The Ultimate 2024 FreshlyFit Review [What You Should Know]

Our FreshlyFit review finds that this weekly ready-made meal subscription is awesome if you want to stay healthy and maintain a fit lifestyle. 

We’ve broken down everything you should know about the service, including pricing, how it works, shipping, pros, cons, and more.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Bottom Line

FreshlyFit is a weekly food subscription service offering healthy and protein-dense ready-made meals.

All About Freshly Fit

We’re always on the lookout for the best-rated monthly subscriptions. And while we know about Freshly, we were delighted to see it branch off with its own set of healthy meal plans for anyone looking to stay in tip-top shape. 

Let’s get started on our Freshly diet plan review to see if the service is worth it. 

How It All Started

freshly meal delivery box with two meal platesFounded in 2012 by Michael Wystrach, Freshly began out of a personal need for quick and healthy meals that needed a quick reheat. 

Today, the company has more than 2,000 employees and delivers over one million meals per week all over the US. The service is all about convenience without giving up the nutritional value, and it has succeeded in every way. 

FreshlyFit Is Best For

The service is the perfect choice for busy people who don’t have time to cook but still want the best nutrition. Looking at Freshly reviews for 2022, the ready-made meals are full of the best ingredients and made with consumers’ health in mind.

FreshlyFit May Not be a Good Fit For

Vegans and vegetarians won’t appreciate this subscription. If you’re a plant-based lover, we recommend looking at the Veestro pricing breakdown for affordable options. 

FreshlyFit Offerings — Something for Everyone

FreshlyFit is a weekly meal subscription with lots of options to keep you looking and feeling your best. 

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are a few favorites from the FreshlyFit menu:

  • Chipotle Chicken Bowl With Carb-Smart Cauli Rice
  • Three-Grain Harvest Bowl With Almonds & Cilantro-Turmeric Sauce
  • Protein-Packed Chicken Parm with Mozzarella & Garlicky Broccoli

All meals are single serving for an average adult. Also, Freshly accommodates many dietary preferences, including nut-free and gluten-free

You can rest assured that each meal is free of artificial preservatives but remains fresh for 4–5 days once refrigerated. It usually falls within 250–550 calories

Our Freshly meal delivery review should mention that the ingredients are super fresh and come fully prepped. All you need to do is reheat and enjoy

Prepping — Heat and Eat

freshlyfit cuban mojo shrimpIf you want your meal as quickly as possible, simply reheat it in the microwave. It needs around two minutes, but if you want it warmer, you can heat it again in 30-minute increments. 

You can also reheat the food in the oven, but the original packaging isn’t suitable for that. So, ensure to put the meal in an oven-proof dish. Heat at 350° F for 25–35 minutes. 

The FreshlyFit Subscription — What You Need to Know

After researching this FreshlyFit weight loss review, here’s all the information you need before deciding to subscribe. 


FreshlyFit can accommodate different dietary preferences, and it also offers plans with 4–12 meals per week. You can select whatever works best for you based on how much food you need. 

The most you can order is 12 meals per week. But more than one FreshlyFit review appreciates that you can add more protein or sides to some meals, which is great for bigger families. 

How to Order

If all that sounds good, here’s how you sign up:

  • Go to the FreshlyFit website.
  • Click “Sign Up.”
  • Enter your email and zip code.
  • Select your plan.
  • Choose a delivery day.
  • Select your meals.
  • Enter your shipping and payment details.
  • Checkout.

The entire ordering process is super easy and takes just a few minutes

Managing Your Account

Researching this FreshlyFit review, you should know a few things once you get your subscription up and running. If you want to cancel your subscription or skip a week, you can simply log into your account and make the changes. 

You can choose your meals up to three weeks in advance, which is brilliant for meal planning. 

If you aren’t happy with the food, you can’t return it, but you can still contact the company and complain. Find out how to do that below. 

Competitive Pricing — How Much Does FreshlyFit Cost?

To give you an idea of what you’ll pay per week, here’s a price breakdown:

Meals Per Week

Price Per Meal

Total Excl Shipping













Looking at Freshly prices and reviews, the cost is competitive compared to other services on the market.  

Contacting FreshlyFit

You can find a small FAQ section on the FreshlyFit website with the top questions. If that’s not enough, you can check the massive FAQ on the Freshly website. 

If you need more personalized help, you can: 

  • Call and Text: 1-844-373-7459
  • Chat with Facebook Messenger: 7 days a week (8 AM–1 AM EST)
  • Email:

Getting Your Food — Shipping and Delivery

man holding boxes of freshly fit mealsThe service is available in the lower 48 states. All you need to do is enter your zip code upon signing up to see which days your Freshly Fit meals menu is free for delivery. Generally, delivery happens seven days a week. 

Based on your area and order size, you might pay a small delivery fee that’s calculated at checkout. 

Recycling Is Key — FreshlyFit Packaging

Freshly is all about green packaging. Your order arrives in a recyclable box, and denim insulation keeps your food cool, paired with non-toxic gel packs. The packaging is set up to withstand up to 60 hours of transit time without affecting the food quality. 

So, our FreshlyFit review gladly confirms that the box, meal trays, and sleeves are all 100% curbside recyclable. Plus, the denim insulation is 85% biodegradable. You can upcycle it at home or simply throw it in the garbage, where it’ll break down on its own.

As for the ice packs, throw the gel into the trash and recycle the outside packaging. You can also reuse the packs to keep things cool for your next picnic or barbeque.

What Do Others Think? — Consumer Reviews

Looking at FreshlyFit nutrition reviews, it’s clear that customers truly enjoy the service. There are compliments on its meal quality, customer service, and dietary preferences

Here’s one review that sums it up perfectly:

“I loved Freshly, but left to try other meal plans that offered more Leaner options. However, none of them could compare to the quality and taste of Freshly. So when Freshly Fit came out, I was very excited to come back. Not only is the food great, but the customer service and functional ease of the website is a huge factor and why Freshly is the best of all the saturated meal delivery services now available.” — Mark M

But there are a few complaints about FreshlyFit meals delivered incorrectly or arriving late. Still, we’re very impressed with how the service handles complaints and responds to everyone, either with a thank you or with suggestions on how to resolve an issue.

FreshlyFit Alternatives — How Does It Stack Up?

We’ve been through a serious amount of delicious meal subscriptions, making us a pretty good judge on what works and what doesn’t. 

There’s no need to research everything yourself. Here’s a breakdown of some top competitors to help you find the best subscription for your lifestyle. 

FreshlyFit vs Freshly

Freshly boxFreshlyFit is a plan from the Freshly service. The main subscription offers multiple plans, including Purely Plant, Signature Collection, and extra sides and protein. 

In contrast, FreshlyFit is specifically for those who want to lose or maintain weight while living a fit and fast life. 

Both services deliver the meals fully cooked and have the same pricing. 

FreshlyFit vs Factor

Both deliver fresh and healthy ready-made meals that only need reheating.

Freshly offers four meals per week for $11.49 per meal. In contrast, Factor’s same option works out to $15 per meal. So, Freshly definitely wins in price.

FreshlyFit vs Fresh n Lean Protein+

fresh n leand protein+The Protein+ option under Fresh n Lean is a protein-dense plan with lots of meats, oats, and vitamin-filled ingredients to keep your body fit and healthy. 

FreshlyFit is pretty similar, but it doesn’t use organic ingredients. Overall, Fresh n Lean is for anyone who’s very into fitness and keeping a low weight. 

Fresh n Lean Protein+ offers ten meals per week at $11.49 per meal, while the same would cost you $8.99 per meal with FreshlyFit. 



Purple Carrot

Splendid Spoon

Daily Harvest


Serving Starting Price






Minimum Order






Types of Meal Plans






Number of Recipes Offered

8 per week

15 weekly

50+ total

80+ total

55+ total

Delivery Area 

Contiguous 48 states

Contiguous US

lower 48 states

95% of US

49 states

Wrap Up — Is Freshly Worth the Money?

Absolutely! FreshlyFit is an awesome ready-made meal subscription, bringing amazing meals straight to your door each week. 

The menu items contain fresh and well-thought-out ingredients that are super healthy and taste delicious. We highly recommend giving the service a try for nutrient and vitamin-dense ready-made meals. 


  • Affordable
  • Nutrient-dense meals
  • Dietary preferences
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Great customer service


  • No add-ons
  • No vegetarian or vegan options


How often does Freshly change their menu?

All Freshly meal plans rotate on a weekly basis, so there’s always something new to try. 

Does Freshly help you lose weight?

The FreshlyFit plan is specifically for those who want to lose or maintain their weight while living a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

How healthy is Freshly?

Freshly offers super healthy meals, specifically on the FreshlyFit plan. But if you’re on keto, we also recommend looking at these Snap Kitchen nutrition details

Does Freshly have low-carb meals?

Yes, our FreshlyFit review finds that meals on the plan are low-carb to help maintain a healthy weight. 

9.6 Total Score

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