Home Chef October 2018 Review + Recipes

Home Chef October 2018 Review + Recipes
8.5 Total Score

$30 Off First Box + $10 Off Second Box

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Meal kit delivery services are one of my favorite subscriptions. Who wouldn’t love to have all the pre-measured ingredients needed for multiple recipes delivered right to their door? It saves the hassle of meal planning, going to the grocery store and finding ingredients, and measuring them out. It’s perfect for busy people and is a much better option than fast food or even some restaurants.

This Home Chef review shares what I received in my second delivery, coupons, and similar meal kit services!

Shipping + Packaging

Before I get into this month’s shipment, I should mention the feature about Home Chef that sets them apart from most other meal delivery kits I’ve tried—the ability to select other items in place of some meals! For example, they offer a different smoothie each week, as well as seasonal fruit baskets.

Like my first Home Chef delivery, I chose one meal, the seasonal fruit basket, and the smoothie.

This gives me enough fruit to snack on throughout the week and a delicious smoothie to compliment my meal! Plus, the price is cheaper when you add these on in place of more meals. Three meals a week can be too much, depending on my schedule.

My delivery arrived right on the day it was expected. It was packaged in one of their “refrigerated” boxes with a special lining, as well as ice packs to keep everything cold. Upon unboxing, I found the instructions to make the meal and smoothie. There were also a couple coupons!

Meal Cooking + Reviews

Avocado + Beet Poke Bowl

Since I’m dairy-free, I chose the meal that had the easiest dairy substitutions.

The only ingredient with dairy in this meal was two small packets of mayonnaise to make the yum yum sauce, which I simply substituted with some vegan mayonnaise I had in the fridge.

All in all, this recipe was pretty easy to make. The rice took the longest to cook, but overall it only was about 35–40 minutes to make. I’m not typically a fan of beets, but they were pretty good in this meal. Everything tied together to create a delicious poke bowl!

Strawberry Fields Smoothie

I adore smoothies—especially strawberry ones! This one just contained strawberries, pineapple juice, greek yogurt, and a pear.

I exchanged the greek yogurt for some coconut milk, and it was delicious! I wish the pear had already been chopped like the strawberries, but that’s not a big deal because it was very simple to slice up. The recipe made two servings, which was the perfect amount for two people.

Home Chef Reviews - Seasonal Fruit Basket

Seasonal Fruit Basket

This week’s seasonal fruit basket came with an orange, two pears, and two green apples. They were packed in a box with a bunch of paper shreds to keep them compact and protected. I was excited about the orange since they’re my favorite fruit.

The fruit arrived very green, which is great because I didn’t intend to eat them all right away, so they had time to ripen. Once they did get ripe, they were delicious! I just wish they were organic.

Home Chef Reviews - Fruit Basket

Savings Opportunities

Home Chef Review - $30 Off

Since the prices seem a bit steep at first, you definitely want to start out your subscription with a coupon. Luckily, there are almost always fantastic coupons for first-time subscribers! A common deal offered by Home Chef is $30 off your first order and $10 off your second.

There are also Groupon deals that have great savings—one deal is $70 for two weeks of three meals each! This saves nearly $50. However, their one week deal isn’t as good, so I would rely on the actual Home Chef coupon if you’re focused on trying out just one week to start.

Similar Subscriptions

Since there are so many meal kit subscriptions, there’s bound to be one to fit your preferences. For example, if you’re looking for a specific diet plan, Sun Basket has many options. They offer vegan, paleo, vegetarian, pescetarian, and many more choices. My Sun Basket reviews share meals from the vegan subscription! They also use all organic ingredients, which is one reason the price is a little bit higher.

Home Chef Reviews - Sun Basket

On the other hand, there are a variety of options similar to Home Chef. These include HelloFresh and Blue Apron. A great perk from all of these meal kits is you can preview meals ahead of time and see which ones you’d like the most! That’s why I subscribe to them all—I can just preview the recipes weeks ahead of time and plan out which ones I want to receive. It gives plenty of options.

Review Summary
Overall, Home Chef is a great meal kit option from my experience. Every meal and smoothie I’ve tried has been delicious and not too difficult or time consuming to make. The coupon makes the first box a fantastic deal, so there’s no reason not to try it out! Even without this deal, I’d say Home Chef is worth the price because of its convenience and the amount of time it saves. It’s the perfect subscription for people with busy lives.
8.5 Total Score

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