Home Chef November 2018 Review + Recipes

Home Chef November 2018 Review + Recipes
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Meal kit subscriptions are one of my favorite types of subscription box. They give you the opportunity to try all kinds of new recipes as well as save time that would’ve been spent grocery shopping and meal planning! Home Chef is one that I recently subscribed to. They have numerous meals to choose from each week and offer family, classic, or veggie plans.

Although I’m vegan, I still wanted to try this subscription out because of the great pricing and intro deal, so I chose the veggie plan. I noticed they have meal options that have very little or even sometimes no dairy or egg products, so I figured it’d be simple to substitute or exclude a small ingredient. They even have some dishes with meat substitutes like tofu, which is rare for non-vegan meal kits!

Home Chef Reviews - Unboxing

This Home Chef review will include the recipes I received this shipment, similar food subscription boxes, and my overall thoughts on the subscription.

Shipping + Unboxing

My Home Chef box arrived in one of their special refrigerated boxes. This contained ice packs and special lining to ensure everything is kept fresh and cool. This method of shipping works great—I’ve never had any issues with the freshness of my ingredients. The boxes are also completely recyclable!

As with my last couple of boxes, I chose to get a fruit basket, smoothie, and one meal so I could have a variety of items rather than just meals. I love that they offer this because I don’t always have the time to cook all three meals within a few days, and sometimes I don’t like all their options. This is a great way to try out Home Chef because it’s cheaper to opt for the smoothies or fruit basket in place of a meal or two. You can also combine this with the coupon I mention below to get your first box for under $20!

That said, I’ll be sharing each meal and other items I got here!

Home Chef Reviews - Ingredients

Meal Reviews

Sweet Chili Tofu Bowl

I was surprised to see a vegan meal on their menu this week! This is perfect because I got great pricing and didn’t even have to make any substitutions. Not only that, but sweet chili is one of my favorite flavors, so I knew I’d love this bowl. I excluded the green beans because I’m not a very big fan of them. I also added some sweet onion and ginger! 

As for cooking, it was very easy to make. I simply had to cook the rice for about 20 minutes, crisp the tofu, cook the vegetables, and then throw it all together with the sauces.

Home Chef Reviews - Cooking Process

In total, it only took about 25 minutes because I was able to do everything while the rice was cooking. Overall, it was delicious! It was my favorite meal from Home Chef so far, I’ll definitely make this recipe again.

Home Chef Reviews - Sweet Chili Bowls

It was pretty high in calories, but that’s to be expected with all the rice, oil, and sugary sauce. 

Mango Ginger Smoothie

I’ve been loving the smoothies I get from Home Chef. While they commonly come with Greek yogurt that I have to make a substitution for, this one came with coconut milk! The smoothie was creamy and delicious. The orange, mango, and ginger combination was perfect. I appreciated that there wasn’t too much ginger.

Home Chef Reviews - Seasonal Fruit BasketSeasonal Fruit Basket

As with the smoothies, I’ve been opting for the seasonal fruit basket in my shipments as well. The fruit is always delicious! They arrive fairly green and take a few days to become ripe, so I can eat them throughout the week. I just wish they were organic, especially considering that they cost $10 for only six fruits. Depending on the fruit, that’s more costly than organic!

Home Chef Reviews - Fruit Basket

Home Chef Reviews - Groupon Deal

Savings Opportunities

As with most meal kit subscription boxes, there are great opportunities to save money for new Home Chef subscribers. They’re currently offering $30 off your first box and $10 off your second! Additionally, you can save through their Groupon deals. The best option (coupon or Groupon deal) depends on which plan you opt for, so I’d make sure to compare both prices and see which one is the best before picking.

Whichever deal you get, it will allow you to try the subscription out without spending an uncomfortable amount in case you don’t like it. If you dislike it, you can easily cancel online anytime.  

Similar Meal Kit Subscriptions

Home Chef might not seem like the right fit for you. The good news is that there are plenty of other food and meal kit subscriptions to choose from! I’ll compare a few others that I’ve tried and enjoyed.

Sun Basket Review - Unboxing

For one, Sun Basket is a great option if you have a particular dietary preference. They offer vegan, gluten-free, paleo, and many more diets to choose from. Although the price is a little bit more spendy than Home Chef, they offer half off your first box. They also offer items other than meals, such as snacks. My Sun Basket reviews share all the delicious meals I’ve tried from them.

There are also meal kit options that are very similar to Home Chef, such as HelloFresh. They offer similar plans (family, classic, and vegetarian), as well as similar pricing and introductory deals. You can discover their new subscriber coupons in our HelloFresh reviews. With such similar subscriptions and the opportunity to save money on both, it might make sense to try them both out to see which one you like best!

HelloFresh Reviews - $60 Off

Bottom Line
Overall, Home Chef is a great meal kit subscription! Although they don’t offer a wide dietary preference selection, there are still plenty of options if your diet isn’t too particular. I was very happy that everything was plant-based this week and I didn’t have to make any substitutions. They also offer great introductory deals for trying your first couple of boxes out for cheap. They’re a fantastic subscription for people who lead busy lives!
9 Total Score

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