Justfab Reviews 2021 — Is This the Best Shoes Subscription?

Justfab Reviews 2021 — Is This the Best Shoes Subscription?
8.6 Total Score

First Style at $10

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This subscription service promises to be both your personal stylist and your shopping assistant. If you’re considering subscribing, make sure to check out our JustFab reviews first!

Discover the kind of products you should expect to receive in our unboxing reviews and learn about the ways you can save when making your first order.

Additionally, check out our list of the top clothing subscription boxes to see all of the best choices and compare them with JustFab!

VIP Member Exclusive

It’s easy to pile hundreds – or even thousands – pieces of clothing if you’re not careful. I realized that I need to restrict my spending on clothes, so I was excited to discover clothing subscription services! The first one I subscribed to is JustFab, which is a little different from most subscription boxes I review.

Rather than receiving monthly shipments of products, you pay for a monthly membership to shop on their website. This monthly fee translates into credit you can use to purchase clothing, accessories, and shoes from their store. My monthly JustFab reviews will describe the items I use my credit for. This article shares my first order experience, saving opportunities I came across, and similar subscriptions. Essentially, I will cover everything that I considered important to know before signing up for JustFab’s services.

First Impressions

JustFab Reviews - First Impressions

On JustFab’s website, there are hundreds of cute and affordable items, including clothing, bags, and jewelry! They offer plus-size and activewear apparel as well. You can also see JustFab reviews for every product when you click on ‘more details’, and there is a helpful FAQ section which you can browse.

I’m a shopaholic when it comes to clothing, so I think this will be a great subscription for me. It’ll also help budget my spending since there’s a set monthly fee that I’ll be able to limit myself to rather than going crazy.

JustFab Review

JustFab Reviews - Offer

Before you can make any purchases, you will be prompted to take a quick style quiz and register with your email. Then, you can proceed to check out. Here, you’ll decide if you want to sign up for the membership or just make a one-time purchase.

There’s a $39.95 monthly fee to be a VIP member. However, as mentioned earlier, this fee is credited right to your account so you can buy anything from their website. Essentially, you’re not paying anything to be a member as long as you use your credit to purchase items. You can also cancel anytime – even before the first membership charge. 

As a VIP member, you get access to exclusive sales and discounted retail prices. They send you an online boutique monthly, tailored to your style preferences. However, you can also purchase items from their shop that aren’t in your boutique.

On the other hand, when it comes to negative JustFab reviews, BBB (Better Business Bureau) lists quite a few of them. These are mostly related to their unclear membership terms in the past. Previously, they had shoppers agree to sign up for the VIP membership by including it in the terms of use that no one ever reads. So, most people didn’t realize they were signing up for a membership when they just wanted to make one purchase.

If you happen to be one of those subscribers and are looking for a way to receive a JustFab refund for unwanted fees they’ve charged you, I’ll talk more about this in one of the paragraphs below, along with information on how to cancel. This mistake is unlikely to happen anymore because they made the membership details much more clear.

JustFab Coupon & Payment Options

You can pay for your order or membership with any major credit or debit card. They also offer PayPal, Visa, and Masterpass checkout. As for coupons, there are always some generous deals available for VIP members. For example, they have one that grants 50% off the entire purchase.

Obviously, this would be an amazing time to join because it would make the JustFab.com shoes extremely affordable (mostly around $20-30). I’m especially pleased to know they offer inexpensive shoes since these are the most common item I buy online. This deal would work for any other type of item you’d like to buy as well. This deal is the best if you purchase more than one item because they also offer first item deals that are fantastic. When I signed up, they offered an amazing 75% off deal for your first item (they advertise this as your first style starting at $10).Justfab Reviews - Justfab Coupons

Another way to save money and get more perks is by earning rewards points! You can earn points with each dollar you spend, as well as by leaving JustFab reviews for products you purchase on their website. Another way you can collect points is by uploading pictures of their products and posting them on social media.

If you earn over 5,000 points, you’ll become an Elite VIP member, which gets you a special birthday offer, a surprise welcome gift, early access to sales and your monthly boutique. There’s also a Diamond VIP membership for those who earn over 10,000 points. With this status, you’ll get even more exclusive sales, a special style concierge, and a few more benefits.

How to Cancel Your JustFab Membership Online

After browsing their website, I found that customers can only permanently cancel their membership by calling their customer service team or letting them know through live chat. You could also skip a month online as long as you do it before the 5th of the month. You’ll just have to remember to cancel or skip again the next month as well. 

Justfab Reviews - Contact Information

If you’re looking for a way to receive a refund for unwanted monthly membership fees, the best option would be to call their customer service department and explain the circumstances. I’ve seen a few instances where they were understanding and refunded the fees.

Even if you can’t get a JustFab credit refund, you can always use the money you spent on new shoes or clothes. You could also try to sell your account on eBay or a similar website if you really need the money. As long as you always check your bank statements and keep track of your subscription, you can avoid multiple months worth of unwanted charges. I set reminders on my phone to make sure I always remember! 

Similar Clothing Subscriptions

Depending on what you’re looking for, other types of clothing subscription services might be more appealing than JustFab. Before I describe those, I have to mention Fabletics! This is created by the same company as JustFab and is the same subscription, but for activewear. They have adorable selections and similar new member deals as you can see in my Fabletics reviews

One that I also subscribed to is Stitch Fix, which sends a personally styled box of five items to try on from the comfort of your home. This is basically a shop-at-home service – after trying them out, you decide if you want to purchase any of them. I also tried out a clothing rental service called Le Tote that allows you to pay a monthly fee to rent their clothes. Gwynnie Bee is another clothing rental service, but their plans are a bit spendier. Some prefer it though, so I’d check both out. 

Additional Possibilities

After seeing some PS by JustFab reviews, I looked everywhere for this service, but they must have discontinued it because I couldn’t find it. This was a subscription very similar to Stitch Fix where they also sent five items styled just for you each month. It would be great if they offered this service again since their clothing is relatively inexpensive compared to some of the Stitch Fix prices. I’d much rather try out clothes before purchasing, which is why I’ll most likely buy shoes and accessories from them.

Justfab Reviews - Justfab Thea Sneakers

My First JustFab Order

When I signed up for JustFab and decided to start this session of Justfab reviews, they were having a sale for new members that made your first item a very low price (around $10 depending on the product). After hunting through their selection, I fell in love with these white Thea sneakers.

I would’ve loved to get more items, but the deal wasn’t as good for more than one item and I was still able to get free shipping with this small order. The total price (including tax) came to around $14, which is an amazing deal considering they regularly cost $40. Placing my order at Justfab was simple, and my shoes arrived a couple of days after they were shipped.

Justfab Reviews - Thea Sneaker Reviews

The shoe box was stuffed in a mailer bag rather than a box, but thankfully it wasn’t damaged. My crisp, white shoes laid inside a pink Shoedazzle box. At first, I was confused as to why they weren’t in a JustFab box. With a little research, I realized that they’re the same company! I’m assuming all their shoes are made by Shoedazzle.

Justfab Reviews - ShoeDazzle Review

My order also came with a couple coupons for other subscription services. These were for $50 off Home Chef (which I already subscribe to) and $100 wine voucher for Naked Wines.

As for the sneakers, I was very impressed with the quality. They’re thick, and are mostly made of pleather material – hopefully they’ll be easy to clean because of this. I love the little platform heel, I think this gives them a much more fashionable look. They looked just like the pictures! 

Justfab Reviews - Thea Sneaker

The size fits me perfectly, and they’re easy to put on. They’re comfortable too and they don’t give me blisters! Most thick sneakers I’ve bought like this have given me blisters and been terrible for walking. Seems like Justfab.com shoes are the real deal!

Justfab Reviews - Unboxing Shoes

The only fear I have is that they’ll get dirty because white shoes don’t last me very long. However, that’s an obvious risk I took when I chose them.   

First Order Justfab Review Impressions

Overall, I didn’t have high hopes for JustFab because of the very inexpensive initial price, but I was blown away by the quality! I can’t wait to purchase more from them. The monthly membership requirement will be well worth it if they keep offering sales like this! 

JustFab Review Summary
I think JustFab’s VIP membership is an excellent subscription for people who shop for clothes a lot and know for a fact that they’ll use their monthly credit. If you’re interested in signing up, I would make sure to wait for one of their amazing sales for new members since they have them often. It would also make a great gift card for someone you know that loves shopping for clothes online.

They have plenty of options to fit anyone’s style, plus they have other brands from the same company for kids and workout gear. Make sure to check out my monthly JustFab reviews where I’ll share whether I like more of their products or not, if I’ll be continuing my membership, and more!

  • Skip a month by the 5th of each month or cancel your subscription anytime
  • Your monthly payment is applied as store credit to buy anything you want
  • Access to discounted prices and exclusive sales as a member
  • Free returns if you opt for store credit or used your membership credit

  • Membership terms were unclear in the past, so there are a lot of negative JustFab reviews
  • You can only permanently cancel your membership by calling customer service or through live chat
  • Returns are expensive for non-members ($5.95 restocking fee + $9 return shipping)
  • Easy to forget about membership fees after signing up

8.6 Total Score

Customer Service
Retail Value
Quality of Products
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