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Holiday Gift Guides 2019

Holiday shopping might just be the most stressful and time-consuming part of the season. Although Christmas and Hanukkah shopping will likely be the most difficult, it can still be hard to pick out presents for other occasions (including host gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays or events). Because of this, we created this holiday gift guide to help you out!

We’ll share a variety of information and gift suggestions for all the types of people that you might be shopping for. In addition, there are inexpensive gift ideas and more particular, specific gift guides (such as gift guides for him) underneath the infographic. That being said, let’s jump right! 

Holiday Gift Guides 2018

Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Beauty Products

Although this is an enticing category because many women love makeup and other beauty products, it can be difficult to shop for these items. There are so many types of beauty products and different brands!

Examples: Gift sets from department stores or beauty stores, as well as beauty subscription boxes, are the safest beauty-related items to gift (unless you know exactly which product or brand they want).

Hobby-Specific Gifts

If you know of a particular hobby that she enjoys, then she’ll love a gift that supports this hobby!

Examples: Art supplies or sets, a gym membership, running sneakers, hiking gear, writing accessories such as a notebook or high-quality pen, a cooking set, photography equipment, crocheting supplies, and so on, are all great holiday gift ideas for her.

Still lost? If you want a simple gift for her that you don’t need to plan out extensively, we’d recommend a subscription box. Check out our list of the best subscription boxes for women to see our top picks!

Edible Gifts

You’ll find this category listed a couple times throughout our Christmas gift guide. These are some of the most popular gifts because nearly everyone loves food and drinks!

Examples: Coffee, tea, wine, champagne, chocolates, candies, snacks, sauces, spices, a gift card to their favorite spot, a gift basket with a few of the previous items, and so on.

Clothing + Accessories

If you thought beauty products were hard to gift, clothes are even more difficult. You need to get the right size, pick out the right styles, and be able to fit them within your budget. Clothing subscription boxes, accessories, or just gift cards are much easier than picking out specific items for people (unless you know their style very well).

Examples: Jewelry set, necklace, a pair of earrings, rings, cold weather accessories, hats, belts, scarves, clothing subscription boxes, gift cards, and so on. 

Side note: Baby clothes are a great gift, though, because parents always need more clothes for them, and babies don’t care about what they wear!

Bath Products

Another of the top holiday gift ideas for her are bath products. 

Examples: Bath bombs, soap, bath salts or soaks, and loofahs.

LUSH, in particular, has amazing gift sets that are already wrapped beautifully. Etsy is another great place to get high-quality, handmade bath products and gift sets.

Tip: These gift sets and holiday gift basket ideas can be spendy, so it’s also a great idea to gather various bath products and make your own gift basket!

Handmade Gifts

This is one of our favorite sections in this holiday gift guide. We praise you if you decide to make your girlfriend, wife, or even mom a handmade gift! These are so sweet and much more personal than just purchasing a gift from the store. Pinterest is the best place to find more ideas (you don’t even have to be the creative type to make a gift).

Examples: A photo album filled with memories, a hand-painted mug, a book listing the reasons you love them, a book that recreates your love story, a framed photo collage, a jar with a sweet daily note for every day of the upcoming year, and so on.

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Edible Gifts

Women aren’t the only ones who love to eat and drink!

Examples: Coffee, tea, wine, champagne, chocolates, candies, snacks, sauces, spices, gift cards for their favorite spot, a gift basket with a few of the previous items, and so on.

Tech Products

What’s one of the top choices in our holiday gift guide? Tech products. There are so many types of tech products these days, so there’s bound to be something that any type of guy would appreciate.

Examples: Portable charger, headphones, phone case, drone, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Echo, robot vacuum, Bluetooth speaker, electric toothbrush, electric shaver, watch, video games, game system, virtual reality headset, camera, and so on.

Still lost? Check out the best subscription boxes for men to find a few more ideas.

Hobby-Specific Gifts:

If you know of a particular hobby they love, then it’s a great idea to get them something relevant to that!

Examples: Golf clubs, a gym membership, basketball shoes, hiking gear, books, biking helmet, and so on

Handmade Items

Any men’s holiday gift guide should include handmade gifts. Women aren’t the only ones who love these—men love them just as much! They’re perfect for guys who aren’t materialistic or insist they don’t want you to get them anything.

Examples: A photo album filled with special pictures, a hand-painted coffee mug, a book telling them how much you love them or that recreates your love story, a framed photo collage, a jar with a sweet note for every day of the upcoming year, a favor coupon book, and so on.

Humorous Gifts

Any guy will appreciate a gift that makes them laugh. These are also inexpensive gifts that make for great holiday gift exchange ideas—they’re the best gifts at the party!

Examples: A mug or piece of clothing with a silly saying on it, a shirt with your face on it, underwear with a fun print or phrase, something that sparks a funny memory, a prank gift, and so on.

It could even be something funny that they’ll also use all the time! For example, there are websites where you can purchase custom printed sports accessories (such as balls, sports apparel, gloves, and so on). Surprisingly, they’re not too expensive. You can put whatever picture or phrase that you’d like on them!

Clothing + Accessories

Men are easier to shop for when it comes to clothes and accessories. 

Examples: Clothing subscription box, watch, belt, underwear, socks, T-shirts, sneakers, ties, and so on. 

Holiday Gift Gift Guide for Mom + Dad

Tech Products

Although some parents aren’t very tech-savvy, some love keeping up with the newest trends. You can find tech gifts that are as spendy or as budget-friendly as you’d like.

Examples: A Tile Mate that keeps track of your phone or keys, smart home devices, a smartwatch, baby monitor, electric toothbrush, wireless headphones, Amazon Echo, kindle, and so on.

Handmade Gifts

These Christmas gift ideas will be loved by parents as well! If you want to get crafty and creative, you could look up DIY coasters, soaps or other bath products, jewelry, candies, or anything else you might be able to craft! As mentioned before, there are millions of ideas on Pinterest. 

A few more ideas: a book listing why you’re thankful for them, photo album filled with memories, and so on. 

Edible Gifts

Let’s face it, everyone loves gifts they can devour.

Examples: Coffee, tea, wine, champagne, chocolates, candies, snacks, sauces, spices, gift cards for their favorite spot, a gift basket that combines a variety of their favorite edible items, and so on.

Relaxational Gifts

Every parent deserves to relax!

Examples: Relaxational bath salts, bubble bath, a massage chair, a foot massage machine, a foot soak machine, a spa gift card, or even a gift basket with a few of these items mixed together!

Gift Giving Guide Tip: Adding a personal touch to a gift goes a long way. This could be as simple as remembering their favorite type of candy and getting them a bag of it! Something like this makes a gift seem much more thoughtful and memorable.

For Dad

Although you may have found a few ideas in the holiday gift guide for men above, gifts for dad are still a necessary section to include—they’re some of the hardest people to shop for!

Examples: A new set of tools, a coffee mug, a wallet, a watch, cigars, a bag of his favorite type of coffee, a new coffee maker, a prank gift, one of the best subscription boxes for men.

Home Items

Do your parents love to decorate the home? If so, it might be a good idea to get them some more fun stuff for the house!

Examples: Products for the kitchen (bakeware, dishes, utensils, silverware, kitchen devices like a crockpot), candles, decorative pillows, vases, plants, an art piece, and so on.

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids + Teens

Luckily, younger kids are pretty simple to shop for. Toys, candy, more toys! There are also plenty of subscription boxes for kids that they’ll love to receive every month.

Teens, however, become much more difficult to shop for.