The Top 20 Food Subscription Boxes for Foodies

Do you love food? Of course you do. If you haven’t tried a food subscription box yet, you’re definitely missing out. They’re like getting a yummy gift every month! Since there are hundreds of great options to choose from, it can be difficult to choose just one. Because of this, we created this article about the best food subscription boxes! Whatever your favorite food, snack, or treat is, there’s more than likely a subscription box for it.

Additionally, we also explain the various categories of food boxes below, since we couldn’t represent all of them in the table. Not only that, but we included a paragraph with a detailed meal subscription box comparison, a few FAQ questions, and other valuable information.

That said, we’ve gone the extra mile to select these twenty best food boxes! These are chosen based on the quality of items, value, the deals they offer, our personal experiences with them, and customer reviews. We also make sure to include various types of boxes and are always updating the list. 

Let’s jump right in!

Best Food Subscription Boxes 2020–2021

Subscription Box DescriptionPricingReview Score Visit Site
The Most Comprehensive Home Chef Reviews
[show_info_men]$8.99 per serving
$8.99 Per Serving + $10 Off Your Second Order Try Home Chef
2 Sun Basket Reviews 2022 — Hit or Miss?
[show_info_men]$8.99–$13.99 per serving + $7.99 shipping
Free Delivery with Your First Order CHECK IT NOW
3 HelloFresh Reviews [How It Works, Pricing, & Reviews]
[show_info_men]$7.90 - $14.50 / serving
4 The Best Urthbox Reviews of 2021
[show_info_men]$19.99 - $39.99 / month
Free Bonus Box + $10 Off First Box! GET IT NOW
5 Green Chef
[show_info_men]$11.99 - $12.99 / serving
$40 Off First Box GET IT NOW
6 Naturebox Snack Reviews 2022 — Pros and Cons
[show_info_men]$36 / year + price of snacks
7 The Definitive Graze Box Review 2021
[show_info_men]$13.99 / month
Free First Box GET IT NOW
8 Love With Food
[show_info_men]$9.95 - $19.95 / month
25% Off First Box w/ Email Signup GET IT NOW
9 Discover the Coolest Daily Harvest Reviews of 2022
[show_info_men]$5.99–$8.99 / item
10 Universal Yums
[show_info_men]$14 - $39 / month
Free Shipping GET IT NOW
11 Dinnerly
[show_info_men]$29.94 / week + $8.99 shipping
Free Shipping GET IT NOW
12 Candy Club Reviews — The Sweet Side Of the Internet
[show_info_men]$24.99 / month + shipping
$20 Off First Box GET IT NOW
13 The Ultimate Degustabox Review of 2021
[show_info_men]$19.99 / month
$10 Off First Box GET IT NOW

Types of Monthly Subscription Boxes - Food

Meal Kits

We’re starting off with one of the most prominent types of subscription boxes on our list: meal kits! With these, you save time that would’ve been spent meal planning, shopping for ingredients, and measuring out the ingredients. This is why we believe meal kit services are one of the best food subscription boxes.

There are two types of meal subscriptions you’ll run across. One of these options is to have fresh ingredients and recipes delivered for you to prepare yourself. This is the most common type. There are also subscriptions that offer prepared meal boxes delivered right to your door (like Veestro). These occasionally cost a little more than meal kits, but they’re preferred by many because all you need to do is heat up the meals rather than take a half hour to cook them.

Additionally, meals aren’t the only type of kits you could subscribe to. There are also baking kits (for example, Foodstirs)! This is set up the same way as a meal kit, but it’s for baking treats rather than cooking meals. They send all the ingredients you need to create their featured treat of the month.  

Weight Loss Subscription Boxes

If you want to indulge in a food subscription box but are trying to lose weight, there are still many options for you! For one, there are many boxes for full meals that cater towards weight loss. These include meal kits and prepared meal services. Nutrisystem is one popular example of this kind of prepared meal delivery service, but there are plenty more. There are also a few snack subscription boxes that offer a low-calorie option.

If you’d rather have a meal kit, many of the popular food subscription boxes offer a diet or weight loss option in addition to their regular selections. Some companies (like HelloFresh, for example) even offer healthy meals all the time! HelloFresh has a dietitian that evaluates the meals to ensure they’re balanced, low in sodium, and low in oil. They also provide all nutritional information so you can keep track.

While meal kits work great for lots of people, you might find that a dedicated weight loss subscription box is the best type for you. This might include a subscription like Nutrisystem that gives you a special, detailed weight loss plan and meals. There are also fitness subscription boxes if you like working out! Although a lot of fitness boxes aren’t particularly for food, they provide a variety of products that aim to help you get the best results from your workouts.


Next up are snack subscription boxes!

To start off, every snack box is different. For one, you could opt for a subscription like Urthbox or Degustabox that provides a variety of different snacks every month. This allows you to try new brands and snacks that you might not have discovered otherwise. Some of these are just junk food subscription boxes (like chips), some are healthy, and some have a mixture of both. Typically, you’ll receive full-size snacks or a mixture that includes some samples as well. This also depends on the size of box you choose, and many offer various sizes to choose from.

There are also options like Universal Yums and Snack Crate that provide a monthly snack box from around the world. These send products from a variety of different countries and continents so you can try foods from all kinds of cultures. Some feature one country every month, and some always provide products from all different countries.

Unlike meal kits, this category has plenty of inexpensive options if that’s something you’re looking for. As you can see in the table above, there are a few food subscription boxes under $10 and many others are under $20. There are more cheap snack boxes that aren’t on our list, plus most of them offer great introductory deals. Some even allow you to try out their subscription completely free (like Naturebox).

If you’re interested in seeing products that might come in these boxes, as well as other information, check out our snack subscription box reviews!


Although meal kits are a great option, some people prefer to plan their own recipes every week. So this next type of food subscription box is for people who love cooking their own recipes and discovering new products! This includes boxes that provide spices, sauces, and/or herbs to try out in your recipes.

With a box like this, you could get sample items or a few full-size products depending on the box you get. Like snack boxes, you can also find options that provide products from several different cultures! Additionally, some of these boxes provide recipes you can try that the sauces, spices, or herbs would work well in.


Another popular type of these monthly food subscription boxes are based around meat. Carnivore Club, for example, provides subscribers with handcrafted cured meats from a featured artisan each month. The products you could get might include bacon, salamis, prosciuttos, jerky, and more unique options. Always expect high quality!

However, the type of animal meat they use depends on the box. Some offer a variety of meats and some offer just one type (like seafood subscription boxes).

Candy + Sweets

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll become addicted to subscription boxes for sweets once you try one. We’d say these are some of the best food subscription boxes! There are options for candy, chocolate, cookies, and many other types of sweets you can imagine. They’re an exciting way to let yourself indulge every month. For the most part, you’ll find full-size items in these boxes, but there are some boxes with samples as well.


Although we’ve covered nearly every category of the best monthly food subscription boxes, there are a few stragglers that don’t fit in. Ice cream, cheese, raw foods, and others are several of the examples that don’t fit into one particular category. If you have a specific food in mind that you’d love to have a subscription box for, look it up! Odds are, there are some available.

Meal Kit Delivery Comparison

You may have noticed that there are many subscription boxes for meals on our list. With all these similar options, it can be difficult to narrow it down and choose one.

That said, you’re probably wondering which one is the best if you’re interested in subscribing to a box like this. This decision isn’t so easy—it all depends on what you’re looking for. Because of this, we’ve broken the best meal boxes down into a few different categories to help find a fit for anybody’s needs.

Check out the best meal delivery service winners!

Inexpensive Pricing


This is the best-priced meal subscription we’ve found. Expect to pay around $35 per week for three two-serving meals. They advertise half off all the time, plus free shipping on your first order!

Prepared Meals


We’ve chosen Veestro as the best prepared meal-delivery subscription because of the large variety of options that are also healthy and plant based! They have numerous different meal plans, juice cleanses, and more. The meals are similar in price to meal kits, and you don’t even have to cook anything!

Intro Deals


This was a hard category to choose because nearly every meal kit offers fantastic coupons. HelloFresh, however, had the highest total savings. They offer $60 off in total ($20 off each of your first three boxes).

Healthy Food

Sun Basket

We chose Sun Basket as the best healthy food subscription box for meal kits because they always provide organic, non-GMO, and clean ingredients, and they have a variety of different plans to choose from (gluten-free, vegan, paleo, weight loss, and so on).

Weight Loss


We rated Chef’d as the best meal delivery service for weight loss because their recipes are weight-loss friendly and simple to make. Subscribers can build their own plans and choose from hundreds of meals.



This subscription provides all the dry ingredients you need to create a fun, delicious treat every month! It also includes all the mixes, food dyes, cookie cutters, and so on. The price isn’t too spendy, and their treats are exciting to look forward to. You just need to provide the easy wet ingredients, such as milk and eggs.

Bottom Line

That just about finishes up this article! We hope our list of the best food subscription boxes helped you find everything you were looking for. As we mentioned before, there are lots of coupons and deals available for many of these boxes, so make sure to check out our reviews to discover all the updated deals! Before we wrap up, check out our FAQs to answer any questions you might have!


How can fresh ingredients and food be shipped in the mail?

We wondered this too when we first heard about these subscription boxes. Turns out, these companies have special refrigerated boxes that they ship their products in! These meal kit delivery boxes are filled with ice packs and special insulation to keep everything cold. This works very well—we’ve never had any of our ingredients go bad with this shipping method. There are even subscription boxes that successfully ship frozen items (like ice cream)!

What if the items in my box are stale or the ingredients have gone bad?

This is a common concern with food boxes. However, the top food subscription boxes understand that you’re taking a risk when ordering their boxes. These issues are bound to happen occasionally with subscription boxes for food, especially the ones that ship perishable ingredients. Because of this, they typically have excellent customer service that can easily handle any issues like this. 

What are the most significant benefits of food subscription boxes?

This depends on the type of box you get. For example, the greatest benefit of meal kits is the time saved that would’ve been spent meal planning and shopping for ingredients. The meals are also much healthier than eating out. For snack boxes, you get to try new products each month and have exciting surprises to unbox. On the other hand, if you choose a meal subscription box that provides the same type of food or treat, you’ll have recurring shipments of your favorite food to look forward to.

In addition, many of these boxes provide a great value of products! They’re also a saving grace when you have no idea what to gift somebody—everybody loves food. 

Where can I find subscription boxes for drinks?

We love drink subscription boxes too! Since they didn’t really fit in with food subscription boxes, we created another page about our favorite boxes for drinks. These include wine, coffee, tea, and more.  

Can I customize my box if I have food allergies or dietary preferences?

Lots of food boxes allow customization! However, some don’t offer great customization features either (like Degustabox), so you just need to research the box you’re interested in to see if they do. You can also check out our food subscription box reviews to see what kind of products they provide.

If a particular box you’re interested in doesn’t offer the customization you’d like, don’t lose hope! Odds are, there’s another option that will have it because there are all kinds of subscription boxes out there. You can find boxes that are nut-free, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, and any other dietary preference that you can think of! There are even boxes that offer one specific product (like Oreos, macarons, chips, ice cream, chocolate, etc.)

Are there any cheap food subscription boxes?

Of course! With all the different options, there’s bound to be a few that fit into your budget. As we mentioned before, there aren’t too many cheap options for meal kits. However, there are inexpensive boxes for almost every other type of food preference! For example, there are many cheap snack subscription boxes. Graze and Love with Food are two examples that cost less than $15 per month.

Although you’re unlikely to get as many products or as good of a value with inexpensive boxes, they’re still a great way to try out different types of food that you’ve never tried or if you have a specific budget to stay in.

Are there any free food subscription boxes?

We’ve found that it’s a bit harder to find free boxes when it comes to food. There aren’t any options for free meal kits, but there are a few for some other types! Many of them offer a free first box or other type of free trial. For example, you can try Naturebox completely free with their $20 snack credit and free trial period! Graze also offers a snack subscription box free trial for their monthly subscription.

There are also many boxes that offer a generous free gift with your subscription. Urthbox, for instance, provides a duplicate box for free when you subscribe.

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