The Best Le Tote Reviews of 2021

The Best Le Tote Reviews of 2021
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Who knew you could rent clothes? Check out our Le Tote reviews to see exactly how this clothing rental subscription service works.

Have a good look at the products we received to help determine whether this is something you might enjoy. You’ll also see how it compares to similar services and discover how you can save money on your plan!

This isn’t the only box of its kind – we compiled a list of clothing subscription boxes that you might want to check out as well. 

Le Tote Personalized Box

Imagine having a new outfit to wear every time you go out. If you consider this impossible, think again! Le Tote is a clothes subscription box that allows you to rent clothing and accessories every month for a set price. After you’re done, you simply send them back and get new ones. It’s like an online library for clothes! I, of course, subscribed to this service, so I’ll be posting monthly Le Tote reviews of what I receive. However, this first review will detail my experience registering and making my first order, as well as how you can get your first shipment for free!

First Impressions

Le Tote Reviews - Website Impressions

It’s easy to sign up and navigate the Le Tote website. They have a blog where they post a variety of fashion-related articles, as well as a detailed how-it-works guide. As a subscriber, you will be able to view through all of the Le Tote clothes options and add to receive them in your upcoming tote or save them to your closet for future totes.

They have options to fit anybody’s style and offer clothes from a variety of well-known brands. A few of them include Nike, Calvin Klein, Free People, Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade, and so on. There are thousands of options and brands in this section as well, so you don’t have to worry about running out of Le Tote outfits that you’ll enjoy.

A negative feature of Le Tote is that you can’t look through the item selection before you subscribe. This is annoying if you want to see if there are clothes you’ll like before you sign up to receive them. However, if you register for the free trial, you’ll be able to try it out without wasting any money if you don’t like the selection of clothes. As praised in many Le Tote reviews, maternity clothing is also an option! This is brilliant because it makes no sense to buy maternity clothing that’ll fit for just a short amount of time. I’ll provide more information on the free trial in a couple of paragraphs below.

Sign Up Process

After you create your Le Tote sign in information, you’ll be prompted to answer a variety of questions about your style and what kind of items you’d like to receive. These questions are then used for clothing and accessories recommendations. Once you reach checkout, you can pay for your subscription using any major credit or debit card.

Another aspect I should mention in this review is that they offer the option to customize each item in your tote before it’s shipped. This way, you’ll never get anything you don’t like. For instance, I didn’t like any of the items they recommended to me. However, that wasn’t a big deal as I could just swap them all out with items I would actually wear.

Once you receive your items, you can keep them until you’re ready to send them back. There’s no limit on the time you can keep them for, and you can receive any amount of shipments per month. The only catch is that you can’t receive new shipments before returning the current one.

How Much Does Le Tote Cost Per Month?

Your Le Tote price will depend on the subscription type you opt for. Since there’s such a large variety of price options, I’ll list each plan’s price and what they come with below.

Regular Plans

  • $59/month: Three clothing items, two accessories
  • $69/month: Four clothing items
  • $71/month: Four clothing items, one accessory
  • $73/month: Four clothing items, two accessories
  • $75/month: Four clothing items, three accessories
  • $79/month: Five clothing items
  • $81/month: Five clothing items, one accessory
  • $83/month: Five clothing items, two accessories
  • $85/month: Five clothing items, three accessories
  • $89/month: Six clothing items
  • $91/month: Six clothing items, one accessory
  • $93/month: Six clothing items, two accessories
  • $95/month: Six clothing items, three accessories

Maternity Plans

  • $69/month: Three clothing items, two accessories
  • $79/month: Four clothing items
  • $99/month: Six clothing items

The monthly price includes complimentary dry cleaning and steaming of all garments, as well as sterilization of all accessories. I’ve seen a few negative Le Tote reviews from people because the company charged them for stains or damages to the clothing. However, this can be avoided with the insurance fee at $5 per month. It covers any damages that might occur to the clothing. As clumsy as I tend to be, this insurance is a must for me.

If you’re wondering about the actual price of the clothes in case you want to buy them after renting, I noticed that most pieces are in the $40-60 price range and the accessories tend to stay around $20-30. The most expensive item in my first tote was an $80 Free People jacket and the cheapest was a $22 pair of earrings. Overall, the prices aren’t too expensive if you end up loving an item so much you want to keep it.

Le Tote Free Trial

Le Tote Reviews 2018

As mentioned earlier, there is the option to receive your first tote entirely free of charge, and this is a deal that everyone should take advantage of!

What’s more, the insurance fee is also covered! The free trial is only applicable for the lowest-priced box that comes with three clothing items and two accessory items. The Le Tote promo code for this is ‘FREEBOX’. However, when I was ordering my first box, this was automatically applied to my cart.Nevertheless, it’s still a great way to try out the subscription without paying a cent!

Finally, note that you will be automatically charged the regular subscription fee for the next month when the time comes. So, make sure to cancel it in time if you don’t want to continue to receive new clothes. I’ll also include any future saving opportunities in my monthly reviews, so make sure to check those out as well.

Can You Cancel Le Tote?

Like most other monthly subscription services, you’re not stuck with the subscription if you don’t want it anymore. All you have to do to cancel is contact them via phone or email. After you cancel, make sure to return your final tote within five days of cancelling. Otherwise, you’ll be charged for everything that came in it. In addition, they offer the option to place your account on hold if you don’t want to cancel completely. Not many Le Tote reviews will provide you with this information, but we guarantee it’s 100% valid.

Comparable Subscriptions

Another clothing rental service like Le Tote is Gwynnie Bee. Although their plans are a little pricier, you might find that you prefer their clothing brands and styles. They also have many more plus-size styles. Luckily, you can get a free month trial as outlined in my Gwynnie Bee reviews. This lets you really get a feel for the subscription. If you can’t decide between Le Tote vs. Gwynnie Bee, you can just try both of them for free and decide which is your favorite! 

In addition, there are plenty of other types of clothing subscription boxes. One of them is Stitch Fix which provides you with a personal stylist and sends five-item shipments of clothing. You can then try them on in the comfort of your home and decide if you want to keep anything. So, unlike Le Tote, they’re not a rental service.

There are plenty of other differences between the two, so make sure to check out my Stitch Fix reviews to see which one will suit you better. For instance, with Stitch Fix, you have to return items you don’t want to purchase within three days of delivery. How much does Stitch Fix cost instead of Le Tote? This is hard to determine because a lot of factors go into the price you pay. You decide your price range per item as well as how many clothing items you’d like to keep from the box. 

Unboxing My First Tote

Le Tote Reviews - Information Booklets

As mentioned earlier in this Le Tote review, I wasn’t pleased with the clothes they first recommended, so I went searching through their inventory to select the items myself. After I placed my order, I was thrilled to find my first box at my doorstep just four days later!

Le Tote Reviews - Unboxing


Le Tote Reviews - Unboxing

My items were squeezed into a pretty small box that ripped easily, but thankfully they provided a separate mailer to send them back in. This bag had the return label already attached, so returning everything was very simple. 

Le Tote Reviews - Fringe BagWhile I already knew what was going to be inside because I picked the items out beforehand, I couldn’t wait to try everything on and see how they fit. Surprisingly, I liked all the items I got! I’ll be sharing each piece in more detail in the next few paragraphs.

Octavia & CO Fringe Crossbody

This black leather fringe bag might just be my favorite item in this Tote review! It’s the perfect size to fit everything I need but isn’t too big. It’s actually a little larger than most bags I use, so it’s nice to have the extra space. It goes with pretty much any outfit and the fringe is adorable. It costs $50 to keep it, but this isn’t a terrible price considering the quality.

Price: $50

Retail price: $60

Le Tote Reviews - Hoop Earrings

KaÏa Collective Oversized Hoop Earrings

The second accessory I chose for my tote were these gorgeous rose gold hoop earrings. I love oversized hoops, and they’re one of my favorite accessories! These ones in particular are adorable and the perfect size. I’m considering keeping them since I don’t have a rose gold pair. Plus, the quality is great. Most Le Tote reviews are full of praise for these earrings, but they’re slightly spendy so I might just find similar ones elsewhere.   

Price: $22

Retail price: $28

Glamorous Velvet Strappy Dress

This is the first out of two dresses I chose. At first, the top looked weird when I was wearing a bralette, but it looked much better with a slight push-up bra. I love the red velvet color and the bodycon effect it has. As it’s the case with most Le Tote clothes, this item looks very elegant, which makes it perfect for a date or an event! It’s just the right length too. Overall, it’s a gorgeous dress but I won’t be keeping it because I don’t think I would wear it very often.

Price: $31

Retail price: $68

818 Side Cut Out Dress

I like this dress much more than the previous one and it’s one of my favorite Le Tote outfits. The color is a pretty nude shade and it has cute cut-out designs on the side. It’s pretty flowy and breezy, making it perfect for the summer! However, it’s not too flowy to the point where it makes me look like a box like some do. It’s very versatile and could be worn in any setting. I considered keeping this one as well, but I realized I would never spend that much on one dress. They almost got me!

Price: $64

Retail price: $70

Le Tote Reviews - Free People JacketFree People Oversized Zip Up Jacket

I loved how this jacket looked on the model, so I added it to my Le Tote review even though it’s already summertime and getting super hot in LA. However, I figured it would be a cute jacket I could wear on chilly nights. It’s a little big, but it’s meant to be oversized so that’s what I expected. It’s very cute and I love the blue color! Thankfully, it’s fairly thin so it won’t cause too much overheating. I won’t be keeping this one because it’s pricey, but I’ll surely wear it a few times before returning it.

Price: $80

Retail price: $98

Review Summary

After getting my tote, I realized this subscription won’t be worth it if you’re planning to use it to shop for new clothes like I accidentally did because Le Tote price isn’t that budget-friendly. If you end up buying them, you’re basically paying an extra $59 (or more) per month for nothing. If you do want to purchase new clothes, I would recommend checking out Stitch Fix or JustFab because these services credit the monthly fee towards the clothes you buy. However, it’s a fun clothing rental service as long as you can bring yourself to send them back!

Le Tote Review Summary
Overall, I’m glad I got to try Le Tote out. I had a great experience with my first order and everything fit me perfectly. Their clothes are usually reasonably priced and very cute. This subscription might actually be dangerous – I wanted to keep everything in my first tote! Make sure to check out my upcoming reviews as well to see future totes and get more detailed insight into their offer. All in all, this seems like a great subscription for people who love clothes and want to have new outfits on a monthly budget.
  • You can choose which items to receive
  • Le Tote reviews are mainly positive
  • Small insurance fee to cover accidental damage
  • Variety of subscription plans + clothing brands
  • Free trial for your first box
  • Easy to cancel or put on hold
  • Browse their clothes before you subscribe

  • You cannot keep the clothes unless you pay the full price
  • Relatively spendy monthly fees
  • Recommendations don’t always fit personal style (in my case)

8.5 Total Score

Customer Service
Retail Value
Quality of Products
User Rating: 3.33 (6 votes)
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