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Hey, fellow beauty queens! Regardless of what time of the year it is, with Glossybox it’s Christmas every month!

By the time I finish explaining all the ways you can save with Glossybox, you’ll be asking “Where is my Glossybox, and how soon can I get it?”’ While we don’t mind spending more money on a single tube of mascara than on food—still, a girl’s gotta eat! Subscription boxes, like the ones Glossybox offers, allow us to try tons of new beauty products and still have enough money to treat our stomachs as well. What’s more, the occasional Glossybox coupon or discount code can double your savings, so let’s check out these opportunities!

Active Saving Opportunities

Recent Coupons

Statistics show that people can save thousands of dollars a year if they do their couponing properly. Luckily, Glossybox is big on high customer satisfaction rates. That being said, they often come up with different tactics to give their customers the best experience. For example, you can unlock some major savings opportunities by shopping with Glossybox coupons.

Speaking of coupons, during the holiday season, customers enjoyed 10% off the Beauty Advent Calendar upon purchasing any Glossybox subscription. The Beauty Advent Calendar is currently not available at a discounted price, but even if the holidays aren’t around the corner, Glossybox knows to surprise us with the occasional price cuts.

In addition, new customers were thrilled about the coupon giving them 20% off their first order. Although this Glossybox promo code is not redeemable now, chances are you will soon be able to exploit its benefits. Make it a habit to check the brand’s official website to stay updated about current promotions. Subscribing to Glossybox’s newsletter is undoubtedly the best way to stay in the loop when it comes to ongoing discounts.

To use a valid promo code, look for the “Got a discount code? Enter it here” box on your cart page. All you need to do is enter the Glossybox coupon code, and enjoy the discount. Simple as that! Be aware that these promo codes may only be valid for certain subscriptions and packages. Usually, you can find the restrictions associated with the codes in the fine print that comes with the offer. If for any reason you are having some issues with your voucher, don’t hesitate to reach out to Glossybox through your account.

Please note that despite the fact that customers often confuse them, any promo code, coupon, or discount you come across is not redeemable at Glossybox. Moreover, I found a number of coupons online on websites such as RetailMeNot and Groupon. Even though they don’t always work, there’s no harm in trying—I managed to score 25% off my six-month subscription just a while back with a code I found on Groupon. Whether you are treating yourself to some well-deserved skincare products or looking for the perfect gift for a friend, a valid Glossybox coupon is sure worth the search.

Glossybox Coupon

Ongoing Coupon Codes

As mentioned above, Glossybox’s official website is the most reliable source for ongoing savings opportunities. Usually, they update their promos section monthly, so checking the website month-to-month proves to be fruitful when you’re in need of a valid coupon. Let’s check what I found below!

Get 20% Off Your Three-Month Subscription

The only coupon currently available grants 20% off when you purchase a Glossybox three-month subscription. At the moment of writing this article, there’s no information about the expiration date of this particular Glossybox discount code. With that thought in mind, if you are thinking about subscribing, now’s your chance to save up to $11.70 on your order. Be aware that it is applicable only to the three-month subscription plan, and you can’t pair it with other vouchers.

Other Offers

Even though coupons will allow you to steer clear of high price tags, there are other alternatives to cut your spending even further. I strongly advise you to follow the brand on social media as they often promote different offers, discounts, and contests that you don’t want to miss out on. The most famous offer in the past year, for instance, was the Glossybox bonus box that customers received upon signing up for a new three, six, or twelve-month subscription.

Their limited-edition collections are the top trending offers at any given moment. Currently, there is only one limited-edition offer—three of them are sold out.

Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Limited Edition

Glossybox subscription boxes, as discussed in our Glossybox review, are usually filled with five products. But the most exciting beauty collection of 2018 consists of six high-end products, and thanks to Glossybox, you get to try them for only $35. Unfortunately, you can’t use a Glossybox coupon to cut the price beyond that. However, considering the already low price tag, the lack of coupons didn’t stop me from ordering this box.

I went ahead and compared the individual prices of the products I received; after doing the math, I realized that if you opt for this collection, you can save up to $70. What’s more, you’ll get to experience Karl Lagerfeld’s top-notch products and ModelCo’s award-winning beauty products—now in a single collection!

Additional Savings Opportunities

Even without a Glossybox coupon, 2019 is bringing other opportunities to shop with this brand and save while you’re at it. Let’s check them out!


Previously known as Glossydot, the Glossycredit allows customers to stack their credit when shopping at Glossybox. You get credit for every referral code you send to your friends, when you complete a product or a brand survey, for every review written, and for every box dispatched.

To check the balance of your credit with Glossybox, your login is required. Simply go into your account and you will find your balance, as well as any surveys for you to complete. The best part: Glossybox teamed up with one of the biggest beauty brands in the world, Lookfantastic. You can spend your credits on both Lookfantastic and Glossybox!

Glossybox Coupon

Referral Code

Sharing your unique referral code with your friends is a gift on its own; upon subscription, your friends will get a 20% discount on their first box, and of course, you’ll get your Glossycredits! You can receive up to $15 in account credit, which you get to spend on Lookfantastic or Glossybox.

To find your Glossybox referral code, log into your account. Aside from the code itself, you will also see the list of your referrals. Simply copy and share the code via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Messenger. There are no limits as to the number of friends you can introduce to Glossybox, which means you can stack up your credit as much as you want.

Glossybox Free Shipping

Not a lot of companies offer free shipping nowadays. As a matter of fact, as discussed in our Birchbox review, the brand is among the very few that don’t require customers to cover the shipping costs. Luckily, with or without a Glossybox promo code, shipping is free for US shoppers. So regardless of your preferred subscription plan, all orders within the US will be shipped to your address free of charge, in no more than five days.

On the other hand, standard shipping to Canada costs $5, and you can expect the delivery to arrive in five days. From a customer’s standpoint, online reviews show that the shipping costs to Canada are more than reasonable. In addition, occasional promo codes promise free shipping, so there’s no room for complaint.  

Glossybox Free Trial & Returns

Unfortunately, Glossybox doesn’t offer a free trial. Nevertheless, they do have a 14-day return policy. You have the right to cancel your contract within 14 days—no questions asked. All you have to do is inform them about your cancellation plans and return the items unopened. Soon after, they will reimburse you for every payment you made—every last cent of it.

Are You New to Glossybox?

Don’t forget to check out some of the other beauty subscription boxes we’ve reviewed so far to get an overall idea of what these boxes have to offer! If this is the first time you have taken a look at Glossybox, there is still plenty to learn about this brand. I have been testing Glossybox subscription boxes since June, and so far, I have always been able to bring the price down with a Glossybox coupon. I advise you do the same!

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