Kiwico Reviews 2021 — Is It Worth It or Not So Much?

Kiwico Reviews 2021 — Is It Worth It or Not So Much?
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Treat the kids with KiwiCo! Our reviews detail what came in our boxes, pricing and coupons, similar subscriptions you might consider, and how kids liked the box.

Before you choose if KiwiCo is right for your kids, check out our list of subscription boxes for kids and see how other top boxes compare!

Hands-on Learning

Kids love surprises! A great way to surprise them is to get them a monthly subscription box full of fun activities. If this sounds exciting, KiwiCo has subscription box options for kids ages 0-16 and up! Their boxes are fun and engaging, and also help kids learn at the same time. This will be the first of my regular Kiwi Crate reviews. In this article, I will tell you all about how this subscription works, pricing, and saving opportunities. I will also guide you through the order process as well as help you determine which subscription to opt for.

First Impressions

kiwi crate reviews - website experience

The KiwiCo website provides all the information you need to know about their subscriptions. However, that doesn’t mean my Kiwico review will be useless. Jokes aside, on their homepage, they explain how it works, what you’ll get in each crate and a little about their company. You can click on any of these and that will take you to a dedicated page with more detailed information.

You’ll also find previous boxes on their sample crates page to get an idea of what you might receive in each subscription. For example, a Kiwi crate sample box was a cool kit to build your own claw machine! Finally, they also have a store where you can shop a large variety of learning products for kids.

Kiwi Crate Review

kiwi crate reviews 2018 - Offer

KiwiCo has six different box options to choose from. There’s a newborn pack for babies under 3-months-old, and a cricket crate for toddlers under 2 years of age. Then there is a koala crate suitable for ages 3-4, and a kiwi crate for kids between the age of 5-8. Finally, there are two boxes to choose from for children between the age of 9-16+, a doodle crate and a tinker crate.

According to most Kiwi Crate reviews, kiwi and tinker crates are for children who like to build things while the doodle crate is for artistic kids. On the other hand, the koala crate has a different theme each month. There could be an art theme, an animal theme, or other items. If you’re unsure if this would be a good option for your kid, I’d look up some koala crate reviews and previous boxes to see what kind of activities it has previously arrived with.

Finally, the KiwiCo pricing policy is pretty straightforward. All of the crates are $19.95 per month except for the newborn crate, which is only available in a 3-month subscription for $60, including free shipping. However, this is pretty much the same price per month as the other subscriptions.

If you want to save a little money on the rest of the crates, you can do so by opting for a longer subscription term. That said, the 6-month subscription is $18.50 per month, and the annual is $16.95 a month. For an extra $9.95, you can also upgrade any subscription to receive a special book with your box.

Kiwi Crate Subscription Options

While they do give age recommendations for their boxes, you might not want to base your choice on this. The main reason being that every kid is different when it comes to their learning speed and style, and some can be very advanced in certain subjects as opposed to other children of the same age.

Kiwi Crate Reviews - Subscription Box Options

For example, the tinker and the doodle crate are both for the same age group. If you’re wondering which one to choose, it is best that you considered the activities that interest your child most. For instance, after seeing a few doodle crate reviews and previous boxes, this one is definitely for the artistic kids. Tinker crates, on the other hand, provide materials to build something different every month, so this one would be great if they love building and hands-on projects.

You might also be debating between the kiwi crate vs tinker crate. These have similar themes but are recommended for different ages. Kiwi crates are recommended for kids between the age of 5-8; however, many children are advanced for their age. That said, they might get more out of the tinker box that’s for ages 9-16 and up.

Both of these boxes provide hands-on projects, but the tinker box always comes with materials to create a special monthly project. I’d also recommend looking through Kiwi tinker crate reviews and sample boxes that show what they’ve sent in their previous shipments. The projects in the tinker crate seem a little more high-tech and complicated.

Order Process & Saving Opportunities

Ordering a box is very simple. First, you select the box you wish to subscribe to. Then, you decide on a subscription length, and lastly, you’ll personalize it by entering details about who it is for. Your first crate will be shipped within two days of purchase.

As for finding a Kiwi Crate coupon, they make this exceptionally easy. Unlike the majority of companies, they have a link at the bottom of their website that takes you right to all the ongoing deals. At the moment, you can save 30% on your first monthly subscription with the promo code ‘COUPON30’ and also save 30% on any store orders using the code ‘STEAM’.

Similar Subscription Services

A subscription similar to KiwiCo that I also subscribed to is Little Passports. When comparing these two, I noticed that the latter seems to be more aimed towards younger children when one considers their themes and the products that come in the boxes.

Moreover, LP offers four box options rather than six, and their youngest age is three. Their pricing policy is comparable to KiwiCo’s, give or take a few dollars per month depending on the subscription you opt for.

Another thing I noticed is that they don’t seem to tailor their boxes towards the kid’s interests as much as KiwiCo does. They just have different themes that their learning activities are centered around. For example, one box is USA-themed and each month they learn about two new states.

This isn’t very exciting, so I can see why many kids – especially older ones – might lose interest in LP’s boxes quicker than in their Kiwi crate subscription. That said, KiwiCo might be a better option if you’re shopping for an older kid. However, you should also check out my Little Passports reviews for more thorough insight into their offer.

Gift Options

Most Kiwi Crate reviews emphasize how these subscription boxes make great gifts. There are e-gift cards you can buy if you’re unsure which box they would enjoy. Otherwise, you can just purchase a whole subscription for them. You can choose a one-month, 3-month, 6-month, or a year-long plan.

You can save some money with any plan longer than three months. Also, these won’t renew as long as you make sure to check the box that states it’s a gift subscription. You can have the first gift box shipped directly to the recipient, or have it sent to you first so you can present it to them. They also have different gift packs and products available in their store!

My First Kiwi Crate

I ordered KiwiCo’s Cricket Crate for my daughter León, who is two years old. KiwiCo appealed to me because the service sends boxes with lots of diverse themes. They have boxes designed for newborns and teenagers, and everything in between. I was especially excited about signing up because they have boxes for such young kids. It’s a great way to get my daughter interested in learning at an early age.

If you sign up for the yearly plan, the cost for the Cricket box isn’t significantly higher than similar subscription boxes for kids (it’s $16.95). Meanwhile, the six-month package is currently $18.50 and the three-month and monthly ones are $19.95.

Shipping + Packaging

My first Cricket Crate arrived right on schedule in its standard green box with the KiwiCo logo.

Kiwi Crate Reviews - Unboxing

It came with instructions and materials to make a “painted planet” in a space-themed box. The instructions were great, and the activities were really fun. It also includes a magazine that better explains what skills the box teaches my daughter, as well as educational ideas that I can use to keep her engaged.

Kiwi Crate Reviews - KiwiCo Unboxing

Product Reviews

Space Box

The space box came with paints, stickers, and a wooden ball. The paints mixed together to decorate stickers that looked like planets. My five-year-old son did them with us too, and I was happy that the activities worked well for both of my kids despite the age difference. It was really fun for them to mix the paint colors in the box with the wooden ball.

Kiwi Crate Reviews - August 2018 Space Box

They took turns shaking up the box—they both really liked that part. Then they got to decorate the space box with the planet stickers when they dried.

It’s so important to have access to lessons and activities for every developmental stage your child goes through, and I love that KiwiCo knows this. Still, while I like that the projects were geared towards my two-year-old, it was great to see that the box could also engage my son. There’s nothing more fun than letting your kids learn and play together.

KiwiCo Review Summary
Placing my first order was exceptionally simple and I was able to save money with the coupon, which is always welcome. KiwiCo’s Cricket Crate is great for giving your kid a wide range of games and educational experiences. All in all, we all really loved our first Cricket Crate, and we’re excited for the next one to come!
  • A great variety of boxes for kids of any ages
  • Free shipping
  • Easily-accessible saving opportunities
  • All plans are priced the same

  • The newborn subscription requires a 3-month commitment
  • The monthly price of 3-month subscriptions is the same as the one of month-to-month subscriptions

9 Total Score

Customer Service
Retail Value
Quality of Products
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