Green Chef Reviews—Is it worth it?

Green Chef Reviews—Is it worth it?
8.6 Total Score

Green Chef reviews are mostly positive. Consumers love the convenience and tasty menu options. But are there any cons of the service? Keep reading to find out.

Green Chef delivers fresh and organic meal kits straight to your door. Let’s see if it’s suitable for amateurs in the kitchen and people with different dietary preferences.

All About Green Chef

We’re on a mission to find the best monthly food subscriptions. And our list would be incomplete without Green Chef — one of the first and most popular services. 

Overview and Highlights

Founded in 2014, Green Chef was the first USDA-certified organic meal kit service in the US. 

Our Green Chef review confirms that the service offers fresh seasonal ingredients so that you can make delicious home-cooked dinners. Everything’s pre-portioned and comes with chef-curated recipes.

Hello Fresh, one of the leading meal kit service providers, bought Green Chef in 2018. And the venture of the two health giants has paid off in big ways, providing even more sustainably sourced and organic produce across the US.

Green Chef Sustainability Green Chef ice pack

The service works tirelessly to bring the best ingredients to your door and does so in a sustainable way for the planet.

Green Chef reviews its partners, ensuring responsible growing, farming, and packaging. Plus, all packaging is 100% reusable, compostable, and recyclable. And the company can proudly say that it’s even carbon-neutral.

What Does Green Chef Offer?

What can you expect when you sign up for Green Chef? We’ve broken it down by plan, including easy-to-follow examples.

Keto & Paleo

It’s the perfect mix of grain and gluten-free recipes. Green Chef meal kit reviews confirm that this plan is suitable for anyone watching their carb intake. Here are a few popular recipes:Green Chef meal

  • Roasted Fennel-Cumin Shrimp With Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Cauliflower “Rice” With Bell Pepper, and Olives
  • Sesame-Ginger Chicken With Sautéed Snap Peas, Cabbage, Carrots, and Sesame Seeds
  • Pork Chops With Basil Pesto With Sautéed Broccoli With Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Artichokes, and Feta

Green Chef keto reviews are pretty impressive. Customers on a strict diet love this plan as it reduces the stress of prepping and cooking. 

Balanced Living

You can enjoy a bit of everything on this plan, including meat, seafood, grains, and veggies. Meal examples include:Green Chef meal

  • Squash and Mozzarella Flatbreads With Pine Nuts, Honey, Crushed Red Pepper, and Kale Salad.
  • Barramundi With Fennel Butter Sauce, Scallion Mashed Potato, Green Beans, and Roasted Peppers.
  • BBQ Pork Meatloaves and Cabbage Apple Slaw With Smoky Roasted Potato Wedges.

Most Green Chef carnivore menu reviews highly recommend this option for first-time subscribers. It’s a brilliant way to see if the service fits your needs.


Green Chef doesn’t leave behind vegetarians and vegans. It offers curated meals that are meat-free and delicious. You can expect to find recipes like:Green Chef meal

  • Roasted Portobello Sandwiches With Caramelized Onion, Artichokes, Red Peppers, and Sweet Potato Fries.
  • Baja Cauliflower Bowls With Rice, Corn, Roasted Peppers, Chipotle-lime aïoli, and Cashews. 
  • Roasted Butternut Squash Couscous Bowls With Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Peppers, Apricots, Feta, and Basil

Green Chef vegan reviews recommend the plan for any new plant-based fans or vegetarians. Starting on this diet can be challenging, and you don’t need more stress. So you can rely on Green Chef to get all the nutrients you need. 

What’s more, you can prep and cook the meals in about 30 minutes, which is unheard of with traditional meals. We love that the service puts the fun and creativity back into cooking.

Your weekly box comes with pre-measured ingredients and recipe cards that tell you exactly what to do. Plus, Green Chef reviews for 2022 show they often include helpful tips and tricks along the way. 

Not a chef aficionado? Don’t worry. Green Chef is suitable for all skill levels, even if you’re a pro at burning toast. You only need basic skills like cutting, chopping, and peeling, and each recipe comes with full instructions. 

Still, you’ll need to have a few items around the kitchen:


  • Salt
  • Olive oil
  • High-temperature cooking oil (vegetable, safflower, canola, avocado, or coconut)
  • Pepper


  • Sheet pan 
  • Peeler
  • Pots and pans
  • Strainer
  • Aluminum foil
  • Cooking spoon
  • Chef’s knife
  • Spatula
  • Measuring cup
  • Tablespoon measure

While this may look like a lot, they’re all kitchen basics. 

Is Green Chef Organic?

Green Chef packaging with veggies Absolutely, but not all ingredients can be certified organic. There’s just no such thing as organic wild salmon. The team curating your Green Chef box reviews everything closely, ensuring all its fresh produce and eggs are organic

When it comes to meat, the company upholds a high standard for animal welfare and does all it can to screen potential partners and farmers.

So, what does “certified organic” even mean, and why should you care? Organic ingredients are better for your health, their traceability is crucial, and you can be aware of where your food comes from. Being “certified organic” means that all Green Chef partners are reviewed yearly to ensure they remain compliant with the USDA regulation. 

Green Chef Pricing, Discounts & Options 

You can choose between three pricing plans that differ slightly:


  • Two meals — four people ($12.49)
  • Three meals — two, ($12.99), four ($11.99), or six people ($11.49)
  • Four meals — two ($12.49), four ($11.99), or six people ($11.49)

Balanced Living

  • Two meals—four people ($11.49)
  • Three meals—two, ($11.99), four ($10.99), or six people ($10.49)
  • Four meals—two ($11.49), four ($10.49), or six people ($10.49)


  • Two meals—four people ($11.49)
  • Three meals—two, ($11.99), four ($10.99), or six people($10.49)
  • Four meals—two ($11.49), four ($10.49), or six people ($10.49)Green Chef plans

The Green Chef cost is slightly cheaper on the Plant-Powered plan. Also, you can change your menu preferences as you go, so if you want veggies one week and mixed options the next, you can get that. 

You pay at checkout for your first order, and the rest bill seven days before delivery. If you’re looking for a Green Chef cost discount, you’re in luck. As of October 2021, you can get $100 off when you sign up

Additionally, nurses, first responders, teachers, medical providers, military, and veterans get an ongoing 10% off each box.

Website Experience

We enjoyed the Green Chef website. It was easy to find our way around, and the page contained all the vital pieces upfront. 

Scrolling down, you can see what the service does, how it works, and Green Chef reviews from actual customers. 

Ordering Process

Interested in signing up? Just follow these steps:Green Chef packaging

  • Go to the Green Chef website.
  • Select your meal type (Balanced living, Paleo & keto, or Plant-powered).
  • Select the number of weekly meals and people per serving.
  • Enter your email.
  • Submit your address information.
  • Checkout.
  • Select your meals.

Signing up is super easy and takes only a few minutes. 

Managing Your Subscription

Want to choose your meals or make a change to your menu? No problem. While researching for our Green Chef review, we found you can do that seven days before delivery. The team needs some time to make the changes. 

It’s the same if you want to skip a week or cancel your subscription. You can do it all from your profile. There’s no need to talk to a consultant or get bombarded with new discount offers. That’s our subscription nightmare.

Shipping & PackagingGreen Chef box

Green Chef charges a flat $8.99 shipping fee per box. Unfortunately, some Green Chef delivery reviews aren’t favorable. They say their items arrived late or didn’t ship at all, even though they’d already paid for the shipping.

That said, the box really stands out. It’s fully committed to giving consumers compostable, reusable, and recyclable packaging. So it makes a massive difference to the amount of accumulating waste.

Most Green Chef packaging is recyclable, including the outer part of the ice packs. They’re part of the insulation that keeps your items fresh during transit. To dispose of them, cut them open, pour the liquid into the trash, and recycle the rest. Also, check out local charities, as many will take the ice packs. 

Green Chef reviews and tests its packaging rigorously to ensure freshness. If your order arrives warm to the touch, email

The service delivers to most of the continental US, except for Alaska, parts of Louisiana, and Hawaii. You can select delivery days based on your location when you sign up. 

Customer Service

Green Chef has a few ways to answer any questions and concerns you may have:

  • FAQ: Bottom of the homepage
  • Call: +1 (888) 236-7295 ( Monday–Friday 6 AM – 11 PM EST, Saturday–Sunday 7 AM–7 PM EST)
  • Live chat: Lower right-hand corner of the website (Monday–Sunday 9 AM–7 PM EST)

Green Chef customer reviews are hit or miss when it comes to the support team. Some think it’s excellent, while others think it’s a drawback. 

Green Chef Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

Reviews about Green Chef are pretty varied. 

On the plus side, loyal consumers love the meals, service, and low level of effort. In particular, they praise the ingredients’ freshness and how unique the recipes are, especially the Green Chef reviews for vegetarian meals. 

But there are a few issues that come up. Green Chef complaints mention delivery, food quality, and billing practices. Still, if your order stays too long in transit, that’s more of an issue with the delivery and not the service itself.

Unsurprisingly, Green Chef ratings reflect the situation and range between 2.2–3.5 stars

Green Chef Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

Want to find subscription boxes that are perfect for you? Let’s have a look at how Green Chef compares to others in the industry. 

Green Chef vs Hello FreshHello Fresh box

Hello Fresh owns Green Chef, so the two are very similar. You won’t find much difference in pricing, packaging, ingredients, or locations. 

But they still differ in menu options. Green Chef has more traditional meals, whereas Hello Fresh is a bit more adventurous. 

Want to have your own vegan kitchen adventure? A grocery delivery option might be a good fit. Have a look at how vegans review Hungryroot

Green Chef vs Home ChefHome Chef box and ingredients

Home Chef is a meal kit delivery service that focuses on protein and traditional feel-good food. 

In contrast, Green Chef is all about healthy and organic food. It has options for basically anyone — vegans, vegetarians, keto, paleo, and meat lovers. 

Home Chef starts at $8.99 per serving, whereas Green Chef is $10.49. But note that you may need to add extras with Home Chef, which will increase the price quite a bit per serving. 

 Green Chef vs Purple CarrotPurple Carrot box with produce

The most significant difference between these two is that Purple Carrot also offers ready-made meals. Plus, it’s solely plant-based, whereas Green Chef has meat and seafood options. 

Green Chef prices range between $10.49–$12.49, and a Purple Carrot serving costs $9.99–$13.99. Overall, Green Chef is cheaper. 

Wrap Up — Is Green Chef Worth It?

Green Chef is a fantastic service for those looking for an easy, convenient, and healthy meal kit service that saves time. Plus, there are great options for vegetarians and vegans, which we love. 

Try it for yourself and see if it could enhance your healthy lifestyle. 


  • Vegan-friendly options
  • Organic local farm suppliers
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Easy to prep and cook

  • More expensive than non-organic competitors
  • No single serving option


How much is Green Chef? 

For the Keto/Paleo and Balanced Living plans, you’ll pay between $10.49–$12.99, depending on how many meals and servings you want per week. The Plant-Powered plan will set you back between $10.49–$11.99. Additionally, shipping costs $8.99 per order. 

How does Green Chef work? 

Green Chef is a weekly meal kit delivery service that sends ingredients and recipes for you to cook at home. You pick meals based on the plan you select, and you can change the plan weekly to fit your needs.

Is Green Chef organic?

As much as it can be. Green Chef reviews its partners with care, which gives it the USDA stamp of approval on its organic produce.

8.6 Total Score

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