Latest Hungryroot Reviews Tell It All in 2024

Latest Hungryroot Reviews Tell It All in 2024

Many Hungryroot reviews praise this one-of-a-kind meal subscription service and grocery store. It’s supposed to be perfect for people who want a balanced and healthy diet.  Also, it’s excellent for those of us who don’t have the time or inclination to make our own recipes.

But is it worth the price? Let’s find out.

What Is Hungryroot?

Hungryroot is a New York-based grocery delivery service that Ben McKean founded in 2015. The subscription made a name for itself as a better-for-you food brand. Also, its mission is to influence people’s lives positively by offering them healthy food choices.

The service delivers pre-prepared or cooked protein and raw veggies, as well as chef-created recipes you can make in less than 10 minutes.

Hungryroot Reviews 2022: Overview and Highlights

Hungryroot differs from your regular meal kits as it delivers high-quality ingredients that you can mix and match for a variety of recipes that don’t take more than 5–10 minutes. You can also shop at its grocery and a la carte sections instead.

Aside from selecting the ingredients you want each week, Hungryroot also provides labels to make sure the recipes fit your diet. When you sign up for the service, you’ll need to answer a quiz about your preferred diet, including:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Dairy-free
  • Egg-free
  • Peanut-free
  • Soy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Nut-free

So no matter what dietary restrictions you have, you can rest assured that the subscription will adhere to your needs.

How Does Hungryroot Work?

Hungryroot delivers subscription meal boxes to your door. When you first sign up, you’ll select your dietary preference, as well as food likes and dislikes. Also, you’ll provide details on what food you like for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Then, the service will base its recommendations on your choices

step by step process of how hungryroot works

When you get to the menu, you can opt for “Groceries” or “Recipes” and select food items from the following categories:

  • Main + sides
  • Grain bowls
  • Pasta
  • Tacos
  • Stir-fries
  • Salads
  • Wraps
  • Sandwiches
  • Burgers
  • Bakes
  • Flatbreads
  • Warm bowls
  • Veggie noodles

If you’re wondering what groceries to pick, some of the popular ingredients mentioned in Hungryroot food reviews include:

  • Golden kiwis
  • Chicken avocado ranch salads
  • Seedless red grapes
  • Sweet bicolor corn
  • Sweet baby broccoli,
  • Rainbow veggie mix. 

As for example of the recipes, this week, you’ll find the following:

  • XL cheesy red bean quesadillas
  • Best dressed salmon salad
  • Blackened shrimp summer salad
  • Creamy butternut mac ‘n cheese
  • Grilled chicken + cheesy polenta

The service also brings you premium protein that falls into nine categories: 

  • Beef
  • Poultry
  • Pork
  • Fresh fish
  • Shellfish
  • Smoked fish
  • Tofu + tempeh
  • Beans + lentil
  • Plant-based meat alternatives

If you don’t like a particular ingredient in a recipe, you can always swap it for another. For example, if a recipe calls for chicken but you prefer wild-caught cod, you can use that instead. Also, you can customize the ingredient amount on each four ingredient recipe.

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t let you filter your searches by low-carb, paleo, or keto. You’ll find limited allergy warnings. Also, Hungryroot doesn’t give much information on the ingredients of the meal components. Still, most Hungryroot customer reviews indicate that many subscribers were pleasantly surprised that the service offers only clean and natural ingredients, free from trans fats, refined sugars, and preservatives.

Most recipes support a balanced diet of protein, carbs, fat, and veggies, between 400 and 600 calories. One drawback of Hungryroot is that you won’t get much more nutritional information than the calorie count. On the bright side, the portion sizes are ample.

Every week, subscribers get a few unique recipes and weekly staples. If you like to enjoy your meals with a nice glass of red or white wine, you can also check out the Winc review.

What’s in the Box?

The smallest plan includes six servings between breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Since Hungryroot boxes are customizable, users can swap and add 2–4 extra servings with their preferred ingredients and meals. A single meal typically consists of three or four components, and a box can contain about 20 items, depending on how many servings you order.

Every box comes with a Kitchen Companion (small pamphlet on the contents), a Hungryroot recipe book, recycling instructions, a guide on including meal add-ons, and a link to the service’s Spotify cooking playlist. You can also get delicious sauces based on your dietary preferences.

Some items come from Hungryroot brands, but the service also delivers ingredients from other clean vendors, including:

  • Kite Hill
  • Little Potato Company
  • Partake
  • Banza
  • Purely Elizabeth
  • Beyond Meat
  • Maya Kaimal

We appreciate the variety and the brand’s effort to provide clean products.

Add-ons and Customizations

You can buy any Hungryroot recipe ingredient a la cart in the groceries section. So all fresh produce, meats, sauces, and snacks are available as add-ons.

Based on your diet profile, you’ll receive a weekly Hungryroot menu. Before you get your order, you can change the ingredients as long as they amount to your plan’s price. Or you can pay extra for add-ons.

Hungryroot operates on a unique credit system. You can swap an entire meal and replace it with basic groceries using the credits. What’s more, you can change one or two meal components if you don’t like them. Almost all Hungryroot ingredients are easy to mix and match, giving you quite a wide range of recipes to try.

Once you’ve customized your groceries, you may have slight variations of the standard meals or fewer recipes and more a la carte groceries. But most users are happy with the original box contents and rarely change anything. 

Hungryroot Cost and Discounts

The subscription has a unique payment system, so it can be a bit challenging to calculate how much is Hungryroot if you’re customizing your box. The cost is equal to a specific number of credits that you can spend on ingredients. Typically, meals are around 8 to 12 credits. Breakfast, snacks, and sweet options cost around one to four credits.

The cheapest plan is around $59 and includes six servings. As you add two to four servings, the price increases by around $10 but the cost per serving decreases. With the standard plan of $59 for six servings, the cost per serving is $9.99. But if you order eight servings with four recipes, you’ll pay about $8.99 per serving. You can also opt for 16 serving with eight recipes for $8.49 per serving.

The Hungryroot cost for the most expensive plan is $158, including 16 servings of lunch and dinner, 7–10 breakfast servings, 8–12 snacks, and 7–10 sweets.

Hungryroot Saving Opportunities

Hungryroot regularly offers many saving options for new and existing customers. Here’s an example:

30% Off + Free Gift for Life Promo: New customers can get about a 30% discount and select a free food item to receive in every delivery until they cancel their subscription. You can choose between:

  • Almond Chickpea Cookie Dough
  • Changing selection of veggies
  • Changing selection of premium proteins

You can also find numerous coupons and promo codes on saving sites like Retailmenot,, or

Website Experience

hungryroot website experience

Hungryroot reviews of customers we interviewed say that the website is somewhat confusing. But the interface is clean and attractive, which is a plus. Also, you’ll see numerous calls to action on the homepage that help customers understand how to subscribe.

Once you set up your plan, the service gives you weekly “Credits” you can use to purchase recipes and groceries. Some customers say they also find this payment system quite confusing. The navigation is pretty easy, though, with the “Groceries” and “Recipes” categories on the top left corner of the page. Clicking either of them will take you to a Hungryroot menu where you can select what you want.

Ordering Process

First, you need to sign up on the Hungryroot website. Then, follow these steps:

Choosing and Personalizing a Plan: The website will prompt you to “Take the Quiz.” Here, you’ll add details, like how many people you order for, what food you prefer, and whether you eat breakfast, dinner, lunch, snacks, and sweets. The more information you add, the more personalized your plan will be.

Set Your Delivery Day: Choose when you want Hungryroot to deliver the food.

Select Groceries for the Coming Week: Once you add your dining preferences, Hungryroot will automatically select weekly groceries and recipe ingredients for you. But Hungryroot recipe reviews say that you can always edit and hand-pick your own items.

Skip Weeks: If you don’t want to get a delivery, you can log into your account and select the skip shipments options, pause delivery, or cancel your subscription.

Managing Your Subscription

Vegan Chorizo Fajita SkilletHungryroot makes it easy to manage your subscription. If you’re not 100% satisfied with an order, you can contact the support team at to register a complaint. Depending on your case, you may get a refund within 30 days of your delivery date. That may take around 10 to 15 business days to process. The company doesn’t accept returns.

Subscribers can edit the groceries in their box by Thursday 12 pm ET, regardless of their delivery date. Until the cut-off time, you can change the plan size or food items or add more groceries. Make sure to keep an eye on your Hungryroot cost via credits to avoid overspending.

Hungryroot lets you skip any week before the prescribed deadline. Also, you can change your address and delivery date from your profile.

You can pause your subscription for up to eight weeks if you can’t receive the delivery. And you can cancel whenever you want.

Shipping and Packaging

Orders over $70 get free shipping. If your order is below that amount, you’ll have to pay a $6.99 shipping fee. The service delivers to most of the mainland US, and you can confirm whether you can get it at your zip code when signing up.

The Hungryroot box is made of 100% recyclable paper. Your delivery should be cold when it arrives as boxes contain ice packs with non-toxic gel, and the thermal liners are made of recyclable poly film and recycled cotton.

Hungryroot Customer Service

The service has an onsite support center with different options to help you find the answers you seek. A few Hungryroot meal delivery reviews mentioned that the staff doesn’t answer promptly, and there’s no phone number you can use.

You can send an email to Hungryroot via the request form on the website.

The support team is available from 10 am to 6 pm ET every day, except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and the Fourth of July.

Hungryroot Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

The company had mixed customer opinions, with Hungryroot negative reviews dominating TrustPilot. But before judging the service harshly, keep in mind that many customers write a review only when they need to complain about something.

Users mention the lack of prompt support, with some saying that the box wasn’t cold upon arrival and the food had spoiled. Other customers also reported late deliveries.

Hungryroot Alternatives: How Does It Compare?

If you’re not sure whether Hungryroot is the best choice for you, you can compare it to other meal subscription services. We’ll help you out.

Hungryroot vs HelloFresh

HelloFresh is a food delivery service that offers tasty meals to cook at home. It’s one of the most popular subscription boxes out there, with a vast menu that changes weekly. 

The most significant difference between HelloFresh and Hungryroot is that the latter offers grocery items and recipes. In contrast, HelloFresh provides traditional meal kits with individually-portioned ingredients that help you make chef-crafted dishes

While Hungryroot’s recipes are basic and straightforward, HelloFresh offers a taste of global cuisines. The service is so popular because it’s competitively priced, with an average serving of $8.99. The cost of Hungryroot varies, but you can expect to pay around $10.

Hungryroot vs Daily Harvest

The main difference between Hungryroot and Daily Harvest is how the ingredients and recipes are curated. With Daily Harvest, you can make your own box or consider pre-selected options. In contrast, Hungryroot offers different plans that you can customize.

Daily Harvest also has frozen food options, and the box contains insulated dry ice bags. The service has a fixed menu and only makes seasonal changes, but it still offers about 80 meals, from soups to harvest bowls and smoothies. Meanwhile, Hungryroot offers a new monthly menu with a huge variety of ingredients and recipes.

Hungryroot vs Purple Carrot

Both Hungryroot and Purple Carrot are well-established meal delivery services with excellent customer reviews. The biggest difference is that Purple Carrot offers exclusively plant-based recipes. If you’re allergic to certain foods or want to omit specific ingredients from your box, Hungryroot may be a better option as it allows significant customization.

What’s more, you can prepare Hungryroot recipes in 5–10 minutes, while Purple Carrot takes longer to make, typically around 30 minutes. Still, the recipes are unique and creative. If you want further comparison, you can take a look at the Sun Basket options.

Hungryroot Review Wrap Up — Is It Worth It?

Carnitas Boo-rito Bowl from hungryrootThe Hungryroot reviews that we took confirm the subscription is worth it. The company offers clean and balanced recipes that are delicious and easy to make. Plus, you can customize the ingredients as much as you’d like. 

The price is a little steep, but multiple reviews of Hungryroot say that the extra convenience is worth it. Some think that the recipes are overly simple, taking away from the joy of preparing food, but happy subscribers don’t have such a problem. Besides, those of us who are too busy to make our own food love this feature.

It doesn’t hurt that the website offers tons of promotions and coupons for discount lovers. Still, you can look at other food subscription boxes for more comparisons before you make a final decision. 


  • Healthy and well-balanced meal options
  • Clean produce and premium quality meat without preservatives
  • Quick and easy to follow recipes
  • Meals ready in 10 minutes
  • New recipes weekly
  • High customization
  • Saves you time on meal planning
  • Easy to pause or cancel the subscription

  • The credit-based payment might be confusing
  • Higher cost compared to shopping at a local grocery store
  • Cooking enthusiasts may not enjoy the simple recipes
  • No nutritional information except for calorie count
  • No filtering for ingredients, keto, or paleo


Is Hungryroot Healthy?

Yes, Hungryroot offers healthy, clean, and balanced meals in around 400 to 600 calories. Most recipes follow the standard diet of lean protein with healthy carbs, fats, and veggies.

How Do I Skip a Delivery by Hungryroot?

To skip a delivery, you’ll need to change the subscription status before 7 pm ET or 4 pm PT the Monday or Thursday before your delivery.

Will My Subscription at Hungryroot Auto-Renew?

Since it’s a weekly subscription service, it auto-renews weekly and will charge your credit card accordingly. Still, Hungryroot reviews confirm that you can skip, pause, or even cancel your subscription.

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