Graze October 2018 Review + Unboxing

Graze October 2018 Review + Unboxing
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Graze Reviews Unboxing 2018Graze is one of my favorite subscription boxes when it comes to snacks. They offer a healthy, delicious, and fairly inexpensive selection. With their monthly subscription, you get eight snack packs that are portioned into the perfect sizes. They have nearly a hundred different nutritious snacks you could receive, which are all created by Graze. Every month is an exciting surprise to unbox!

This October Graze review shares the snacks I got this month, how you can get your first box free, similar snack subscriptions, and even more.

Shipping + Unboxing

Graze Review - Unboxing

I received my October Graze shipment near the end of the month in a red box. I think it’s cute that the box colors change almost every month. Upon unboxing, I discovered the typical eight snack packs and the nutrition information sheet.

When I wrote my first couple of Graze reviews, I was impressed by their options because I chose three very limiting snack filters: vegan, gluten-free, and low in sugar. Even with these, there are numerous options of various fruit and nut medleys. Although the snacks I received are mostly ones I’ve already tried from previous boxes, I still look forward to them, because they’re all delicious.

If you don’t choose specific filters or dietary preferences like this, there’s a much larger variety of nearly a hundred snacks to choose from! They have flapjacks, pretzel stick dippers, crackers, and many more flavors of nut medleys. I’ll be reviewing each snack I got below.

Graze Review - Graze Snacks

Snack Reviews

Graze Review - Antioxidant Vit. E Nuts

Antioxidant Vit. E Nuts

Salted peanuts, brazil nuts, almonds, and pecans combined to create this delicious combination (all of my favorite types of nuts). There wasn’t any seasoning other than the small amount of salt, but they were still delicious.

Sweet Rhubarb Jam

Like the previous, this snack pack is made of just fruits as well. It consists of rhubarb, soft apple pieces, and cranberries. The rhubarb has a unique tart flavor that mixed well with the sweet cranberries and apple pieces. The entire pack contains 100 calories, 12% of your daily fiber, and 20g of sugar. As you can see, it’s a good source of fiber!

Graze Review - Sweet Rhubarb Jam and Fantastic Forest Fruits Review

Fantastic Forest Fruits

This fruity snack is made up of soft apple pieces, cherry-flavored raisins, blueberries, and lingonberries. I really liked it! The cherry-flavored raisins were the only thing I didn’t like because I can’t stand cherry flavoring—it always tastes like cough medicine to me. Otherwise, I liked this snack combination. Plus, the pack had only 80 calories!

Garden of England

Garden of England is a yummy mixture of mini strawberries, blackcurrants, and soft apple slices. I thought it was delicious! I’m very picky about dried fruit—especially strawberries—but the texture of these was perfect. The strawberries were my favorite. There are 80 calories, 19g of carbohydrates, and just 2g of fiber in this.

Graze Review - Garden of England and Vitamin E Defense

Vitamin E Defense

I really enjoyed this nut and fruit mixture! Roasted hazelnuts, redskin peanuts, jumbo raisins, and cranberries combine to create this delicious snack. As you might be able to tell by the name, it’s a great source of Vitamin E and is also high in manganese (which helps protect cells from stress). Hazelnuts are my favorite nut, so that’s probably a large reason I liked this snack so much. This contains 190 calories, 12g of sugar, 10% of daily fiber needs, and 5g of protein.

Graze Review - Jalapeno Cheese Taco ReviewJalapeno Cheese Taco

As you may have seen in other Graze reviews, this is my favorite snack! You might wonder why it says “cheese” since I chose the vegan box. However, the seasoning mimics a cheese flavor, but it doesn’t have any dairy. It tastes so yummy! I would order a box filled with this snack if I could. I wish Graze made more creative vegan flavors like this.

Sweet + Spicy Beet Crunch

This snack is made of dried beet chips, sunflower seeds, and jalapeno chickpeas. A lot of people stated that they didn’t enjoy the texture of the beet chips, but I didn’t mind it. This was surprising because I rarely like beets! I loved the sunflower seeds and the spice added from the jalapeno flavoring. This snack is a good source of fiber and protein, and it has just 100 calories.


Anytime Energizer

Anytime Energizer is another one of my favorites. It’s made of dried pears, dried sour cherries, and walnuts. The chewy and crunchy mixture from the walnuts is the perfect combination. Plus, the taste of the fruits and walnuts were paired perfectly. This snack pack has just 150 calories (and a few essential vitamins and minerals)!

Savings Opportunities

If you’re unsure about subscribing to Graze, you might be glad to hear that they offer a free trial box! Although you still have to pay $3.99 for shipping, this is an inexpensive way to try out a few of their snacks to see if you like them.

Graze Review - Free Graze Box

Additionally, you can save half off your first full-size box if you want the regular subscription right off the bat. This makes it cost only $6.99 for eight snacks. Plus, since you’ll receive free shipping with this option, it’s an even better deal than the trial box. Each snack costs less than a dollar—that’s not a bad price to try them out!

Urthbox Review - Unboxing

Similar Snack Subscriptions

Graze might not sound like the best fit for you. Luckily, there are many other snack subscription boxes to choose from! I’ll share a few others that I’ve tried and enjoyed.

For one, I’d recommend Urthbox if you have particular dietary preferences. They offer classic, gluten-free, low calorie, or vegan snack boxes. They also offer four subscription sizes that range from $19.99 to $39.99 per month. This is an exciting way to try snacks from numerous brands every month—you can find examples of what might come in these boxes in my Urthbox reviews!

Naturebox Reviews - Snacks

Another snack subscription I like is Naturebox. Although they have a different type of subscription, their snacks are still a great deal and delicious. They charge $30 per year, but give you $5 to spend every month (which is $30 for free)! In my Naturebox reviews, you can find out how to get a free trial, as well as a $20 credit for free snacks. This subscription is great because you get to decide which snacks you receive and how much you spend.  

Additionally, we have a list of the best food subscription boxes that includes more snack boxes, our favorite meal kits, and more!

Bottom Line
To sum up this Graze review, I was pleased with my box once again. The snack packs are convenient to bring on the go and are portioned perfectly—they fill you up without you accidentally eating a million calories! Plus, their snacks are healthy and delicious.

Overall, it’s a fairly inexpensive subscription that’d I’d say is definitely worth the price. 

9.1 Total Score

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