevery is the right subscription for you, keep reading.

All About Lovevery

In a nutshell, Lovevery sends play kits and toys to children between 1 to 36 months. The company aims to promote playtime as a learning experience. That’s why it’s dedicated to creating tools for small children and has received much appreciation from parents, especially after the latest Lovevery play gym reviews.

Overview and HighlightsLovevery box and products

The company was founded by Rod Morris and Jessica Rolph, who started their journey to create toys that would entertain children and fulfill their developmental needs. They talked to countless parents and studied the psychology of babies and young children to develop a set of toys that are perfect for their age.

Lovevery’s subscription has a ton of positive reviews, which shows the quality and value of the brand.

What Does Lovevery Offer?

If you’ve been reading Lovevery play kit reviews, you know that the service offers more than just a monthly subscription box. It provides play kits that develop with your children and help them develop their motor skills. The toys are upgraded periodically to keep up with the child’s cerebral capacity and interests.

According to Lovevery box reviews, you can choose between two types of play kits – Baby Play Kits and Toddler Play Kits. The baby options include:Lovevery box and products

  • The Looker Play Kit
  • The Charmer Play Kit
  • The Senser Play Kit
  • The Inspector Play Kit
  • The Explorer Play Kit
  • The Thinker Play Kit


These help babies improve their focus, coordination, problem-solving, counting, and learning skills.

If you’ve been following the brand, you’ve probably seen many Lovevery The Charmer Kit reviews. It’s one of the highest-rated kits. The box focuses on helping brain development when the child is too little to practice motor skills or coordination. 

Lovevery Toddler Play Kits

These can be your child’s first experience with STEM learning. If you’re wondering which one is the best option after reading many Lovevery baby reviews, here’s a quick breakdown of the play kits:Lovevery box and products

  • The Babbler: 13–15 months old
  • The Pioneer: 16–18 months old
  • The Realist: 19–21 months old
  • The Companion: 22–24 months old
  • The Helper: 25–27 months old
  • The Enthusiast: 28–30 months old
  • The Investigator: 31–33 months old
  • The Free Spirit: 34–36 months old

The Lovevery Play Gym is another option, perfect for babies up to 12 months. It’s the winner of the Parent’s Choice award for being well crafted, safe, and educational. Also, you can get the Lovevery Block Set, which is ideal for toddlers between 18–48 months.

Lovevery Add-ons

One add-on worth mentioning is the play guide that comes with loads of valuable details on toddler stages and what play kits are appropriate for their developmental needs. Much of this is research-based information, making it a precious resource, especially for first-time parents.

How Much Is the Lovevery Subscription? Pricing, Discounts & Options

Lovevery box and productsThe play kit’s cost depends on the child’s age. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • 0–12 months: The play kit costs $80, and you’ll get it every two months.
  • 12–48 months: These kits are $120 and come to you every three months.

While Lovevery is a monthly subscription, the play kits arrive every two to three months. Those are the costs for a single kit. So, if you subscribe for 0–12 months, the total price will come to $480.

Saving Opportunities

After you’ve read all the Lovevery toy kit subscription reviews, you may be wondering if there are also any saving opportunities. The good news is that Lovevery offers many deals for parents interested in the play kits. For instance, whenever you prepay for three or four kits, you can get a discount of around $6 to $12 per play kit. Plus, you get a 100% money-back guarantee.

Lovevery Gifting is another great option that lets two or more subscribers contribute to a play kit gift. What’s more, you can take advantage of the discount code for friend referrals when they subscribe. Speaking of saving opportunities, we should mention the Lovevery subscription cost comes with free shipping and no added taxes.

How Lovevery worksWebsite Experience

Overall, the Lovevery website is easy to navigate even if you’re new on the site, which alone deserves a positive Lovevery review. The home page offers information on the service and lets parents explore all the play kit options. The website also has an excellent Buyer Protect rating, giving you peace of mind for your purchase.

When you go to the official page, you’ll see various categories, like The Play Kits, Shop, and About Us. The Shop option has a neat drop-down menu, where parents can view the kits, the play gym, and the block set.

Ordering Process

To get started, enter the name and birth date of your baby, and click on “Find Play Kits.” If you click on “Subscribe Now,” the website will guide you to the most appropriate option for your child’s age. Also, you’ll see a list of the play kits you’ll receive, along with their shipping schedule.

You can choose between three payment options:

  • Three-kit prepay
  • Five-kit prepay
  • Pay per kit

Also, you can contact the Lovevery customer service to cancel the subscription at any time. You might want to include The Play Gym as an add-on for $140. Once you’ve made your choice, all you have to do is click on “Continue to Checkout,” enter your shipping information and pay. The good news is shipping comes free with no taxes.

Managing Your Subscription

Once shipped, you can’t return single products from the Lovevery subscriber shop, meaning you keep what you get in each kit. There’s a 30-day return policy if you want to send back the whole play kit, but only if the products are in their original packaging. You’ll also have to fill out a return request on the Lovevery website.

The company offers a prepaid return label for orders in the US and Canada. You can’t purchase products in the play kit separately, but you can buy other stand-alone products via the website.

Shipping & Packaging

Lovevery packagingShipping costs are free of charge, with no additional tax. If you’ve subscribed to multiple play kits, each one will arrive separately in a box. 

Shipping is currently restricted to the US and Canada. Orders are shipped the next day and take around seven days for delivery. Note that kits shipped to Canada could take up to 14 business days, depending on the location. 

Customer Service

Lovevery honest reviews mention that the company prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service and support. You can contact the team via email or its social accounts.

Lovevery Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

The low number of Lovevery negative reviews confirms the company goes through great lengths to ensure its small customers are satisfied with the play kits

Unsurprisingly, the brand enjoys some rave reviews by satisfied customers, which is a testament to its passion and dedication towards offering a second-to-none service. You can read more about this in the Lovevery block set reviews. While that’s not part of the play kits, it’s still managed to go above and beyond customer expectations.

Lovevery Alternatives How Does It Compare?

While Lovevery looks exceptional, it’s worth checking out other nice boxes for kids, too.

Lovevery vs KiwiCoKiwiCo box

KiwiCo is also set on educating toddlers. The company offers boxes and kits for children, emphasizing STEM learning. Each KiwiCo box comes with three to five activities and a booklet

Compared to Lovevery, the age range is slightly lower, going to just 24 months. Also, you get fewer toys in each box. KiwiCo comes with three to five toys, whereas the Lovevery play kits can contain 11 toys. KiwiCo shipping also takes longer.

Lovevery vs Monti KidsMonti Kids

Monti Kids offers a Montessori product line, but that comes with a higher price tag. The toys are well-designed but of cheaper quality, which is a drag considering the cost. Also, Monti Kids offers fewer toys per box compared to Lovevery. Still, it has a community where users can access a library of educational resources.



Lovevery vs HoppiHoppibox

The Hoppi Box is among the best gift boxes for toddlers that offer hands-on learning opportunities. Plus, it has options for kids up to three years old. However, each box lacks the variety of toys you get with Lovevery play kits. For instance, a Hoppi Box for children between six to nine months only comes with four toys.

And if you have an older child, check out the Little Passports Early Explorers review. It’s an excellent gift to spark your kid’s curiosity.




Little Passports


Monti Kids

Starting Price

$80 Bimonthly

$19.95 per month

20.95 per month

16.95 per month

$297 quarterly

Age Range

1 to 36 months




0-36 months

Subscriptions Available






Types of Boxes






Number of Items Included






Delivery Area (N of States) and other countries

US and Canada





Wrap Up — Is Lovevery Worth It?

The well-thought-out Lovevery play kits take the guesswork out of the entertainment equation. Plus, who doesn’t like monthly delivery gifts? Your baby can have fun and stimulate their brain growth, too.

After we went through the many positive Lovevery reviews out there, it’s easy to see that this subscription is truly the gift that keeps on giving.


  • Designed for each stage of your child’s early development
  • The Play Gym changes with your baby for the first year
  • Designed by researchers and academics
  • Early introduction to STEM education


  • Some might find the play kits costly
  • Only for children up to 36 months


Does Lovevery have a return policy?

Yes, the company offers a 30-day return if the products are still in their original packaging. Also, you have to fill out an online request form and state the reason for returning the box.

How many days does it take for the play kits to ship?

It usually takes around five days for customers in North America and up to 14 days for Canada.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can make use of the pay-as-you-go option, which lets you cancel the subscription if you’re not happy with the service. Also, Lovevery reviews confirm that you can stop a shipment up to three days before the delivery date.

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