FabFitFun Reviews — Is It Worth It in 2024?

FabFitFun Reviews — Is It Worth It in 2024?

FabFitFun reviews are mostly positive, with products including tech, beauty, fashion, fitness, and wellness. The quarterly subscription service brings you a range of must-have items each season. 

Don’t miss out on the latest trends. Learn everything about the service, and hop on board to explore products you might never see otherwise. 

All About FabFitFun 

Workout subscription boxes are growing in popularity. FabFitFun is an excellent option to get you going, so let’s see what the brand offers.

Overview and HighlightsFabFitFun box

Founded in 2010 by Michael and Daniel Broukhim and Katie Echevarria Rosen Kitchens, FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription service. More than one FabFitFun subscription box review shows the company brings customers a massive range of home, fitness, tech, beauty, and wellness products.

The brand helps consumers to try different items that they might not otherwise find out about. FabFitFun is unique in its massive array of categories, so there’s truly something for everyone. 

What Does FabFitFun Offer?

The company sends you six to eight full-size products every three months. You can pick some of the items, but the rest remain a surprise. Our FabFitFun seasonal box review shows annual members get to pick all of their products. Plus, when you sign up, you get access to a library of workouts and recipes from the best in the industry.

But that’s not all. The company has year-round sales where you can save as much as 70% for its online store. What’s not to love? Let’s dive into what makes FabFitFun unique. 

When it comes to beauty, we should all care about where our products come from and what they contain. FabFitFun recognized this need for transparency and has implemented the beauty standard whereby the company promises to keep the no-no ingredients out of your products. 

FabFitFun box

A breakdown of the FabFitFun products in a review mentions the items don’t contain Formaldehyde. Another strange ingredient in many products is coal tar. Fortunately, FabFitFun doesn’t use that, either. 

Many chemicals in beauty products aren’t okay for your skin. So you can rest assured that FabFitFun only curates the cleanest items. 

To give you a better understanding of the box contents, here are a few items included in the FabFitFun starter box for fall 2021

  • Arhaus: Waffle Knit Throw — A stunning and soft knit throw, perfect for movie nights on the sofa.
  • Uncommon James: Cheeseboard — Looking for a way to impress guests at your next cocktail party? You can easily do that with this study wood platter for food. 
  • COACH: Open Circle Necklace and Tea Rose Stud Set — Gorgeous rose gold jewelry set with a solitaire pendant. Crystal stones add a nice sparkle to any outfit. 
  • Amanda Uprichard: Belt Bag — Faux leather belt bag with quilted texture and gold hardware. 

Looking at FabFitFun and its past boxes, you’ll also receive a brand magazine in each box. 

FabFitFun Add-ons

You can shop products directly from the store and get as much as 70% off. 

Also, FabFitFun offers reFills. If you run out of your favorite product, the company can send you more with your seasonal box. 

Once you’ve selected your box customizations, the reFill option comes up. It’s an ongoing feature. 

FabFitFun Price, Discounts & Options 

Compared with other subscription boxes, FabFitFun is reasonably priced for what you get. You can choose between two plans:

The FabFitFun annual subscription cost is $179.99. It includes:FabFitFun membership

  • Unlimited swap for credit 
  • Earlier shipping
  • Early customization access
  • Option to customize your entire box 
  • Early access to add-ons/edit sales

The seasonal plan costs $49 every three months, and you’ll get:

  • Early customization access
  • Four customizations 
  • Early access to add-ons/edit sales
  • Unlimited swap for credit

Saving Opportunities 

For every friend or family member that signs up using your code, you get $15 in credit for your next purchase. Plus, they get $10 off their first box.

You should also know about the FabFitFun starter box, which includes three or four full-sized products. Some members get a chance to send their friends and family an invite to receive it and pay only for shipping

As of October 2021, you can also spin the wheel on the website for up to 40% off your first order.

Website Experience 

You can log in and sign up at the top of the page. And if you need more information, simply scroll down to the bottom and check the FAQ, About Us, or Contact section. There you can also find FabFitFun box examples. 

The site is a breeze to navigate. All the information we needed was on the home page, which we appreciate.

Ordering Process

To get your subscription up and running, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the FabFitFun or download the app.
  • Click on “Get The Box.”
  • Select your plan.
  • Check out your box by filling in your details on shipping, account information, and preferred payment method. 
  • Fill out the personal survey at the end.

FabFitFun reviews your information about what products you like and what you’re interested in. That way, the service can send you the best items for your needs. 

Managing Your SubscriptionFabFitFun membership inclusions

Once you sign up, you can manage your profile with ease. If you’re on the seasonal plan, you can cancel your membership at any time, as long as it’s before the next billing date.

All plans auto-renew, so change this if you don’t want to receive more orders. FabFitFun will review your request and end your subscription. 

The company doesn’t accept returns on any items, except for the store ones. If you have an issue, it’s best to contact the company directly. We’ll tell you how to do that shortly. 

UK customers can return a box if they don’t wish to use it. But unless the items arrive damaged, you’ll pay for the return shipping. FabFitFun reviews your box and can issue a refund depending on the items’ condition. Note that you can’t return used items. Also, you should submit a request within 14 days after your delivery. 

If you don’t want to receive the season’s box, you can swap your order for credit. Then, you can use that amount towards other items in the shop or add-ons. 

Shipping & Packaging

When do FabFitFun boxes ship? Your first box will arrive within two weeks of successful billing. Following orders arrive within one month of billing. Additionally:

For orders over $25:

  • Continental US: Free
  • UK: $5
  • Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Canada: $8

For orders under $25: 

  • Continental US: $5.95 
  • Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Canada: $13.95 per order
  • UK: $10.95

FabFitFun box example FabFitFun can send to FPO, APO, and DPO addresses, but be prepared to wait up to 45 days.

The good news is that a FabFitFun unboxing doesn’t weigh heavy on the eco-conscious mind. The service is eco-friendly and has found ways to reduce its box sizes. Also, store-bought items may arrive in a previous season’s box, which we think is an excellent idea.

All boxes, including the FabFitFun trial box, are 100% recyclable and contain less ink than ever. Plus, you can also recycle some of the inside packaging. 

Customer Service

The extensive FAQ section is helpful. But if you need more support, you can use the live chat option. Alternatively, you can email the service using the website form. FabFitFun also has a 24/7 phone line at 855-313-6267

Unfortunately, even with all these options, we found many FabFitFun complaints about its customer service.

Inside My Starter Box

My starter box was shipped around a week after, and I received it a couple days after that. The first thing I noticed is that the shipping box design is so cute!

FabFitFun Reviews Starter Box

While what really counts is the products inside, this is my favorite looking box out of all the subscription boxes I’ve received! It not only looks nice, but the box is also sturdy and protects all the products inside. 

As mentioned earlier in my FabFitFun review, these boxes come with 3-4 full-size items. Although I knew this beforehand, I was still surprised by this generosity when I unboxed it.

FabFitFun - Starter Box Products

In total, I got four full-size items. They also included a card that gave more detail on each item and a little FabFitFun magazine type booklet.

Summer & Rose Black Crossbody Bag

I was most excited that they included this adorable crossbody purse! Although I’ve checked many FabFitFun reviews, I haven’t encountered this product. I’ve been in desperate need of some new bags. It’s slightly square shaped with a laser-cut design on each side. I got it in black, which is thankfully the color I’d prefer, but there’s also a tan one available.

 FabFitFun Reviews - Summer & Rose Bag

Plus, the size of this is perfect for me since I don’t carry a ton of stuff when I go out. It’s a fairly spendy bag if you pay the full price. Overall, I loved it and can’t wait to use it as my new everyday bag.

FabFitFun Reviews - Ahava

Retail value: $62

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream

I’ve tried a few different types of products from this brand that I’ve enjoyed, and this one is no exception. It smells pleasant and makes my hands very soft! I’ve found it works great as a body lotion as well. Plus, hand creams like this normally come in tiny bottles, but this one is a huge size so it’ll last me forever. Well done, Fab Fit Fun starter box!

Retail value: $33

FabFitFun Reviews - Doucce Luscious Lip Stain

Doucce Luscious Lip Stain in “Dark Lust”

I’ve heard great things about this brand of lip stain and wanted to try it, but the full price seemed a bit spendy to me. You can imagine how pleased I was to see it in my box! The color is beautiful, and it’s the exact shade that I would have picked out for myself. Another thing I loved about it is that it comes with an extra gloss to go over it once it’s dry. Thanks to the FabFitFun welcome box, you can always choose between glossy or matte lips without having to buy a separate product.

As for the product itself, it looks nice on my lips and is very pigmented. It takes a bit to dry but once it does, it’s pretty long-lasting! It tends to rub off a little when eating or drinking, but this is typical for products like this. Lip stains and liquid lipsticks like this often dry out my lips, so it’s important to make sure your lips are moisturized beforehand. It still made my lips look very dry when I left it matte, so I put the gloss over it and it looked great.

Fabfitfun Reviews - Doucce Luscious Lip Stain Review

Fabfitfun Reviews - Marrakesh Oil Retail value: $28

Marrakesh Argan and Hemp Oil Therapy

Most hair products don’t do much for my frizzy, damaged hair. This one, however, works pretty well. It’s made out of argan and hemp oil. The scent is the highlight of most FabFitFun reviews since it’s rather nice without being overly fragrant. You’re supposed to use it before styling your hair, so I put some in right before straightening it. This made my hair look very glossy! I definitely noticed a difference from when I normally style my hair. However, it’s important not to put too much or your hair will look oily, especially if you have fine hair (I found this out the hard way on my first try).

Retail Value: $22.99

FabFitFun Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

Customers that enjoy the service are loyal and love everything about it. They like the broad product range and customization options.

But you might also read quite a lot of negative reviews about the customer service, shipping times, and product quality. Many subscribers aren’t happy about this and wish the service would improve to get more value for their money. Even so, FabFitFun ratings range between 3.6–4.3 stars, which is pretty fantastic. 

FabFitFun Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

You have a massive choice if you’re looking at subscription gift boxes for women. So how to pick? For starters, here’s a breakdown of FabFitFun and its competitors: 

FabFitFun vs AllureAllure Beauty Box

Allure is a famous brand on its own. The magazine has a devoted following that can’t wait to get their hands on the editors’ must-haves. The good news is that you can get a monthly subscription box that comes with sample and full-size beauty items. 

While FabFitFun also offers beauty items, that’s not the only focus. The brand covers fashion, home, tech, and fitness products. 

Allure costs $23, which isn’t bad if you want to try new beauty products every month. In contrast, FabFitFun is $49 every three months.

If you’re looking to sample beauty items each month, Allure is a good choice. If you want more variety, go for FabFitFun. 

FabFitFun vs IpsyIpsy Box

Ipsy is a monthly subscription that provides drugstore and high-end beauty products. Meanwhile, FabFitFun is all about a whole range of items that fit your lifestyle. 

The most significant difference is the price. Ipsy costs a mere $13 a month. If we break down FabFitFun, it works out to around $17 a month. While the price is similar, FabFitFun has a lot more to offer you. 

Curateur vs FabFitFun

Curateur is a quarterly subscription of the celeb stylist Rachel Zoe. It sends you fashion, beauty, and jewelry items, and it’s very much for fashionistas.Curateur box and products

While FabFitFun offers stylish items, that’s not the top priority. But you won’t get any home or gym items with Curateur. Price-wise, Curateur costs $100 every three months, whereas FabFitFun is $49. 

With bigger brands like these, we often wonder where the money goes. If you want a service that gives you high-quality items and helps disadvantaged artisans, have a look at our GlobeIn review

Wrap Up — Is FabFitFun Worth It?

FabFitFun is a great way to try an extensive range of products without the massive price tag. The service is quarterly, and you only pay $49 every three months. 

In our option, the subscription is worth it. Sometimes the products may not be to your liking, but you’ll get access to unique items that you might otherwise never try. 

So give it a go.

  • Large, seasonal boxes
  • $200+ value of full-size products
  • Variety of product types
  • Customization features for every member
  • Large range of choices
  • Available internationally

  • No option for monthly deliveries
  • A lot of waiting time in-between seasonal boxes
  • Could improve customer service
  • Products can be a bit hit or miss


What is FabFitFun? 

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription service that sends you fashion, beauty, home, tech, and wellness items. The service is best known for its customization. 

How much is FabFitFun?

You can pay quarterly, which costs $49, or annually, which sets you back $179. What’s more, orders over $25 include shipping. 

Is FabFitFun worth it? 

It is. Even though some items can be hit or miss, the price is pretty reasonable for what you receive every three months. Plus, FabFitFun reviews show that many customers have remained loyal to the service for years.

9.5 Total Score

Products Quality
Originality & Variety
Box Value for Money
Packaging & Delivery
Customer Service
User Rating: 3.73 (11 votes)
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