Little Passports Reviews in 2024 — Great Fun for 0 to 16+

Little Passports Reviews in 2024 — Great Fun for 0 to 16+
8.5 Total Score

Here’s a monthly subscription service for children of different age ranges. Little Passports reviews its content frequently to bring kids the highest quality and well-researched items. 

With so many options for children on the market, it can be challenging to make a choice. 

To help you out, we’ve compiled all the necessary information for you. Let’s learn about this service, what it brings to kids, and how it stacks up to others. 

All About Little Passports

Little Passports is the perfect monthly addition for curious kids. But where did it all begin? 

Overview and HighlightsLittle Passports bag and products

Launched in 2009 by two best friends, Little Passports for kids began as a fun and interactive way to learn about the world, its people, and cultures. 

From personal experience, the founders ( two moms themselves) knew how crucial it is for children to explore the earth. So they made a subscription that gives knowledge and opens a discussion about inclusion and acceptance of others. And, especially in today’s world, that’s paramount. 

Little Passports formed a community that shares its hopes of bringing children together through mutual respect and understanding of the world around them. That unites educators, parents, and grandparents all striving for a better tomorrow. 

Little Passport subscription customer reviews reveal the monthly service offers all that information in bite-sized chunks so children can fully engage with it.

What Does Little Passports Offer?

Little Passports is a monthly subscription-based on the receiver’s age. The box contains a whole range of fun activities and information about the world. 

Currently, you can’t customize the boxes as they’re carefully curated and researched. Your subscription comes in a specific order. That said, let’s see what you get.

Early Explorers

These boxes for children between 3–5 years old are perfect for curious preschoolers. The Little Passports Early Explorers review team picks the items carefully based on how kids learn and what they need at this age.

The first kit includes the following:

  • World map poster
  • Collectible souvenir
  • Orange suitcase for materials
  • Activity booklet
  • Sticker pack

Kids will learn about the natural wonders of the world and go along a journey progressing to a space trip. 

World Edition

The company recommends these boxes for 6–10-year-olds. Here, kids learn about specific destinations, starting with Brazil.

The first box includes:Little Passports products

  • A passport
  • An exclusive collectible Brazil country coin and coin board
  • Access to themed content online
  • Blue suitcase
  • Wall-sized world map
  • Stickers
  • Activity booklet
  • Brazil–themed chapter book
  • A souvenir

Little Passports World Edition teaches kids about various cultures and destinations like Kenya, India, Argentina, Iceland, Australia, Japan, Turkey, and Thailand.

Each location comes with its own activities, stickers, online content, books, and souvenirs. 

USA Edition

These boxes are for 7–12-year-olds and focus exclusively on the USA. 

The first box includes:

  • Wall-sized USA map
  • Scratch book
  • USA field guide
  • A folder for monthly activity books

After the initial Little Passports USA Edition box, you’ll receive a monthly box with information, activities, games, recipes, and stories about two different states. 

Science Junior

The Science Junior boxes are best for children between 5–8 years old. The boxes teach kids about the natural wonders that contribute to the wonderful world of science. For instance, they’ll learn about volcanoes, optical illusions, and the deep dark ocean.

The first box contains:

  • Trading cards
  • Boardgame
  • Magazine with comics and activities
  • Science stickers
  • Create your own Weddell seal walker activity

Each month helps kids learn new things and grow their collections.

Science Expeditions

Little Passports Science reviews praise these boxes for kids over eight years old that are up-and-coming scientists. Here, they’ll learn about forensic science, engineering, astronomy, robotics, and physics.

The initial box contains:Little Passports bad and products

  • A booklet with activities and games
  • Science Expeditions tote bag
  • Forensic science experiment kit
  • Fingerprint analysis card
  • Lab notebook
  • Inkpad

Little Passports reviews show that the next boxes come with a range of activities, stickers, games, comics, and bonus online content. 

If you have older kids, you can check out the cool subscription boxes for teens, too. And if they geek out over gaming, they might just love the Loot crate box review.

Little Passports Add–ons

You can order additional kits from the online shop. These include science experiments and games and activities on:

  • STEM
  • Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Biology

The cost ranges quite significantly, but you can shop by price, age, and collections so check it out.

Little Passports Pricing, Discounts & Options 

My Little Passport cost differs for each subscription:

Subscription Monthly Billed every 6 months Billed Yearly
Early Explorers $24.95 $137.70 ($22.95 pm)  $251.40 ($20.95 pm)
World Edition $27.95 $155.70 ($25.95 pm) $287.40 ($23.95 pm) 
USA Edition $20.95 $107.70 ($17.95 pm) $203.40 ($16.95 pm) 
Science Junior $27.95 $155.70 ($25.95 pm)  $287.40 ($23.95 pm) 
Science Expeditions $27.95 $155.70 ($25.95 pm)  $287.40 ($23.95 pm)

You can reduce the price if you get your hands on a Little Passports promo code

Saving Opportunities 

You can refer a friend, and if they sign up for a subscription, you get $25 off your next order. Plus, they get $25 off their first order, too.  

Signing up for the Little Passports newsletter can get you further discounts and access to the online library. As of September 2021, you can get 15% off sitewide.

Website Experience 

The website is so easy to navigate even a kid could do it. You’ll find all the information you could possibly need on the homepage. Everything is neatly presented and easy to understand. 

More than one Little Passports review says that the products are broken down by age, so you don’t have to sift through a whole bunch of details. You’ll also find a dropdown menu right at the top if you want further information on the subscriptions. 

Little Passports pricingOrdering Process

Here’s how to get started:

  • Go to the Little Passports website.
  • Click on “My Account.”
  • Click “Create Account.”
  • Enter your first name, surname, email, and password. 
  • Select “Create Account.”

Next, the site will redirect to your account, where you can subscribe and manage all your information.

Managing Your Subscription

As soon as you have a Little Passport subscription, you can review your details easily. Also, if you’re on a monthly plan, you can cancel at any time. 

If you’re on a six–month or yearly subscription, you’ll need to wait until the end of the term. Still, you can pause your subscription. But what if you want the adventure to continue? No problem, you can simply enroll for auto-renewal. 

You can’t return items from the boxes or the shop. But if there’s a defect or damage, you can contact the company ( to resolve the issue. The team of Little Passports review questions and concerns daily.

Shipping & Packagingkids opening Little Passports boxes

The good news is that shipping is included within the US. The company sends your first subscription in 3–5 days, but it can take up to two weeks to arrive. You’ll also get an email confirmation so you can track your order. 

You can get your order in all 50 states and at APO addresses, PO Boxes, and US Territories. The company sends packages and shop items to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, but my Little Passport cost doesn’t include shipping. The price depends on the location:

Canada: $4.95 (monthly), $29.70 (6 month plan), and $59.40 (yearly)

Australia and New Zealand: $6.95 (monthly), $41.70 (6–month plan), $83.40 (yearly)

Please note these prices don’t include duties and taxes, and you’re responsible for that. 

Your order arrives in a cardboard box with all the necessary protective packaging to keep the items safe during transit.

Customer Service

You can contact Little Passports in the following ways:

Live chat: It’s very convenient. They got back to us within two minutes. 


There’s also a very helpful FAQ section with all the must-know information. If you have a specific query, the other contact methods are pretty reliable.

Little Passports reviews confirm that most customers are satisfied with the support team. The biggest complaint we could find is that there isn’t a direct phone number.

First Little Passports Unboxing

Little Passports Reviews - Unboxing

I was very pleased with Little Passports—they have a great product that’s perfect for your little one. I chose the Early Explorers package, which is a little bit more expensive than some of the others.

The delivery was our first Little Passports box, and it was so fun! I got it for my five-year-old son, Vincent, and we had a great time playing with it. Although Little Passports does a theme each month, your first delivery is more like a welcome box. However, the themes that they describe on their website look engaging and educational. What I especially love is how these boxes make learning fun!

Shipping + Packaging

My box arrived in Little Passports’ white and blue box.

Little Passports Reviews - August Unboxing

The first box you receive in the Early Explorers package (Little Passports has different four options) is the Traveler Kit, and it contains a small orange suitcase, plus cute luggage tags, stickers, and a map and activity book. After this delivery, each shipment should have souvenirs, letters, and activities all surrounding a specific theme.

Little Passports Reviews - Welcome Box

Little Passports Reviews - World Map

Product Reviews

World Map

Our favorite part was definitely the big poster of a map of the world (it looks like all of the monthly box options come with an age-appropriate map, except the Science Expeditions option). Vincent and I decided to hang it above his bed. We loved pointing at all the different continents (which we’ve never really talked about). We also pointed out all the different oceans and where we live on the map.


The box also came with a suitcase that Vincent decorated with stickers and an entire booklet of activities.

Little Passports Reviews - Suitcase Decorating

Little Passports Reviews - Activities

He loved the activities and got really into them. While he certainly had fun doing them, I liked how educational they were as well. Some focused on pattern matching, some on color matching, some were mazes, and others helped him practice writing letters. They were perfect activities for his age, and he actually loved doing them. Win, win!

Little Passports Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

You can find hundreds of Little Passport ratings online. They average four stars, which for a monthly subscription box is fantastic.

Most customers are delighted with the service. They find it interesting, well set up, and super informative. Kids love getting a package each month, and the learning aspect is just the cherry on top of the cake. 

Little Passports complaints concern the product quality, with some reviews saying the parts are cheap. Others also have billing issues, but it seems like these users haven’t managed their accounts correctly from the start. So read everything carefully when you sign up to avoid misunderstandings.

Little Passports Alternatives – How Does It Compare?

We live in a world with endless options, which is fantastic, but it can leave us scratching our heads while searching for the right products. To help you out, we’ve compared some of the top subscription boxes for kids

Little Passports vs KiwiCo Atlas Crate

Kiwico AtlasKiwiCo offers an Atlas subscription focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) activities for different destinations worldwide. Compared to Little Passports, the two services are pretty similar in the activities and tools provided. 

Price-wise, the KiwiCo Atlas Crate is $19.95 per month, while Little Passports ranges between $20–$28. So, while there’s a slight difference here, you’ll get more out of a Little Passport subscription. 

Little Passports vs Little Global CitizensLittle Global Citizens

Little Global Citizens, like Little Passports, focuses on helping kids learn about different destinations across the globe. 

The most significant difference is that Little Global Citizens is a bi-monthly box for children between 4–10 years old. In contrast, Little Passports is a monthly subscription with a broader age range between 3–12. 

The prices are pretty similar. Little Global Citizens costs $34.95 every two months, and it’s slightly cheaper than Little Passports. 

Items in both boxes include guides, activities, and country-specific crafts.

Little Passports vs Highlights Top Secret Adventures

Highlights Top Secret AdventuresWhile both subscriptions introduce destinations, cultures, and landmarks, Highlights Top Secret Adventures adds the element of a puzzle. With these boxes, kids solve mysteries around the world like little detectives. So it’s super interactive, keeping things exciting and fun. 

While Little Passports has a more extensive age range, Highlights Top Secret Adventures is for those of 7 years or older. Plus, it’s cheaper — $15.95 per month

Wrap Up – Is Little Passports Worth It?

Little Passports is a monthly subscription perfect for kids to start learning about the world, its people, and natural wonders. 

You’ll see a massive range of activities during a Little Passport unboxing, so rest assured that any kid will find something they like. Plus, what child doesn’t love receiving a surprise package each month?

We can highly recommend Little Passports to parents looking for fun ways to inspire children and spark their passion for learning and adventure.

  • Fun yet educational activities
  • Subscription options for different ages
  • Discounts with longer-term subscriptions
  • Affordable
  • Lots of themes and destinations
  • Access to a large online database and activities

  • Not the best subscription for older children and teens
  • Science and geography activities only
  • Kids may need assistance to get the most out of the box


How much does Little Passports cost? 

With the monthly option, you can expect to pay between $20–$28. Also, you can choose between a six-month or yearly subscription. There isn’t a set price for the boxes. It all ranges depending on what you choose and the subscription type.

What is Little Passports Science? 

Little Passports Science editions focus more on the natural wonders of the world, providing activities and experiments that show how curious phenomena occur. 

Are there any Little Passports deals?

Absolutely! Little Passports reviews its special offers and coupons frequently to bring you some fantastic deals. As of September 2021, you can get 15% off sitewide. Also, there’s an ongoing $25 credit to any friend you refer.

8.5 Total Score

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