Love With Food Reviews [Read Before Subscribing in 2024]

Love With Food Reviews [Read Before Subscribing in 2024]
9.2 Total Score

We all love a quick bite to eat, but it often comes with consequences, like consuming too much sugar and preservatives. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve sifted through all the Love With Food reviews to tell you more about this healthy snack alternative. 

Let’s dive in.

All About Love With Food

Our favorite food subscription boxes come in many shapes, but we keep a special place in our hearts for snack deliveries. Let’s have a look at Love With Food and everything it has to offer.

Overview and Highlights

Love With Food is a snack subscription service that sends you healthy, organic, and delicious snacks from all over the world. 

Since 2012, the company has promoted a healthy snacking lifestyle. It’s easy to just reach for whatever we can find. But Love With Food Boxes breaks this vicious cycle. 

What’s more, each box on any plan donates one meal to Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks. We love this initiative! It’s paved the way, donating over 17 million meals as of 2021.

Love With Food Is Best For

Love With Food is a brilliant option for delicious and well-balanced snacks that are all about sustenance. Also, any adventurous snacker will appreciate the variety of options that you can’t find in a regular store.

Love With Food Is Not Good For

Love With Food reviews for 2022 confirm that the service is all about healthy ingredients. So you might not appreciate the products as much if you don’t aim for the same.

What Does Love With Food Offer?

Love With Food is a snack subscription service that curates clean, healthy, and delicious snacks from across the world.

Let’s explore the different plans:

  • Tasting: Our Love With Food review shows that this plan comes with seven or more surprise snacks. It’s the perfect option for first-time customers. 
  • Gluten Friendly: Includes 10 or more gluten-friendly surprise snacks. But it’s not suitable for those with celiac disease because the factory may use gluten products. Still, the snacks are considered gluten-free.
  • Deluxe: 15 or more snacks with a surprising variety of textures, tastes, and choices.What's in a Love With Food Box

None of the snacks contain:

  • Artificial flavoring or coloring
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Trans fats
  • Hydrogenated oils

The products are all about making you feel good and eating snacks with healthy ingredients. It’s convenient with no guilt.

Let’s explore some Love With Food past boxes to get an idea of the contents:

Theme: Weird, Wild, & Wonderful Foods with Andrew ZimmernLove With Food Andrew Zimmern box

  • Smoky Chili and Lime Chickpea Snacks from The Good Bean
  • Original Cocomel from JJ’s Sweets
  • Organic Fennel Pollen from Pollen Ranch
  • Creamy Buffalo Ranch Dip from Buff Lo Dip
  • Lemony Lover Olives from Oloves
  • Air Popped Sorghum Grain from Mini Pops
  • Salty Pepper Nuggets from Somersault Snacks
  • Sea Salt Cocomel from JJ’s Sweets

But that’s not all. Many Love With Food box reviews enjoyed the next box, too: 

Theme: A Kiss to Build A Dream On

  • Chocolate Chip Biscotti from Biscotti di SuzyLove With Food A Kiss to Build A Dream On box
  • White Cheddar and Black Truffle Popcorn from 479 Degree Popcorn
  • Chocolatey and Mokaccino From TCHO
  • 2 Truffles in Box From Guylain
  • Restaurant Style White Bean Chip From Beanitos
  • Honey Graham Sticks or Cheddar Crackers From Back to Nature
  • Dark Chocolate Crepe Dentelle From Gavottes
  • Chocolate Covered Blueberries From Ames International DBA Emily’s Chocolate
  • Olives With a Hint of Garlic or Olives With a Hint of Savory Pepper From Marios

All snacks are organic and provide the best nutritional value for your diet. 

Membership Benefits

Before diving into your Love With Food unboxing, you need to know about your benefits. Under each plan, there are three membership benefit options:

  • Lite Snacker (Free)
  • Super Snacker VIP (2,000+ points)
  • Elite Super Snacker VIP (12-month subscription or 7,000+ points)

Each benefit tier gives you access to a range of perks, including:

  • Access to a free e-Cookbook
  • Snack shop access
  • Entry into the Rewards Pantry

With the two VIP memberships, you get invitations to test out free products that haven’t made their way to stores yet. 

So, how do you earn points? Here are a few ways:

  • Leaving Love With Food box reviews
  • Buying a membership gift (up to 2,500 points)
  • Purchasing points
  • Referring a friend (1,000 points)

However you slice it, membership benefits are a great advantage and can save you some money, too. 

Love With Food Add-ons

Love With Food has an online store where you can buy any of the products you’ve enjoyed in the box. Plus, as a subscriber, you get a discount. But we recommend getting to the products quickly, there’s limited inventory, and they sell out pretty quickly.Why to join Love With Food 

How Does Love With Food Work?

Now that we have the basics down, what can Love With Food customer reviews tell us about the ordering process? 

Website Experience 

The website is very simple, making it easy to navigate. While all the essential information is there, an FAQ section would have helped a lot. 

The Love With Food reviews on the plans page is a nice touch, reminding us why customers love the brand. 

Ordering Process

If you want to sign up, here’s how to get going:

  • Go to the Love With Food homepage.
  •  Click “Create Account.”
  • Enter your name, email, and password.
  • Select “Home Plans”, and choose which one works for you.
  • Enter your shipping and payment details.
  • Select “Place Order.”

The whole process is easy, and we love the profile look. How Love With Food Works

Managing Your Subscription

Once you sign up, you can cancel at any time straight from your profile. There’s no need to contact the Love With Food customer service, and you can also change your membership type online. 

Unfortunately, there’s no option to skip or pause your subscription.

Love With Food Pricing, Discounts & Options 

It all depends on which plan you choose.

  • Tasting: $8.50–$9.99 per box
  • Deluxe: $17.99–$19.95 per box
  • Gluten-Friendly: $21.99–$24.99 per box

Comparatively, Love With Food is among the cheaper snack subscription services

If you subscribe, your account is automatically renewed and charged on the first of each month. You also have an option to buy a single box as a gift, in which case you pay upfront at checkout. 

The good news? If you have a Love With Food coupon, the price will be even lower, so keep an eye out on brand’s socials.Love With Food box options

Shipping & Packaging

Your order arrives in a vibrant red cardboard box, perfectly suited to a brand that’s striving for a more natural and healthy lifestyle. 

The service is available in US territories and internationally. All the boxes include shipping fees within the US.

International shipping costs:

  • Tasting: Not available
  • Deluxe and Gluten-friendly: $3.99 per month

Saving Opportunities 

Love With Food offers a few ways for you to save money. As of October 2021, you can save up to 40% on your first box. Also, using your Love With Food promo code to refer a friend can get you a free snack box and 1,000 points.

Customer Service

If you need to get hold of Love With Food, send an email to 

Note that several Love With Food reviews mention the customer service can be a bit hit or miss. Some found it super helpful, while others struggled to get help when needed. 

Love With Food Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

Reviews about this service are pretty varied. 

Loyal customers love the service and the snack options. After all, we get snacks from around the world that we can’t try otherwise, which is a serious perk. 

Unfortunately, some Love With Food bad reviews point out that the service is often not very dependable. Some deliveries didn’t arrive, and customers waited for days to get a response on where their order might be.

Other reviews are complaining about the gluten-free element. But the service clearly states that those with celiac disease shouldn’t rely on the products because cross-contamination in a factory setting can happen. 

Online ratings vary between 2–4.4 stars.

Love With Food Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

There are so many yearly subscription boxes to choose from that we need to dig a little deeper to find out which ones are the best. 

Urthbox Box and Snacks Urthbox vs Love With Food

Urthbox has many options, including Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, or Diet boxes. Also, each comes with snacks and beverages based on your preferences. In contrast, Love With Food offers fresh and organic snacks that might differ from your personal taste. 

Price-wise, Urthbox costs between $19.99–$44.99, while Love With Food will set you back between $8.99–$24.99.

But healthy options aren’t just for snacks. If you’re looking for balanced meals, check out our Revive Superfoods review.

Love With Food vs NatureboxNatureBox Box and Snacks

Naturebox lets you select the monthly snacks you want from over 100 different options. Love With Food sends you what the service curates for the month. The good news is that neither subscription has products with MSG, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

Love With Food costs between $8.99 and $24.99, while Naturebox costs about $30 per month. While Love With Food is cheaper, you get a larger variety with Naturebox. 

Love With Food vs Universal YumsUniversal Yums Box and Snacks

Universal Yums is a snack subscription with a variety of snacks from across the globe. The service isn’t focused on healthy snacking. Instead, it aims to introduce its customers to unique snacks that aren’t available in stores. In contrast, Love With Food is all about healthy alternatives to keep you on track when grabbing a snack. 

Universal Yums costs $15 a month, while Love With Food costs $8.99–$24.99. We recommend the former for those that don’t mind regular snacks and love to try new ones. 



Love With Food


Keto Krate

Universal Yums


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Minimum Order






Box Sizes Available






Select diet and allergy restrictions






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Delivery Area (N of States) and other countries 

US territories and international

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US & Canada

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The Bottom Line of Our Love With Food Subscription Box Review 

So, is the service worth it? 

Absolutely! We think Love With Food is an excellent snack alternative for those who want a balanced treat without compromising taste and nutrition. Plus, the service gives you the chance to try snacks you wouldn’t find otherwise, so who knows? Maybe you’ll find your new favorite snack inside the first box.

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Benefits for subscribers
  • New items each month
  • Donating money with each box

  • No direct way to contact the company 
  • No customization 


How to cancel Love With Food? 

All you do is log into your profile and cancel your subscription. You don’t have to stress about talking to a service agent.

Is Love With Food healthy?

If we could pick one word to describe the service, “healthy” would be a top choice, along with “tasty” and “guilt-free.” Love With Food does its best to keep you on your road to health. 

Is a Love With Food subscription worth it? 

Definitely! In a fast-paced world, grabbing whatever you can to snack on might seem okay, but, in reality, we’re giving up our health. Love With Food reviews new products each month to bring you the most unique and well-balanced snacks to keep you going.

9.2 Total Score

Products Quality
Originality & Variety
Box Value for Money
Packaging & Delivery
Customer Service
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