GlobeIn Reviews — Pros and Cons of Subscribing

GlobeIn Reviews — Pros and Cons of Subscribing
8.3 Total Score

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GlobeIn delivers handmade products, ethically sourced from all around the globe.

Read our GlobeIn reviews to discover everything there is to know about the subscription service; from website experience and pricing plans all the way to saving opportunities and monthly unboxings!

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GlobeIn Premium Artisan Box

One thing I haven’t found very common for subscription box companies is giving back to the community, donating, and other good values. If these are important to you, GlobeIn is a subscription box service that you’ll love! Their boxes include only fair-trade certified products, supporting artisans all over the globe, especially in developing countries. They provide items such as home goods, jewelry, food, beauty, and fashion-related products in their boxes. This is the first of my GlobeIn reviews – I’ll be sharing my experience placing my first order, unboxing it, coupons, and much more!

How Does GlobeIn Work? 

GlobeIn reviews - Website Impressions

The GlobeIn website is simple, well-organized, and full of great information. It explains how the subscription works and provides snippets from GlobeIn box reviews by subscribers. They also have a blog with great articles about their methods of giving back to the community.

Speaking of giving back, my favorite quality about GlobeIn is the fact that they have fantastic values. Their ‘impact’ tab at the top of the website shows numerous facts about the effect they make on the world with each of their boxes. There are too many of these to even list them all right now, but I’ll mention more throughout my future GlobeIn reviews!

For example, they provided 10.5 months of employment for artisans in India and Honduras with the making of their jewelry gift box. This is just one example – they have plenty more of these amazing, detailed facts for particular boxes. You get to envision exactly what kind of an impact you’re making with your purchase.

GlobeIn Club Review: Premium Box

GlobeIn offers two different box options. The first, Premium box, includes 4-5 items worth $70. This costs $40 per month for the month-to-month plan. However, you could save money by opting for a longer-term plan.

GlobeIn Reviews 2018

The 3-month subscription costs $38 per month, the 6-month plan costs $35 per month, and the annual plan costs $33 per month. Regardless of the plan you choose, you can cancel it anytime, and shipping is free for the first month. Afterward, delivery costs an additional $10 per box for the USA, $22 for Canada, or $25 for any other country.

In addition to the products you receive in the box, you can choose to add extra products. Of course, these extras come at additional costs. However, members get them at discounted prices and they have hundreds of items.

Another great feature of this box is that it’s entirely customizable! If you want GlobeIn spoilers for your box, you can sign on during the 1st through the 5th of each month to choose a box theme (which shows everything you’ll receive) and select add-on products if you’d like. You can also find spoilers on their social media profiles, or opt to receive them via email. However, if you want to be surprised, you can simply choose not to customize your box to get the surprise theme!

Globein Essential Review

GlobeIn Reviews 2018

The second subscription they offer is the Essential box, which costs just $10 per month. The monthly cost is credited towards any add-on products you choose. You can either spend it that month, opt to receive a surprise item, or just save it for the future. You can add on extras as well. This option is great because you get full control over the products you receive (unless you choose to be surprised).

Essentially, this subscription is more like a membership that provides you with discounted prices on their products. You could also choose to receive only one surprise item instead of purchasing add-ons! This is a better deal because it ships free, plus it’s exciting to unbox the surprise product. 

I’ll also be posting a GlobeIn $10 box review after I try out the Premium box, so make sure you check out the upcoming reviews!

Payment & Saving Opportunities

You can pay for your subscription using any major credit card or PayPal. As for coupons, I found a few different deals. One of them is a free set of two wine glasses with a 3-month or longer subscription. To get your free wine glasses, make sure to provide the code “WINEDOWN” at checkout. If you don’t drink wine, the code “GOTMUG” grants a free coffee mug with a 3-month or longer subscription.

GlobeIn Reviews - CouponsAnother deal I came across was a coupon that grants 30% off your first GlobeIn Artisan box with the promo code “GIVE30”. You can also get $10 off any premium subscription with the code “MSAWELCOME”. Additionally, if you plan to subscribe with the 6-month or annual subscription, you can get your first box for free for a limited time! The code for this is “FBSTARTFREE” and saves you over $30!

As you know, coupons are always changing, especially with GlobeIn. That said, make sure to get them before they’re gone! However, my future monthly GlobeIn club reviews will include all the coupons I’ll come across during that month. So, if none of these work, make sure to check out recent review updates.

GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box Reviews

GlobeIn has great gifting options. In addition to gifting their subscription, they offer already-built gift boxes. I found ten different boxes, two of which were sold out. This is a great option if you’re hesitant to buy a subscription for someone, but you know for sure that they’d like one of the gift boxes. They have fashion, kitchen, travel, beauty, bath, jewelry, and other themed gift boxes. In addition to these boxes, they have plenty of products throughout their store that would make thoughtful gifts. They even have different sections and lists to help inspire gift ideas, such as “gifts for kids” for example. 

Unboxing My First GlobeIn Artisan Box

I ordered my first box at the end of April and received it early June. It was shipped in a fairly large blue and white box with some GlobeIn lettering on the side.

Globein Reviews - Unboxing

While it was a pretty big box, it wasn’t very heavy. Inside, I found a booklet about where each product in the box was made.

As mentioned earlier in this Globein review, although I had the option to customize my box, I left it as a surprise because it’s always more exciting that way. It’s like opening a gift! I looked through all the options, and the box they chose for me is the exact one I would’ve picked myself. The box I got was called Cultivate.

I’m really glad they provided a bunch of protection, such as bubble wrap and thick scrap paper, since some items inside were fragile. Moreover, they didn’t allow any space for them to move around in the box and possibly break. One of the more fragile items was even included in a separate box!

All in all, the items I received were absolutely beautiful. I was expecting quality products since they’re all handmade by artisans in various countries, but I was still impressed once I actually saw them. 

Globein Reviews - Cultivate Box

These next few paragraphs will share a detailed review of each product in this month’s Globein artisan review!

Terracotta Elephant Planter

I needed more cute decorations around my apartment, but if I went to any type of home goods store, I would have definitely ended up overspending. Because of this, I was ecstatic to pull this out of the box. It’s so adorable!

Globein Reviews - Elephant Planter

This came in a separate box inside the main box, plus lots of bubble wrap and scrap paper to keep it protected. Their company name is Meso Goods.

Globein reviews Cultivate 2018

It even came with a little package of fake grass to complete it. It’s the perfect size for me – I don’t normally like huge planters. I plan to fill it with some type of living plant (probably a succulent), but it’s nice to have the fake grass in the meantime.

Globein reviews - Cultivate

I actually have an elephant incense burner that looks pretty similar to this, so I might as well start an elephant decoration theme! According to GlobeIn subscription box reviews and their official website, this was handmade in Guatemala by Juliana, who works on these projects with her family and 30 other artisans!

Retail price: $30

Aluminum Mini Watering Can

This bronze watering can is the perfect mini-size to water any plants I put in my little elephant planter.

Globein reviews - Watering Can

I love having real plants so I’ll be able to put this to use very soon! Plus, it even works as a decoration that’ll look adorable right next to the planter. This was handmade in India by Rizwan and ten other artisans.

Retail price: $15

Macrame Planter Holder

This adorable fabric planter holder is one of my favorite items from this GlobeIn review! The colors are lovely and it’s great quality.

Globein reviews - Planter Holder

Although it’s made of fabric, it still feels very sturdy and I highly doubt it would ever break. It’s pretty long and would work with various different sized planters. I’ll be hanging this up with a terrarium I have in my bedroom. This was handmade in India by an artisan named Santosh and a group of 12 other women!

Retail price: $15

Hand-Woven Basket

Although some might not count these baskets as an item in the box, I definitely do. I think it’s so cute that every GlobeIn box comes with a little hand-woven basket like this. This one has a cute little green design beautifully woven into it. It was weaved by artisans in Mexico.

Globein reviews - Basket

I can’t wait to build up a collection of them. If I start to have too many, I’ll just use them as a unique way to wrap gifts!

Retail price: $15

Is GlobeIn Legit?
To sum up, I had a great experience placing my first order and I loved the theme of my first box. It was a blast learning about where each product came from and the artisans that made them. This subscription would be great for anybody because they offer such a wide variety of products. I look forward to what I’ll receive in my next box. That said, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for my future monthly GlobeIn reviews to get further insight into the products they send!
  • Customize your theme and add-ons
  • Always get a greater value than what you pay
  • Cancel anytime
  • They also offer a cheaper subscription option for $10 / month
  • Generous GlobeIn coupon for first box

  • The Artisan box may be too spendy for some
  • Shipping is expensive

8.3 Total Score

Customer Service
Product Quality
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