KitNipBox Reviews — Everything to Know in 2024

KitNipBox Reviews — Everything to Know in 2024

KitNipBox reviews give us a deep look into how the subscription works and what you can expect.

I’ve brought together all the information you might need before subscribing, including pros, cons, pricing, shipping, and comparisons. 

Let’s see if this subscription is the right choice for your kitty. 

Bottom Line

KitNipBot is a fabulous monthly subscription box for curious kitties across the US that enjoy fun toys and delicious treats. 

Where Did KitNipBox Start?

KitNipBox started in 2014. Back then, pet subscriptions focused on dogs, so the founders thought of a box specifically for cats. 

The service quickly became one of the best subscriptions for pets, taking only seven months from its inception to hit the top spot. Since then, the cat subscription box has grown into a massive business that deserves a proper KitNipBox toys review. The subscription is growing and showing no signs of slowing down. But is it for your kitty?

KitNipBox Is Good For

I recommend the service to all cat owners who like to experiment with new products. 

Kitnipbox Is Not Good For

KitNipBox subscription reviews point out that it may not be the best option for fussy cats. If that sounds like your pet, you’re better off sticking to what they know and love.

What Does KitNipBox Offer?

Pet Subscription Boxes - KitNipBoxThe subscription offers different products for your cat to try each month, including toys, treats, and grooming products. The KitNipBox team constantly looks for the absolute best on the market from reputable suppliers

All items are chosen to make kitties healthy, happy, and physically fit. Also, the treats usually come from North America, but they can sometimes be from Australia, New Zealand, or Europe.

Any expert at KitNipBox reviews products, ensuring your furry friend gets the best. Plus, many of the food items are natural, organic, and grain-free. In fact, less than 1% of reviewed kitty products make it to the box. The team is super particular when it comes to its cute customers. 

Please note that food items are only available in North America, but the service replaces edibles with other products for international kitties. Additionally, you can select a toy-only box if your kitty has any food intolerances. 

There are two subscriptions available. The Happy Cat KitNipBox features five products, and it’s a good option for a home with one cat. The second subscription is the Multi-Cat KitNipBox with seven items. This one is more suited to homes with two or more kitties.

The boxes have become so popular that you can order them straight off Amazon if that’s more convenient for you.  

But that’s not the best part. KitNipBox supports over 100 animal welfare organizations across the US, donating a portion of every sale to them. 

Past KitNip Boxes

Each month’s box has a different theme. Here are a few past examples:

  • Careers
  • Walk in the Woods
  • Space
  • Deli

The items in the box include catnip toys, kicker toys, crinkly toys, light-up toys, and natural and grain-free treats. But the options are pretty much endless. All KitNipBox themes come with different toys to keep things intriguing and fun for your furry companion. 

How Does KitNipBox Work?

Let’s explore what to expect as a new subscriber.

How to Sign Up

KitNipBox Reviews CostIf you want to sign up, just follow these steps:

  • Go to the KitNipBox website.
  • Select “Join Now.”
  • Chose your subscription.
  • Enter your details (shipping, billing, and preferences).
  • Select “Subscribe Now.”

That’s it — quick, simple, and easy to use. The process takes about two minutes

How Much Does KitNipBox Cost?

Let’s see how much each subscription costs:

  • The Happy Cat KitNipBox — $22.99 per month
  • The Multi-Cat KitNipBox — $29.99 per month

The service charges you when you sign up and about 1–7 days before your next delivery. 

The good news? KitNipBox sends you a referral link to give your friends 15% off the first box. Plus, you get 15% off your next box. Also, if you successfully refer more than 10 people in a month with your KitNipBox coupon code, you get a free box

Shipping and Packaging

KitNipbox Reviews - WhiskerboxKitNipBox is available throughout the continental US, UK, and Canada. Shipping within the US is included in your subscription cost, but it carries a $6.95 fee for Canada. 

The subscription is available to other locations, but you need to email KitNipBox directly to see if the service can accommodate you. 

Looking at KitNipBox reviews, the box is entirely recyclable. It keeps the planet safe while providing fun and enjoyment to kitties everywhere. Plus, if your cat is well… a cat, they’ll be playing with the box just as much as the toys inside. 

Website Experience

The site is incredibly easy to navigate. Most of the information you’ll need is on the home page, so you simply need to scroll and read up. 

There are also navigation buttons on the top and bottom of the home screen to help you find more in-depth details. 

Making Changes to Your Account

KitNipBox is all about keeping things simple for its subscribers. So, users of KitNipBox can cancel the subscription at any time if they no longer wish to receive boxes. 

Note that cancelations should go through seven days before your next shipment. That’s because KitNipBox should get enough time to implement the changes. To ensure the cancelation has gone through, wait for the confirmation email. 

The service aims to ensure you and your furry friend are 100% happy with the box. If you’re not, you can email, so the customer team can resolve the issue. 

KitNipBox Customer Reviews and Ratings

KitNipBox Reviews 2022I was super impressed by all the customer reviews praising the service. They love the product variety and say their kitties go absolutely mad for these toys.

Here’s an example:

“I LOVE KITNIPBOX but not as much as my two boys do. Merlin and Sunny age 1-2 absolutely go nuts for the toys in these monthly packages for them. It makes me so happy to see the boys love on these toys. Great quality well worth the money”— Megan Marie Walters

But like all things in life, there are some downsides. KitNipBox negative reviews comment on product quality. Still, KitNipBox responds even to such reviews, which shows the team’s dedication to offering the best to its customers. 

Looking at KitNipBox ratings, the service averages around 4.5 stars from thousands of customers worldwide. And that’s among the highest ratings I’ve seen for subscription services in 2022

How to Get Hold of Kitnipbox

The subscription has an in-depth FAQ section with the most relevant information. But if you have specific questions, you can:

Looking through KitNipBox reviews, subscribers are incredibly satisfied with the customer service and commend the quick response time and general helpfulness. I should also mention that all negative reviews got a reply, which is always a good sign that the company cares for its customers. 

KitNipBox Reviews UnboxingFirst KitNipBox Unboxing!

I just have one cat, so I chose the regular Happy Cat box for $22.99. I thought about getting the VIP KitNipBox, but I passed because these larger boxes aren’t even better in value.

After placing my first order near the end of June, my box was shipped out next month in July. You can purchase an extra box that ships right away, but I wanted to wait. It shipped early July and arrived within a couple of days.

Right when I opened the box, Benji became interested. I’d seen all kinds of KitNipBox Reddit pictures of cats inside the boxes, but I was still surprised by how enticed he was. He loves to climb inside boxes, but this particular box was much more interesting. He sat in it for hours!

KitNipBox Reviews 2022

Each KitNipBox has a theme and this one was business-related items. This sounds like it would be boring, but it was adorable—I’ll show you why!

Fancy Office Bow Tie Collar

I’ll start off my KitNipBox reviews with this adorable green bow tie collar. Sadly, Benji hates collars with a passion. I still had to try it on him to see how he’d look with a little bow tie. A few bites later, I got it on (and took it right off once he started to freak out). It was cute while it lasted!

KitNipBox Reviews - Bow Tie

KitNipBox Reviews TreatsSleek Treats for Hairballs, Skin & Coat Support

The next product in the box were these treats to help with hairballs and promote a healthy coat. Unfortunately, Benji didn’t like them at all. He didn’t need them, either, since he doesn’t have any issues with hairballs or hair growth. I was surprised he wouldn’t eat them, though — he eats anything. 

To put the KitNipBox review for these treats on a more positive note, they seemed pretty healthy and were made in the US. They didn’t really fit in with the box theme, but I can’t imagine treats that would.

KitNipBox Reviews ToyPencil String Toy

This was his favorite toy in the box. It’s a pencil plush toy with a smiley face, tied to a stick. He’s very wild with his toys, so it looks like the string is about to break on this one. It’s still alive, though, so I’ll update if it does break. After seeing a few instances where toys broke, it seems that the KitNipBox customer service is understanding when this happens.

KitNipBox Reviews Toys

Pawffice Businessman Toy

This toy was a cute little cat businessman that made crinkle sounds when squeezed. Benji has a mouse toy like this that crinkles, and he loves it. I figured he’d like this one too, and I was right! He still prefers his mouse, but I catch him playing with this one a lot too.

Suitcase Jingle Toy

KitNipBox Reviews 2022 ToysAnother thing I should mention is the variety of toys in this box. They’ve all had different functions, which I really liked. This one is shaped like a suitcase and jingles! Benji liked it, but he preferred the other toys. My boyfriend hated how loud this one was, so it’s for the best.


Alternatives to KitNipBox

Let’s look at how KitNipBox compares to others on the market.

Meowbox vs KitNipBox

meowbox logoKitNipBox has a subscription option for homes with multiple kitties, while Meowbox is for single cat homes only. 

But the most significant difference between these two is the customization. Unlike Mewobox, if your kitty has dietary preferences, KitNipBox will do its best to accommodate them. 

KitNipBox is also cheaper, starting at $22.99 per month, while Meowbox starts at $23.95 per box.

KitNipBox vs Pet Treater Cat Pack

pet treater boxBoth subscriptions bring monthly toys and treats to your kitty, but there’s one crucial difference. 

Pet Treater Cat Pack features lower-quality items from smaller brands across the US and Canada. That said, it costs significantly less, starting at $15 per month, compared to the $22.99 per month with KitNipBox.

KitNipBox vs RescueBox

KitNipBox Reviews - Rescue BoxRescueBox is an awesome subscription as each sold box feeds and helps more than 140 shelter animals. The box comes with five unique toys and treats for your furry kitty to enjoy each month. 

But what I truly love is that the subscription caters to cats and dogs. Side note for pup owners — I highly recommend checking what customers say about Just Food For Dogs. It’s a super healthy pup food subscription. 

While KitNipBox only caters to kitties, the service also helps over 100 animal welfare causes across the US. 

In short, both subscriptions are doing their part to help animals in need. Also, the toys and treats are similar in quality and quantity

KitNipBox starts at $22.99 per month, while RescueBox costs $29.95


KitNipBox BoxCat Pet Treater Cat Pack CatKit by Pusheen RescueBox
Starting Price $22.99 $23 $15 $26.99 $29.95
Minimum Order $22.99 $23 $15 $26.99 $29.95
Types of Boxes 2 3 2 1 2
Number of Toys 5 5 3–4 6–8 5
Shipping Included in the US Included in the US Included Included in the US Included
Delivery Area (N of States) and other countries  US & Canada International US Varied US

Wrap Up — Is KitNipBox Worth It?

KitNipBox is an awesome monthly cat subscription that comes with fun and healthy treats, toys, and grooming products. 

Kitty experts curate each box, ensuring your furry baby gets the absolute best. What sets this subscription apart is the fun monthly themes that keep things interesting. 

KitNipBox Review Summary
Overall, Benji loved the toys in his first box. Sadly, he hated the collar and wasn’t too fond of the treats. It was fun to unbox and definitely worth the low price to try it out. I can’t wait to see what we get next month! Stay tuned for my future monthly reviews to see what else Benji gets and to stay updated on the available coupons.

Pros + Cons of KitNipBox

  • Budget-friendly monthly prices
  • High-quality toys and healthy treats
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Great KitNipBox reviews
  • Coupons available for first box
  • Cheaper prices if you subscribe for longer (gift subscriptions only)

  • Toys aren’t always as high quality as advertised (one in my first box is close to breaking)
  • Larger box isn’t a better value
  • Gift subscriptions are unclear and seem to be more expensive for one month
  • No shop to add extra items to your box


What comes in a KitNipBox?

Inside the monthly box, you’ll find five treats, toys, and grooming products. 

Is KitNipBox legit?

Absolutely! The service is legit and an absolute must-have for all kitties. 

Is KitNipBox a good option for sensitive kitties?

KitNipBox reviews say that if your cat suffers from a sensitive stomach, you can order a box without treats.

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