Little Passports Reviews 2021 — Great Fun for 0 to 16+

Little Passports Reviews 2021 — Great Fun for 0 to 16+
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Choosing the right subscription box service for the little ones is no easy feat! If you were considering this one, make sure to check out our Little Passports reviews first.

Discover which age groups might be happy with these boxes and see exactly what kind of products you can expect in your boxes. Make sure to take a look at the deals section before placing your first order!

Before you decide, check out more subscription boxes for kids to see the top choices for other age groups, interests, or even particular products (like LEGOs)!

If your kids are jealous of the subscription boxes you get to unwrap every month, you will be happy to learn know are monthly subscription options for children! Little Passports is one of these, and it offers fun and educational activities each month for kids of almost any age.

This is the first of my series of Little Passports reviews. I’ll bring you closer to what they offer, their pricing policies, comparisons to similar kids subscription boxes, and any saving opportunities you might benefit from. In addition, near the ending is a full unboxing and review of how my five-year-old son likes his first box! 

Little Passports Review

Little Passports Reviews - Website Impressions

The Little Passports website is organized and full of useful information. They have an ‘activities’ tab similar to a blog where you can various ideas about things that you can do with your kid. The recommended activities include categories like crafts, science, food, home, and so on. Each of these has a large variety of different articles. For example, the food tab provides articles such as healthy snacks to buy for your kids or fun recipes to make with them.  

Little Passports offers five different subscription boxes for kids between the age of 3 and 12. Each box is aimed to provide fun activities that also help kids learn. There’s a Little Passports world edition, USA edition, science expeditions, and early explorers. They also have a classroom subscription for teachers to integrate into their curriculum!

Little Passports recommends the early explorers’ subscription for ages 3-5; the world edition is best for kids between 6 and 10; the USA edition is suitable for ages 7-12, and the science expeditions are best for kids that are over 9-years-old. On the other hand, the classroom subscription is a version of the world edition. According to a multitude of Little Passports reviews, this is a great addition to the curriculum of 1st – 4th graders.

Different Theme Each Month

Little Passports Reviews - Offer

Each subscription has a different theme each month, and Little Passports provide lists of the products you should expect in each box. For example, with the science subscription, you’ll receive a 16-page comic book, hands-on science experiments, achievement badges for each monthly theme, a new mystery to solve each month, and access to bonus videos and online content.

In addition to the descriptions, I looked through a Little Passports USA review to see what came in previous boxes for people. The first box of the USA subscription comes with a field guide, a scratch book, a wall-sized USA map, a welcome letter, and a photo scavenger hunt project. Monthly boxes after the first month feature two new states for your kid to learn about.

Pricing, Payment, and Savings

Like other subscription boxes, pricing policies at Little Passports vary depending on the subscription type and length you opt for. To start with the cheapest, the USA and world explorer edition both cost $14.95 per month for the month-to-month subscription. The 6-month plan is priced at $13.95 per month, and the annual plan costs $12.95 a month. Note, however, that both the 6-month and the annual subscription are paid up front.

On the other hand, Little Passports price for the Early Explorers subscription costs $4 more than the USA and the world explorer subscription, while the science subscription costs $6 more each month. The classroom edition is only offered as a 6-month subscription for $16.50 per month. Paying up front also for the 6-month or the yearly subscription also applies to these editions. Shipping is an additional $3 per box, and sales tax will be charged if applicable to your state.

Little Passports Reviews - Subscription Options

To order your subscription, all you have to do is pick the box you wish to receive and add it to your cart. At checkout, you can pay with any major credit or debit card. They also provide a box to enter any coupon codes you have. Speaking of which, I was able to find a few different deals.

Right off the bat, I found a promo code – ‘EXPLORE’ – that grants $20 off an annual subscription. They advertised this on their website and would save you a little less than $2 per month. However, I couldn’t find any coupons that applied to month-to-month subscriptions. I also came across a Little Passports Groupon deal, but it was unavailable at the moment.

Similar Subscription Services

There are plenty of kids subscriptions comparable to Little Passports. One of these that I also subscribed to is KiwiCo. That said, make sure to check out my KiwiCo reviews as well to see a more detailed review of their offer! Although they fall into the same category, these subscription boxes have a lot of differences between each other. I will be comparing them side-by-side so you can decide which of them would be a better subscription for your kid.

Kiwi Crate Reviews - Subscription Box Options

KiwiCo offers a total of six different subscription boxes for ages 0-16+. This is somewhat more than the age frame that Little Passports boxes are aimed towards. Little Passports reviews suggest this company has one box for toddlers up to the age of two, another one for kids between 3-4 years of age, and a different box children aged 5-6. Finally, children between the age of 9-16+ have the option to choose between two subscription boxes.

Boxes For Older Kids

While Little Passports only has one box for older children (ages 9+), KiwiCo offers two boxes for older kids. One is for hands-on building projects and one is arts themed. On the other hand, as I’ve seen from previous boxes in a Little Passports early explorers review, the KiwiCo koala box for ages 3-4 is most similar to this one.

KiwiCo crates cost $19.95 per month, and you can save a little by opting for a longer-term plan. They also have an upgraded version that adds a special book for an additional $9.95. Finally, unlike Little Passports, this company delivers subscription boxes free of charge. I decided to try both subscriptions to properly compare the two – check out my KiwiCo reviews!

First Little Passports Unboxing

Little Passports Reviews - Unboxing

I was very pleased with Little Passports—they have a great product that’s perfect for your little one. I chose the Early Explorers package, which is a little bit more expensive than some of their others—the monthly subscription is $18.95 a month, the six-month one is $17.95 a month, and the yearly winds up being $16.95 per month.

The August delivery was our first Little Passports box, and it was so fun! I got it for my five-year-old son, Vincent, and we had a great time playing with it. Although Little Passports does a theme each month, your first delivery is more like a welcome box. However, the themes that they describe on their website look engaging and educational. What I especially love is how these boxes make learning fun!

Shipping + Packaging

My box arrived in Little Passports’ white and blue box.

Little Passports Reviews - August Unboxing

The first box you receive in the Early Explorers package (Little Passports has different four options) is the Traveler Kit, and it contains a small orange suitcase, plus cute luggage tags, stickers, and a map and activity book. After this delivery, each shipment should have souvenirs, letters, and activities all surrounding a specific theme.

Little Passports Reviews - Welcome Box

Little Passports Reviews - World Map

Product Reviews

World Map

Our favorite part was definitely the big poster of a map of the world (it looks like all of the monthly box options come with an age-appropriate map, except the Science Expeditions option). Vincent and I decided to hang it above his bed. We loved pointing at all the different continents (which we’ve never really talked about). We also pointed out all the different oceans and where we live on the map.


The box also came with a suitcase that Vincent decorated with stickers and an entire booklet of activities.

Little Passports Reviews - Suitcase Decorating

Little Passports Reviews - Activities

He loved the activities and got really into them. While he certainly had fun doing them, I liked how educational they were as well. Some focused on pattern matching, some on color matching, some were mazes, and others helped him practice writing letters. They were perfect activities for his age, and he actually loved doing them. Win, win!

Little Passports Review Summary
This subscription is a great idea to provide educational activities for your children or if you want to give them a surprise to look forward to every month. There are other subscription boxes for kids out there with lots of diverse themes. The benefit of Little Passports is that they already have their own theme (travel, geography, and science), and then each box has another theme that surrounds that. If your child already likes these subjects, then Little Passports makes it easy to learn about them in more detail.

Other subscription boxes for kids may have a wider age range for each subscription option, which means there’s a risk the products sent may not be just right for your child. I didn’t find that to be the case with Little Passports. I loved how age-appropriate all of the activities were. They were perfect for my son, and they gave him a fun, unique opportunity to play and learn. That said, make sure to check out my upcoming Little Passports reviews for complete insight into what comes in future boxes and how my son likes them.

  • Fun yet educational activities
  • Subscription options for different ages
  • Discounts with longer-term subscriptions

  • Not the best subscription for older children and teens
  • Science and geography activities only
  • No options for kids younger than three
  • Shipping isn’t free

8.5 Total Score

Customer Service
Retail Value
Quality of Products
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