The Best Fabletics Reviews of 2021

The Best Fabletics Reviews of 2021
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Wondering if this activewear subscription is worth it? Check out our Fabletics reviews to see our opinions on their products, discover exclusive new member deals, and much more!

Although it’s one of the best options for activewear, there are a few more options of clothing subscription boxes for gym apparel that you might want to check out as well!

If you’re a gym rat, you know that high-quality, inexpensive workout gear is difficult to find. I had this issue until I stumbled across Fabletics! This membership-based clothing website offers plenty of activewear options.

In addition to their extensive workout gear selection, they have irresistible deals for new members. Plus, although it’s technically a subscription, you still have complete over control over the items you receive and when you place orders. It sounded great, so I placed an order and signed up for their membership to see how I liked it.

Fabletics Reviews - Outfit

That said, this is the first of my series of Fabletics reviews! In this one, I’ll share everything you need to know about how the subscription works, their clothing options, introductory deals, exclusive member sales, and everything else I found important.

I’ll also be showing off my first outfit and sharing how I liked it at the end of the review!

How It Works

To start off, the Fabletics membership is a little confusing at first. They charge you one member credit on the 5th of each month costing $49.95. You can use this credit for any purchase that costs $49.95 and up. As a member, you’ll receive access to exclusive pricing, great sales, and other perks. You can also use the Fabletics skip month feature between the 1st and the 5th of the month to avoid the payment.

That said, I would always recommend skipping the month, even if you plan to make a purchase. This is because their spectacular member sales can’t be combined with your member credit. That’s one of the only negative qualities I found. However, you still receive access to sales if you skip the month.

How to Cancel Fabletics

Just like skipping a month, Fabletics makes it extremely easy to cancel your membership. Unlike most subscriptions, you can cancel online with just a couple of clicks! You can also reach out to their customer service through their phone number or live chat if you’d like them to cancel for you and ensure you won’t be charged.

Although I have yet to deal with the Fabletics customer service, I have resolved an issue with JustFab (which I’m assuming is the same because they’re owned by the same company). I’d tried to make a purchase with my member credit while they were having a sale, and I found out that I couldn’t apply both. However, they were very understanding and refunded my member credit so I could get the sale prices.

Fabletics Clothing

I came to their website searching for gym leggings but came across some great deals on their outfits. These are basically bundles of items that they put together to create an outfit. They’re a much better value than purchasing the same items by themselves. When I searched for the best Fabletics leggings, I happily found that many of their top-rated styles are included in many of their outfits! Their sports bras also had great reviews, so I searched for an outfit that had both of these items.  

Overall, I was impressed by their clothing options and variety. They have plenty of leggings, sports bras, outfits, tops, shoes, and even workout gear/accessories. They always seem to be adding new styles and products! Plus, most of their popular styles have numerous colors or prints to choose from.  

In addition, the company also owns JustFab (which I also subscribe to), ShoeDazzle, and FabKids. They have it all!

Fabletics Review—Plus Size

In addition to their regular styles, they offer a section with plus-size activewear!

Fabletics Reviews - Plus Size

Although there aren’t as many choices, it’s still great that they offer a few. They have sports bras, leggings, tops, and more. Many of their most popular products are offered in plus sizes. Plus, this section was only recently added, so I’m sure Fabletics will add many more styles. JustFab has many more options for plus-size clothing as well.

New Member Deals + Fabletics Promo Code

As I mentioned earlier, some of the most enticing qualities about Fabletics are their fantastic introductory deals. There’s always at least one deal available! For example, when I first joined I got my first item at 70% off, plus free shipping. With tax added on, my two-piece outfit (leggings and a sports bra) only cost around $16. That’s crazy considering the quality is fantastic. This 70% deal isn’t always available, but there’s almost always a comparable deal.

Fabletics Reviews - Leggings SaleAlthough they have a variety of great intro deals and member sales, I have yet to discover a Fabletics coupon or promo code that you need to enter at checkout. The deals are applied automatically, which makes it easy. In addition to introductory deals, they commonly have sales specifically for VIP members.

There are a few more perks to being a VIP member. For one, you receive access to free returns. They also offer rewards points for leaving a review of the products you purchase. These rewards can be redeemed for special coupons and even items! This is great because the numerous Fabletics reviews are one of the best parts of their website—I felt much more confident with my purchases after reading the customer reviews underneath each product.

Fabletics Reviews - VIP Member PerksFabletics vs. Similar Subscriptions

Clothing Subscription Boxes - YogaClubI’ve done a lot of research on workout apparel and where to find the best deals combined with the best quality. It’s hard to decide because there are so many options! You could shop at a regular store, a membership-based store like Fabletics, or even get a monthly subscription box for workout gear.

Fabletics is definitely a better deal than regular stores. For example, when you compare Fabletics vs. Lululemon (a popular workout apparel store), you’ll find their prices are much more expensive than Fabletics. Most of us don’t want to spend $100 on one pair of leggings. However, some people swear by the quality of Lululemon’s workout clothing and say it lasts forever.

Subscription Boxes for Women - Barbella BoxThere are also a few popular monthly subscription boxes for workout apparel. Some of these, such as Wantable, are stylist services that allow you to try items on at home and decide if you want to purchase them. If not, you simply send them back. In addition, there are boxes like Barbella Box that provide monthly boxes of activewear as well as other gear for the gym that you keep. These subscription boxes are usually a great value!

If you’d rather have a typical monthly subscription box, our list of the best subscription boxes for women shares a few of the best boxes for activewear and gym gear that you might be interested in.

Fabletics Reviews - Featured

Our top clothing subscription boxes list also shares the best options for apparel!

Fabletics Review—First Order

Fabletics has so many adorable workout clothes, it took me forever to choose what I was going to buy. Once I finally decided on a cute set, placing my first order and signing up for the VIP membership was very simple. I simply had to check the box confirming that I want to sign up for the membership and then finish the checkout.

Since the 70% off introductory deal was so great, I knew I had to go with an outfit for my first purchase. I’ll probably get an outfit in every purchase and share them in my future Fabletics reviews. These bundles are a much better deal than purchasing each item by itself (even without the intro deal)! Plus, since the introductory deals work for outfits as well, you’ll get more than one item for a great deal.

The outfit I chose is called the Wyton outfit and comes with two adorable items – a sports bra with matching leggings. It would have cost a regular VIP member $49.95, but as I mentioned earlier, the new member deal made it only around $16! 

High-Waisted PowerHold Fabletics Leggings

Although they have a pretty wide variety of products, leggings are probably their most popular item. They have many options and almost always have a fantastic two leggings for $24 deal for new members. The ones I got are the High-Waisted PowerHold leggings in a pretty pink design. They have plenty of prints and solid colors to choose from. These were light pink with a cute floral print.

They fit perfectly! I used the Fabletics sizing chart to make sure I got the right size, which worked great. It recommends a size based on your measurements. As expected, these leggings are great for workouts. They hold everything tight so you can perform well and don’t cause you to overheat. I’ll have to see how they hold up in the long run, but so far I love them.

Deidra High Support Sports Bra

In addition to their leggings, many Fabletics reviews on Reddit recommended their sports bras as well, so I was excited to find an outfit that included both. I wanted a high-support sports bra for workouts and running, and I thought this one was adorable because it matched the leggings perfectly. It’s very supportive and high quality. The straps in the back are cute, plus there’s an adjustable clasp to ensure it fits well.

Fabletics Reviews - High Support Sports Bra

It fit me great! This sports bra alone retails at $59.95, and the member price is $39.95. As you can see, I saved a ton of money by choosing an outfit for the introductory deal.

Fabletics Review Summary
To sum up this review, I was very satisfied with my first Fabletics order. The outfit I received was adorable, high-quality, and an amazing deal! As long as these great deals and sales continue, I’ll definitely continue my membership. Although you can’t combine member credits with sales, it’s pretty easy to get around this roadblock as long as you remember to skip the month.

I love how flexible their subscription is—you’re in complete control of how much money you spend and when you make a purchase, while still receiving access to fantastic sales. Plus, you can skip or cancel at any time. They’re one of the only subscriptions that offer online cancelation, which means you won’t have to deal with customer service.

Check out my future Fabletics reviews if you want to know more about them and get updates on their current deals, as well as see more of the adorable workout clothes I get!

8.9 Total Score

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