EveryPlate vs HelloFresh: Which One Is Better For You [2024]

Sometimes making meals can be too time-consuming. That’s where food subscription boxes come in. They offer ready-made meals you can order online and prepare in just a few minutes. It couldn’t be easier.

Both are excellent meal services, but they have a few key differences. In this review, we compare them to help you choose the best option for you.

EveryPlate vs HelloFresh

These meal delivery services provide easy access to tasty food. You just order online and wait for delivery so you can start cooking.

Who Owns Them?HelloFresh Reviews 2018 - Offer

HelloFresh was founded by Dominik Richter, Thomas Griesel, and Jessica Nilsson in Berlin, Germany, in 2011. The company owns EveryPlate, which was founded in 2018.

So, are HelloFresh and EveryPlate the same? Well, not quite. HelloFresh founded EveryPlate to provide lower-cost meals of the same quality making the service accessible to more people.

Where Are They Located?

The main headquarters of HelloFresh is in Berlin, Germany. That said, the service is available in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • UK
  • US
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Italy

EveryPlate’s headquarters are in New York. The service offers a delivery only to the US and Australia.

What Do They Offer?

EveryPlate boxHelloFresh and Everyplate offer meal kits you can order online. They send you a recipe and all the fresh food needed to make it. When you receive the food, you just have to prepare it and enjoy it.

Even if the same company owns both services, they differ in price and a few other aspects.


How Good Is the Food?

From ingredients to meal options and variety, plenty of aspects are crucial for providing the best food.

IngredientsHelloFresh box and ingredients

EveryPlate and HelloFresh try to include the highest quality ingredients possible. Both services state that they source the components locally and aim to meet the people involved in person. Not all the food is organic, but they try to offer as much of it as possible. 

We recommend refrigerating the chilled ingredients for EveryPlate meals, and you should cook the food within a week. HelloFresh recommends freezing the proteins and thawing them before cooking. Once thawed, you should prepare the meat within five days and the seafood within two.

Meal Options

Looking at the EveryPlate vs HelloFresh meal options, you’ll notice that both change them weekly to provide variety.

EveryPlate offers 17 meals to choose from every week. Also, you can select one of the four meal plans: 

  • ClassicPlate — a mix of seafood, meat, and vegetables
  • VeggiePlate — vegetarian
  • FamilyPlate — kid-friendly meals
  • EasyPlate — recipes that are easy to make and clean up

HelloFresh offers 35 meals weekly meals. It has six types of meal plans:

  • Meat & Veggies — classic meal variety
  • Veggie — geared towards vegetarians
  • Family Friendly — includes kid-friendly meals
  • Fit & Wholesome — calorie smart recipes
  • Quick and Easy — easy to make and clean up
  • Pescatarian

Recipes — How Hard Is the Meal Prep?

EveryPlate mealThere isn’t much difference between HelloFresh and EveryPlate in meal prep time. On average, you’ll need 20–30 minutes. Some meals might take longer to cook and go to a full hour maximum. The good thing is that both companies note the meal prep time for every meal, so you always know what you’re getting yourself into.

The meal prep will vary depending on your order. Overall, you might have to chop vegetables, make sauces, thaw proteins, and do other tasks that take a bit of effort. You can choose your meals based on your cooking skills. Both EveryPlate and HelloFresh offer Quick and Easy recipes that don’t need much work, and you get to the eating part faster.

The recipe cards are clear and concise. They include step-by-step instructions on how to make the food, and allergen and nutritional information.

Meal Variety

Both companies try to give you as much choice as possible in their food options.HelloFresh meal

EveryPlate offers 17 meals every week that can be with or without meat, easier or harder to prepare, kid-friendly, and family meals. It has many options like burgers, meatloaf, pork chops, and other popular meals. But it also includes Asian, Mexican, Italian, and Middle Eastern foods, to name a few. Also, EveryPlate is a cheaper HelloFresh alternative.

HelloFresh offers 35 weekly meals, so it has much more variety. Besides the vegetarian, kid-friendly, and quick meals, the service also has options for pescatarians or people looking to lose weight. The meals are a bit more creative and include foods from many cultures and diets. So, in this battle of HelloFresh vs EveryPlate, we nod to HelloFresh for wider variety and creativity.

Specific Diets

EveryPlate was created to offer cheaper options for the standard American household, so it doesn’t focus on specific diets. Still, it has some foods that are strong on veggies and might fit vegetarians, but the diversity isn’t great. 

HelloFresh has much more options for different diets. For instance, the low-calorie foods from HelloFresh are specifically for people looking to lose weight. Also, the service offers meals for pescatarians, vegetarians, and even vegans, which might be a decisive aspect when choosing between HelloFresh versus EveryPlate

While HelloFresh doesn’t offer meals for keto and paleo diets, it encourages you to review the options carefully and see if you can switch ingredients to fit your diet. Every week, 7 out of 35 HelloFresh meals are for vegetarians. By removing some components (like cheese or yogurt), they can also become perfect for vegans.

Food Allergies

EveryPlate isn’t entirely safe for people with severe allergies. You’ll find a note with the allergens on every recipe, but there’s no mention of the food cross-contamination risks. So, it’s best to be careful with these meals if you have a major allergy. Knowing the cost of EveryPlate vs HelloFresh, this is understandable. Making sure that the food is allergy-safe takes a lot of personnel and money.

HelloFresh is much more careful with allergies. While it doesn’t make food specifically for allergies, it ensures that you can find all allergens in each recipe. The service employs dietitians that review the recipes for the eight major allergens:

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Tree nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Fish
  • Shellfish

The service leaves you to notice the allergens and remove those ingredients from the recipe or swap them with others. It’s also cautious to prevent cross-contamination, which explains the difference in EveryPlate vs HelloFresh prices.

What Are the Meal Plans and Pricing?EveryPlate plans and pricing

EveryPlate definitely shines in its cost. The prices vary depending on how many meals you order weekly. For example, 3–5 meals per week for four people come to $4.99 per serving, the lowest possible price. In contrast, ordering 3–5 meals per week for two people varies from $5.29 to $5.89

The shipping cost is $9.99, but you pay the fee only once a week, no matter how many meals you have coming in that period.

So, is EveryPlate cheaper than HelloFresh? Yes. HelloFresh focuses much more on food quality and variety, so the prices are higher. Like EveryPlate, they vary based on how many weekly meals you order. The lowest plan you can get costs $7.99 if you order 4–6 weekly meals for four people. 

The highest price you might pay is $11.99 per meal if you order two weekly meals for two people. Usually, the average comes to around $9.99

The HelloFresh shipping cost is also $9.99.




Cheapest option per serving



Most expensive option per serving



Shipping cost



Looking at the Everyplate vs HelloFresh cost, you can see why people looking for cheaper meals prefer the former.

Packaging and Delivery

HelloFresh box and recycling infoEveryPlate delivers seven days a week, usually between 8 AM and 8 PM. It covers most of the continental US, and its boxes and separators are 100% recyclable. Also, you can recycle the gel ice packs if you empty them first.

HelloFresh usually delivers on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, including other days for some areas. The time period is the same, whether it’s HelloFresh or EveryPlate. The former also delivers to most of the continental US but not to Hawaii or Alaska. Most HelloFresh food boxes are recyclable as the service tries to do its best for the environment.

Both companies state that they can deliver anywhere you want if you’re not home. If you’re busy on the delivery day, you can specify where the team can leave your order in the “Delivery Instructions.”

Deadlines for Order Changes

So, are EveryPlate and HelloFresh the same? Well, no, but both allow you to skip a week and modify your order.

For EveryPlate, you can make changes before 11:59 PM EST, five days before delivery.

For HelloFresh, you can add changes before 11:59 PM PST, five days before delivery.

Is the Customer Service Good?

The customer service of both companies is on a high level. They have very detailed FAQ pages where you can get a lot of information. 

EveryPlate and HelloFresh also include their phone number available during work hours. Also, they offer a live chat with a representative that can answer all your questions. 

How Good Are They Compared to Other Food Boxes?

There are many other monthly subscription boxes for food, and all have their positive and negative sides compared to these two companies. Some of the biggest HelloFresh rivals include Dinnerly and Blue Apron.

EveryPlate vs HelloFresh vs DinnerlyDinnerly box

Marley Spoon owns Dinnerly. It’s an affordable meal service founded in 2017. Dinnerly is a big competitor of both companies and prides itself on its affordable meal plans.

The service offers a wide variety of meals in 49 options, including desserts, breakfasts, and protein packs. That’s quite a large number of choices for your weekly meals. Also, Dinnerly has keto-friendly, low-calorie, and low-carb meals, but it lacks some options that HelloFresh offers. Also, you can’t customize the food like you can with EveryPlate or HelloFresh.

Dinnerly is famous for its low prices, starting from $4.69. Plus, it usually includes a discount. If you’re interested, you can get more information on Dinnerly in our full review.

EveryPlate vs HelloFresh vs Blue Apron

Blue Apron boxBlue Apron has been among the top competitors of both companies ever since its beginnings in 2012.

Compared to HelloFresh, Blue Apron has less variety, offering only 19 weekly options. Still, that’s more than EveryPlate, which only has 17. Blue Apron also provides diabetes-friendly meals that the others don’t. Plus, it has a wine subscription option, so you can get some nice red with your food.

The prices go from $7.49 to $9.99, depending on the meal plan, and shipping costs are $9.99, just like its competitors. This puts Blue Apron between HelloFresh and EveryPlate in pricing. If you’re interested, learn more about Blue Apron.

Pros and Cons of EveryPlate


  • Affordable
  • Kid-friendly and quick-meal options
  • Great customer service


  • Doesn’t cater to special diets
  • Risk of cross-contamination with allergens

Pros and Cons of HelloFresh


  • Many meal options
  • More meals for specific diets and allergies
  • Great customer service


  • Pricier

The Final Verdict — Which One Is Better?

In this EveryPlate vs HelloFresh article, we discussed the companies, their offers, prices, customer service, delivery, and how they compare with other meal subscriptions.

EveryPlate is an affordable option if you want to try ready-made meals that are easy to cook. 

HelloFresh is among the best meal companies, offering a huge food selection and delicious diet choices.

If we have to pick a favorite, we’d choose HelloFresh but only because of its larger meal variety and proven quality. EveryPlate is a very close second.

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