GlobeIn Reviews — Pros and Cons of Subscribing

GlobeIn Reviews — Pros and Cons of Subscribing

How would you like a beautifully curated subscription box with unique handcrafted products from 40 countries? GlobeIn reviews the items carefully every month to offer unique and interesting pieces to its customers.

The brand is all about ethically and sustainably sourced materials, which gives it an A-plus in our book. 

Let’s see what GlobeIn is all about and whether it could be a good fit for you.

All About GlobeIn

GlobeIn is a unique subscription box for the explorer in you. Let’s have a look at what it’s all about. 

GlobeIn Premium Artisan Box

Overview and HighlightsGlobeIn Products

Established in 2012 after personal travels, the GlobeIn box team found beautiful handmade crafts and wanted to share them with the world. So the brand created a global platform where artisans could sell their goods at a fair price without being lowballed by tourists. 

The company helps 40 countries. Also, its customers get to know the artisans and the impact their purchases have made on their lives.

GlobeIn is highly focused on enriching communities with a fair and equal chance of distribution. 

Artisans often don’t get a fair price for their craft but don’t have a choice to refuse an offer. GlobeIn boxes bridge this gap to bring much-needed funding to poorer areas while providing stunning crafts for customers’ homes. 

The subscription service is perfect for anyone conscious of where their products come from. And we all need to do better when it comes to fast buying. It’s destroying our planet and leaving artisans with nothing. Cheaper doesn’t mean better quality.

What Does GlobeIn Offer?

GlobeIn ProductsThe service offers a monthly subscription box curated around a theme. Based on GlobeIn box reviews, the products are usually handmade by talented artisans, bringing you unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. 

You can connect with various cultures and learn about the world and how we all make it a special place through our customs and traditions. 

GlobeIn deals with talented artists from around the world. Now, you won’t get some ancient relic in the mail, but you’ll receive items crafted with techniques passed down from generation to generation.

You won’t get the fast-produced items from your local department store. Instead, you’ll receive carefully selected items with a story. So you can proudly display them, knowing you’ve made a difference. Plus, the items are stunning, which is a serious bonus in our book. 

GlobeIn sends you a preview of your monthly box to decide if you want to get it.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, here are some examples of past boxes:

  • Lather Box: Shea body lotion (Togo), sari-wrapped soap (India), tall handblown glass (Mexico), capraz Turkish towel (Turkey), and a handwoven basket (Mexico). 
  • Savory Box: Neem wood soup spoon (India), cotton loop scarf (Vietnam), neem wood bowl (India), buckwheat and mushroom rice ramen, organic green tea (India), and jade pearl rice ramen.
  • Entertain Box: Block-printed table runner (India), handblown handless glass pitcher/vase (Mexico), and oval neem wood tray with handles (India). 
  • Checkmate Box: travel chess game (India) and stemless handblown wine glass — set of 4 (Mexico)GlobeIn categories

GlobeIn reviews its monthly themes carefully. We highly recommend you go to the site where you can check out some of the previous boxes. 

But this isn’t the only theme subscription. For instance, Bespoke Post offers a wide range of products from lesser-known brands. Some of its themes include whisky, getaways, and coffee. Our Bespoke Post review will tell you all about it. 

Looking back at GlobeIn box reviews, each comes with a printed booklet to show you where the items come from and how they’re made.

GlobeIn Add-ons

The company has an online store, too, so you can purchase any of the items outright. But as a subscription member, you’ll also be in line for a serious discount. We’ll get to that shortly.

GlobeIn Cost, Discounts & Options

GlobeIn has a pretty unique pricing structure compared to other subscription boxes. Here are the options:

  • $10/month for Essential Artisan Box Membership
  • $25/month for Deluxe Artisan Box Membership

GlobeIn box and products If you don’t wish to subscribe, you can buy single boxes in the online shop.

Shipping is free for the first month, and your subscription fee pays for it after. We’ll discuss the cost in more detail below. 

For a monthly subscription, GlobeIn is pretty pricey, but it isn’t your average box. GlobeIn reviews the products closely, bringing you unique, specially curated items. So it’s easy to see why it’s more expensive. Plus, your money goes towards empowering others, which we think is worth it. 

Your subscription and theme choice need to be in by the 15th of the month. Otherwise, you’ll only get your order during the following month’s billing. 

If you choose not to receive the monthly theme, you can transfer your fee into “Maven Money”. The GlobeIn subscription box review team will credit your online account.

Between the 1st–15th of each month, there’s an Artisan Fair on the site. Then, you’ll have access to a range of products at a significant discount. You can use your credit towards these items. 

Saving Opportunities 

GlobeIn has a Refer a Friend program, where you get $10 off for every successful sign-up. Plus, your friends will receive 20% off their first order. 

You can also earn two points for each spent dollar. Other ways to gain points include writing a review, signing up for Maven Rewards, and your birthday. 

Now, the ultimate question — is GlobeIn worth it? It is if you ask us. But let’s explore more before making a final decision.

Website Experience 

GlobeIn membershipThe website is easy to navigate. The homepage has most of the information you’ll need to understand what the company does and what you can expect. You’ll find menu options on the top and bottom, where you can also see additional information. 

Ordering Process

Here’s how to get your subscription up and running:

  • Go to the GlobeIn.
  • Select “SIGN IN” and then “Not a member.”
  • Enter your details.
  • Select your plan.
  • Enter delivery and payment details.
  • Select “Place Order.”

It takes about five minutes to set up. 

Managing Your Subscription

GlobeIn subscription box reviews mention that the plans are set to auto-renew. Still, you can cancel at any time from your profile. 

Each month you get a preview of the box. If you don’t want it, you simply skip or turn your subscription into credit for the online shop.

The company doesn’t offer refunds or exchanges. But if your item arrives damaged, the service will replace it or give you credit within 30 days.

Shipping & PackagingGlobeIn Products

Your subscription fee includes shipping. Additional store items cost $8 for the US. 

GlobeIn reviews for 2021 reveal that orders ship around the 25th of each month. That’s why your order must be in by the 15th, so the team has enough time to prepare it. 

GlobeIn is available in the US and Canada. Also, your order can go to FPO/APO/DPO boxes. That can take a bit longer, so please allow between 15–45 business days for the delivery. 

Most boxes come with the company’s signature hand-woven baskets from Oaxaca, Mexico. Your items will usually be inside for safekeeping. Monthly subscriptions come neatly packaged in a box and include fragile instructions to ensure safe arrival.

Customer Service

Getting through to the company is quite easy. You can use the online form under the “Support” section in the right-hand lower corner of the website.

Some customers complain that the GlobeIn customer service doesn’t have a direct phone number. Others struggle to get through to the brand. But when we tried, the company got back to us within three hours.

You’ll also find an in-depth FAQ section, so we recommend checking that out before filling the online form. 

Unboxing My First GlobeIn Artisan Box

I ordered my first box at the end of April and received it early June. It was shipped in a fairly large blue and white box with some GlobeIn lettering on the side.

Globein Reviews - Unboxing

While it was a pretty big box, it wasn’t very heavy. Inside, I found a booklet about where each product in the box was made.

As mentioned earlier in this Globein review, although I had the option to customize my box, I left it as a surprise because it’s always more exciting that way. It’s like opening a gift! I looked through all the options, and the box they chose for me is the exact one I would’ve picked myself. The box I got was called Cultivate.

I’m really glad they provided a bunch of protection, such as bubble wrap and thick scrap paper, since some items inside were fragile. Moreover, they didn’t allow any space for them to move around in the box and possibly break. One of the more fragile items was even included in a separate box!

All in all, the items I received were absolutely beautiful. I was expecting quality products since they’re all handmade by artisans in various countries, but I was still impressed once I actually saw them. 

Globein Reviews - Cultivate Box

These next few paragraphs will share a detailed review of each product in this month’s Globein artisan review!

Terracotta Elephant Planter

I needed more cute decorations around my apartment, but if I went to any type of home goods store, I would have definitely ended up overspending. Because of this, I was ecstatic to pull this out of the box. It’s so adorable!

Globein Reviews - Elephant Planter

This came in a separate box inside the main box, plus lots of bubble wrap and scrap paper to keep it protected. Their company name is Meso Goods.

Globein reviews Cultivate 2018

It even came with a little package of fake grass to complete it. It’s the perfect size for me – I don’t normally like huge planters. I plan to fill it with some type of living plant (probably a succulent), but it’s nice to have the fake grass in the meantime.

Globein reviews - Cultivate

I actually have an elephant incense burner that looks pretty similar to this, so I might as well start an elephant decoration theme! According to GlobeIn subscription box reviews and their official website, this was handmade in Guatemala by Juliana, who works on these projects with her family and 30 other artisans!

Retail price: $30

Aluminum Mini Watering Can

This bronze watering can is the perfect mini-size to water any plants I put in my little elephant planter.

Globein reviews - Watering Can

I love having real plants so I’ll be able to put this to use very soon! Plus, it even works as a decoration that’ll look adorable right next to the planter. This was handmade in India by Rizwan and ten other artisans.

Retail price: $15

Macrame Planter Holder

This adorable fabric planter holder is one of my favorite items from this GlobeIn review! The colors are lovely and it’s great quality.

Globein reviews - Planter Holder

Although it’s made of fabric, it still feels very sturdy and I highly doubt it would ever break. It’s pretty long and would work with various different sized planters. I’ll be hanging this up with a terrarium I have in my bedroom. This was handmade in India by an artisan named Santosh and a group of 12 other women!

Retail price: $15

Hand-Woven Basket

Although some might not count these baskets as an item in the box, I definitely do. I think it’s so cute that every GlobeIn box comes with a little hand-woven basket like this. This one has a cute little green design beautifully woven into it. It was weaved by artisans in Mexico.

Globein reviews - Basket

I can’t wait to build up a collection of them. If I start to have too many, I’ll just use them as a unique way to wrap gifts!

Retail price: $15

GlobeIn Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

Most customers love the brand, what it stands for, and the beautiful products. Consumers highly recommend the service and enjoy learning about the different items and where they come from. 

Still, some users don’t like how the company deals with billing and delivery. It’s not so much an issue with the products but the actual service.

Overall, GlobeIn ratings are remarkably positive, ranging between 3.6–4.2 stars, which is pretty fantastic for a monthly subscription. 

GlobeIn Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

You have many options when it comes to monthly subscription boxes. So, how does GlobeIn stack up?

GlobeIn vs Vellabox

VellaboxBoth companies support small artisans but differ in content. Vellabox is a subscription for candles, where each month you receive a natural candle made by artisans across the US. In contrast, GlobeIn is an international brand that offers a wide range of handmade crafts. 

Vellabox plans start at $10 per month. While GlobeIn costs a lot more, the two services are so different that comparing them by price isn’t fair. Also, you get five or six other products each month with GlobeIn.

Plants make an excellent space filler if you’re looking for a certain aesthetic to go along with your candles. And you can even find plant subscription options

GlobeIn vs Alltrue Alltrue

Previously known as Causebox, Alltrue is a quarterly subscription that sends a broad range of sustainably sourced, eco-conscious fashion, beauty, homeware, and even technology items. All products go towards small businesses and artisans, much like with GlobeIn. 

The biggest difference is that Alltrue is a personal subscription with items for the body and home. In contrast, GlobeIn offers items predominantly for the home. 

An annual plan with Alltrue will set you back $199.80, whereas a GlobeIn yearly plan is $420. But GlobeIn is a monthly subscription so you get a lot more for your money. 

GlobeIn vs FabFitFun

FabFitFun boxFabFitFun is a quarterly subscription service for fashion, wellness, fitness, home, beauty, and tech products. The brand supports up-and-coming businesses in each of these sectors by giving them more exposure. 

In contrast, GlobeIn focuses on handmade artisanal home items. The two subscriptions are incredibly different. If you enjoy trying new personal products and exploring new brands,  FabFitFun is a good option. But it’s not your only option. You can find many other subscription boxes for women to fit your style.

Wrap Up — Is GlobeIn Worth It?
For those that enjoy learning about the world in different ways, GlobeIn is worth it. The company sends you fascinating and beautifully crafted handmade items from across the globe. So you can experience cultures and traditions from the comfort of your own home. 

Still, the subscription is a bit expensive compared to other monthly boxes. But if you look at what’s included, it’s not at all badly priced. 

  • Customize your theme and add-ons
  • Always get a greater value than what you pay
  • Sustainable
  • Helps artisans from 40 countries
  • Ethically sourced

  • The Artisan box may be too spendy for some
  • Shipping is expensive
  • No refunds

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GlobeIn legit?

Absolutely! GlobeIn is a fair-trade company that prides itself on ethical business practices. The whole point is to bring different items from across the globe to the US and Canada. It helps underpaid artists and helps you learn about other cultures. 

How does GlobeIn work?

GlobeIn is a subscription that offers handcrafted home items. It sends you a preview each month, and you can pick whether to receive it.

What kind of products does GlobeIn offer? 

You can expect to see items like glassware, baskets, games, crockery, cutlery, and consumables, like tea. All of these are sustainable and ethically sourced. GlobeIn reviews its products months in advance to bring customers the best pieces from 40 countries.

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