Le Tote Reviews [Pros, Cons, & How It Works]

Le Tote Reviews [Pros, Cons, & How It Works]

Monthly clothing subscriptions come in many forms, so how do we know what’s going to work for us? We looked through hundreds of Le Tote reviews to bring you detailed information about the service and what to expect from it.

Let’s explore this fashion rental subscription and find out why it’s so popular. 

Le Tote Personalized Box

All About Le Tote

We can’t wait to check out new subscription boxes. So we’re back again to give you the low-down on Le Tote and what it has to offer. 

Overview and HighlightsLe Tote outfit and model

Founded in 2012 by Rakesh Tondon and Brett Northart, Le Tote clothing rental sends you fashion items to wear and enjoy each month. 

The service is all about giving everyone the chance to try a range of styles and brands that they may not be able to afford otherwise. 

Fashion, building confidence, and sharing style trends are all in a day’s work for Le Tote. 

What Does Le Tote Offer?

Le Tote is a monthly subscription service that sends you items depending on the membership you have. 

The team working with Le Tote clothes reviews your style, suggesting items and accessories, but you ultimately pick anything you want to try. Suggestions are based on the information you give when signing up. Plus, you can heart items and styles you want to try. 

Clothing is available in XS–XXL (0–16) and accessories include bags, belts, jewelry, and scarves. You get an email before delivery and have seven days to style your tote and get the items you want.

Worried about hygiene? You shouldn’t be. Le Tote cleans and sanitizes all items to get them ready for you. 

There are a few Le Tote membership plans, and you can choose different options for each one:

One tote per month (Classic and Maternity):Le Tote box and outfit

  • Five clothing items
  • Eight clothing items
  • 10 clothing items
  • Five clothing items and three accessories
  • Seven clothing items and three accessories
  • 10 clothing items and five accessories




Unlimited Plans (Classic):

  • Four clothing items
  • Three clothing items and two accessories

Two totes per month (Maternity)

  • Four clothing items
  • Three clothing items and two accessories

More than one Le Tote maternity review confirms that the service is an excellent option if your body is in-between sizes and you’re trying to find pieces that work. If you want more variety, check out the other maternity clothes subscription reviews

If you fall in love with an item, you can buy it and get as much as 50% off the retail price.

Some brands Le Tote carries include:

  • Le Tote summer outfit on beachCalvin Klein
  • Halston
  • Rachel Rachel Roy
  • BCBGeneration 
  • Free People
  • Levis
  • French Connection
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Maxstudio


Still not sure if the service is right for you? The good news is that there’s a Le Tote free trial. You get a 14-day free sample with two accessories and three clothing items. 

At this point, there are only options for women. But you can head over to our Gentleman’s Box review for men’s lifestyle and grooming ideas.

Le Tote Add-ons

We all stress about messing up our clothes, even more so when they’re rented. Le Tote has come up with a way to solve that issue. For just $5 a month, you can add insurance that covers repairable damage. But keep in mind that it doesn’t cover lost or stolen items. 

Le Tote Prices, Discounts & Options 

Prices vary based on your membership option:

One Tote a Month (Classic)Le Tote box and outfit

  • Five clothing items — $59
  • Eight clothing items — $89
  • Ten clothing items — $109
  • Five clothing items and three accessories — $79
  • Seven clothing items and three accessories — $99
  • Ten clothing items and five accessories — $119

We recommend these options for first-time subscribers

Unlimited Plans (Classic)

  • Four clothing items — $79
  • Three clothing items and two accessories — $79

It’s the perfect plan for professional shoppers that know exactly what they want. 

One Tote a Month (Maternity)

  • Five clothing items — $79
  • Eight clothing items — $99
  • Ten clothing items — $119
  • Five clothing items and three accessories — $89
  • Seven clothing items and three accessories — $109
  • Ten clothing items and five accessories — $129

Le Tote dresses are a wonderful option for expectant mamas. 

Two Totes per Month (Maternity)

  • Four clothing items— $99
  • Three clothing items and two accessories — $89

Regardless of your membership choice, billing starts on the day you sign up. Le Tote bills you on the same day each month. 

Note that all memberships auto-renew. 

Saving Opportunities 

Let’s talk about Le Tote deals. The company wants to thank customers for their loyalty, so it has the following credit system for spending:

  • $150–$199 ($15 credit)
  • $200–$249 ($20 credit)
  • $250 and more ($25 credit)

But that’s not all. There’s a referral program, too. If you give someone a free trial that turns into a subscription, you’ll get a $25 credit. Note that any credit can’t go towards membership fees or gift cards. It’s for purchases only. 

Website Experience How to order Le Tote

The website is quite simple, which we love. The homepage contains everything you need to know, like how the service works, style options, and Le Tote reviews

You’ll find navigation options on the top. If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a range of links to learn more about Le Tote.

Ordering Process

Here’s how to get your profile started:

  • Go to the Le Tote homepage.
  • Click on “Get Started.”
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Provide your sizing details and choose the styles you want. 
  • Select your favorite brands.
  • Enter your zip code.
  • Choose your plan.
  • Checkout by entering your shipping and billing information. Add your Le Tote promo code if you have one.

The company has made the process super simple. 

Managing Your SubscriptionLe Tote box

Once you sign up, you can easily make changes to your account from your profile. For instance, you can pause your subscription. Ensure you send your current tote back at least three days before the next billing date.

Since it’s a rental service, returns are available when you want a new tote. And if you purchase an item, you have 30 days to return it. Note that this doesn’t include final sales. 

Canceling your subscription works a bit differently, as you’ll need to contact Le Tote directly. Unfortunately, some Le Tote reviews point out that the cancelation process is a bit more challenging than it needs to be.

Shipping & Packaging

Le Tote box and outfit Each month your order arrives in a recyclable cardboard box. Your items come clean and neatly folded.

As for the shipping, your membership includes all fees except for purchases,  which cost $5.99. If your total is over $50.00, they’ll also be shipped for free.

Your order will arrive with a return label, so it’s super easy to send the items back. All you need to do is drop the package at your nearby USPS box or hand it over to a mail carrier. 

Le Tote reviews for 2021 say that boxes usually take about 2–3 days to process. For example, if you send your parcel back on a Sunday, you’ll have a new box by Thursday or Friday. 

Le Tote is available throughout the contiguous 48 US States. But it doesn’t ship to APO/FPO addresses, Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

Customer Service

If you need to contact Le Tote, here’s how:

  • Email: hi@letote.com
  • Call: 1-415-237-7325.
  • Chat: Live on-site

Hours of operation are Monday–Friday (9 AM–8 PM)

Remember that our Le Tote subscription review found quite a few customer complaints that the support team isn’t up to scratch. 

Le Tote Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

Most reviews are positive. Customers love the quality, styles, and variety of clothes available. They say the service is convenient and a great alternative to traditional shopping. 

But we did find some negative reviews. Consumers complain that some of the clothing wasn’t properly cared for and that customer service communication is a challenge.

Online ratings vary between 2.4–4 stars.

Unboxing My First Tote

Le Tote Reviews - Information Booklets

As mentioned earlier in this Le Tote review, I wasn’t pleased with the clothes they first recommended, so I went searching through their inventory to select the items myself. After I placed my order, I was thrilled to find my first box at my doorstep just four days later!

Le Tote Reviews - Unboxing


Le Tote Reviews - Unboxing

My items were squeezed into a pretty small box that ripped easily, but thankfully they provided a separate mailer to send them back in. This bag had the return label already attached, so returning everything was very simple. 

Le Tote Reviews - Fringe BagWhile I already knew what was going to be inside because I picked the items out beforehand, I couldn’t wait to try everything on and see how they fit. Surprisingly, I liked all the items I got! I’ll be sharing each piece in more detail in the next few paragraphs.

Octavia & CO Fringe Crossbody

This black leather fringe bag might just be my favorite item in this Tote review! It’s the perfect size to fit everything I need but isn’t too big. It’s actually a little larger than most bags I use, so it’s nice to have the extra space. It goes with pretty much any outfit and the fringe is adorable. It costs $50 to keep it, but this isn’t a terrible price considering the quality.

Price: $50

Retail price: $60

Le Tote Reviews - Hoop Earrings

KaÏa Collective Oversized Hoop Earrings

The second accessory I chose for my tote were these gorgeous rose gold hoop earrings. I love oversized hoops, and they’re one of my favorite accessories! These ones in particular are adorable and the perfect size. I’m considering keeping them since I don’t have a rose gold pair. Plus, the quality is great. Most Le Tote reviews are full of praise for these earrings, but they’re slightly spendy so I might just find similar ones elsewhere.   

Price: $22

Retail price: $28

Glamorous Velvet Strappy Dress

This is the first out of two dresses I chose. At first, the top looked weird when I was wearing a bralette, but it looked much better with a slight push-up bra. I love the red velvet color and the bodycon effect it has. As it’s the case with most Le Tote clothes, this item looks very elegant, which makes it perfect for a date or an event! It’s just the right length too. Overall, it’s a gorgeous dress but I won’t be keeping it because I don’t think I would wear it very often.

Price: $31

Retail price: $68

818 Side Cut Out Dress

I like this dress much more than the previous one and it’s one of my favorite Le Tote outfits. The color is a pretty nude shade and it has cute cut-out designs on the side. It’s pretty flowy and breezy, making it perfect for the summer! However, it’s not too flowy to the point where it makes me look like a box like some do. It’s very versatile and could be worn in any setting. I considered keeping this one as well, but I realized I would never spend that much on one dress. They almost got me!

Price: $64

Retail price: $70

Le Tote Reviews - Free People JacketFree People Oversized Zip Up Jacket

I loved how this jacket looked on the model, so I added it to my Le Tote review even though it’s already summertime and getting super hot in LA. However, I figured it would be a cute jacket I could wear on chilly nights. It’s a little big, but it’s meant to be oversized so that’s what I expected. It’s very cute and I love the blue color! Thankfully, it’s fairly thin so it won’t cause too much overheating. I won’t be keeping this one because it’s pricey, but I’ll surely wear it a few times before returning it.

Price: $80

Retail price: $98

Review Summary

After getting my tote, I realized this subscription won’t be worth it if you’re planning to use it to shop for new clothes like I accidentally did because Le Tote price isn’t that budget-friendly. If you end up buying them, you’re basically paying an extra $59 (or more) per month for nothing. If you do want to purchase new clothes, I would recommend checking out Stitch Fix or JustFab because these services credit the monthly fee towards the clothes you buy. However, it’s a fun clothing rental service as long as you can bring yourself to send them back!

Overall, I’m glad I got to try Le Tote out. I had a great experience with my first order and everything fit me perfectly. Their clothes are usually reasonably priced and very cute. This subscription might actually be dangerous – I wanted to keep everything in my first tote! Make sure to check out my upcoming reviews as well to see future totes and get more detailed insight into their offer. All in all, this seems like a great subscription for people who love clothes and want to have new outfits on a monthly budget.

Le Tote Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

To get a better idea about subscriptions, it helps to compare them. 

Le Tote vs Rent the RunwayRent the Runway bag

The two services are pretty similar. But Rent the Runway has hundreds of designer options that you may not get with Le Tote.

The cheapest Le Tote plan will set you back $59 a month for five clothing items, whereas Rent the Runway starts at $89 for four items

Both services have clothes for any occasion, but Rent the Runway has higher market items, some retailing for $3,500. 

Rental services don’t offer undergarments, but we all know they can make or break an outfit. Nobody likes bulging bra straps with a dainty top. To get some ideas, check out our Adore Me review

Le Tote vs Haverdash

Unlike Le Tote, Haverdash doesn’t rely on an algorithm and only lets you pick the items you want. That way, you always know what you’re getting. 

Haverdash has an unlimited plan for $59, where you can receive as many boxes as you want each month. An unlimited plan with Le Tote will set you back $79.

Le Tote vs Stitch FixStitchFix boxes

Le Tote is a rental service, meaning you get the items, wear them to your heart’s content, and send them back to receive new ones. 

In contrast, Stitch Fix is a personalized styling service. You fill in a quiz, and each month your stylist sends you options they think you’ll like. You have five days to try the items and keep what you want. 

With Le Tote, you pay to wear the items. Stitch Fix charges a $25 styling fee each month, but you only try the clothes at home. You can wear them until you purchase them. 

The two services are quite different, so the best one for you depends on what you want. 

Le Tote Ellie Daily Look Fabletics Stich Fix
Starting Price per Month $59 $39.95 $40 $50 $20
Worth Varied Varied $60+ 50+ $25–$500
Sizes Available 0–16 XS–XL XS–XL XXS–4XL XS–3X
Customization High High High High High
Types of Boxes 16 3 1 1 1
Number of Items Included 5–10 5 12 Varied Varied
Delivery Area (N of States) and Other Countries Contiguous 48 US States US, Alaska, and Hawaii 48 contiguous US states, Alaska, and Hawaii International US & UK

Wrap Up — Is Le Tote Worth It?

Le Tote is convenient for trying new styles and clothing items without breaking the bank every month. 

The service gives customers the chance to branch out and explore their style, which we love. After all, fashion is a lifelong journey. We shouldn’t be stuck in one place just because we can’t afford more.

  • You can choose which items to receive
  • Le Tote reviews are mainly positive
  • Small insurance fee to cover accidental damage
  • Variety of subscription plans + clothing brands
  • Maternity options
  • Easy to cancel or put on hold
  • Browse clothes before you subscribe

  • You cannot keep the clothes unless you pay the full price
  • Relatively spendy monthly fees
  • Recommendations don’t always fit personal style (in my case)


How does Le Tote work?

Le Tote is a monthly clothing rental subscription. You can either pick the items or let the service do it for you. Once you receive your order, you can wear the clothes until you want a new box. Then, simply return and receive new items. 

How much does Le Tote cost per month?

The classic plan costs between $59–$119 for one tote per month. Unlimited classic plans are $79 a month. Maternity options range between $79–$129. 

Is Le Tote plus size? 

As of October 2021, Le Tote carries XS–XXL (0–16). So it doesn’t have any plus size, petite, or tall options. Still, the service is always looking for ways to reach more people and include everyone, so keep an eye out in the future. 

Is Le Tote worth it?

It’s worth giving it a try. The service is an excellent choice if you want to try new styles without committing to big purchases. Le Tote reviews confirm it’s a bargain for trendy pieces that you’ll want in your closet.

8.5 Total Score

Products Quality
Originality & Variety
Box Value for Money
Packaging & Delivery
Customer Service
User Rating: 3.33 (6 votes)
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