Ultimate Loot Crate Review [Everything To Know In 2024]

Ultimate Loot Crate Review [Everything To Know In 2024]
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Are you a fan of everything pop culture, gaming, or fantasy-related? If yes, we might have the perfect subscription for you.

Welcome to the ultimate Loot Crate review. We’ve compiled all the information you’ll need before you decide to commit. 

Finding the right subscription can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to know where to look, and you’ve come to the right place. 

Let’s explore Loot Crate and see what you can expect.

Loot Crate Mega Crate

Loot Crate is a subscription box that sends out collectibles and gear each month for pop culture fans, geeks, and gamers. They have a large selection of crates in different categories. I’ve never subscribed to this type of box before, but I’m excited to try it out! This Loot Crate review will detail my experience with the website, ordering my first crate, finding coupons, looking through various reviews, and anything else I thought would be important to share.

Bottom Line

Loot Crate is an exciting monthly subscription for gamers, geeks, and nerds of all ages. While it may not currently have the best reputation, the company provides a fantastic niche service.

First Impressions

I always look up reviews and previous boxes before I subscribe to any new ones to make sure it’s something I’d be interested in. That being said, I was a bit hesitant to subscribe to this box because of some Loot Crate complaints and negative reviews that I found. However, I saw positive reviews as well, and some even said that it’s one of the best boxes they’ve received. Obviously, everyone has their own opinions, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it out and let everyone know what I think about it. While I wouldn’t say that I’m a huge pop culture fan, I do enjoy a bunch of movies and video games.

When looking for a Loot Crate review, Reddit was one of my go-to places because there are always honest reviews from community members. A common negative review I found was that the box they ordered took a very long time to arrive or never arrived at all. I’ve also noticed people saying they don’t have very good customer service when incidents like this occur.

All About Loot Crate

When it comes to subscription box ideas, we have no limits. Today, we’re focusing on Loot Crate — the perfect subscription for gaming and pop culture geeks of all ages. 

Overview and Highlights

Loot Crate products The service was founded in 2012. It sends its fans across the world a monthly Loot Crate with collectibles, wearables, and surprises from their favorite games, entertainment, movies, sports, and pop culture. 

Loot Crate is all about the fans and aims to deliver unique and exciting crates. The service understands that some fictional characters and worlds are a massive part of who we are. That’s why it brings your favorites straight to your door, fueling your passion with every crate. 

Loot Crate Is Best For

Loot Crate is the ideal subscription for fans of comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, animations, and everything in between. 

Loot Crate Is Not Good For

The Loot Crate box isn’t a good option for those looking for very specific items. If you’re a die-hard fan of a particular series, you might be better off searching for specific merch yourself. 

What Does Loot Crate Offer?Loot Crate options

We all have a little geek in us, whether that’s being a huge fan of multiple fantasy series or simply loving the one scene from your favorite 80s movie. And this subscription is a geek’s paradise. 

Based on past Loot Crates, the service sends you items on a theme of your choice. We’ll get into the specifics shortly, but you can expect to find gaming, sci-fi, anime, pop culture, fantasy, and horror items from a massive range of popular and indie names.

In your crate, you can expect specifically curated items from the genres you enjoy. They can range from gadgets, souvenirs, and gear to clothing and collectibles. 

Before we dive deeper into the subscription crates, you should get an idea of what’s available. You might find one Loot Crate similar to another, but there are over 30 options, and we can’t order all of them. Here’s a basic layout:

Monthly crates: 

  • Loot Anime
  • Crunchyroll
  • Loot Gaming
  • Loot Crate

Bi-Monthly boxes: 

  • Fallout CrateLoot Crate Fallout
  • Hello Kitty & Friends
  • WWE Slam Crate
  • Marvel Gear + Goods
  • Wizarding World Crate
  • Loot Fright. 

Quarterly crates: 

  • Deadpool Club Merc
  • Loot Anime Fury
  • Destiny
  • Loot Sci-fi
  • The Elder Scrolls Crate

What’s more, the Loot Crate themes change monthly, bringing a massive variety of items. Plus, you can get limited edition crates and collections. Among them, you might find:

  • Artist Collection: Junji Ito “Obsessive/Repulsive”: Collectibles, gear, and licensed apparel
  • Nickelodeon Capsule Collection: A Rocko’s Modern Life or SpongeBob Squarepants shirt and a limited edition pair of Rugrats sweatpants
  • Britney Spears “…Baby one more time” Doll #1: A series of Britney dolls inspired by some of her greatest hitsLoot Crate Junji Collection

If you’re not seeing anything you like, note that these are just a few examples. We recommend you go check out the entire collection on site. 

Now, let’s look at the details of popular crates. 

Loot Crate

In the original box, you can expect to find three or more Loot Crate items from your favorite comics, games, and TV shows. 

Loot Crate BoxSome Loot Crate franchises include:

  • Masters of the Universe
  • E.T.
  • Wonder Woman
  • Guardians of the Galaxy

The latest Loot Crate contains:

  • He-Man Tee
  • Beast Wars 25th Anniversary Megatron Figure
  • Monthly Premium Add-On Item: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Historical Trivia Travel Game

Let’s move up a level and see what the service offers for a more devoted fan. 

Loot Gaming

It’s the perfect box for gaming enthusiasts. Inside, you can expect a mix of keepsakes and gear from the biggest names in the industry, like Skyrim and Doom Eternal. Loot Gaming Box

The latest crate includes collectibles from:

  • Dark Souls
  • Soulcalibur
  • Skyrim

If you’re a devoted gamer, our review on GameFly might come in handy. Let’s move onto one of the best Loot Crates customers love. 

Loot Anime

In this crate, you can anticipate 4–6 manga figures, apparel, accessories, and collectibles. Also, the monthly theme keeps things interesting, sending you a broad range of fan favorites. 

Some previous anime boxes featured Mob Psycho 100, KanColle, and How to Keep a Mummy. The latest crate comes with gear from: Loot Anime Box

  • Tokyo Revengers
  • Dr. STONE
  • Ultraman Anime
  • Fire Force!

Are you also into intergalactic travel? Because that’s where we’re going next.

Loot Sci-Fi

Here’s the crate for all science fiction fans. It arrives every three months with collectibles and merchandise from the best sci-fi classics. Loot Sci-Fi box

Previous franchises included:

  • Star Wars
  • Terminator
  • Back to the Future
  • Alien

And if you enjoy the adrenaline of horror, the next crate might be yours. It certainly gave us a memorable Loot Crate unboxing experience.

Loot Fright

With this crate, horror junkies receive 4–6 apparel and souvenir items bi-monthly. Some focus on the latest movies and characters, but you’ll also find an equal mix of horror classics. 

The latest theme is BumbHouse and includes items from: Loot Fright Box

  • Happy Death Day
  • The Purge
  • Upgrade
  • The Invisible Man

Are you looking for more practical merch items? You can express your fandom love with your clothing style. 

Loot Wear

If you want to get your hands on wearable merchandise, Loot Crate has you covered. Our Loot Crate review finds the latest theme is Hide & Geek. It contains items like: 

  • High-quality sweaters from Skyrim and Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.
  • Transformers socks
  • Invader Zim underwear
  • Predatory tee

Note that this isn’t one subscription. You can select the items you want to receive, like tees, socks, or undies.

Loot Crate Add-ons

Some boxes, like Loot Crate and Loot Gaming, have the option to add a premium bonus item — apparel, gear, or collectible. It costs about an extra $15 per month. Some Loot Crate reviews for 2021 praise the unique premium items and highly recommend giving it a try. 

And if you’re a true gamer, you should check our Humble Bumble review. 

How Loot Crate Works

Let’s move on to the details. 

Website Experience 

The website is fantastic and one of our favorites thus far. It’s quick and easy to find your way around. Plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing. 

The reviews on the homepage also give us a chance to see what other customers think. 

Ordering Process

Signing up is easy. All you need to do is:Loot Crate options

  • Go to the Loot Crate website.
  • Click “Join/Log In.”
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Select your subscription.
  • Enter your personal details.

Our Loot Crate review confirms that the process is simple, and you can have your profile up and running in minutes. 

Managing Your Subscription

Once your account is complete, you can make changes like pausing a monthly subscription or canceling straight from your profile.  

Note that you must report any issues within 30 days of receiving your order. You can rest assured that if anything arrives damaged, the company will do its best to rectify the situation by sending a replacement or credit.

Loot Crate Prices, Discounts & Options 

Pricing for Loot Crate varies depending on your subscription:

  • Loot Crate — From $24.99
  • Loot Anime and Loot Gaming — Each starting $29.99
  • Loot Sci-Fi — From $49.99
  • Loot Fright — From $34.99

Your Loot Crate monthly subscriptions bill on the 1st of each month. Bi-monthly boxes bill on the 15th or 5th of odd or even months, depending on your subscription. 

The limited editions, wearables, and once-off collections have different prices that bill directly at checkout.

Shipping & PackagingLoot Crate box

Your crates arrive in a standard black cardboard box. Still, they might feature different themes and colors, making them fun and interesting. For example, some Loot Crate Wizarding World past crates came in special boxes. Plus, they’re all recyclable, which is always a fantastic bonus. 

Loot Crate is available in 29 countries, making it one of the most accessible boxes. The shipping cost is included in your final order price and differs per location. 

Saving Opportunities 

Currently, students can get 17% off their Loot Crate order.  

More than one Loot Crate review also mentions the rewards program, which starts from the day you sign up. You earn points from a recurring subscription, on your birthday, and when sharing on social media. You can spend the accumulated coins in the Loot Rewards Product Store.

Customer Service

The website has a super helpful FAQ section, with categories broken down in an easy-to-understand way. You can find answers quickly and efficiently. 

If you need to contact Loot Crate, you can leave a message on the site via the orange “Help” button or submit a request.

Loot Crate Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

Unfortunately, the service doesn’t do well in terms of reputation and delivery. We found multiple Loot Crate complaints about slow delivery or orders not showing up at all. 

In 2019, Loot Crate filed for bankruptcy. While it managed to find a way through, it appears that issues continue and are even made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. So, if you love the idea behind the subscription, consider signing up to support it in these challenging times. 

We also enjoy some positive reviews: 

“This was my 1st purchase, and I loved everything in the box! I definitely look forward to seeing what’s next!” 

“Been subscribed for over 2 years now and even though there were some issues between them switching owners and coronavirus slowing shipping down I still love the product. I always get awesome things out of every crate and any missing or broken items are quickly replaced by customer service.” 

Despite some loyal fans, Loot Crate ratings sit between 1–1.3 stars.

Unboxing My First Loot Crate

My May box arrived in a timely matter after I placed my order. It was shipped in a simple black box with white Loot Crate lettering around it. My products were set neatly beneath a sheet with details about the theme and products in my box. The theme for this month was role models! However, it was more of a parody of role models because the characters in the TV shows and movies they featured have questionable character traits.

Loot Crate Review - Role Models

In total, I got five items in my first box.

Loot Crate Review - Products

I’ll be sharing each in further detail below.

Loot Crate Review - The Big Lebowski Lootpin

Exclusive The Big Lebowski Pin

I’ve noticed in other Loot Crate reviews that nearly every monthly box comes with an exclusive pin. This is an exciting way to build a collection of special, exclusive pins that the majority of people don’t have! This month’s pin was themed around The Big Lebowski, which is a movie.

Arrested Development Banana Stand Wallet

This Arrested Development wallet is adorable. This is actually one of my favorite TV shows! The wallet is a dark blue color with a cute banana patch embroidered onto the front that represents the banana stand in the show.

 Loot Crate Review - Arrested Development Wallet

The card it came with has the “there’s always money in the banana stand” slogan, which explains the banana design. It folds out to hold any cash and cards you’d need.

 Loot Crate Review - Loot Crate

Exclusive Classic Archer Figure

This figure isn’t a kids toy like you might think – it’s a figure for adults! You can see for yourself in any Loot Crate review online. The package states it’s for ages 17+. Typically, people collect these and keep them inside the box. In this one, Archer is “battle-damaged” with some cuts on his face and is holding out a finger as he drinks out of a bottle.

Loot Crate Review - Classic Archer Figure

This figure is another item that is exclusive to Loot Crate, which means not many people have it.

Loot Crate Original Deadpool Pico-Bool T-Shirt

Next up in this Loot Crate review is an interesting clothing item! This red shirt has a colorful image of Deadpool jumping out of a taco yelling “Pico-Boo!’ While I wouldn’t say it’s funny like they intended, it’s still pretty cute.

Loot Crate Review - Deadpool Shirt

I’m not much of a Deadpool fan but I still enjoyed this shirt. The size was a bit baggy on me. However, I prefer baggy T-shirts, so that works out great!

 Loot Crate Review - Punisher Decal

Loot Crate Edition Punisher Decal

This skull Punisher decal can be stuck on a laptop, car, or anywhere else you’d like to put it. It’s based on a TV series that I haven’t watched yet. Because of this, I gave it to a friend who watches the show and he loved it! As you can see, my friends also have significant benefits from my monthly subscription boxes.

In addition to these five items, they provided a Deadpool poster advertising the movie in theaters. This wasn’t too special – it was just one of those magazine posters they hand out for free. I think this box would be a great option for people who are a fan of a large variety of movies, TV shows, and video games. If not, I would pick a more particular Loot Crate with a theme or products that are already set (such as Harry Potter themed). I loved how most of the items I got are exclusive to this subscription box!

Is Loot Crate worth it?
To sum up, I had a positive experience ordering my first box and had fun unboxing it. I’d show the items that I got and what my thoughts were – whether they have quality products, whether it is a good value, and so on. From what I’ve noticed so far, Loot Crate would make a great gift for any gamers or geeks you know. With all of the different crate selections you could see in this Loot Crate review, there’s an option for everybody!

Loot Crate Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

Looking for other Loot Crate type boxes? There are hundreds of subscription boxes for teen gamers, so finding the right one can be challenging. We’re here to help by comparing Loot Crate to its competitors. 

Loot Crate vs Geek Fuel

Geek Fuel Box and Products Loot Crate comes with a ton of subscription options.  Plus, the original Loot Crate gives you three or more monthly items. In contrast, Geek Fuel only sells one monthly mystery box where you can find collectibles,  t-shirts, and prop replicas. 

Price-wise, the two are pretty similar. Loot Crate is $24.99 per month, and the Geek Fuel Mystery Box is $29 a month. If you’re looking for more variety, Loot Crate is the better option

Loot Crate vs My Geek BoxMy Geek Box

Both subscriptions have the mystery element going for them. While Loot Crate gives you an idea about the theme, that’s all you get. You don’t really know what you’ll receive in the end. 

My Geek Box sends 4–7 items each month from a range of fandoms for $23.99. It’s a similar setup to Look Crate at $24.99. But it appears you get more with My Geek Box.

Loot Crate Humble Bundle Geek Fuel My Geek Box The Bam Box
Price $24.99 $9 $19 $25.99 $34.99
Types of Subscriptions 25+ 3 3 1 8
Number of Items Included 3+ 10 3 4–7 4–6
Delivery Area (N of States) and other countries 29 countries Online 20 countries 44 countries 5 countries

Wrap Up 

Loot Crate is a brilliant monthly subscription for fans of multiple fandoms. Whether you’re into tv shows, gaming, anime, sci-fi, or horror, there’s a crate for you. Plus, you can always get more than one.

The service is absolutely worth a try. Plus, there’s a monthly subscription, so you can try it before you commit.

  • International shipping
  • Great value
  • Diverse monthly themes
  • A large variety of boxes to choose from

  • Risk of getting items you won’t like
  • Shipping may take longer


Is Loot Crate legit?

Absolutely! Loot Crate is a legit business with thousands of loyal fans. Unfortunately, it hit some tough times, which led to consumers questioning whether Loot Crate is for real. You can rest assured it is, and it’s trying its best to make it work. 

How much is Loot Crate?

The starting price is $24.99 per month, the Anime and Gaming crates are $29.99 each, Loot Fright starts at $34.99, and the Sci-Fi boxes cost $49.99 each. 

When does Loot Crate arrive? 

Loot Crate and Loot Wear ship between the 20th–30th.  Anime and Gaming go out between the 28th–5th. Crunchyroll ships between the 15th–25th. And you can expect bi-monthly crates between the 10th–25th of every other month. Quarterly and limited edition crates have specific dates on site. 

Are Loot Crates worth it?

The team behind our Loot Crate review agrees the service is worth a go, especially if you’re an avid fan of a specific genre.

8.7 Total Score

Product Quality
Box Value
Box Choices + Variety
User Rating: 3 (13 votes)
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  1. I started my lootcrate when it only cost $20 after taxes and shipping. Me and my kid both enjoyed it and looked forward to the new crates each month. Well after a few years and with covid, the cost I was paying for the basic crates after tax and shipping was almost $40 (in the U.S.) and crates started getting delayed and after I had to contact them they used the excuse repeatedly everything was delayed in port but continued to charge each month. Well after 8 months/crates of not getting anything and getting told it was in ports, I contacted PayPal and was able to get at least the last 6 charges (crates) refunded with there help. With all this it has left a bad perspective on Lootcrate for me. All in all I do hope that the new owners are able to get everything back to the way it needs to be and running without any problems, when everything was going smoothly i did enjoy the crates. Who knows maybe in a few years I might look into picking up my subscription again if the company is doing good

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