EveryPlate Reviews [Essential Info For Your 2024 Subscription]

EveryPlate Reviews [Essential Info For Your 2024 Subscription]
8.7 Total Score

EveryPlate reviews show how cost-effective the meal kit service is and why it’s such a brilliant choice for first-time subscribers. Customers praise the weekly options and the company as a whole, particularly its traditional meals we all know and love.

Let’s check what EveryPlate has to offer. 

All About EveryPlate

You have an endless choice of monthly package subscriptions available at your fingertips. So how do you pick? By exploring the details of those that look best. So, today we’re stopping to take a deeper look at EveryPlate.

Overview and Highlights

The company was founded in 2018. Our EveryPlate review shows the service started with the mission to bring everyone filling, delicious, and affordable meal kits. Everyone needs a quick and convenient homemade meal. Also, it’s a massive plus that HelloFresh, a giant in the meal kit industry, backs EveryPlate.Why EveryPlate post

EveryPlate Is Best For

EveryPlate is an excellent option if you’re just starting your meal kit service journey. It’s not too focused on healthy eating but rather on home-cooked traditional meals that everyone should be able to prepare. 

EveryPlate Is Not Good For

The service isn’t ideal for those on a strict diet or with specific dietary preferences.

What Does EveryPlate Offer?

EveryPlate meal delivery reviews confirm the subscription offers delicious homemade food. Plus, you choose from 19 affordable weekly recipes

You’ll receive each meal with pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions. You shouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes on a recipe. 

Here are the meal preferences you can choose from:

  • EasyPlate — Simple to prep and have your meals ready in 30 minutes or less
  • FamilyPlate — Meals that are perfect for everyone, including the kids
  • ClassicPlate — A full selection of meat, veggies, and seafood meals
  • VeggiePlate — Veggie-focused recipesHow EveryPlate works post

The service aims to give you the best ingredients possible, which is why it works with a wide range of recognized suppliers.

EveryPlate meal kit reviews show each plan comes with two or four servings. On a four-serving plan, you can receive three dinners per week. On the two-serving plan, you can choose between three to five. 

Note that EveryPlate offers affordable meal kits, so it doesn’t have any diet-specific options or snacks. But if you’re on the lookout for a good snack subscription, you can check the contents of NatureBox.

More than one EveryPlate honest review mentions that while each box comes with all the ingredients, you should still have on hand the following staple items:

  • Salt
  • Cooking oil
  • Peper
  • Butter

Here’s the kitchen equipment you’ll need:

  • Strainer
  • Peeler
  • Cutting board
  • Pot
  • Baking sheet
  • Whisk
  • Aluminum foil
  • Potato masher
  • Pan
  • Zester
  • Knife

You might be ready to start cooking, but what about the nutritional information? The good news is that you can find the necessary nutritional estimates on the website five days before delivery.

Want to know what’s on the menu? Here are some previous EveryPlate meals:EveryPlate meal

  • Southwest Pork Flautas with Zesty Crema & Pico de Gallo
  • Roasted Zucchini & Bell Pepper Penne in a Tuscan-Spiced Cream Sauce
  • Sweet ’n’ Tangy Cherry Meatballs with Roasted Zucchini & Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Note that all menus change weekly, so you need to check the website for the latest recipes.

Supporting Materials

Getting fresh ingredients would be nothing if you don’t know what to do with them. Each box comes with the recipe cards to help you turn the ingredients into delicious home-cooked meals. 

How EveryPlate Works

Let’s see what to expect from the service as a whole.

Website Experience

We enjoyed the look of the official website. It had all the need-to-know details upfront, which we always appreciate.EveryPlate meal Also, the displayed EveryPlate reviews were a nice touch. 

The navigation options at the top of the homepage will help you get around quickly. Plus, the simple layout makes everything easy to read and understand.

Ordering Process

Signing up is very simple. Here’s what to do:

  • Go to the EveryPlate website or download the app.
  • Select “Sign Up.”
  • Choose your preference and box size.
  • Enter your email.
  • Provide your address information.
  • Check and select your meals. 

EveryPlate keeps things simple, which we love. There’s no big fuss or commitments, just easy access to affordable meal kits

Managing Your SubscriptionEveryPlate meal

EveryPlate.com reviews say you can change and control everything from your account. While that includes choosing and changing menu options, be sure to do so at least five days before delivery.

You should also adhere to the five days if you want to skip or cancel your account. And you can skip up to four weeks at a time.

The service delivers fresh ingredients, so it doesn’t accept returns. Still, if you have any concerns, contact the customer service team. Find more information on how to do that below. 

EveryPlate Price, Discounts & Options 

EveryPlate charges $4.99 per serving, regardless of the menu items. To help you with the math, we broke down how much the different plans cost per week, including the shipping:

  • Two servings, three times a week — $39.93
  • Two servings, four times a week — $49.91
  • Two servings, five times a week — $59.89
  • Four servings, three times a week — $69.87

Additionally, EveryPlate offers one premium meal per week, costing just under $9 per serving.  EveryPlate plans and pricing

Looking for a discount? EveryPlate reviews for 2022 reveal that you can order your first box for $1.79 per meal. Plus, you can get 20% off the next two boxes. 

Like all weekly subscription services, EveryPlate auto-renews. The service charges your account weekly, four days before delivery.

Shipping & Packaging

When we’re dealing with fresh ingredients, the packaging is among the essential aspects to consider. That’s what keeps the food safe for consumption. Unfortunately, we found some past EveryPlate delivery issues where items didn’t arrive or came late. But you should know this isn’t the norm.

Each box has ice packs, lines, and cooling material, ensuring everything remains cool, even if you aren’t home for delivery. The packaging should keep the items cool for up to 48 hours. Delivery takes place between Tuesday–Saturday, but you can select the date that suits you better. 

To recycle the packaging, do the following:

  • Box and separators: Curbside
  • Gel packs: Dispose of the content into the trash and recycle the packaging.
  • Liners: Cut the top, place cotton in the trash, and recycle the film.

We all need to do our part for the planet, so please recycle where you can. 

The service is available for most of the continental US. If you’re unsure about your location, enter your zip code at checkout to see if the delivery can get to you.

The EveryPlate shipping cost is an additional $9.99.

Customer ServiceEveryPlate menu on phone

The in-depth FAQ section on the website answered all our questions about the service. And if you need to contact EveryPlate directly, you can do so using the following:

  • Phone: (973) 210-4915 ( Monday–Friday, 6 AM–11 PM EST)
  • Live chat: blue icon on the lower right-hand corner of the website (24/7)

EveryPlate customer reviews point out that the support team can be a hit or miss. Some say they got help effectively and quickly, while others complain of rude feedback that didn’t solve their issue. 

EveryPlate Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

Looking at different reviews gives us a better picture of the service and what to expect, so let’s dive into some customer feedback. 

In positive reviews for EveryPlate, consumers love the recipes, ingredients, and menu options. Also, the service has quite a large loyal following. Here’s what some of them say:

“Perfect. And at this price? Complainers need to settle down lol.” — Kevin

“Box was on time. Stuff was cold and fresh. The portions are good. This is great for solo eaters.” — Juji

But we also found a few EveryPlate bad reviews. Most complain about the customer service and product quality. Unfortunately, since the service deals with fresh products, delivery problems will affect the overall customer opinion. Still, looking at EveryPlate ratings, the service seems amazing, ranging between 4.1—4.3 stars.

EveryPlate Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

Finding the best meal subscriptions can be tough, but we’re here to help. Let’s see how EveryPlate compares to others in the industry. 

EveryPlate vs DinnerlyDinnerly box

Both services deliver meal kits and offer extensive menu options. Still, Dinnerly has more variety with 28 weekly recipes, compared to EveryPlate and its 19. 

Price-wise, Dinnerly ranges between $4.69—$5.89 per serving, while EveryPlate has a set price of $4.99 per serving. 

EveryPlate vs HelloFresh

While HelloFresh backs EveryPlate, each service has a different place on the market. HelloFresh Box

HelloFresh is a meal kit service catering to many dietary preferences, including calorie smart, veggie, quick and easy, meat and veggies, and pescatarian. While EveryPlate doesn’t offer kits based on dietary preferences, there are some veggie-friendly options.

HelloFresh prices vary between $7.49—$11.99 per serving. EveryPlate is $4.99 per serving, which is a lot cheaper. 

 EveryPlate vs Blue ApronBlue Apron box

Both meal kit services are about saving you time, money, and energy in the kitchen, but that’s as far as their similarities go.

Blue Apron is highly focused on sustainable farming and non-GMO ingredients. While EveryPlate works with partners in the delivery area and uses in-season ingredients, it’s not as focused on sustainability. 

The difference is visible in the price, too. Blue Apron costs $7.49—$9.99 per serving, while EveryPlate is $4.99 per serving. Still, both keep their prices under $10, which is brilliant. 



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Green Chef

Blue Apron

Home Chef

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Minimum Order






Serving Sizes Available






Types of Meal Plans






Number of Recipes Offered






Delivery Area (N of States) and other countries

Continental US

Contiguous US

Most of the continental US

Contiguous US

98% of the US

Wrap Up — Is EveryPlate Worth It?

We give EveryPlate a thumbs up and recommend you give it a try. After all, it’s among the cheapest meal kit services on the market that deliver fresh and interesting recipes.

And for under $5 per serving, it’s a must-try.

  • Affordable
  • Quick prep and cook time
  • Easy cleanup
  • Many weekly meal options 

  • No dietary preferences
  • Shipping isn’t included


Is EveryPlate healthy?

EveryPlate doesn’t market itself as a healthy meal kit and focuses on the homemade aspect instead. Still, you can find all the nutritional details for each recipe, so it’s all there for you to make an informed decision. 

What are the best EveryPlate meals? 

Based on reviews, consumers enjoy its balanced meals the most, like pasta, meat with veggies, and stir fry. Every option comes with a full description so you can pick what sounds good to you.

Are EveryPlate meals worth the price? 

Absolutely! The service has a set price of $4.99 per serving, no matter what recipes you select. It’s a fantastic deal that ranks the service among the most affordable. Also, EveryPlate reviews its ingredients and recipes each week to bring you more options. 

8.7 Total Score

Products Quality
Originality & Variety
Box Value for Money
Packaging & Delivery
Customer Service
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