Ipsy Reviews 2021 — Pros and Cons of Subscribing

Ipsy Reviews 2021 — Pros and Cons of Subscribing
8.4 Total Score

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Check out our Ipsy reviews to find out everything there is to know about this subscription service.

Take a look at the items we received in our boxes and learn more about their quality and value. Make sure to look for the exclusive deals we offer before signing up!

Before you make a decision, you might want to browse through our list of top beauty subscription boxes for a variety of comparable box options.

Ipsy, one of the most widely known beauty subscription services, sends a variety of makeup, skincare, and other beauty products to subscribers each month. While the majority of subscriptions come in boxes, Ipsy deliver their items in cute reusable makeup bags called Glam Bags. In this Ipsy review, I will describe my experience subscribing for the first time. I will also let you know about the saving opportunities I came across, and anything else that will help you determine whether to order an Ipsy box for yourself.

Website Experience

Ipsy Reviews - Website Experience

The Ipsy website spotlights the Glam Bag, top selling products, and beauty news. At the bottom of the homepage, there are a few links to their ‘about’ page and help desk which you can refer to if you want to learn more about the company and their offer. You will find links to their social media profiles as well, which are flooded with news about new products, discounts, and giveaways.

How Much Is Ipsy Per Month?

Ipsy is one of the subscription boxes – or should I say ‘bags’ – that offers monthly makeup deliveries for $10, including shipping and any applicable tax. You can also opt for an annual subscription at the price of $110 to save $10. Shipping is free in the United States, but costs $4.95 for Canada residents.

Before subscribing, you will be prompted to take a two-minute beauty quiz to determine what products would be best for you. They use this info to customize your Ipsy bags towards your beauty preferences!

How Much is Ipsy Worth?

Even though they mostly provide sample sizes, each month’s bag will come with at least $50 worth of products each month.

Saving & Payment Options

When it comes to payment, Ipsy accepts major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal. As for coupons, the only promotion I came across was a limited-time offer that granted $5 off the first purchase in the Ipsy store after signing up for the monthly subscription. Of course, there’s always the option to subscribe yearly and save $10.

While I couldn’t find an Ipsy coupon for first-time subscribers, there were plenty of deals on select items in their store. I also found that these Ipsy offers become available each week, Mondays through Fridays.  

Ipsy Reviews – Ipsy Offers

Although their coupons are sparse, they do offer cash back deals whenever you make a purchase in the Ipsy store. You can get anywhere between 10-30% depending on the deals they have at the time. As long as it’s a minimum of $5, you can redeem the collected amount anytime. Note, however, that this benefit is only available for Ipsy monthly subscription members, and you can receive your cash back through a check or PayPal.

There is one final Ipsy deal you can take advantage of. Each month, you can collect rewards points and redeem them for bonus items in your glam bag. You can even redeem an Ipsy free bag if you earn enough points!

Ipsy Reviews Rewards Points

You can earn 250 points for each friend you refer to the subscription and 10 points for giving a full glam bag review each month. Not only that, but you can review the 4–5 products you got for 15 more points each. You also get 10 points for each social media channel you follow and 15 points for each product review you leave.

Can you Cancel Ipsy at Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel Ipsy whenever you’d like. To do this, you should merely refer to your account settings and find the cancellation link. Afterward, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Note that you must confirm the email cancellation request before 12 pm on the last day of the month. Otherwise, you will receive the upcoming month’s bag.

If you’re on the waitlist and want to cancel, you will have to email the IpsyCare team.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus (March 2021 Update)

I recently heard about the plus version of their glam bag being released soon and I can’t wait! It’s pretty much a version of their glam bag with full-size products rather than samples. This is a way better value and will only cost $25 per month rather than $10. Subscribers will receive 4–5 full-size products that are worth over $120!

Ipsy Reviews Glam Bag Plus

They have a limited supply so they’re only offering it to some glam bag members, but it will soon be released to all active members. I will definitely be upgrading once it’s available.

Ipsy vs Birchbox Reviews

Birchbox Products

Birchbox is another beauty subscription box that’s very closely compared to Ipsy. They both cost $10 and have 4–5 sample products in the box. However, one thing Birchbox has that Ipsy doesn’t is the option to choose a sample or even opt for a curated box. With Ipsy, on the other hand, you just fill out your profile and they customize the products you will receive.

Another main difference you’ll see emphasized in Ipsy glam bag reviews is that this company sends products worth more than Birchbox does. It also seems like Ipsy offers more makeup and Birchbox has a lot of bath or body products, but it’s hard to tell because products vary with every box.

Since I have subscribed to both, you should also check out my Birchbox reviews to determine which one would be a better choice for you. Is Ipsy better than Birchbox? It’s hard to speak for everyone, but I would pick Ipsy if I had to choose one. However, I found it best to try both subscriptions out and see for myself which one was the best!

Boxycharm January 2019Ipsy vs Boxycharm

Another subscription box I had to compare with Ipsy is Boxycharm. Although it’s a little more spendy, you get a much better value of products. It costs $11 more than Ipsy at $21 per month, but all 4–5 products are full sizes! This is quite the improvement compared to the samples you’ll find in Ipsy reviews.

With this subscription, you can get makeup that will actually last you a long time, for a fantastic deal. My Boxycharm reviews share what type of products they include (spoiler: awesome makeup palettes and nice brands)!  

My First Ipsy Glam Bag

I received my first Glam Bag near the end of June. You can easily spot Ipsy because it’s shipped in an adorable bright pink bubble mailer. The makeup bag was inside – this month’s bag had three stripes in different shades of blue.

Ipsy Reviews - Ipsy Glam Bag 2018

There was also an information sheet about their monthly theme, which was focused around Pride month!

I’ll start off my Ipsy bag reviews by sharing the products it came with. My first bag had five items: a makeup brush, a lip treatment, a mini eyeshadow palette, a facial scrub sample, and a pore primer sample.

Ipsy Reviews - June 2018

I’ll be reviewing each product in further detail below.

Firma Brush 102

Makeup brushes are the main thing I need more of at the moment, which is why I made sure to select this when filling out my Ipsy profile. Even so, I was surprised when my very first Glam bag came with this Firma makeup brush! It was wrapped in protective plastic to avoid any dust and damage.

Ipsy Reviews - Firma Makeup Brush 102

It’s a full-size blush brush, but would also work for highlighter or bronzer. Plus, it’s cruelty-free which is a crucial aspect when I’m the one writing an Ipsy review. I love how soft it is – I hate makeup brushes that poke my face. None of the bristles have fallen out either, even after I washed the brush. This means it’s good quality. The retail value of just this brush is more than a month of Ipsy costs! I’d say this subscription is off to a great start.

Full-size retail value: $17.99

Pacifica Tomboy Vibe Natural Mineral Eyeshadows

This small eyeshadow palette from Pacifica is next up in my Ipsy reviews. These eyeshadows are gorgeous! It’s a small palette, however, the eyeshadows themselves are fairly large. It’s also 100% vegan and cruelty-free! It has a great variety of colors. I’m not sure if they’d look good in the same look, but each shade is beautiful in itself.

 Ipsy Reviews - Pacifica Tomboy Vibe Eyeshadow Palette

I prefer small palettes like this because they’re travel-friendly and I’m always on the go. There’s no retail value listed, but I’d guess that it’s worth around $10. It’s always interesting to see the retail price since most people wonder – “is Ipsy worth it?” According to this month’s box, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Hey Honey Come Clean Propolis & Mineral Facial Scrub

I’ve used a few different products from this brand and loved them. This facial scrub is exfoliating and feels amazing. It’s not too rough like some exfoliants tend to be and it does a good job cleansing my skin.

 Ipsy Reviews - Hey Honey Facial Scrub

I couldn’t find this product for sale in their shop for some reason. However, I was able to find it at Ulta (online only).

Full-size retail value: $24, but on sale for $19

Benefit The Pore Fessional Pore Primer

This product is a fairly common sample, I’d actually seen it in some past Ipsy bags. This isn’t a complaint though – I love this primer!

 Ipsy Reviews - The Pore-fessional Pore Primer

It makes my skin soft and, somehow, it manages to make my pores look smaller. It works great before I put on makeup and even made it last longer.

I’ve also used it on top of makeup to get rid of shininess that sometimes occurs throughout the day. This is a pretty small size, but you only need a little for each application. I’ll be able to get a few uses out of it. I haven’t purchased a full-size yet because the price is pretty steep, but I’m glad Ipsy gave me the chance to use this product again.

Full-size (1.5 fl. ounce) retail value: $49

Hanalei Lip Treatment

The final product I received in this Ipsy review is a Hanalei lip treatment – a Hawaiian product that uses pure kukui oil, agave, grape seed oil, and shea butter to moisturize and soften lips. I love this natural formulation! It also gives a bit of a rose tint to my lips, which makes it look like a pretty lip gloss. This would be perfect for days when your lips are extra dry but you still want to wear makeup. It’s not sticky either and left my lips feeling hydrated.

 Ipsy Reviews - Hanalei Lip Treatment

I won’t be using this product daily since my lips don’t get too try, especially during summertime, but it’s great to have on hand for the occasional dry spell!

Full-size retail value: $25

Are Ipsy Glam Bags Worth It?
All in all, I had a pretty good experience with my first Ipsy Glam Bag. Their website is simple to navigate and I had no problems finding subscriber-relevant information. I enjoyed the products I received in my first bag and they were a great value. Check out my future Ipsy reviews at the top of the page! I will continue to show the products I got and describe them in detail, along with all the thoughts I have about the service – whether they deliver what they promise, if I will order another box, and so on.
  • Products come in adorable reusable makeup bags
  • Earn points to redeem free products
  • Great value for just $10
  • Impressive personalization
  • Easy cancellation
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Larger Ipsy bag option coming soon
  • Subscribe annually to save $10

  • Some samples can be too small
  • Products don’t always seem like they’d be worth $50 altogether

8.4 Total Score

Customer Service
Retail Value
Quality of Products
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