GlossyBox Reviews — Strut Into 2024 With All The Info

GlossyBox Reviews — Strut Into 2024 With All The Info
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You probably don’t have the time to go through thousands of opinions. So, we did the hard work for you. We’ve scoured the internet for GlossyBox reviews to bring you the most comprehensive one yet. 

Read on to learn about the service and what you can expect, including pricing, how it works, its pros, and cons. 

All About GlossyBox

Our monthly subscription boxes list is getting longer, and we couldn’t be happier. And as one of the OG beauty services, GlossyBox has a special place on it.

Overview and HighlightsGlossyBox box

Founded in 2011 by Charles von Abercron, GlossyBox began its distribution in Berlin. Today, the GlossyBox subscription is available in 10 countries worldwide. The company has a team of over 150 beauty experts who curate, test, and examine the products. 

GlossyBox is all about building sustainable relationships with niche beauty brands and bringing unique and must-have items into your life.

GlossyBox Is Best For

GlossyBox is an excellent choice for those who want to try new beauty products each month without paying for full-size items. 

GlossyBox Is Not Good For

The GlossyBox year subscription isn’t a good option if you want to know what they’re getting. You won’t get a look inside until your box arrives. It’s all about surprises.

What Does GlossyBox Offer?

GlossyBox productsGlossyBox is a subscription service that sends you five beauty products each month

Every item is deluxe travel-sized. You can expect to find makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrances. Since it’s all about trying new products, you won’t get a preview before delivery. That way, it’s more like getting a surprise each time. 

Still, to get an idea of what the service is all about, here’s what we found in some GlossyBox past boxes:

September 2021:

  • Terre de Mars Reddition Body Cleanser — Full Size, worth $23
  • This Works Stress Check Clean Hands — Travel Size, worth $6
  • Davids Natural Toothpaste – Peppermint — Travel Size, worth $4.95
  • DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All-in-one Gel — Full Size, worth $49
  • Daily Concepts Hammam Mitt — Full Size, worth $14
  • Four Sigmatic Hot Cacao with Reishi — Two Packets, worth $4

But that’s not all.

July 2021:

  • Cleo Noir The Eyeshadow Duet — Golden Malachite — Full size worth $16
  • Batiste Volumizing Dry Shampoo — Travel size, worth $3.99
  • Purlisse Beauty Blue Lotus + Seaweed Treatment Sheet Mask — Single, worth $6
  •  Verso Skincare Eye cream — Deluxe mini, worth $21
  • Elaina Badro Divine Duo Set — Full size, worth $34

But note that a GlossyBox subscription box may sell out quickly. If that happens, you’ll get a Classic edition of five top-rated items.

Plus, you may choose limited-edition boxes — one-off purchases that you can get in addition to your monthly subscription. 

GlossyBox works with hundreds of brands, including:

  • Skin & Co Roma
  • Bad Medina Cosmetics
  • FreshGlossyBox products
  • Doctor Lip Bang’s
  • Issey Miyake
  • The Lip Bar
  • VersaSpa
  • Ciatè London

You can find the entire list on the GlossyBox site.

Supporting Materials

In each GlossyBox USA box, you’ll get a monthly insert describing the products in detail and how to use them. It’s super helpful to keep on hand while unboxing. Also, you can find the information on the GlossyBox site.

GlossyBox Add-ons

The subscription aims to help you find the products you’ll love. If you want to get more of a specific product, you’ll get a link where you can buy it. And you may even get a discount on full-size products. 

GlossyBox reviews also mention that the service has its own skincare products that subscribers have tested out and approved. The packaging is environmentally friendly, and the formulas are specially developed by industry professionals.

How GlossyBox Works

Now that you know all the basics let’s explore further. 

Website Experience 

GlossyBox Man productsWe enjoyed the site. It’s very user-friendly, with many navigation choices on the top to help you get around. And the dropdowns make your search that much easier. 

That said, the site is a little cluttered. You’ll see lots of products and information, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can find all the must-know details on the homepage. Plus, the GlossBox reviews are a nice touch.

Ordering Process

Let’s have a look at how to sign-up:

  • Go to the GlossyBox website.
  • Click on “Subscribe.”
  • Select your subscription plan, and click “Buy Now.”
  • Checkout.
  • Enter your sign-in information (email and password).
  • Access your beauty profile.

The complete sign-up is straightforward and stress-free. 

Managing Your SubscriptionGlossyBox box and products

Before you rush off to do your first Glossybox unboxing, there are a few things you should know about your profile.

You can’t cancel a fixed subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months until the term is up. But if you’re paying monthly, or it’s the end of your subscription, you can cancel at any time straight from your profile. Also, you can’t skip or pause your deliveries. 

GlossyBox offers refunds or replacements if any of your items arrive damaged. But it can’t accept returns as it delivers personal care products. Once you get your order, you have 30 days to contact customer service for any issues. 

GlossyBox Price, Discounts & Options 

You can choose between four subscription options:

  • Monthly: $21 a month
  • Three months: $58.50 ($19.50 per month)
  • Six months: $111 ($18.50 per month)
  • Yearly: $210 ($17.50 per month)

The yearly subscription is the cheapest, with $24 in annual savings. 

GlossyBox will charge you for your first box at checkout. The recurring orders costs will come off your account between the 1st–10th of each month. As of November 2021, you can get your first box for $16 with the GlossyBox promo code DESIRES16

Shipping & Packaging

GlossyBox boxesEach month your order arrives in a recognizable baby pink cardboard box. It’s super cute and environmentally friendly, which we love. 

While GlossyBox is available globally, we’re focusing on the US. The good news? Shipping is included in your subscription here, and you can get your order in all US territories. Note that some areas have applicable taxes, including, New York,  New Jersey, Utah, Missouri, Kentucky, and California. US subscribers can expect their delivery within 2–5 days after leaving the warehouse. Those on the West Coast might have to wait between 3–6 days. 

If you’re a GlossyBox Canada subscriber, expect to pay a $5 shipping fee. Also, it may take at least 10 days for your order to arrive. 

Saving Opportunities

The service has a credit system to thank its loyal subscribers. With GlossyBox make up subscriptions, you can earn by completing the following:

  • Brand product survey — $0.80
  • Product survey — $0.40
  • Box survey — $0.40
  • Beauty profile — $0.40
  • Box product review — $0.40

Plus, if you refer a friend who signs up, you can get:

  • $5.00 — Monthly subscription 
  • $10 — 3-month subscription 
  • $12 — 6-month subscription 
  • $15 — 12-month subscription 

Get your referral code ready to earn as much as possible. 

Wondering how to spend GlossyBox credit? You can do that at GlossyBox or LookFantastic since The Hut Group owns both. That gives you 14,000 products to choose from. Check out our full LookFantastic review to learn more. 

Customer ServiceGlossyBox products

There’s a super helpful FAQ section, but if you need to get through to GlossyBox, you can: 

  • Call: 801-252-4631 (Monday–Friday 6 AM–10 PM MST & Saturday 8 AM–12PM)
  • Email:

Subscribers mentioned in more than one GlossyBox review for 2021  that the support team was very helpful, quick, and pleasant. But we also found some negative reviews stating that the phone hung up when they tried to call. 

GlossyBox Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

The thousands of GlossyBox reviews online give us a pretty good idea about the service and what to expect. 

On the positive side, most customers love the subscription, praising the variety, delivery, and customer service. Here’s what they have to say:

  • “I love glossybox. I love the variety of the products. They are all things I’d actually use for the most part. The value is great as well.”
  • “The site was easy to shop, and checkout was easy as well. I’m excited to get the 2021 Advent Calendar box.”
  • “They go above and beyond to help fix your issue. I have no complaints about this company. I just signed up for another year with them!!!”

Out of over 1,400 reviews, the service gets 4.3 stars, which is fantastic!

But there are some negative GlossyBox reviews, too. Most complain about the customer service and repeated products. Still, we must point out that GlossyBox responds to such issues online and tries to rectify the situation. 

Glossybox Review of My First Box

I got my first Glossybox very soon after I ordered. The products were stored in a sleek, nice-quality pink box. I loved the elegant design of it!

Glossybox Reviews - 2018 Unboxing

When I opened the box, I was greeted with pink tissue paper that my products were placed neatly underneath. As promised, I received a total of five items.

Glossybox Reviews - April 2018 Products

I’ll be leaving a review of each product in the following paragraphs.

Effaclar Clarifying Oil-Free Cleansing Towelettes

Numerous Glossybox reviews showcase these wipes which work great for removing makeup or just cleaning the face. They’re oil-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and paraben-free. They left my skin feeling refreshed and soft.

Glossybox Reviews - Effaclar Cleansing Towelettes

Unfortunately, they burn when you use them on your eyes, which is usually where I need the most help removing makeup. That said, these might not be the best product for sensitive skin. However, they’re very convenient for traveling or to throw in your gym bag. Glossybox provided a 10-pack sample, but they normally come in packs of 25.

Glossybox Reviews - Rituals Shower Gel

Full-size value: $10

Rituals Foaming Shower Gel in Hammam

I wasn’t too excited about this product at first, since I don’t normally stray away from my favorite body wash that I always use. However, I decided to give it a try and ended up praising it in my first Glossybox review. It smells fantastic without being overwhelmingly fragrant like a lot of shower gels are. The scent is very natural and herbal (the body wash smells like fresh eucalyptus and rosemary). Plus, you don’t need to use a lot of it since it foams up, so this sample should last me at least a month. The foaminess makes it great for shaving as well. Finally, it contains no parabens or mineral oil.

Full-size value: $15

Karl Lagerfeld + Model Co. Baked Blush in Rose Beige

Another full-size product I received in my makeup box is this baked blush. This is one of the most-liked products in Glossybox reviews on Youtube. Unfortunately, it’s a limited edition item that’s no longer available for purchase. I’m in love with the gorgeous shimmery rose color!

Glossybox Reviews - Karl Lagerfield + Model Co Blush

It’s advertised as a blush, but can be used anywhere. It looks beautiful as an eyeshadow or a highlighter as well. It’s pretty translucent and can be built up with more layers.

Full-size value: Unsure; limited edition item

Ardency Inn Punker Rock On Waterproof Liquid Liner

This liquid eyeliner is in the form of a pen and is another full-size product I got in this month’s Glossybox subscription box.

Glossybox Reviews - Punker Eyeliner

It’s incredibly easy to draw all sorts of lines with this pen, and it’s waterproof. I was excited to get this because I needed a waterproof eyeliner for the summer.

 Glossybox Reviews - Oolution Eye ContourThe color is very potent! Some eyeliners like this come out slightly grey or fade after they dry, but not this one. Plus, it stayed on for hours! It’s pretty easy to remove it with water so I’m not sure how well the waterproof power of it will work.

Full-size value: Unsure; sold out

Oolution Eye Love Eye Contour

I was also excited to try out the last product I received in my monthly beauty box. It’s 100% natural and organic, and it doesn’t contain palm oil (which is a terrible industry if you research a little about it). The product is meant to decrease dark circles and puffiness. I definitely need something like this because my sleeping schedule is all over the place, and I rarely get enough sleep. It’s very moisturizing and made my under eyes feel tighter. A little went a long way, so this container will also last a long time. I look forward to seeing how this affects my under eyes in the long-term and will make sure to keep you posted about it.

Full-size value: $37

GlossyBox Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

With so many beauty subscriptions on the market, it’s tough to pick only one. That’s why we like to compare them directly. 

GlossyBox vs IpsyIpsy Box

These two are among the most popular beauty subscriptions. Also, they work similarly and send five products a month. 

Ipsy offers you tester-sized products, and you can pick one deluxe beauty sample size. In contrast, GlossyBox sends you only deluxe sample size items. But with Ipsy, you can upgrade to five full-size products for nearly the same price as GlossyBox. 

The OG Ipsy glam bag is $12 a month, while the upgraded bag is $25 per month. GlossyBox costs $21. Also, Ipsy offers more personalization, with items curated based on your needs. 

GlossyBox vs Boxycharmboxycharm unboxing

Both services send five products a month. The most significant difference is that BoxyCharm is among the full-size products beauty subscriptions, whereas GlossyBox has deluxe sample sizes. Also, unlike GlossyBox, you get to pick some items. 

BoxyCharm has upgraded boxes with more products. The base BoxyCharm costs $25 a month, whereas GlossyBox is $21. 

GlossyBox vs BirchboxBirchBox

The two services offer you a range of beauty care items. But BirchBox is far more focused on skin and hair products, whereas GlossyBox is about overall beauty and includes more makeup. 

Price-wise, BirchBox is cheaper at $15 a month, compared to $21 for GlossyBox. Still, you get more with GlossyBox in terms of products and brands. Also, GlossyBox is available in Canada, whereas BirchBox isn’t.

GlossyBox Ipsy LookFantastic BoxyCharm BirchBox
Starting Price $17.50 $13 $16 $25 $13
Worth $50 $50 $60 $175 $20–$40
Customization Low High Low High High
Types of Boxes 1 3 1 3 1
Number of Items Included 5 5 6 5 5
Sample or Full Size Deluxe sample Deluxe sample Deluxe sample Full size Deluxe sample
Delivery Area (N of States) and other countries US and Canada US and Canada Worldwide US and Canada US

Wrap Up — Is GlossyBox Worth It?

GlossyBox is a fantastic beauty subscription for those who want to try new items each month. You get deluxe sample-size products, which we like because it reduces wastage. Plus, if you like a product, you can leave a review and earn credit.

Makeup aficionados or beginners should certainly give GlossyBox a try.

Bottom Line
To sum up, I was pretty satisfied with my first Glossybox. It’s a great subscription box for beauty lovers (or would make an awesome gift for your beauty-loving friends). The value of products I got was great compared to the price of the box, and I was surprised I received three full-size items. Make sure to check out my Glossybox reviews and unboxings for upcoming months as well!
  • One or more full-size products in each box
  • Deluxe-sized samples
  • Discover new products
  • Great rewards program
  • Coupons and savings opportunities
  • Personalized boxes
  • Great value of products 
  • Gifting options

  • More spendy than some similar beauty boxes
  • Not as good of a value as some beauty boxes that cost the same price
  • Possible shipping delays


How much is GlossyBox a month?

On the monthly option, you’ll pay $21. But you can save by signing up for a long-term subscription. A three-month subscription works out to $19.50 a month, six months is $18.50 a month, and a year costs only $17.50 a month.

How does GlossyBox work?

GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription. The team of over 150 beauty professionals reviews and curates your box of five items. It’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying products without investing in the full-size package. 

Is GlossyBox full-size products?

No, the GlossyBox subscription doesn’t have full-size products. Instead, it has deluxe sample sizes. The idea is to try it before you buy the full-size. It’s a lot less wastage, which we really appreciate. Plus, GlossyBox reviews suggest most customers find this very convenient.

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