Gwynnie Bee Reviews 2019

Gwynnie Bee Reviews 2019
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Check out our monthly Gwynnie Bee reviews to see examples of their clothes, unboxings, how you can save money, similar subscription boxes, and more about this clothing subscription for all sizes!

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Renting clothes might just be the smarter way to design your outfits. For the same price of a nice dress, you could wear designer brands and have access to ...

For most women, clothing shopping is a time-consuming task. However, with a subscription box like Gwynnie Bee, this doesn’t have to be the case! This service allows you to rent clothes and offers options for women of any size. With this subscription, you’ll always have something new to wear.

This review will answer any questions you have about the subscription—including how much is Gwynnie Bee a month, how it works, how to save money, how to get the clothes you’ll love, and everything else important to know!

How It Works

Since this is the first of our Gwynnie Bee reviews, we obviously have to start off with how this subscription works!  

Basically, it’s a clothing rental service. You pay a set price per month to receive a certain number of apparel items. Once you get your shipment, you can keep it as long as you’d like and return it once you feel like getting something new. Shipping is always free—they even provide a return bag with an attached label to make it easy to send back.

Gwynnie Bee Reviews - How It Works

As stated in the Gwynnie Bee wiki, there’s no limit to how often you can return and get a new shipment. You just have to return the items you have out before getting another. Or if you fall in love with something, you can decide to keep it! You’ll be charged their price for the item (which is always less than retail price).

A unique aspect of this subscription is their “closeting” requirement. This is their term for adding items from their collection to your closet. This is pretty much like a wishlist—they use it to pick out items for your box. You can also prioritize items to get them before others.

Gwynnie Bee Reviews - Closet

Once you’ve added the minimum amount of clothing to your closet, they’ll send your first shipment! If you have a full closet, your shipping turnaround will be much quicker because the items will already be picked out and ready to go. They also have a return notify program that allows you to receive your next shipment much sooner!

Gwynnie Bee Reviews - Welcome

What Do They Offer?

Gwynnie Bee Reviews - OutfitsI tend to be picky with clothes, so I was glad to discover there are so many options to fit anyone’s style! I found lots of items I fell in love with. For example, there are so many adorable Gwynnie Bee dresses. My closet was filled quickly.

When browsing their collection, you’ll notice that nearly all of their models are plus sized. This is because Gwynnie Bee used to provide only plus-size clothing, but they’ve recently added all sizes to their collection. This way, if you don’t wear plus sizes, you won’t need to search elsewhere for a subscription like Gwynnie Bee for smaller sizes.

While I’m glad they offer sizes for everyone, I wish they showed their clothing on smaller models as well so I could envision how the item would look on someone my size. Most of their reviews are from plus-sized customers since the smaller sizes were only recently added. Unfortunately, how the clothes look on models and how they’re described in reviews are large parts of how I pick out clothes when shopping online.

How Much Does Gwynnie Bee Cost Per Month?

They offer a variety of plans to fit anybody’s budget. Since there are so many, we’ve listed them below to make it easy.

1 item: $49 / month

2 items: $69 / month (free trial available)

3 items: $95 / month

5 items: $139 / month

7 items: $179 / month

10 items: $199 / month

Gwynnie Bee Reviews – Pricing

As you can see from the list above, there are a variety of price points that you can choose from. There’s also a generous Gwynnie Bee free trial available for new members! You can learn all about this in the next section.

They only offer clothing items at the moment, but their marketplace offers accessories for sale separately. They’re just not included in the subscription itself. If you’re looking for a subscription with accessories, we mention a few similar clothing subscriptions that offer accessories at the end of this review.

Gwynnie Bee Reviews - Free TrialCoupons + Savings

As with all of our other subscription box reviews, our Gwynnie Bee reviews will share all the current coupons and deals! We’re devoted to bringing the best deals to everyone.

Since the regular price of this clothing subscription is a bit pricey, it’s important to be able to try it out before committing. Luckily, they offer a free trial! Other than this trial, there isn’t another Gwynnie Bee coupon available. 

The trial is only available for their plan with two items, which regularly costs $69. What’s even better is that it’s free for an entire month, so you can really get a feel for the subscription. And you save nearly $70 with the free trial, which is an awesome deal! This definitely makes up for the lack of other coupons.

How Do I Cancel Gwynnie Bee?

Gwynnie Bee Reviews - Unboxing

It’s common to try out various subscriptions and then cancel once you decide it’s not the best fit for you. If you decide this with Gwynnie Bee, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s very easy to cancel! You can simply go into your account settings, and there will be a button to cancel.

If you don’t want to cancel online, you can opt to call the Gwynnie Bee customer service and ask them to cancel your subscription. They’re available 9 a.m.–8 p.m. Eastern, Monday through Saturday. You can email them at any time as well.

Similar Clothing Subscriptions

Gwynnie Bee isn’t the only clothing subscription box on the market—there are many other options!

Le Tote

One of the subscription boxes that we’ve found similar to Gwynnie Bee is Le Tote! This is another clothing rental subscription that we love. It’s a great option if you want accessories in addition to apparel. How much does Le Tote cost per month? As with Gwynnie Bee, prices vary, and they offer a large variety of plans. However, Le Tote seems to be the better deal. For example, $59 per month at Le Tote will get you three clothing items and two accessories, while $69 per month with Gwynnie Bee only provides two clothing items.  

Le Tote Reviews

You can find the entire list of prices, see clothing we’ve received, and learn more about their free trial in our Le Tote reviews.

Stitch Fix

Even though this is a Gwynnie Bee review, we figured it’d be important to share a few other types of clothing subscription boxes that you might be interested in rather than just rental services. For example, personal stylist services like Stitch Fix are very popular. 

Gwynnie Bee Reviews - Stitch Fix vs. Gwynnie BeeThis subscription, in particular, provides five items (usually four clothing items and one accessory) each shipment. You try the items on from the comfort of your home, decide if you want to purchase anything, and send back what you don’t want—a little different than the system described in most Gwynnie Bee reviews. The only fee they charge is a $20 styling fee, which is credited towards anything you purchase from your box.

JustFab December UnboxingI was hesitant about this subscription at first because you’re unable to view what clothes you’ll be receiving, but I’ve been very impressed by the items my stylists have picked for me! As you can see in my Stitch Fix reviews, I always find at least one item I fall in love with.


To finish up this Gwynnie Bee review, JustFab is the last subscription we’ll be recommending if you’re looking for similar clothing subscriptions. This is an online store that offers a membership service. Members receive access to exclusive sales, and the monthly fee is simply credited towards any items you’d like to purchase.

Their deals for first-time purchases are fantastic—the first pair of Justfab shoes I got cost under $15!

Gwynnie Bee Reviews - Unboxing

Gwynnie Bee First Box Review

The free trial was very easy to get and my first order went seamlessly. After I reached my closet limit of