Graze July 2018 Review + Unboxing

Graze July 2018 Review + Unboxing
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Snack subscription boxes are a wonderful way to try out new snacks every month. Graze is a healthy, fairly inexpensive option that I subscribed to recently and have had a great experience with so far. They offer hundreds of snack options that are constantly being updated. Every month, subscribers receive eight various snack packs tailored to their dietary preferences.  

This Graze review will share the snacks I received this month, similar subscriptions you might enjoy, savings opportunities, and more.

Shipping + Packaging

Due to payment problems (I forgot to update my payment information when I got a new card), I didn’t receive my July box until far later in the month than I should have. However, this was my mistake. When I finally received it, my Graze box was shipped in a small orange box like just like last month.

Graze Review - Snack Unboxing

My snack packs were organized neatly inside.

Graze Review - Unboxing Snacks

As expected, I received eight different types of snacks. A couple of the snacks I got this month were repeated from my first Graze box, but this is understandable because I was quite picky with my diet preferences. I was surprised they had as many options as they did! I chose snacks that were vegan, gluten-free, and have under 10g of sugar. If you’re less picky than I was, there will be hundreds of snack options.

 Graze Review - Snack Box Unboxing

I’ll be reviewing each Graze snack I received below!

Snack Reviews:

Graze Review - Jalapeno Cheese Taco Review

Jalapeno Cheese Taco

This was my favorite snack in last month’s box, so I was excited to see it again! You might not think it would be vegan, but the cheese flavor is made with completely plant-based ingredients like onion powder, turmeric, paprika, and more. It’s delicious, and I love the spicy kick from the jalapenos. While having 140 total calories in a pack, this snack is also a good source of protein and fiber.

Fantastic Forest Fruits

This fruity snack is made up of soft apple pieces, cherry-flavored raisins, blueberries, and lingonberries. I was excited about this snack because I had never even heard of lingonberries and I love trying new fruits! These were pretty good – they tasted a bit tart and similar to cranberries. The cherry-flavored raisins were the only thing I didn’t like because I can’t stand cherry flavoring. It always tastes like cough medicine to me. Otherwise, I liked this snack combination. The pack had only 80 calories!

 Graze Review - Sweet Rhubarb Jam and Fantastic Forest Fruits Review

Sweet Rhubarb Jam

This snack is made of rhubarb pieces, soft apple pieces, and cranberries. It’s pretty yummy, but I prefer their snacks that have nuts as well. If I’m eating fruit, I’d rather have the real thing – like a delicious, juicy apple. Dried fruits aren’t as good as the real thing to me, and I like them better when they’re mixed with crunchy nuts. However, I did like the combined taste of these three fruits! There were 100 calories in the entire snack pack, plus it’s a great source of fiber.

Graze Review - Sweet and Spicy Beet Crunch Review

Sweet & Spicy Beet Crunch

The sweet and spicy beet crunch snack is made of dried beet chips, sunflower seeds, and jalapeno chickpeas. A lot of people didn’t like the beet chips, but I didn’t mind them (I don’t mind beets regularly though).

I do think they could’ve been more flavorful. I loved the sunflower seeds and the spiciness added from the jalapeno flavoring! This snack is a good source of fiber, protein, and has just 100 calories.

Graze Reviews - Veggie Protein Power and Punchy Protein Nuts

Veggie Protein Power

I got this snack in my last box as well. It’s made of edamame, spicy chickpeas, and cashews that are salted with sea salt and black pepper. It didn’t look like it’d be tasty, but it was pretty good. I’ve never enjoyed cooked edamame, but this snack made me discover that I like it better when dried! This snack pack has just 130 calories. It’s also a great source of protein and fiber!

Punchy Protein Nuts

One of the favorite snacks I got was these punchy protein nuts. This snack contains peanuts, almonds, and chili-lime cashews. The cashews were my favorite part because of the delicious chili-lime flavoring. This snack is also a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals! It contains vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and manganese – all in one little snack pack.

Natural Energy Nuts

Graze Review - Anytime Energizer and Natural Energy Nuts Review

This was the only snack I was a bit disappointed with. They didn’t even seem to try with this one – it’s just plain almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts. While I love all of these, I didn’t subscribe to Graze to get plain nuts. I would just go to the grocery store and buy them for a much better price if I wanted this.

Anytime Energizer

The final snack I received was the Anytime Energizer, made of dried pears, dried sour cherries, and walnuts. I liked this one as well. It made a great salad topper! It provided my meal with extra sweetness as well as crunch because of the walnuts. The chewy and crunchy mixture is the perfect combination. Plus, it only has 150 calories (plus a few essential vitamins and minerals)!

Similar Subscription Boxes

You might be searching through Graze reviews because you’re interested in snack subscription boxes. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that there are plenty of other options as well! A couple of others that I tried recently are Degustabox and Urthbox. Both of these boxes send a variety of different snack brands every month rather than one brand like Graze.

Like I mentioned in my Urthbox reviews, I would recommend this subscription if you’re looking for healthier snacks or snacks for a particular diet (such as vegan, gluten-free, low-calorie, and more). There are also a few different price options you can choose from – plus they have great coupons for first-time customers that you can also find in my reviews. On the other hand, Degustabox has only one box option, but it has advantages as seen in my Degustabox reviews.

Graze Review - Urthbox vs. Graze

There are many more food subscription boxes if you’re interested in more than just snack boxes. These range from meal kit services, coffee, tea, wine, specific foods, and more. Since there are too many to include here, you can find these on our list of best food subscription boxes!

Savings Opportunities

Graze offers the opportunity to get your first box for free! This is a sampler box that has four snacks rather than the regular eight – you’re only required to pay a small shipping fee. The deal is very simple to take advantage of because it’ll show up right when you go to the website.

Graze Review - July 2018 Snacks

Bottom Line
To sum up this Graze review, I was satisfied with my July box. I don’t mind that the snacks I got are fruit and nut-based (keep in mind this is not the case with all their snacks, only if you choose the picky diet preferences that I did). I love nuts and fruits so this is more than fine with me. Overall, Graze is a fun and fairly inexpensive way to try out a few new snacks every month. It’s a great option for people with dietary restrictions since they have so many options!
9 Total Score

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